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Automate Your Workflow with Evernote

Natasha Vorompiova

Evernote for PC

Natasha Vorompiova

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6. Automate Your Workflow with Evernote

Lesson Info

Automate Your Workflow with Evernote

Last but not least what I would like it to create for yourself is a task management routine and that's basically something for you to get into the habit just interacting more with with your task list beginning over the day review you are tasked with and that can be your weekly task list as well so that you know what you need to be working on run your searches to know what's what small items are on your to do list and as you go through through you our d check off the completed items but also do one last check at the end of the day so that you are clear okay this is what I got done and this is something that I need to work on tomorrow it's also very important and I would recommend it very highly to do an end of the week review and that's when you go back to that note that listed everything that you've identified for yourself needs to happen that the weak and actually looking and analyzing what's got completed what did not get completed don't get upset with yourself if not everything will...

be checked over that list it's it's okay but what you need to look for it's kind of patterns if they're certain tasks that just stay on that list week in and week out and where if if there is something that you kind of forget adding to that list so they make sure that you take appropriate action so if something stays behind how you can decide for yourself is it something important? Do I need to keep it on this list if it's yes then you can look for options off maybe bringing somebody onboard or looking at what you can take off your list to make sure that you have time for this item next week or if something you don't have on the list make sure to added that khun b something temporary or that could be something that like you know that ok like as part of keeping my business on this level I also need to be doing this and when you're actively interacting with your to do list you will not feel that you are just blindly rolling over your traduced from one week to the next you are to do it will not be growing and he will not even know what's what's on that list you will be the one who'll excess work a lick I do this and this is something that I will be handling in such a way maybe it will not be on to do it for a couple of weeks or maybe I will bring somebody onboard that will help you manage it so like make sure that like you're the one who's in control off your to do list so start with creating your weekly schedule map out your week and then once you are clear on how you will be adding you are ongoing items our task related items into ever know it either create a separate notebook or decide on the tags that you will be using and then create and save you are searches that will help you to keep truck off everything that needs to happen uh for the task related items that you will be adding and before I let you go what er some searches that you can find useful especially when it comes to you or to do items do you follow up oh usually with with people is something that's you you would do on an ongoing basis yes absolutely I think regular emails that I send out the repetition of that trying to find a way to systemized that through this will be fantastic the other thing is I host a lot of events and so being able to look back at what I did in a previous event and carry it forward to the 00:04:00.653 --> 00:04:05. next will help sister my things as well damn I use 00:04:05.17 --> 00:04:10. those search features okay yeah terrific so now let's 00:04:10.84 --> 00:04:13. look at how you can automate your work clothes and 00:04:13.92 --> 00:04:18. buy work clothes I refer to those processes that you 00:04:18.51 --> 00:04:21. do on the on the regular basis and if you go back 00:04:21.7 --> 00:04:25. to the to that business map that we created in the 00:04:25.02 --> 00:04:30. very beginning you can already spot if you think that 00:04:30.01 --> 00:04:32. you do on a regular basis when you look at your work 00:04:32.52 --> 00:04:36. flows as a step by step versus this one like single 00:04:36.45 --> 00:04:39. thing that you would be doing will allow you to work 00:04:39.42 --> 00:04:42. through those processes very quickly and even if you 00:04:42.25 --> 00:04:45. don't have time to work through the entire thing like 00:04:45.55 --> 00:04:48. from the beginning and so the end if you have to step 00:04:48.57 --> 00:04:51. away you will know where you left off so you will 00:04:51.45 --> 00:04:55. not have tio kind of waste time thinking that okay 00:04:55.99 --> 00:04:59. where did I what do I need to do next or maybe re 00:04:59.7 --> 00:05:01. doing something all over again because you were not 00:05:01.97 --> 00:05:06. sure if you did that previously and also how you can 00:05:07.08 --> 00:05:10. delegate individual pieces off that process because 00:05:10.4 --> 00:05:13. sometimes it's impossible for us to see how we can 00:05:13.86 --> 00:05:16. delegate the entire thing but whenever we see as a 00:05:16.83 --> 00:05:20. step by step