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Manupulation in Canva

Lesson 6 from: Easy Graphic Design for Your Business with Canva

Matt Stevenson

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Lesson Info

6. Manupulation in Canva

Lesson Info

Manupulation in Canva

Let's go back into a little bit more let's unpack some of these manipulation of text because texas really really important to design so I tell you what I'm going to clear my stage get rid of these guys and we're going to sort of start with a fresh design all right? So I'm still in my original white square I love this thing on I want to go to my text drawer and I just want to pull a piece of text into here on we'll call it uh typography gotta have an exclamation point now you noticed something interesting when I typed and I got to a certain point it I said no, we're not going on that line anymore we're gonna we're gonna come down here so my exclamation point and it being underneath my text how do I fix that? Well, we have anchor points just like we have anchor points with everything else that we drag onto our stage so if I grab one of these anchor points and I pull it out it puts it on one line or I can shrink in and it gets really crazy so I'll keep it out here nice and ledge a bill fo...

r now but that's how you change the size of your type area on that's useful for if you have multiple lines of types let's say perfect for you I can actually either have everything on one line which I have here and fitted on my stage or by dragging this in it knocks words down to create two lines of text, so once I've created my text, I want a position and properly if you'll notice the p is not going to see it's going to get lost it's off the stage again, we're going to edge click in order to be able to move this piece of type around, and then you'll notice something interesting as I'm clicking and dragging a lot of little stuff is happening around there. Designers recognize this as what's known a smart guides um it's telling me or suggesting that I align things on my stage. This is really, really, really important alignment is so important for good design, everything has a relationship to everything else. So finding let's, say, where the center of the stage is it's telling this it's actually snapping my mouse and saying, you probably want to put this on the center one thousand six city no, I can't, I can't be so if I move my type all the way up here, that number turns into zero comma zero thes air co ordinates these are pixel coordinates the when I created this design, I chose social media graphic eight hundred by eight hundred those are my pixels so it's telling you where the top left corner is in relationship to your entire stage designers will need this to figure out how far away something is or whether it's line properly but most of the time non designers I really don't need it it's just kind of cool in handy itt's there for you if you want it what we want to focus on are these pink dotted lines that show up so here vertically centered it and if I moved down there there is telling me you are now in the very center of this stage um you've you've totally centered you're text which is great now what if I don't want sent was centered on senator everything center what if I want to push it to the left? I'm still clicking in dragging so I can move it around and I can align it with the left edge now typically I don't want to do this because as a design principle having things close to the edge kind of throws off the balance of a design especially if my type was left of line he would be very close to that edge we always want to try to leave some sort of margin and we'll get into that when we talk about design principles a little bit later but for right now let's kind of a line it up here and we have a problem because my texas still centered when if I wanted to be left alive well that's where our tool tip up here are big tool tip bar comes in let's break this down a little bit we have the font which you can click on and change to any of these funds kemba has a huge library of all different kinds of funds in addition to these if you have a canada for work account which is the premium version of canada you can upload your own fund which is brand new it's like a week new and it's one of my favorite features because now I can use all the funds that I want from all the different brands that I work with so we can change the fine let's pick uh you know what helvetica ish I love that title so we've changed the fund to helvetica very simple it's just finding it on the menu and then right next that we have the size uh you'll notice that there is no anchor to change the size the corner of a text box like you would say are square so if we put our squaring here I'll just dragging on stage notice I can change big small big small I could do this all day big small um I don't I don't do that with type on that's because campbell wants you to pick a number because that number should be consistent depending on your different designs you you want to know that your headlines are in let's say fifty point type so I selected all by the way it's the same committee, key command and just about every editing program command a to select all and then I can either pick a number from the list here for I can type it in fifty and I changed it for me if you're working on a keypad and you there are no ipad you know where do you do that? I don't have a command, right? So so key commands on the ipad it's actually easier tapping is much easier than then doing something he commands and working with this stuff so you use the interface instead of selecting all typically on an ipad when you uh when you click on something it'll say copy and it'll give you like the blue lines and you can stretch those lines out to select everything um we'll get into ipad in her face I can see you guys are doing it right now that's so cool I love that nice yeah yeah we'll totally get into that in a little bit, right? Exactly yeah, the tools built a little bit differently. It takes into account the fact that you don't have some of those key commands um so I still have a left line my text yet that's coming in a little bit so we went through changing the fun changing the size er here is our lovely color wheel and it gives you some colors just the primaries if you click the plus button you'll get this lovely color real which allows you to pick any color that you wish um right now it has it is as white I can just move this around and here you can see the huge changing on down here you can adjust the brightness we could make a color darker or lighter on then there's a color code down here on this is important because non designers are usually not familiar with what this number is this is called a hex decimal code tax meaning six there six numbers or letters in this strength this uh is whatthe web uses to pick colors have you guys heard of rgb before it's red, red, green, blue or c m y que that's the print version of it? Well, hex is what the web uses to denote colors there's no rgb picker here you'll notice it's just hacks how do I find the hex color of let's? Say something that I'm working with elsewhere there's a lot of different resource is on line. One of my favorites is so simple rgb to hex dot net this's a great way to put in a rgb number so your read your green your blue if you have it in another program and it will spit out the hex number for you again the six letters or numbers and you can copy that and put it right into here. Let's say one of my favorites is a nice grey e three the three it's like a light gray maybe make a little darker and click your stage and I've changed my type now that's completely illegible and I would never do in a thousand years so to change it back, I could either undo or I could select everything my color button again. Oh, and by the way, it remembers the colors that you just used in case you want to use them again. This is very similar to something in power point does and I can click a different one still not left the line wasn't that the original thing that I wanted to dio I'm not quite there yet. All right, so we went through, huh? We have the font