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Automate Your Workflows with Evernote

Natasha Vorompiova

Evernote for Mac

Natasha Vorompiova

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Lesson Info

6. Automate Your Workflows with Evernote

Lesson Info

Automate Your Workflows with Evernote

Now let's talk about how you can automate your work clothes and buy were close I simply I refer to this irregular activities that we do on on the weekly basis on a monthly basis something that we do pretty regularly and if anything you can go back to that structure that we talked about when we talked about structuring ever note and those activities that we said that ok like we listed everything that we do regularly so you can go back to that exact list and see okay I'm on a weekly basis I am writing blow post I'm recording a podcast I'm working with clients I am maybe say once every three months I'm going to trade shows the greek depending what you do and how your business kind of justic like markets itself or like how you market your activities brother you will look at this list of repetitive process is and what you will do is that break them into individual steps and turned them into the templates I get excited about them put sorry so and what don flix allow you to do is that they al...

low you to work very quickly through those activities even if you don't do something in one sitting like you will know what comes next where you left off when you just when when you have tio stop doing that task and then how you can delegate those individual steps to somebody else so even if you're not in the position to delegate right away we will look at how you can prepare your business tio uh for that time when when you can delegate so I'm talking about speaking about routines come 00:01:55.253 --> 00:02:01. I find that oftentimes we I don't really think but 00:02:01.03 --> 00:02:02. really you sam 00:02:04.07 --> 00:02:07. activities that we do in our businesses as their routines 00:02:07.4 --> 00:02:10. and before we talk about business let's let's give 00:02:10.29 --> 00:02:13. let's talk about a few examples in kind of like not 00:02:13.21 --> 00:02:16. business life off different routines say like our 00:02:16.77 --> 00:02:19. morning routine like sometimes we this is what they 00:02:19.84 --> 00:02:23. find is that we refer to something that is kind of 00:02:23.12 --> 00:02:26. a step by step as one single thing so with mornings 00:02:26.95 --> 00:02:29. and getting up dickweed we don't just get up there 00:02:29.37 --> 00:02:32. quick get up we brush our teeth we like maybe meditate 00:02:32.66 --> 00:02:36. were gofer around come back have coffee maybe read 00:02:36.35 --> 00:02:39. me the newspaper so it's all that step by step that 00:02:39.03 --> 00:02:42. happens that's we usually defer 00:02:43.3 --> 00:02:46. two as a stick one single thing so can you think about 00:02:46.39 --> 00:02:50. routines in majestic regular life that you have 00:02:52.07 --> 00:02:55. I find it for me is like even like going to a store 00:02:55.75 --> 00:02:58. is that it would be like I know that if I if I full 00:02:58.67 --> 00:03:01. take meyer with enough just like navigating that store 00:03:01.95 --> 00:03:05. I think usually it's a grocery store like if I if 00:03:05.1 --> 00:03:05. I navigate 00:03:06.9 --> 00:03:10. in a certain way then I get everything that I need 00:03:10.38 --> 00:03:12. to buy even if I don't have a list and if I go in 00:03:12.58 --> 00:03:14. the opposite direction like I was definitely forget 00:03:14.85 --> 00:03:18. something even if I have a list so these types of 00:03:18.07 --> 00:03:22. things that we kind of have in our big day today but 00:03:22.92 --> 00:03:27. the same applies to business so like melissa was you 00:03:27.58 --> 00:03:31. said that's ok I record the podcast we you say they 00:03:31.2 --> 00:03:34. recorded path guests as if it was one thing but it's 00:03:34.09 --> 00:03:37. like let's like they're so many steps saying with 00:03:37.65 --> 00:03:40. writing book posts saying we're doing webinars same 00:03:40.87 --> 00:03:44. with doing events like that that's a commitment that 00:03:44.08 --> 00:03:46. has this whole list of things that need to happen 00:03:46.87 --> 00:03:47. so 00:03:49.09 --> 00:03:52. if you can give me a few routines in your business 00:03:53.56 --> 00:03:56. now that's we we talked a little bit about it would 00:03:56.43 --> 00:04:00. seem this and gave a few examples well just was writing 00:04:00.03 --> 00:04:03. down all the steps to record a podcast I have to set 00:04:03.96 --> 00:04:06. up the audio I have this whole baffling system for 00:04:06.97 --> 00:04:12. decent sound open up the recording software record 00:04:12.55 --> 00:04:16. the podcast and edit it right the post that goes along 00:04:16.31 --> 00:04:17. with it um 00:04:19.01 --> 00:04:21. and recording the podcast I have that is broken down 00:04:21.82 --> 00:04:25. into different sections I say the episode number there's 00:04:25.12 --> 00:04:28. an intro there's the body of the podcast there's the 00:04:28.75 --> 00:04:32. outro and then moving the music around to go in the 00:04:32.23 --> 00:04:36. right places than I prod af after export the podcast 00:04:36.05 --> 00:04:39. and saved to dis then I there's a processing I set 00:04:39.2 --> 00:04:42. it up through this system called a phonic to make 00:04:42.2 --> 00:04:45. it sound really good and then after I download that 00:04:45.95 --> 00:04:48. then I opened it up in itunes to finish tagging it 00:04:49.33 --> 00:04:54. that I uploaded to my sight I mean there's no on e 00:04:54.54 --> 00:04:57. like okay I just record that podcast like that that's 00:04:57.23 --> 00:04:59. what the people doesn't your task a list I'm sorry 00:04:59.89 --> 00:05:04. on monday so yeah and I'm glad that you broke it down 00:05:04.54 --> 00:05:07. into steps so right now all these steps have how do 00:05:07.47 --> 00:05:09. you like managing the entire process 00:05:10.53 --> 00:05:13. well right now I I know internally what all the steps 00:05:13.7 --> 00:05:16. are but I was just writing down like oh but you know 00:05:16.86 --> 00:05:19. what I haven't added but I keep meaning to but I haven't 00:05:19.94 --> 00:05:24. added