it's easier for us to kind of look it's 00:05:20.75 --> 00:05:23. okay like here it's not necessarily me that needs 00:05:23.71 --> 00:05:27. to be doing that step and I would suggest that you 00:05:27.58 --> 00:05:30. start kind of keeping track off items that you don't 00:05:30.96 --> 00:05:33. have to be doing already even if you're not in the 00:05:33.47 --> 00:05:35. position or you don't want to delegate at this point 00:05:36.12 --> 00:05:39. because down the line you will have this list of items 00:05:39.67 --> 00:05:43. that somebody else could take off your shoulders 00:05:44.5 --> 00:05:50. so let's talk about routines I've already briefly 00:05:50.56 --> 00:05:54. mentioned that there are some things that we might 00:05:55.0 --> 00:05:58. we do engage in a regular basis, but we usually treat 00:05:58.68 --> 00:06:01. as this one single thing 00:06:02.17 --> 00:06:07. for example even I think not no to give you an example 00:06:07.2 --> 00:06:12. from it not business related situation is our like 00:06:12.15 --> 00:06:15. morning routine when we get up in the morning that's 00:06:15.0 --> 00:06:18. how we usually refer to it okay make I just think 00:06:18.62 --> 00:06:23. I think I ate it up whereas in reality there are several 00:06:23.15 --> 00:06:26. things that actually happened like we get up brush 00:06:26.58 --> 00:06:29. your teeth maybe we meditate maybe we'd go for a run 00:06:29.77 --> 00:06:34. we come back and that drink coffee and maybe read 00:06:35.0 --> 00:06:39. reid's in news whether on our laptop or newspaper 00:06:39.78 --> 00:06:45. so all these steps actually happen but we differ to 00:06:45.38 --> 00:06:49. them as this justic one single thing and similarly 00:06:49.25 --> 00:06:52. in business there are some activities that we kind 00:06:52.49 --> 00:06:56. of just like say ok like I do x or us that's actually 00:06:57.37 --> 00:07:01. like a very complex a step by step can you give me 00:07:01.21 --> 00:07:05. a few examples off that and to give you the hint you 00:07:05.21 --> 00:07:10. can go back to that business map that we talked about 00:07:10.47 --> 00:07:13. in the lesson about structure you are ever note on 00:07:13.88 --> 00:07:15. dh that will give you a few ideas 00:07:17.02 --> 00:07:19. just writing a block post but when we say just writing 00:07:19.46 --> 00:07:21. a post it's never just writing a post like we're sharing 00:07:21.62 --> 00:07:24. it on social media we're collecting research making 00:07:24.14 --> 00:07:26. an image for the block post so it feels like there's 00:07:26.11 --> 00:07:28. probably tenor twenty steps that could easily be in 00:07:28.56 --> 00:07:31. that absolutely that's a great example similar to 00:07:31.85 --> 00:07:35. that I host webinars and it's never just getting online 00:07:35.13 --> 00:07:39. and hosting way either me coming up with a content 00:07:39.49 --> 00:07:42. or finding other speakers other instructors to help 00:07:42.7 --> 00:07:46. with the content the creating your sales page marketing 00:07:46.19 --> 00:07:49. it getting people to sign up then the actual technical 00:07:49.33 --> 00:07:54. side of it two you getting it getting the express 00:07:54.33 --> 00:07:56. exactly and then the aftermath two of making sure 00:07:56.86 --> 00:07:59. everyone has the resources they need and thank you's 00:07:59.93 --> 00:08:03. are sent out to anyone that participated absolutely 00:08:03.14 --> 00:08:05. those are really good critic examples and then your 00:08:05.39 --> 00:08:08. right like sometimes we we talk about them is just 00:08:08.64 --> 00:08:12. like one single thing but the reality we have to take 00:08:12.2 --> 00:08:15. all those steps to actually make it happen so 00:08:16.54 --> 00:08:20. if we go quickly to my evernote first of all if you 00:08:20.65 --> 00:08:26. are a bit uh unsure what with those repetitive things 00:08:26.71 --> 00:08:30. you you engaging in the regular basis I have a template 00:08:30.9 --> 00:08:35. for you and this is something that you can use how 00:08:35.26 --> 00:08:38. teo create your business map that we talked about 00:08:39.37 --> 00:08:42. in the lesson about structuring ur ever note but also 00:08:42.4 --> 00:08:46. this is a really great resource to to look at those 00:08:46.89 --> 00:08:47. individual 00:08:48.89 --> 00:08:53. oh activities that we do week in and week out we talked 00:08:53.08 --> 00:08:56. about webinars we talked about blood writing so everything 00:08:56.66 --> 00:08:59. on this list except for 00:09:00.24 --> 00:09:03. well yeah in my email marketing like all all these 00:09:03.87 --> 00:09:08. activities is the number ofthe steps and it's it's 00:09:08.42 --> 00:09:10. very useful teo actually 00:09:12.09 --> 00:09:15. take a look at all those steps individually so that 00:09:15.06 --> 00:09:18. we know how to organize our time and at the same time 00:09:18.77 --> 00:09:23. how to make it easier for for ourselves to manage 00:09:23.47 --> 00:09:28. the entire process so let me give you an example off 00:09:28.51 --> 00:09:30. getting testimonials because that's something all 00:09:30.85 --> 00:09:35. of us can relate you so for me I make sure that from 00:09:35.69 --> 00:09:38. the very beginning and again this is something