the size, the color I can totally get rid of it if I want tio or my little wingmen you now this is the type wing menu here are all my other options you guys are familiar with making something bold or I talic or both under upper casing it making it into a bulleted list or these three guys left center right here my little checkmark tells me if I couldn't tell before that it is center aligned to make it left I just click on the one right above it boom now left light you get a couple more options text spacing which is uh it's uh oh by the way, I know that jim was curious about this the other day they have adjusted letter space or you can adjust the letter spacing now which is really great. Yeah that's that's ah that's a tool in there so, uh if we want to do this, we'll get into when to do this and why to do this a little bit later or you can adjust the line height, which is the the it's the space between all of the lines go back here and I have a couple more options I can copy this whole thing that I've been working on I can make it into a live hyperlink or again adjust the transparency you'll notice that these guys were great out, move forward and move back so again, if you have different items on top of each other you could move their arrangement around. They're great out. Any idea on why I can't move this thing forward or backwards? There's nothing else there. Yeah it's so this is a great you know, these little user interface hints are great for canada to show teach you about this stuff without you even knowing yeah there's there's nothing else in front of it to move in front or back of s o that's manipulation of text uh the last piece of manipulation that I want to get through with you guys up clear this out is images, text and images texting wraps they're two of the core components of design so if I go into my search again up here and instead of shapes it remembers what you last clicked on, by the way, which is very convenient I don't want to shape I want an image so I go into a photo down here and let's pick a really cool picture uh oh my gosh, I love this bear so cool only use this so I just dragged it again in to my stage on here in my hand he gained the anchors you'll notice something else interesting when I haven't image selected as opposed to say, a shape I'll go back to that here I'll put both on my stage case you ever want to do that? Um the text the box has these anchor points which allows you to adjust the aspect ratio of height too with the image does not let's move this off over here or you know what, I'll just send it back, so if I click on it I get a little menu appear I'll send it behind my bare thie barrett is not, um why designers are probably screaming like, oh my gosh, you know you're taking away all these core tools and I need designers be patient this is for this particular instance is for people who are not designers how many times I run into instances where a client has taken a beautiful image they're like oh, it doesn't fit in this space and they scrunch it and all of sudden anyone's face look like this more like wide if they do it wide we want to keep people from doing that and making designs that may not be the highest quality that they can create so we take away the candidate takes away that option if designers if you I want to change the aspect ratio of your image, I definitely suggest doing in a program outside of canada and then bringing that image in eso we have our image we have our shape now I could do a couple things with his image I can apply a filter thank you instagram everyone actually knows what a filter is nowadays I can creek crop the image which doesn't stretch it's just changed what's showing in the frame I can copy it again move it back and forward deleted or ah wingmen you looks a little bit different than the type when we men it's a little less intimidating again a link or transparency or I can flip it horizontally hers on clear vertically if this looks like a left handed bear and I wanted to be a right handed bear food I can flip it be careful when flipping images that have sensitive things on it like clocks or text or if someone wears a watch or their wedding band on their right hand or the other left hand you flip it it's going to be on their left hand be careful when swapping those things out so I got my right hand to bear he's on here and I wantto apply a filter to him here I could do that and it gives me a beautiful menu again busy with what you see is what you get it's showing you what the effects are going to look like with little previews the drama cali uh uh sharpening edges here epic love that I just want all my images to be epic grayscale there's a ton of these guys in here it's pretty much gives you anything that you want and then you could also just the tech intensity so let's go toe let's be epic here um make my bare epic and I can make it super epic or I can make it just a little bit epic which to me is kind of an oxymoron but you can adjust the intensity of the filters as well designed tip be judicious and pragmatic with your filters uh it's ok to use them occasionally but make sure that your image the true content shines and not your filter instead so we only have a couple minutes left for this first segment do you guys have any questions on one of covering able to cut out certain sections like you just want the bear and no background do you do that in this great question in the current candra environment you cannot I know exactly what you're talking about is called scylla wedding designers usually do that in photo shop or illustrator you can actually do it in power point to where you can say make background invisible or make this color invisible there's nothing like that in canada just yet eso no the workaround would be to bring it into another program you can always then import that silhouetted image into canada and it'll show up in your uploads if it's a png or an s or of actually would be a png then it would have a transparent background so that's how you would get that in there my second question is are you able to merge two different images like let's say you had ah line drawing with a white background and could you bring in those two pieces to create one long a piece like you had two drawings on two separate sheets of paper and you uploaded the men and then you put in one and then he couldn't go on put another can you do that seamlessly uh you can certainly upload both images on dh position them next to each other what you're talking about is a is a technique it's ah it's a image editing technique called stitching aa lot of programs like let's say your iphone panorama little stitch images together for you there's no stitching function in canada, but you can get close by at least uploading those images. You can put them around the same area of each other s someone else that question before, when you were doing your first piece, you had dark background text dark colored text on a light colored background and then you switch the background to a dark colored background in the text automatically switch toe white kid, I yes, teo on there. So this is something this is so cool. So let's say I'm by my beer I was let's say, I have a piece of text uh, it's got my text par and I'll drag this guy here on dial say dark or I'll you know I'll say yeah, dark it's on a light background right now if I let's make that a little bit bigger just because I want people to be able to see it yeah joined the dark side um, no, I want to during the light side, okay, well, in that case, all you have to do is apply a dark background, so this is it my gut tells me, like a designer might get a little frustrated. This because it's like changing, correct. You don't want to change, but designers, please remember, this tool is for everybody. So where you're going to see something and think now you just created an extra step for me, someone. The majority of humans are not designers, and they're going to see this and maybe not even realize that it happened, but they're texas still going to be visible. Can va is preserving the integrity of the design over giving you more manipulation tools?

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