to this protocol is then go into buffer and 00:05:24.66 --> 00:05:26. schedule the tweets that are going to go out go into 00:05:26.95 --> 00:05:30. my facebook page and schedule the facebook post that's 00:05:30.23 --> 00:05:32. going to go out like all that social media stuff is 00:05:32.58 --> 00:05:35. completely just just fall through the cracks because 00:05:35.13 --> 00:05:39. it hasn't been part of the protocol part of the routine 00:05:39.21 --> 00:05:42. right so I let let's go for a second to my ever note 00:05:42.37 --> 00:05:45. and I can show you how you can do that in every note 00:05:45.69 --> 00:05:47. so just like we talked about 00:05:49.09 --> 00:05:52. um so here I haven't examples of getting within testimonials 00:05:52.69 --> 00:05:58. but for you this will be like how you outdo your podcasting 00:05:58.25 --> 00:06:01. so you will create this list for yourself with the 00:06:01.09 --> 00:06:04. junk boxes off all the steps that need to happen and 00:06:04.28 --> 00:06:06. the great thing with ever know that you created once 00:06:06.68 --> 00:06:09. and then like if there is like something that did 00:06:09.3 --> 00:06:11. not happen last week and they just like okay, I need 00:06:11.34 --> 00:06:13. to add this they could just go into the note and added and then you will have this step by step for yourself to follow next time around and something that you mentioned is that you can do it with with your eyes closed like you know all the steps and that is very true but what how creating this checklist allows is one that if you have tio see um if you have to interrupt and they expect your attention to something else like you will know where you left off so when you come back to that task to this process you will know okay like I finished like say with my example of getting reading reading to someone else if I know that I will read the request it huh? I asked the client alerted to fill out my feedback form what I need next is to create a testimonial given their answers so I don't need to remember that well I can do is to come ever know and as long as it's properly tagged for me like it pops up in my search I can go back to it but for you yeah so you have this wonderful templates are these templates ones that were getting also right yes you have like oldest templates you know if you were amazing with your big eyes yeah so so then do you make a copy of this and literally check off all the boxes each time exactly exactly so for me with getting written to someone else when I make a copy of it so you right click it uh so basically copy to know a book like this is my creative life ever note personal business so I'll cab it so you can see that like here is the same note will bob up just in the second and what I will do is that I will go back to this new note and I say that for example it's sarah white so that's a client so look for me in the beginning I would say that I create the snowed in the very beginning where the client committed to work with me and like I I mentioned to her in the very beginning when we talked about how our working together with the structure I say like at the end I will send you this feedback for and they get somewhere with this thing to share with me your winds and some of it just to give me your honest feedback off like how it was for you to work with me so it's not it's I'm not asking for just testimonials but I would check this off and then send a reminder for for myself like if states three months out package that that client committed to I know to follow up to make sure that that note pops up in three months that I need to follow up with her and then I worked through the steps for you you will create the template for yourself make sure that that initial one says the word template or something that you know that this is kind of mine uh original that I always go back to and make a copy and maybe put the date on that uh uh off that podcast episode or maybe it will be the title maybe it will be the guest depending what you do just change the title and then start working through the steps and say if you will have a podcasting notebook make sure that music reminder for yourself and that can be with a date or without a date but it will be at the top right here so it will be easy for you to access it where you going drag it into your shortcuts so that you have it there as well if if it's something that you you need to have in your shortcuts and again what it allows you to do is especially if you use check boxes and make check off the steps that happened before where you left off out before you had to switch your attention to something else an additional benefit is that you know everything that goes into uh, I'm recording a podcast episode and posting it. And if I were to say that, okay, get an assistant to help you with that. Like that. That's. What you think? Okay, I know how to do it, but you can't help me. But when you have a step by step, you don't have to do is get the entire thing. You can tell a give justin just pieces off this process. So as you create this checklist for yourself, make sure that you indicate what pieces off this process you can give away to somebody else. Maybe for you, it will be like doing some research. Who can be my podcast guest, where maybe it will be saving that a podcast episode savings to make sure that you I just I just don't know if this helps, but okay, look, let me not make this up for you. What, you see, what individual steps could be done by somebody else. Well, at some point down the road somebody could do the editing and write the submarine on dh process thie process the finished audio add the tags do the uploading create the photoshopped image and schedule the podcast to go live right the social media tweet facebook post whatever and buffer and schedule yeah exactly so what you would do okay you might not be you might not be ready right now to delegate like all those pieces but what you would do is just indicate the great here say that for me I can link the sensing can be done by the and like I just like big noted to myself so once I'm done with it testimonial sending it back to the client for approval can be done by eva as well so what you will have is that list with indicated places that could be potentially delegated to