that 00:09:38.96 --> 00:09:41. a lot of times we can just like okay, I'll just ask 00:09:41.65 --> 00:09:44. for it for a testimonial and when that doesn't happen 00:09:44.71 --> 00:09:47. like that just we never follow up and we never get 00:09:47.72 --> 00:09:50. a testimonial from the clients but again that's because 00:09:50.58 --> 00:09:55. we treated as you sick one guan off thing but like 00:09:55.56 --> 00:09:58. for me in this specific case 00:09:59.59 --> 00:10:02. very first thing that I do I mentioned to decline 00:10:02.26 --> 00:10:04. in the very beginning when I started working with 00:10:04.24 --> 00:10:07. them that I will be asking them to fill out the feedback form so from the moment that somebody commits to working with me they know that that will be something that they should expect at the very end and once we approach the time when it's time for me tio finish working with them I would send them the feedback form and some of the questions asked them about their winds or something like that before and after and those are are the pieces that I can easily turn into a testimonial and I actually do it myself because if you ask the clan can you give me a testimonial like open leave it open ended think that's first of all if they send you something that will not be that might not be very useful and they might not even be able to do that make no matter how happy they were out to work with you just because it's just like oh my god where do I start and what actually they want me to say so even if they have they best of intentions they might not get to it but whenever they just send me their form and I'm the one who creates a testimonial based on there answers and just asks for their approval then it's easier for them to say yeah great you can use that or like here I would like you to rephrase it in in such a way and when I asked the clients were approval I would also request permission to use their head shot website and their name in case I don't hear from them right away I would follow up but once I hear back from them and they give me the green light they ii make then I make sure to say that testimonial in the correct notebook or tag it properly and it is ready for me to be used either for my side or sales speech or something else so the way I would use this template is that every time I start working with somebody I would create a copy over this uh note say let's still keep it in the same notebook. And once that no, it is created, I will just re labeled with the name over the client. For example, megan. Freeman okay, uh, so, uh, once I've done that, I would usually check off this task as well. Just because normally this will be at the time when I really had the conversation with the clients, they committed to work with me, and I will dimension to them that I will be sending this form to them. And I would set a reminder for you for for myself three months down the line, because usually I work with the client for three months, and then I will I know that three months from today ever note will send me a reminder to tell me that. Okay, it's, time to send this client, uh, the feedback form and what I can do, what I do afterwards is jess stick because I rely mostly on tax. Then I would keep changing tabs on the snow depending whether I'm waiting for them to send me back there testimonial or, uh, I need teo a follow up with them at some point. So for me, tags is that way off jess stick knowing what what's in that category off things that I need to work on, whether it's to do a follow up, maybe something is urgent, so those are the types of searches are used for myself in order not to miss like these smaller our smaller items um so with katie with ah with the webinar how do you see you could use this approach um I could use it in a lot of different ways actually I could use it internally for my own process of taking the market taking the weapon on the market and then through finishing the webinar I think I could also use it for my client experience as well you know the people that are signing up for my webinars how am I reaching them but what messaging are they getting emails that they're receiving the value that they're receiving before the class and then ah follow up system for after the class of you know here were some things we talked about it here's how you conduct we apply it a cz well a cz the testimonial component the review component at the end so I think I love this whole breakdown into little pieces because I agree with you most of us a small business owners we say oh I don't know webinar oh I wrote a block post so I did a podcast whatever it might be but there are so many individual pieces so I can I can see using this multiple ways even for my webinar component having it have different branches I'm slow that and I would I would suggest that you can also with them the weapon our process you can outline the part for the people that you invite to be your weapon our guests and for them that they can have small checklist okay like this is what you come expected tio dio maybe you ask them to share it with their list maybe you ask them for some information safe or their head shot and suffering if you keep that if you send that checklist given to them like they will know that