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Easy Graphic Design for Your Business with Canva

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More About Your Account

Matt Stevenson

Easy Graphic Design for Your Business with Canva

Matt Stevenson

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7. More About Your Account

Lesson Info

More About Your Account

S o this section, we're going to dive into a little bit more of the work flow behind working in canada. In the previous section, we went through some of the goodies, all the design, things that you can bring in, we learned about the interfaces, this one, we're going to talk about a little bit more about your account and can before work, which is the premium account. We're also going to go through some interface tips, some things that may not be as intuitive for non designers on then we're also going to look at saving out files, what's the process of going start to finish from creating something to saving it out. How does that work? So to begin, let's, talk about your account. If we look at my screen here, you can see that I've already logged into my account there's my my beautiful face there, uh, there's my name and everything else in the basic dashboard that you would normally see when you look in. But this is my personal account. I also have a canvas for work, a version of this very ...

same account, but we'll talk about that in just a second, one of the things that we mentioned in all of our goodies are those premium items those one dollars graphics, images, layouts things that aren't free that's just going to cost us of marginal amount of money in order to use with along with the licensing agreement so let's take a little bit of a look in that I was looking at some questions about how that works I'm going to click in here's you know some of the graphics that I have created in my account I'm going to click on go into one of them opens up in a new browser and here I can see my stage on the fathom creative logo and website right off the bat we noticed something interesting about the background typically in the fact in creative brain we use a lot of water there's a lot of blue but this one has this fence like this chain link type of pattern behind it that if I move this logo let's zoom both of those here I will click on my f and my thing there let's move that I can see the candle lovers actually back there what is that? This is a premium graphic which means canada is going to let me put it in my design and they're going to let me manipulate it and move it around and put filters on it and do whatever I need to do with it but it's going to keep this water mark over top of it until I go to save it to my desktop or use it in any capacity outside of the camp a program until then, it's going to have this, uh, this watermark on top of it. So what if I do want to use this image? What? What happens? Well, I'll go to either share it or download it let's try to download it and see what happens. So go to my download, but and I get a couple options here. If you guys remember, we didn't see these options before because it was my beautiful white minimalist square with nothing in it. But now I have some stuff in my design and it's asking me what kind of file do I want? The green buttons are images, which means that their bit mapped their flat, not editable it all. And the pdf ce I'm sorry, the blue button rpgs, which means that they're going to be vector quality so they're going to scale up and down to whatever we need to on. They're going to be a little bit a little bit nicer for printing. Um, here we see I can save an image for web or high quality image, a standard pdf or a pdf for print the difference it's not quite clear. Clear but the difference between standard pdf and anna pia for print is the resolution of the images that you're getting in that file ah standard pdf it's gonna be pretty small it's going to be something and you can email easily or that you can put online for other people to download a pdf for print is typically very bloated in size it's going to have a lot of extra stuff, a lot of color codes along with it a lot of a lot of things inside of the file that printers they're going to I want that you probably won't need unless you're unless you're printing it yourself in a professional print or setting which I never do but printers need that information so it's going to be a little bit of a bigger file so right now we just want to say this for the web I created this sort of shared graphic and I want to put it up on the fathom creative twitter account so I go to it save image for web click on this button oh hang on before I do that uh someone's looking at the options tab down here it's kind of hidden this is asking me what pages do I want to save? Um I could use some or all of the pages it follows standard saving page uh what's a protocol where hyphens mean arrange it goes from one hyphen five goes all of them or a comma means individual separated pages, so one comma five would mean that it would onley save pages one and five, but not two, three, four very much like printing anything else except here were savings. We could say that the individual people and we could also published with crops and bleeds. Please do this. If you're going to get this printed bleeds are imperative for printing things that are going to go off of the page, bleed off the page and produce really like them crop marks or things like that. It's also great. If you're saving something out that's going to use in a print advertisement, advertisers are usually laying out magazines or things where they'll need crop marks to see where you intend your ad to end, so we're gonna keep it simple. We're gonna say this for the web. I click on image for webb and it saves it to my desktop that's actually not true, it did not seem to my desktop, it said, hang on a second. You have a premium item in your design it's the image that was in the background that I really liked but it's it's sze designated as a premium image, it has a licensing agreement that's associated with it. In order to accept the licensing agreement, I need to pay for the image of all images and graphics inside of camera that our premium cost one dollars and here we can see oh, by the way, if you want to read the license you or downloaded, you know, let's say you want the watermark version, you just want to see what it looks like just in case you couldn't do so by by clicking this link here or you can read about the licensing agreement license agreement is pretty standard, so it talks about one time use license basically, every time that you're going to download this design that has a premium item in it, you're going to pay that licensing fees so it's basically one dollars per download. So the goal is to get your design to a great place inside of canada and downloaded his few times as possible so you don't have to keep re buying it. What we don't want to do is get into a situation where let's say we're creating graphics for ourselves in canada and we pay the dollar and we download the thing, and then our friend tells us you misspelled your name and all this and really ah man so we have to go back change in canada, dallan pay another dollar to get that premium saved file the goal is to, uh, check your files and make them his finals possible before you save them out so that's the licensing agreement let's go back tio my page where has stopped me so it says I'm using a circle a square and a image now clearly the circle and square gonna be free but the image is going to cost me in dollar there two ways to do this you can by uh just pay one dollars with your credit card or you have a special offer here where you can buy a bunch of credit they're called canned accredits and you basically get more for your money if you're going to buy them in both look that's the quickest way to do it so then we would make our payment and download our file um so that's using premium items I definitely encourage you don't let that be a barrier to tear design it's a dollar it's you know the cost of itunes download for creating something for your business or for yourself or for your clients that is really really cool and it's the thing that you want and they want they try to price it accordingly eso let's take a look I wantto take a second and talk about um can vote design school canada does something that I haven't seen a really long time they really pay attention to not only giving you this tool but really trying to make you an expert at using it I mean that's what we're trying to do here today and they're doing they have been doing it since the inception of the program if you go to design school dot canvas dot com I really really encourage you to read if you can all of these but but if not all of them a ton of these really great tutorials they curate these they have, you know, expert writers, expert designers going through there's everything from you know, free fonts for minimalist design too so improving your typography skills they have categories then you can look through so if you wantto learn something about designing a banner specifically review and learn more about color let's take a peek in here, eh? So I could go into color theory the's air all free you can go through these any time you want and learn about any of these really, really great principles that make you a great designer um definitely encourage you to check out the design school what's also cool is that some of the design school items let's go back up here. So design school is there's three section's there's the blogger which is because these great articles that I'm one of which I'm reading now uh then we also have tutorials and teaching materials I can't just a ton of resource is what's really cool about the tutorials? Click on that and we'll go into the tutorial section and here were organized by getting started fonts, color images, backgrounds will go through some of this today together but definitely look at this in your own time if I want to I read about this it's in canada and what I've just done is open up an actual can va presentation that's teaching me on the left side here I'll make it a little bit bigger I'll show you had been teaching me on the left side and then asking me to actually do it on the right so it's asking is showing me you know this this one in particular is about scale and it's teaching me and I could do it over here it also gives me hints which are links to videos and what's super cool is when I make a change to this document you notice my little saving hint it's actually saying saving it's saving into my account so I now get to keep this when I've changed what I've done for myself, which is really, really cool you can always get rid of it if it feels like it's cluttering up here your account but making a change in here means that you can save, which is awesome um but I'm not going to do that just yet so here it says unsafe changes so I'll let it be I'm going to close it without saving the changes, so it doesn't say it to my account and I'll close. That definitely go through as many of those as you can. You can get to the design school in your in your dashboard by clicking on learned to design. So remember the link below that that's where we go to the showcase of all of what everyone else has created in canada. And if you want to learn more about designed to go to that link there.