somebody and here teo teo always that you will be able to use it first of all when you are ready to get some help so if you are a kind of okay I need to get someone to help me it will not be okay like what do I give them like I have so much to do but I don't really know what what to give what what to ask out out for help with like you can just search like in this case that you will search for v eight and ever no it will bring all the notes where you've indicated that something could be done by a v a so once you see that first of all you'll be able tio note for yourself okay, this is this is the task that I need somebody to do so that means that these air this kills that I need that person to have and when you start interviewing them and they ask you okay what am I going to do if we work together like you can give them specific examples so you don't really need to figure it out and once you know what are those individual steps you can see for yourself what additional information I need to give that person so that they have enough information to help me with that step and once you have this individual pieces you don't really have to bring somebody on board and teach them everything about your business you can just start with like just like this group of tasks like they get more comfortable with it like you know that they're the right person then you add a bit more to their task list and a bit more and like that becomes his gradual process of bringing somebody in words and you teaching them what they need to be doing and giving them access to more and more information and that becomes the stick very natural protests for them and for us. Well, yes, once you do have somebody on board and let's say you how do you share this note with them or share this task how can you use ever note too streamline that communication process between the two are assignment yeah yeah we'll talk about that in more detail in the lesson about collaboration but I will tell you very quickly so if you have individual notes you can share individual notes so you can just share note and it will be about this work chat feature and you will just add their email address and if if they use ever notice well you will use you will ask them for email address they use how about a token into their every note and they will receive this chat together with a message and if that note will give them already the items that's uh they're responsible for they they will know okay like these are the points and you can also have them to set a reminder uh, well, actually against the reminder yourself because it will be shared note for by when you needed out down and you can if he would like said to reminder for yourself kind of tag this note for example follow up or waiting on something that will bring this note in your search is so that you'll know that by such and such date I need to follow up with my via to make sure that that happened and we'll also talk about the kira I I give you an example of how you can share just note but you can share no notebooks pass well you understand why I'm so crazy about temple I really liked to me they helped me save so much time again you break the protests into this step by step you copy this temple it every single time that you engage in that activity and you used check boxes in order to I'll see for yourself where you left off home again make sure that you clear label them like those processes except by steps that you use kind of the original ones he was checked boxes and identify the steps that could be done by somebody else and this might seem like such a big process a project like I have all this process is like where do I find you do I would just like locke my calendar to work on this uh what you can do is you can just set aside again like half a knauer like twenty minutes every friday and like take one participant time and map it out but here's another shortcut I can suggest to you use ever note to record a voice note for yourself and just talk through that process that this is about you do and then say send it to fiver to be transcribed you can transcribe a ten minute audio for five dollars and it doesn't even have to be really great translate transcriber like all you need is that text that you can go back to and they pull out that those step by step ce for yourself and like that will give you like that. You don't need thio exit down, okay? They can next day to this and next they do that, and they kind of recorded for yourself when you work with the with the document already kind of just like, okay, I have this exam, you will know what can, what should be individual steps. If you forgot something to mention in that audio, you will add it. You will work with that protest a couple of times to see that nothing is missing, so like that will give you that kind of, oh, ex trump benefit of not doing everything you ourself and like it will feel less intimidating in less time consuming and again, just like we discussed before. Make sure to note what could be delegated by somebody else. Even if you're not in the position to delegate right now, it will become very, very helpful down the light.

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Millions of products are marketed to small business owners promising increased productivity and improved project management, but small business owners don’t need more tools – they need results. Learn how you can get more mileage out of the tool you already know and love in Evernote® for Mac with Natasha Vorompiova.

Natasha knows how to keep a person organized. She is the creator of Systematic Success 2.0 and founder of SystemsRock. In this class, she’ll teach you tricks and techniques for turning your Evernote account into an active business management hub. 

You’ll learn how to use Evernote to: 

  • Manage repetitive processes
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Don’t waste any more time looking for new tools to manage your business – learn how to use Evernote to bring in new sales, finish projects, connect with industry influencers, and generate amazing new leads. Evernote for Mac with Natasha Vorompiova will teach you how to handle the day-to-day operations of your business in one central, easy-to-access location.

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