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Make Evernote the Ultimate Project Management Tool

Natasha Vorompiova

Evernote for PC

Natasha Vorompiova

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Lesson Info

9. Make Evernote the Ultimate Project Management Tool

Lesson Info

Make Evernote the Ultimate Project Management Tool

Now, let's, talk about ever note for project management. We touched on it a bit in ah, the lesson of managing client. So this will actually very much apply if you work with clients on project based out basis out. So in the goal of this lesson is for for for us to see how you concern ever note not on ly into repository for your project related information, but also a platform to manage those projects. And back when we talked about how you can get information into evernote accused. So how easy it is to look at those individual pieces into ever note and in addition, suggest being a place where you add information you can also use ever note to communicate with people that you're collaborating with and because he will be using ever know the tool that you use for the day in and day out, that will make project management actually much less intimidating and much more manageable. So before I give you a few tips about how you can use evernote for project management, let me see if anybody a few w...

orks with clients and project these that basis. Let's, let's talk about the moving parts off those projects and how you can use ever know tio manage those projects. I've got information. And, you know, google docks on clients. They'll book an appointment through, you know, callin lee or my scheduling link. There's you know ongoing assets that I collect in dropbox eso usually some kind of initial questionnaire yeah there's a lot of moving pieces uh yeah and your your process is very much you outlined and protest so they know what are those faces that they will be going with you through us you create a website for them so out like all those individual pieces can live in every note and you can be managing that information kind of in not just have a collection ofthe individual notes and also I have that may know that will outline the way that you work with with with your clients on projects and dick turn even that into a template definitely yeah so just like we mentioned right now make sure that you add all perfectly related information into ever note see how you can organize it and with new projects it's always very useful tio jessica open in you note and brainstorm everything that you need to do for a specific project and then see how you can organize those pieces move them around and if it's entirely new you can even go and thank you sticky notes to look at the where each piece would fit but as if it's something that you do on a regular basis you can easily turn that note into a template and was every single project you can add things that will make that project run even smoother or something that you missed on last time on like you know that ok like I really have to make sure that I didn't forget to do this thing in order for like something else I think I did it to happen down the line I can see this working very well for my in person events that 00:03:59.745 --> 00:04:02. I host because I'm not from a client facing perspective 00:04:02.66 --> 00:04:05. but more of firm my internal team because when you 00:04:05.92 --> 00:04:09. do in person events there's no hotel logistics there's 00:04:09.86 --> 00:04:13. student logistics their content logistics you know 00:04:13.44 --> 00:04:16. there's just a lot of different pieces to manage um 00:04:16.94 --> 00:04:19. so having something here and ever note that not only 00:04:19.5 --> 00:04:22. outlines in the table of contents what all the specifics 00:04:22.39 --> 00:04:25. sub projects are but then being able to kind of a 00:04:25.23 --> 00:04:27. sign them out tio and share that folder amongst my 00:04:27.94 --> 00:04:31. team I think that could be highly effective absolutely 00:04:31.26 --> 00:04:33. and like you mentioned to carrying it on to the next 00:04:33.6 --> 00:04:37. so I do my paper camp conference twice a year and 00:04:37.29 --> 00:04:40. I've done it seven times now so to be ableto leverage 00:04:40.49 --> 00:04:43. what we did well last time into the next one we dio 00:04:43.54 --> 00:04:46. and fix any errors or things that didn't go quite 00:04:46.09 --> 00:04:48. so well but having them all in a centralized location 00:04:50.14 --> 00:04:53. it would be helpful I also use google docks, the forums 00:04:53.52 --> 00:04:55. and google docks and all these other places so to 00:04:55.69 --> 00:05:00. be able to keep that all within ever note and I think 00:05:00.04 --> 00:05:03. that references exactly yeah, that would be very helpful, 00:05:03.8 --> 00:05:07. absolutely. So, uh, let me take you for a second into 00:05:07.82 --> 00:05:10. my every note and show you how it might look like. 00:05:12.34 --> 00:05:16. So here is my launch action plan, and this is how 00:05:16.71 --> 00:05:19. you would think, map out just about any project. So 00:05:19.68 --> 00:05:23. think about this individual pieces that would have 00:05:23.87 --> 00:05:28. to happen. So, uh, like for for launch, it will be 00:05:28.64 --> 00:05:33. creating a timeline. Ants defining milestones, but 00:05:33.46 --> 00:05:38. also pieces like creating a sales page, creating content, 00:05:38.51 --> 00:05:41. creating, copy. And as you can see before each task, 00:05:41.89 --> 00:05:45. I have initials, which is basically means, who is 00:05:45.05 --> 00:05:48. responsible for each bit. Every time I 00:05:50.08 --> 00:05:53. I can cross reference something, I add the link to 00:05:53.16 --> 00:05:59. that note as well. Hump and basically, every piece 00:05:59.12 --> 00:06:02. off the process that needs what happened is outline 00:06:02.59 --> 00:06:06. on this note. So with ur event skating, it's basically 00:06:06.64 --> 00:06:11. can look very similar. But everybody will know what 00:06:11.63 --> 00:06:13. they're responsible for. 00:06:15.36 --> 00:06:19. And out good if we talked specifically about launching 00:06:19.52 --> 00:06:23. I know that this can be kind of a big topic tio to 00:06:23.94 --> 00:06:28. mention it so so briefly and that's why you will get 00:06:28.93 --> 00:06:33. another bonus which will walk you through how you 00:06:33.23 --> 00:06:36. can organize your launch and use ever note to do that 00:06:36.8 --> 00:06:39. and I also I also recorded a few videos that will 00:06:39.65 --> 00:06:43. show you how you can do it directly in evernote 00:06:45.06 --> 00:06:52. um so uh having this uh ex emery note is very important 00:06:53.07 --> 00:06:57. but uh let's go back to the sensation uh just like 00:06:57.76 --> 00:07:01. you saw make sure that's you link how to individual 00:07:01.63 --> 00:07:05. notes that will provide additional information if 00:07:05.1 --> 00:07:07. you're working on this project like actively it's 00:07:07.52 --> 00:07:11. something that this part of fewer our day today to 00:07:11.11 --> 00:07:15. make sure that you drag this note into your shortcuts 00:07:16.23 --> 00:07:20. teo be able to easily access it or if it's a notebook 00:07:20.05 --> 00:07:24. and you can access it quickly already just set a reminder 00:07:24.95 --> 00:07:27. and that will pin especially that summary note to 00:07:27.63 --> 00:07:30. the top off the notes in that notebook and you will 00:07:30.36 --> 00:07:34. be able to please quickly access it as well and if 00:07:34.18 --> 00:07:37. there are other people helping you with the project 00:07:37.46 --> 00:07:41. one share with them project related notes or even 00:07:41.23 --> 00:07:44. entire notebook so for me even though I heavily rely 00:07:44.5 --> 00:07:47. on tax to organize my evernote whenever I work on 00:07:47.25 --> 00:07:51. the project I make sure that I keep it in the single 00:07:51.7 --> 00:07:56. notebook because I can share individual notes, but 00:07:56.56 --> 00:08:01. I don't want my team to kind of like, look for those 00:08:01.13 --> 00:08:04. individual notes sounds like not me, not be able to find them, so usually I keep my projects within a single notebook, and I share that notebook with them. So like everything that they have is in the same place you mentioned that people can you can grant other people access to the entire notebook. What if there was something in there like the budget per se where I didn't really want everyone on my team seeing the income that was coming in and the expenses that we're going out? Is there a way tio share the entire notebook except for one note within it? Or would that be something I should just house elsewhere? News tags for? Yeah, you can't really nick not grant permission teo for them to see in a certain notes so that I would not include that note into the novel, but rather, yeah, he was a tag teo keep it somewhere else so that you, you know how to access it, but they don't have access to it ourselves and, uh, since evernote, uh doesn't really work like project management toe where you open it and you see before you everything that is do you it's important to send three minders especially for time sensitive items used check boxes and actually explain the party members as well how they need to be using ever note and especially that may know so that you can keep truck off what what's been done and what is still due and whenever you use that main note and you have several people working on the project that is actually super motivating for for the people because they know that ok like I'm responsible for this step and after me somebody else needs to work with the following steps so like it makes people feel more responsible and like they don't want to let the rest off the team down so whenever you talk about the country licked talk people about working project make sure that you meet with them from time to time and they actually walk them through the entire process so that they feel involved they feel that they're part of this larger projects project that they are working on and if they don't keep their end of the bargain somebody else will we'll get in trouble so that's another really great a reason to use that summary note because then it keeps the entire team accountable and make sure that you add everything that somebody would need as as references as well there's something very quickly that I wanted to note, is that if you stay with the free version of ever note, you can collaborate on on ly one notebook. So see for yourself. If you have several projects, uh, going at once, and if you need the team members to collaborate with you on those projects, then it might make sense to upgrade tio like a version of ever note where you need teo like pay. Either monthly payment were yearly fee, so that you can collaborate on more notebooks at once and again organize. You are project, really. That notes make sure that you have that summary or table of contents. Note, and then turned that summary note into a template so that next time you work on that project, you can actually take advantage off. You are workflow, and, like, how you, how you do things.

