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Evernote for PC

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Introduction to Course

Natasha Vorompiova

Evernote for PC

Natasha Vorompiova

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1. Introduction to Course

Lesson Info

Introduction to Course

Hello and welcome my name is attache from peoria and this is ever note for pc we all dream about having our businesses run like a well oiled machine we dream about the time when operations of our business are streamlined and centralized in one easy to access location everyone including ourselves will know what we need to be doing tio bring in new clients and finished projects working with our team members taming information overload, working like making our task list work everything will happen them seamlessly almost effortlessly but that's something we dreams of having someday but at the moment we feel overwhelmed we're juggling way too many tools to manage our business and those tools often don't really help us to make our business run smoother and that's why we're on the verge of exhaustion and few actually very frustrated with ourselves. So my intention with this course is to bring that some day we all dream about closer because the fact of the matter is that small businesses do no...

t really need the same complex and expensive tools that large companies use. We can easily work with inexpensive simple tools that possibly we already used in love like ever note because it is very easy to make every note it go to toe to manage your business, increase your productivity, get your client's fantastic results and with ever note you can do it even if you just stick with the free version of it in fact in in today's course I will show you whatever I will show you it will be 00:01:57.628 --> 00:02:00. down in the free version of ever note and whenever 00:02:01.09 --> 00:02:04. you are ready to upgrade if you want you you can make 00:02:04.67 --> 00:02:08. that decision later so in today's scores we will talk 00:02:08.48 --> 00:02:12. about however note can help you get back in control 00:02:12.07 --> 00:02:15. off your business so that you manage it more efficiently 00:02:15.91 --> 00:02:19. with ever note how to stop juggling all those different 00:02:19.43 --> 00:02:24. tools and start saving time and money and ultimately 00:02:24.16 --> 00:02:27. create a single business management hub that you don't 00:02:27.43 --> 00:02:31. need to hunt for key information in different location 00:02:32.32 --> 00:02:35. and this course will be very interactive and very 00:02:35.85 --> 00:02:38. hands on we will not just talk about how you can do 00:02:38.81 --> 00:02:41. something with ever note well I will also take you 00:02:41.38 --> 00:02:44. inside my ever note and show you how I do different 00:02:44.61 --> 00:02:49. things you will also receive pdf guide is the bonus 00:02:49.6 --> 00:02:52. where I will take you through exactly same lessons 00:02:52.47 --> 00:02:55. that we will cover today plus you will get access 00:02:55.85 --> 00:02:58. to all these templates that I will be demonstrating 00:02:58.4 --> 00:03:01. they'll open already and you're ever note and all 00:03:01.2 --> 00:03:03. you need to do is copy them and you are ever note 00:03:03.9 --> 00:03:08. and start using them right away so if you are a coach 00:03:08.72 --> 00:03:12. photographer graphic designer web developer strategist 00:03:12.95 --> 00:03:15. maker and you are somewhat familiar with ever knowed 00:03:15.66 --> 00:03:19. but you want you optimize use of the stool this course 00:03:19.81 --> 00:03:20. is for you 00:03:21.72 --> 00:03:25. as a result of the scores you will learn how to centralize 00:03:26.25 --> 00:03:29. your business related information in one place so 00:03:29.4 --> 00:03:31. that you don't need to be searching and wasting time 00:03:31.97 --> 00:03:34. we're cooking all those different sources where you 00:03:34.77 --> 00:03:38. currently save information how to prioritize your 00:03:38.17 --> 00:03:40. to do list to know what you need to be working on 00:03:40.76 --> 00:03:45. next get clear on the steps that you take teo accomplished 00:03:45.98 --> 00:03:48. repetitive process is so that you don't need to reinvent 00:03:48.5 --> 00:03:52. the wheel every single time and now lastly get peace 00:03:52.89 --> 00:03:56. of mind that nothing for through the cracks and if 00:03:56.03 --> 00:03:58. you take your hand off the pulse of your business 00:03:58.41 --> 00:04:02. it will not fall apart so a couple of words about 00:04:02.03 --> 00:04:05. me I run the business cold system struck and I specialize 00:04:06.27 --> 00:04:09. in helping small business owners just like you around 00:04:09.89 --> 00:04:13. their businesses with efficiency and ease but I learned 00:04:13.58 --> 00:04:17. about myself with the help of my grand spencer great 00:04:17.1 --> 00:04:20. mentor territory silly is that I don't see toe as 00:04:20.66 --> 00:04:23. a collection ofthe features I translate those features 00:04:23.89 --> 00:04:27. into actual uses off the tour and that's what makes 00:04:27.11 --> 00:04:31. my approach so different I know that you can learn 00:04:31.44 --> 00:04:34. it's a ll by watching tutorials they will show you 00:04:34.52 --> 00:04:39. where to click in order to master that feature or 00:04:39.67 --> 00:04:42. another so you don't need me to teach you that what 00:04:42.49 --> 00:04:45. I will teach you is to how to use those features in 00:04:45.65 --> 00:04:49. order to get a specific outcome and how to get that 00:04:49.46 --> 00:04:52. outcome in a systematic way. So that you spend as 00:04:52.94 --> 00:04:56. little time as possible on those mundane things that 00:04:56.33 --> 00:04:58. you need that we need to do in our businesses. And 00:04:58.98 --> 00:05:03. finally get find time for the stuff that actually 00:05:03.93 --> 00:05:07. matters. So welcome. Once again, thank you for being 00:05:07.38 --> 00:05:10. here. I'm very, very excited to have you on the course. 00:05:10.23 --> 00:05:11. Let's dive in.

Class Description

Millions of products are marketed to small business owners promising increased productivity and improved project management, but small business owners don’t need more tools – they need results. Learn how you can get more mileage out of the tool you already know and love in Evernote® for PC with Natasha Vorompiova.

Natasha knows how to keep a person organized. She is the creator of Systematic Success 2.0 and founder of SystemsRock. In this class, she’ll teach you tricks and techniques for turning your Evernote account into an active business management hub. 

You’ll learn how to use Evernote to: 

  • Manage repetitive processes
  • Collaborate with contractors and keep track of clients 
  • Whip through tasks and projects
  • Tame information overload 
  • Manage your business systems
Don’t waste any more time looking for new tools to manage your business – learn how to use Evernote to bring in new sales, finish projects, connect with industry influencers, and generate amazing new leads. Evernote for PC with Natasha Vorompiova will teach you how to handle the day-to-day operations of your business in one central, easy-to-access location.

Don’t use a PC? Check out Natasha’s class Evernote for Mac.

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I had already started to organize my business activities via Evernote, that’s when I found out about this class with Natasha. Attending her class brought a whole new level to my efforts. Natasha and this class made me realize the power of systems and how I can grow my business with implementing them into my everyday life. Evernote seems to be the perfect hub for me right now where I can centralize all info, with still lots of room for expansion. And I can do that via desktop and mobile devises that synchronize seamlessly. Natasha and Evernote rock!!!


Before this class, I have been using many tools for managing my business. I saw Natasha in Tara's class, she was impressive. After working out through this course, with all examples and ideas how to manage my time my way, I have everything in my Evernote. I have connected to other tools and it is a real time saver, and money maker. Natasha's Systematic Success helped me to go even further.