okay this is what I need thio yeah absolutely as well as the students the instructors that air coming on working with me exactly I also work with a handful of partners that are sponsors so I could see a sub list for them as well of thinks that I neither logo are you know they're description there you are all social media handles all those little pieces that you need and sometimes people forget to send one of those pieces so if it were on a simple list like this that I could share that would be excellent absolutely and even some point somebody asked you okay can you teach me how we do webinar like that can become product in and of itself because they okay this is my process I think this is how this is what what I do yeah so it's it might be just something value added to two people in the audience who would be interested to do something similar. Yeah that's great and tio kind of getting on with what you're saying. You can look at the con having a list like this can help you look at the content you already have and how you re purpose as you mentioned you know turning into a coaching mechanism or turning into you know a block post that you then turn into a webinar or a podcast or um downloadable product or something e think having these steps but also having them listed as a product um it gives you a weather viewpoint maybe of how of how you can present the same content in different ways absolutely and something not directly related to this specific example but one of my clients she won the feedback that she gave me once out when I introduced her to a whole concept ofthe templates and just it breaking it into individual pieces she said that I can see now how up it's easier for me now she said to have sales conversations because I don't feel any more that I'm selling myself I'm selling a process and that's something outside of me so for you were when you were inviting somebody maybe there's this really really fantastic guess that you you want to have so and that can be a bit intimidating to approach them when you just look at it okay look I'm just inviting them to be part of this process so it becomes less intimidating it becomes less about you and it will be more about okay how do I make sure that all these pieces work so that that person feels comfortable and they could never think every guests that I have to have the same fantastic experience so if they were to I suggest to somebody of their friends that they can come and be a guest on your webinar they will have the same experience and then you will be that expert that can create that for them go back to the presentation and um I will reiterate if you points about the importance of templates and we'll be talking about temple is over and over again because to me that it's really fantastic toe tio organized our thoughts about ok like what goes into specific process but also saves time because we don't really need to keep in our heads like all those steps and where we left off and uh with with webinars like this is not something that can happen say like you set aside two hours and it happened that's a process that needs to happen over the course of several days maybe sometimes weeks if you're planning well in advance so you don't really need to keep track off ok like what was kind of that last thing I did where who was that person that I reached out to and whether they I gave back to information that I asked them so that this will be a way to keep track of everything that's that needs to happen for that specific, uh, activity so again, like what you would do it you will outline those steps and every time you decide tio around women are for example you would how copy that template with, say the date or maybe the name of the guest and them start working through the steps like checking off boxes and what you can do and I'm going to show you in a bit how you can do it if it's something that 00:20:06.728 --> 00:20:10. you need teo it's no that's you you want to quickly 00:20:10.48 --> 00:20:13. access you can even drag it into your shortcuts so 00:20:13.13 --> 00:20:16. that you have this place that you can immediately 00:20:16.49 --> 00:20:20. go teo and access that note and see where you are. 00:20:22.07 --> 00:20:26. So a few tips make sure that as you start creating 00:20:26.66 --> 00:20:31. your templates you clearly mark them as, uh that's 00:20:31.26 --> 00:20:34. template and this is the way to do it is just that 00:20:34.03 --> 00:20:38. have the word template in the name off the note or 00:20:38.44 --> 00:20:42. if you rely on tax that khun b u r tag then make sure 00:20:42.36 --> 00:20:45. to use check boxes that's something that makes it 00:20:45.23 --> 00:20:47. super easy for us to see where we left off on what 00:20:48.09 --> 00:20:52. needs to happen and then make sure they identified 00:20:52.23 --> 00:20:57. the steps that you are assistant could do for you 00:20:57.22 --> 00:20:59. and again it might not be that you might not have 00:20:59.85 --> 00:21:02. an assistant right now, but actually spotting those 00:21:02.96 --> 00:21:05. individual things that somebody else could do for 00:21:05.49 --> 00:21:08. you would be highly beneficial for you down the line 00:21:08.75 --> 00:21:13. because when you are ready to give something