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Evernote for PC

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Evernote as a CRM Solution

Natasha Vorompiova

Evernote for PC

Natasha Vorompiova

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Lesson Info

7. Evernote as a CRM Solution

Lesson Info

Evernote as a CRM Solution

Now let's talk about how you can use every note as a serum solution and serum stands for client relationship management software and usually that's it's designed to manage you are different interactions with people that you have in your network and make make sure that you keep truck off you are the information about them and like what's think what what you've been talking about and there are fantastic tools out there two oh fantastic serious solutions out there so if you are already using something in it works for you just stick with that I'm not suggesting that you need to switch to ever note but every note is fantastic way off just getting into the habit off starting to fall out with people because we all know that regardless what business we're in we're in the business off nurturing relationship so that has to be a part of what we do but at the same time full follow up is something that usually kind of gets in the bag bernard just because it doesn't feel as urgent or were as importa...

nt there are more important things that they kind of thank you fires that who we need to put out that we put our energy into and sam actually I'll tell you this story about myself like I did not really treat not your relationships as as this important aspect ofthe running a business in the very beginning actually when I started my own land business I thought that okay great it's an online business and yeah I don't really need teo worry about nurturing relationships and it wasn't because I didn't care about anybody or I'm just exceptional owner it was because I I used to travel a lot so from my home 00:02:00.918 --> 00:02:04. country which back then was ussr I moved to cyprus 00:02:04.24 --> 00:02:08. for my first degree then I move teo to the states 00:02:08.0 --> 00:02:10. for my second degree then they moved back to cyprus 00:02:10.72 --> 00:02:13. five years ago we moved to belgium where my husband 00:02:13.37 --> 00:02:17. is from so in every single time I would move from 00:02:17.03 --> 00:02:20. one place to another I would leave people behind like 00:02:20.36 --> 00:02:24. I would have this really fantastic of france people 00:02:24.53 --> 00:02:28. that's I I truly loved like somebody who I truly wanted 00:02:28.64 --> 00:02:32. to keep in touch with but inevitably we would just 00:02:32.57 --> 00:02:40. think we would keep wei would grow apart and uh every 00:02:40.16 --> 00:02:42. time I would feel like sadder and sadder that I would 00:02:42.96 --> 00:02:46. have to leak go through that over and over again and 00:02:47.69 --> 00:02:50. that's why to me starting an online business felt 00:02:50.6 --> 00:02:53. like you relieve that okay all I need to do is make 00:02:53.83 --> 00:02:57. sure that my web site is actually outlines clearly 00:02:57.82 --> 00:03:01. how I can help somebody and I think I need to be good 00:03:01.7 --> 00:03:04. at what I do so that whenever those people come I 00:03:04.87 --> 00:03:07. can help them and that this is how it's going to work 00:03:08.27 --> 00:03:10. and then seven months into my business 00:03:11.45 --> 00:03:13. and when I realize that okay things are not moving 00:03:13.81 --> 00:03:17. as fast as they give them to be moving I started asking 00:03:17.67 --> 00:03:21. myself a question ok what is what are my not doing 00:03:21.97 --> 00:03:26. so that I'm really not moving my business forward 00:03:26.75 --> 00:03:29. and as I started looking at all these great people 00:03:29.83 --> 00:03:33. that I would look up tio and make somebody who I admired 00:03:34.3 --> 00:03:37. the thing that I was seeing over and over again is 00:03:37.68 --> 00:03:40. that amazing that were off network off people that 00:03:40.34 --> 00:03:43. each one of them had around them like those were the 00:03:43.52 --> 00:03:47. people who held them propel the success of their businesses 00:03:47.85 --> 00:03:53. so I knew that I had to go back and start noting relationships 00:03:53.88 --> 00:03:55. with people 00:03:56.47 --> 00:04:01. in the oh I like it who were also this in this online 00:04:01.92 --> 00:04:07. business world and I started very simply I just reached out teo to a number of ladies who I met in a facebook group I was apart off like somebody who I felt I collect just because we exchanged a few messages and I asked for fifteen minutes of their time and I would ask them what they're working on and how I could support them what types of connections that they are they need to have what is something like what this type of information that would help them and I would take notes and it slowly slowly I had this network of people who I just started introducing to each other or sending them interesting information and they didn't yeah I didn't feel that I was forcing it it felt very natural and that's when it became apparent to me that this is not something to be scared of and this is something that I enjoy and as I was kind of like I say was building now that's kind of system for myself like I realized that my business started moving like that much faster because as it was introducing like two people to one another they would send somebody my way and then like it was just like it started moving so much easier and then people started coming to me and that's when I that's when I knew that okay like this is something that needs to be my priority and I I can't afford not to remember went to follow up with somebody so if you feel that right now follow up is not a one off you are how kind of items that you get to do on a regular basis start with every note and then you can always advance to another two that will help you do more things so as the goal of