Class Description

Beautiful graphics are essential for running a thriving business and Canva offers users a free and easy way to create them. 

In Easy Graphic Design for Your Business with Canva, you’ll get to know the Canva interface and how to take full advantage of its powerful features. 

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Combine images and text
  • Build graphics for social media 
  • Share and download projects 

You’ll also learn about the basic principles of design and how to create graphics that are as effective as they are beautiful. 

Guy Kawasaki will be on hand to offer tips on how you can use Canva-created graphics in business and how your designs can elevate and grow your brand. 

The Canva interface makes it easy for anyone to drag and drop design elements into elegant, professionally-designed templates and this class will help you ensure that every project you complete is top-notch.



This was a fantastic course! You will walk away from this course confident, skilled and knowledgeable enough able to create amazing deliverables/images/graphics for all social media platforms. Especially if you are completely intimidated by design and don't know where to start, this course is for you! (that was me) I really enjoyed seeing into the mind of a designer with his tips & rules about fonts, flow, colors and brand integrity I have made some fantastic designs! Thank you Matt, Canva and Creative Live! Absolutely one of my best CreativeLive purchases.

Aaditya Somani

This course is fantastic. Matt is an excellent teacher, he explained all the details of Canva in less than 4 hours. And those basic design tips were a bonus! Thanks a lot, Matt and Creative Live. Would definitely recommend it to take your designing game to the next level.

Barbara Schiffman

Great course, great teacher -- I'm a Canva and design novice but am now creating book covers for my own books/ebooks. Matt taught me things about using Canva's tools that have already improved my design "eye" and skills -- especially about the value of simplicity. Many thanks!