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Evernote for PC

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Use Evernote to Dominate Your To-Do List

Natasha Vorompiova

Evernote for PC

Natasha Vorompiova

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Lesson Info

5. Use Evernote to Dominate Your To-Do List

Lesson Info

Use Evernote to Dominate Your To-Do List

00:00:02.1 --> 00:00:06. Now let's talk about how you can use ever note to 00:00:06.36 --> 00:00:09. dominate your to do list how you can use it to manage 00:00:09.82 --> 00:00:14. ur task list how to turn it into your task management 00:00:14.38 --> 00:00:19. tool and what it will allow you to do is get crystal 00:00:19.86 --> 00:00:23. clear on what you need to be doing every day what 00:00:23.73 --> 00:00:27. you need to be working on out next and also make sure 00:00:27.95 --> 00:00:31. that you don't stretch yourself too thin that you 00:00:31.59 --> 00:00:34. have this realistic idea off your availability so 00:00:34.27 --> 00:00:37. whenever somebody comes to you with a suggestion to 00:00:37.44 --> 00:00:40. work on something where you get an idea to work on 00:00:40.62 --> 00:00:46. a project you will know if you have time teo to work 00:00:46.2 --> 00:00:46. on that 00:00:48.0 --> 00:00:53. so in order for you would you actually start using 00:00:53.15 --> 00:00:56. ever note...