this lesson we will look at how you can actually make sure that you regularly fall out with people and like those people who ultimately propel the success off your business so jazz like we talked about repetitive processes but I invited to deal with that our managing relationships is create a template and here what I have is this basic information that you would collect about someone there a website their contact information something that they're interested in where they're hanging out so once you collect this basic information about them you can check out their social media profile and just start collecting this bits of pieces of information that will that will become those hooks that will help you too a starting conversation with them especially if you don't know them yet but uh let me take you into my ever notes you show you actually how it will look like and this new contract template is a template that you will receive a cz part of the free guide that you will get is a bonus for this course and few free too adjusted to you are um oh needs for me I basically just like you so earlier I need information about the person uh I I also make sure that I know their birthday sometimes I also judge down there mailing address so that I could send them something but then I would have notes and then how when I lost followed up so that I no one would be the next time I need to follow up with them and the way I organized my contacts is that I basically have several categories and these can be industry leaders, potential clients my past clients just my like friends and network that I uh I usually kind of hang out with online and depending on the type of the relationship like that will dictate how often I touch base with them for a prospect that khun b every couple of weeks with past clients it can be like every two three months with somebody who I know and we're just like kind of attaching base it can be every thirty days with somebody who I'm just starting building relationships with it can be every couple of months so that I don't really force it so again you will see for yourself what will be that frequency with which you will be following up with people but make sure that like once you've decided for yourself what it is you used this reminder feature not to forget to follow up so how it might look like here's an example for you jules staggered her here is information about jules I'm here if you notes about uh like what who I introduced her to before because for me introducing people to one another it's the most natural and but the most satisfying wait to do something for them and out basically what what you can do if you follow up with somebody not very well written regularly you can just copy paste say information our from your e mail conversation into this note or you can take a snapshot off their post on social media and added to this note as well yes mary to you with this with the social thing all often in the follow up oh share one of their blood posts or just kind of comment on one of their blood post just to show like I'm thinking of you you know, even if you're not expecting anything, just being willing to share their content can be a huge absolutely and that that makes such a big difference for people that's what we do is is being noticed and sometimes the weekend shy away from like we can we want to establish a relationship with somebody who has already kind of a list status or something and we think that okay like they will not notice us or what will be the best wait like we could introduce ourselves and often times think it's as simple asked looking like what types of questions they're asking on social media and answering where were you never there they asked for some kind of ah call to action maybe it's linked to post something or two to share something actually doing that because they do notice and it's it's not because they are so big that they're not actually looking at who interacts with the with them on their social media accounts so don't discount this very simple things that you can do and especially when you're building a relationship with somebody judd those notes in ever know so that you remember liquid what happens last a technical question for you previously you had showed us how to take a photo of a business card is there a way to merge that note with the business card with the image with this contact, or would you just manually copy and paste the card into this contact note. What you can do is the great. Here, you can make sailing, business card and just cross link it. You can leave if, if you, uh, just say, copy, note, link okay, and added afterwards into another, please say that that will help you, too. Uh, so, in this case, it doesn't really make sense, but that that's, how you will connect the two, or if you, if you take a screenshot and, like that's, an image that you can actually a copy yourself, you can pace it directly into note, too. Okay. Okay so just like with the templates we discussed you can go back now to the presentation thank you uh just like with someone's we discussed uh that you would use for your repetitive process is whenever you have this new contact template you would when you add somebody else to your network you would copy that template rename it with the name of the person that you want teo tell me it starts collecting information about in every note out put it either into the appropriate notebook or properly tablet and then add their contact information if you're just starting out you can add number off contacts like that in your ever note and if we could go back quickly into my every note I want teo show something a critical so say these are notes off individual contacts that you you just added what is always useful is to have that single place where you have almost like a summary off the list off those contacts that you are keeping in touch with so eve you highlight several notes at the time and the cuban individual select them you get this option teo create a