Class Description

Millions of products are marketed to small business owners promising increased productivity and improved project management, but small business owners don’t need more tools – they need results. Learn how you can get more mileage out of the tool you already know and love in Evernote® for PC with Natasha Vorompiova.

Natasha knows how to keep a person organized. She is the creator of Systematic Success 2.0 and founder of SystemsRock. In this class, she’ll teach you tricks and techniques for turning your Evernote account into an active business management hub. 

You’ll learn how to use Evernote to: 

  • Manage repetitive processes
  • Collaborate with contractors and keep track of clients 
  • Whip through tasks and projects
  • Tame information overload 
  • Manage your business systems
Don’t waste any more time looking for new tools to manage your business – learn how to use Evernote to bring in new sales, finish projects, connect with industry influencers, and generate amazing new leads. Evernote for PC with Natasha Vorompiova will teach you how to handle the day-to-day operations of your business in one central, easy-to-access location.

Don’t use a PC? Check out Natasha’s class Evernote for Mac.

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I had already started to organize my business activities via Evernote, that’s when I found out about this class with Natasha. Attending her class brought a whole new level to my efforts. Natasha and this class made me realize the power of systems and how I can grow my business with implementing them into my everyday life. Evernote seems to be the perfect hub for me right now where I can centralize all info, with still lots of room for expansion. And I can do that via desktop and mobile devises that synchronize seamlessly. Natasha and Evernote rock!!!


Before this class, I have been using many tools for managing my business. I saw Natasha in Tara's class, she was impressive. After working out through this course, with all examples and ideas how to manage my time my way, I have everything in my Evernote. I have connected to other tools and it is a real time saver, and money maker. Natasha's Systematic Success helped me to go even further.