away 00:21:14.16 --> 00:21:17. what you will need to do is just search ever note 00:21:17.87 --> 00:21:22. like in this case it would be if if you use they say 00:21:22.05 --> 00:21:22. as 00:21:23.73 --> 00:21:26. kind of like initially before each item that could 00:21:26.88 --> 00:21:30. be delegated you would search your ever note for via 00:21:30.55 --> 00:21:33. and every note will bring up all the templates with 00:21:33.06 --> 00:21:34. those individual 00:21:35.82 --> 00:21:39. steps that you could you could delegate and what will 00:21:39.22 --> 00:21:43. happen is that once you have those a specific are 00:21:43.25 --> 00:21:45. examples of activities that you could delegate you 00:21:45.81 --> 00:21:48. will be able to translate those activities into the 00:21:48.36 --> 00:21:51. skills that you want that person to have and once 00:21:51.58 --> 00:21:54. you make made that preliminary selection you will 00:21:54.75 --> 00:21:57. be able to tell them exactly what they need to be 00:21:57.6 --> 00:22:02. doing and then slowly slowly like start kind of giving 00:22:02.9 --> 00:22:07. them a bit more and more responsibilities so in the 00:22:07.15 --> 00:22:09. beginning they would be responsible for jess stick two or three things and then as they prove themselves you can delegate more and more to them and this will take such a load off your shoulders as well because you will not feel that you have to just train them and show them everything you will just go back to those individual items and see ok whatever information do they need to have in order to have this accomplished and it will make it so much easier for them and you all right so I want to leave you with, huh? A suggestion tio go back on and look at that original structure how that you created for yourself when we talked about structuring ever note out for business and look att what are those repetitive activities that you engaged in on a regular basis and then slowly slowly start breaking down each one of them into individual tasks and this is something that can feel like oh my god where do even start start with activities that you already know that you could delegate something because they even if you don't have everything kind of broken down into steps they'll be already something that you could give teo to somebody even if it's even if you bring that person for a couple of hours a week and how another shortcut that I can recommend to you so if you say set aside half a knauer every week teo outline one ofthe few are processes like break it down into step by step if you don't really feel like sitting down just like okay like step like what do I do next what you can do is like we talked about creating voice notes for yourself recording your voice so you can actually talk through the process they kind of just like explain ok like first they do this and then I do that and maybe it will not be out like a very accurate step by step but what you can do with that audio note is that you can uh, hire somebody on fiber for five bucks. Teo transcribed for you that ten minute clip because that's that's, how they usually charge and it doesn't even have to be the person who does this exact transcription. The important part is that you will have a document that you can go back teo and look at okay, like, here is step one. Here is step two. Oh, I miss steps, really, let me just make sure that I jotted down here, but you will have something that you are already working with, so it will not feel like a just like so heavy, and I'm just like, okay, I don't even know where to start, but think that will help you, teo again, bull hurley. And then, just like we discussed earlier, I'll put that the or a s s c next to the items that could potentially be delegated so that you could search for ah ever note for like that word, um, and then be able to start delegating when when you're ready for that.

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Millions of products are marketed to small business owners promising increased productivity and improved project management, but small business owners don’t need more tools – they need results. Learn how you can get more mileage out of the tool you already know and love in Evernote® for PC with Natasha Vorompiova.

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I had already started to organize my business activities via Evernote, that’s when I found out about this class with Natasha. Attending her class brought a whole new level to my efforts. Natasha and this class made me realize the power of systems and how I can grow my business with implementing them into my everyday life. Evernote seems to be the perfect hub for me right now where I can centralize all info, with still lots of room for expansion. And I can do that via desktop and mobile devises that synchronize seamlessly. Natasha and Evernote rock!!!


Before this class, I have been using many tools for managing my business. I saw Natasha in Tara's class, she was impressive. After working out through this course, with all examples and ideas how to manage my time my way, I have everything in my Evernote. I have connected to other tools and it is a real time saver, and money maker. Natasha's Systematic Success helped me to go even further.