table off contents note and basically whatever note will d'oh hiss put links off those no it's I have it crossed ling those notes and make sure that you have yeah all those links to individual notes into single note and if especially if you are collecting ur contacts in sir. Single notebook feel free to just set a reminder for it so that it's append to the top off your nose in that notebook or you can drag it into your shortcuts so that you know that this is the place where I keep they track off everybody who I'm following up with, like, these are the people in my network, and you can quickly access that note was majestic. One click of a mouse. Yes. So when you, when you make a table of contents, is there any way of sorting that, like, could you make that alphabetical, or is it just whatever ordered the notes were, is whatever ordered that normally that's that's what you will get, but you can actually move them, like, if, uh, great. Now, like, with casey, like, normally, you can just if you want, you can move, oh, like the place is, so you can kind of manually breathe. Yeah, yeah, you can do that. Yeah. And for that you can you can get creative, and even with that, you can label them in a certain way, and that will allow you if you do it in a certain order. Them. You will have that order right here on this side. And once you trade the table of contents, it will be in the order that you are looking for. So because the way ever note works is that at the top will be the note that was most recently modified. So even if you just take change tiny things tell anything ever note will throw it on the top. And, like sometimes I would just take meddle with with the notes to get them into the order that I'm looking for right here and go and create a no no table of contents. And that will be the order that you're looking for. But normally you can also move them no on the move, places great. Now I don't know what's right now is giving me a hard time, but you can't do that, okay? All right so with what will actually allow you to create a turn north relationships into a system and we can go now back to the presentation if you first of all set for yourself reminders went to follow up with people but also mix and match different ways that you can check in with them sometimes it can be une mail that it's just a hi how are you doing way how did you are launch go but you can also send hand written notes to them a little gift books if see what are kind of typical things that uh I think you can buy in your area and send that person or bring with you when when you go and meet with them like for me for example I live in belgium like if I could bring beer I would but for a moment I bring chocolate so see for yourself what would work for you just like I mentioned for me what works incredibly well is introducing people to one another and then just like marie mentioned sending them interesting information we're just noticing what they dio maybe you had a conversation with them and they said think I've been trying tio start blocking consistently now for the past so like several months and then you see them actually out posting those block posts pretty regularly like all you need to do is just to congratulate them and tell them oh my goodness it's finally happening congrats like those of those things they that's what will keep you top of mind for that person whenever they they hear about somebody needing some somebody like like you were just does it think that that that crazy sick five feeling because we all want to be appreciated and noticed and doing that for others that will help you to feel kind of they create that atmosphere they couldn't when people will do the same for you and last but not least make sure that this outreach piece is added to your weekly schedule so that's you don't allow yourself not to I'm not to follow up so make sure that it's there so if you see your your weekly reviews that that's something that you don't get don't get you make sure that the queue free up time to do it they treated as a uh client l commitment make sure that you you actually do without for others biggest of the soldier miracles for your business so start with creating a list ofthe people with whom you want to build relationships and you could look a different categories those can be production potential partners leeds uh past clients people just in your network um industry influencers so look at who is not represented in your network at the time so that like go on average you have kind of good balance off those people then use a template that I suggested uh you can modified to suit your needs, but then a replicated and start filling out information for each individual. Contact entry, that table of contents for yourself to be. Well, tio, I don't have all that list in one single place.

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Millions of products are marketed to small business owners promising increased productivity and improved project management, but small business owners don’t need more tools – they need results. Learn how you can get more mileage out of the tool you already know and love in Evernote® for PC with Natasha Vorompiova.

Natasha knows how to keep a person organized. She is the creator of Systematic Success 2.0 and founder of SystemsRock. In this class, she’ll teach you tricks and techniques for turning your Evernote account into an active business management hub. 

You’ll learn how to use Evernote to: 

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Don’t waste any more time looking for new tools to manage your business – learn how to use Evernote to bring in new sales, finish projects, connect with industry influencers, and generate amazing new leads. Evernote for PC with Natasha Vorompiova will teach you how to handle the day-to-day operations of your business in one central, easy-to-access location.

Don’t use a PC? Check out Natasha’s class Evernote for Mac.

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