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Easy Graphic Design for Your Business with Canva

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Design Tips: Grides

Matt Stevenson

Easy Graphic Design for Your Business with Canva

Matt Stevenson

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14. Design Tips: Grides


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Design Tips: Grides

Next up is grids a grid is a segmentation of a surface in design designers live by grids we worship them they mean the world to us because they take what would normally be an unordinary field and it creates border in canada you can search for and include grids into your design just like you would include icons or typography where images to find grids we're going to go into our search drawer and it's right here it's right after holidays so the grids come with these this illustration in it and it's just sort of to show you that stuff can go in there it's just this sort of field with the clouds in designers speak we call that fbo or for position on lee it's not going to be what you're and graphic looks like it's just showing you where the how the grid is arranged and as you can see there are a lot of different arrangements I think this was kind of cool this one's kind of funky so I'm gonna grab it um and throw it all went down there interesting and throw it onto my decide now as you can s...

ee it's huge zoom out a little bit it's as big as the as the canvas itself so I'm going to shrink it down and here you can see when you shrink it you can also change the aspect ratio so it's like going sort of all over the place if I don't want to do that, I'm going to hold down the shift key. So let's say, I like this asked this height and width ratio if I hold downshift it's going to do it to the original hiding with and I'm moving right now. Still around and it's not changing fired let go shift whoa, whoa! So you could make the grade any any, uh, aspect ratio that you like let's fill this space. So put the grid just like that. So what do you do with this group? Now? We have it there. I definitely don't want all these landscapes in my final design. You can fill these grids with colors, so I click on any of you. See any of the squares here? I can click on them inside of the grid. So actually, to selection dotted lines. One of them is the whole grid out here. And then we have the inside. I can click on one of these insights here and click on like what is usually my color circled and I can pick some colors. So let's do that for a couple of these hee hee. Just like that. So I picked some analogous colors. And I have a great so I can put type in here I can you know, use it to base my design of my page on if we were to go into the layouts, we could see that a lot of these layoffs use grids like for instance, if I make a new page or ah let's ah do this all the way down this has agreed to it uh and not only that, but it has grids with images in it which I can move around and re crop, so I just double click on that image moving around like the stream in the trees will put them there just like that but that I mean my text illegible yes out the white space in between er no, so all of the grid choices come with space in between them we call those gutters in design. There aren't any options that I know of where it's not there but that being said you can think of the grids as a sort of a teaching tool or an inspiration you don't have to pick one of these in order to design with a grid, I often create grids myself just by arranging things on a page that are nice, orderly fashion and in that case you don't you won't have gutters if you don't like them but that's a that's a good good question good point um here we went through this already so resize ingrid's by dragging and holding down shift to keep the same ratio and here like I just it and I'll do it a little slower kes I think I did it through fast you could double click on an image that's inside of a grid square to adjust the crop of the image to see it's actually the light area in the center is what's going to be seen the area outside of that is not going to be seen in the final crop all right I got click the checkbox here and it's cropped differently so here where talked about this filling grids with color here this guy has a fbo graphic and it's telling me that I could probably pick a different colored let's pick something yeah there we go it's a nice little progression and so this is just telling us so grids are useful keep in mind just like changing the size of type in our typography the bigger the grid element is or the box in a grid the quicker the eye is going to go to it here all four of these boxes are the same size and because we are in north america to us we're going to read right to left top to bottom so the upper left quadrant is going to usually get looked at first if everything in those squares that's usually the same if this were different like this guy here, that big magenta or dark purple box is going to get looked at that's, the first place that an eyeball is going to go, and then it's going to follow, kind of a wind, be path, because the great is a little bit off. It depends on what you want your viewer to do. We have to keep those micro decisions in mind. Where is that I going to go, what's it going to follow so grids and with the size of the grids, is a great way. Tio, pick where you want people to look first. For instance, if you have an image and text, you want them to look at the image first and then read the text like the little reveal. You're going to want to make the image bigger, so their eye goes to him.

Class Description

Beautiful graphics are essential for running a thriving business and Canva offers users a free and easy way to create them. 

In Easy Graphic Design for Your Business with Canva, you’ll get to know the Canva interface and how to take full advantage of its powerful features. 

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Combine images and text
  • Build graphics for social media 
  • Share and download projects 

You’ll also learn about the basic principles of design and how to create graphics that are as effective as they are beautiful. 

Guy Kawasaki will be on hand to offer tips on how you can use Canva-created graphics in business and how your designs can elevate and grow your brand. 

The Canva interface makes it easy for anyone to drag and drop design elements into elegant, professionally-designed templates and this class will help you ensure that every project you complete is top-notch.



This was a fantastic course! You will walk away from this course confident, skilled and knowledgeable enough able to create amazing deliverables/images/graphics for all social media platforms. Especially if you are completely intimidated by design and don't know where to start, this course is for you! (that was me) I really enjoyed seeing into the mind of a designer with his tips & rules about fonts, flow, colors and brand integrity I have made some fantastic designs! Thank you Matt, Canva and Creative Live! Absolutely one of my best CreativeLive purchases.

Aaditya Somani

This course is fantastic. Matt is an excellent teacher, he explained all the details of Canva in less than 4 hours. And those basic design tips were a bonus! Thanks a lot, Matt and Creative Live. Would definitely recommend it to take your designing game to the next level.

Barbara Schiffman

Great course, great teacher -- I'm a Canva and design novice but am now creating book covers for my own books/ebooks. Matt taught me things about using Canva's tools that have already improved my design "eye" and skills -- especially about the value of simplicity. Many thanks!