as a task management toe I invite you to 00:00:56.77 --> 00:01:01. first map out your weak and that would be this step 00:01:01.83 --> 00:01:06. that you will take before actually looking at how 00:01:06.85 --> 00:01:09. you can be organizing your task related notes just 00:01:09.91 --> 00:01:14. like when we talked about stepping back and looking 00:01:14.06 --> 00:01:18. at what types of information will go in ur ever note 00:01:18.8 --> 00:01:21. when you start using it as your missus management 00:01:21.97 --> 00:01:25. to take this step before actually starting to use 00:01:25.84 --> 00:01:28. ever note as a totem and that your task will be to 00:01:28.95 --> 00:01:32. map out your week and for me this is something 00:01:33.99 --> 00:01:34. and that 00:01:35.95 --> 00:01:39. using a weekly task list for me it's something is 00:01:39.74 --> 00:01:42. much I think this is something that I feel much more 00:01:42.98 --> 00:01:45. comfortable with then just creating in the region 00:01:46.4 --> 00:01:50. richard daily schedule because I feel that if I if 00:01:50.86 --> 00:01:54. I mess up if the ice it aside say two hours for for 00:01:54.66 --> 00:01:57. something and I did not get to finish it and I have 00:01:57.68 --> 00:02:02. to like move to something else or if I have to disregard that task and complete the project that I'm working on then I feel like okay like the rest of the day it just goes it's down to drain like I I I can't manage my time so that's that's not a good place but when I work with the weekly task list then it's much easier for me because the type of information are usually usually map out is that what I need to be doing in order to sustain my business of the present level what I need to be doing in order to work on those high leverage project that will allow me to take my business to the next level and then all the admin stuff that needs to be happening because we always have emails we need to be responding to emails like all those individual tasks that happened with projects so all that like for me falls under administration so whenever I'm about my week I know that I need to be able to set aside time for these types off tasks so if somebody wants to map out with me they're weak constants. Yeah, so just like with our structure that we created for our business in general, like, I suggest that you use signals in order to map out. You're weak, teo. And again, that's, because it's, very easy to move stuff around and play with ok, like what needs to fall under what day? So we'll use these categories. Think, as days of the week, say monday to use dave. Thursday, you want five days of great? Sure. Well, we'll see for this, but it's fun. So if you really need to worry about, like individual categories, but what I would like you to just tell me first, what are those repetitive tasks that you do week in and week out on, like, we can then put them into a specific days. Okay, so just just for some context, I actually do have a few different things that I do. So I'm, uh, it's, like the therapist in private practice, but then I also do business training for other therapists and helping them get into practice. S so I tried to jump my week a little bit just so I'm not constantly switching gears, so I see clients. Esso I see my counseling clients, usually monday through wednesday, and I try to do my warm my coaching and consulting work on thursdays. I guess, uh, okay, so this will be clients. This will only close once, but it's all in the same color. You know that for millions, this is clients monday through obama stayed young. And so, then also, like monday mornings, I try to do admin and kind of set what's happening in the week. Just cause every week. Okay, what does look a little bit different color, but this admin stuff. And then and here we said, sorry, I'll just you said that you have. That kind of compulsion yeah yeah coaching consulting when I'm running my group programs usually there wednesday evenings were doing group calls try to do obviously kind of the end of the week administrations so the bookkeeping going to the bank that type of stuff and then also trying to leave time and therefore content creation of course creation new programs things like that so I usually try to have friday be my kind of creation day just so I don't have to worry about any type of adm inner structure it's just more a day I consider right or things like that and then off and I mean and obviously everyday kind of returning client calls and emails and kind of social media updates and all of those types of things but I try I try to break up my day and tell almost half day chunks of either and working with clients and so I only have to focus on them or I'm doing something kind of finances or admit in order something like this is very very smart because you set aside days for one type of work and then other days for other type of work and this allows you just like you said I think not I think not you didn't have to switch between activities that are very different because when we when we do that then it takes this lots of times I kind of agree group and majestic switch to that so what what you're doing is really really great and with well that's returning the admin stuff answering emails and returning calls is it something that you do throughout the day or is it the sight time for that I tried teo first thing in the morning and then last thing at the end of the day just so I'm not kind of constantly diving in and out of my email or my phone just because again that I find I have to you know sit down and have my note pad and it's just it's just that switching of gears so I try to block out mother it's just half hour that's what I monday morning is my ad men and I can kind of see I almost like play tetris with the blocks of depending on what's coming up I can kind of move things around but that's usually yeah the structure of the beginning of the day kind of check in of what has to happen into the day did I actually do it or not and if not then what needs to move in the rest of the week so that it can actually get done absolutely well you you plan your week very strategically and that's really great and just a question for you do you see how you can kind of recreate that in every note I think so yeah, I mean, because I I used I just use my calendar basically and kind of move things around but I don't really have within the specific tasks I don't really have checklists or I just know okay when I say it meant I know what it means but I think what I'm trying to do just because I'm starting to get busier and I'm rolling up more programs that I don't I can't really leave the okay what like what am I doing and my men are ok im doing my counting like what away what do I need to have gathered so I'm trying to get even more streamlined and what I'm doing I think I think ever knew it would be really helpful for that okay well that's that's very true and let me show you how even like this structure could look in every note thank you so much thank you constance so what meet quickly take you into my evernote so this is a sample temple this is something I use myself and you can see that right here I have first of all my top priority items that's something that I think the time that I set aside for high leverage product projects and then the rest of the week is mapped out based on the types of activities that I'm doing so for constants that would be clients doing admin staff actually planning out her week for me it's can be outreach a social media app days I'm also admin stuff I also set aside time for priority item and for me I'm a morning person so I try to sit like my morning hours for creative work that I'm doing but as you play with your structure first with sticky notes on dh then ever note you can see how you khun group these activities and how when would be the right days to do something for example if you work with clients make sure that you don't really give them this too many choices when they can schedule themselves set aside time for them say she was the afternoon and thursday afternoon my clients can schedule their course with me and then I meet this friend of frame of mind that I'm just working with client um and if you're a morning person like me then you can set aside your mornings for some creative stuff writing block post creating any type of contents working on new programs and that's how you will map out you are entire week and every note the structure that we create it can go well look a bit more linear actually and that's why you would start with with the board and sticky notes because you can easily move stuff around and see what actually works for you when would be the right time for it to set aside teo for say client calls or when will be those pockets of time that you can do creative work and once you of that at least roughly like you can always. Two week this schedule as well. Money. You will have this list ofthe individual tasks that will allow you to kind of map out your entire week so you can see for myself. I have my top priority items I have, and that's hilal rich activities that I do, that khun b creating new products. Or that khun b collaborating with someone on this new initiative. So I set aside time for that. So for me, because I'm a morning person, I make sure that that that happens first thing monday morning, I do some outreach to admin social media, so you can see that my week is roughly mapped out, given those ah! Given what I need to be doing in my business and we talked about making sure that you have the stuff that you need to do to maintain your business at at the current level adding things that you can be doing to take your business to the next level and then everything that happens for the admin stuff so once you have that initial list what you can easily do is turn this list into en template and turning it into a template is nothing but just adding template into the title off the note but then if you feel that it will be helpful to you to rely on this task list every single week you can actually copy this note again and you will you either put it in a specific notebook or target in a specific way but once you have it you can just simply specified for example august third hands you can make any modifications to it so that uh this list will reflect those things that you will be working on this week so for you constance if you kind of map out roughly you are weak um in the body off ever note note monday morning you can look at okay like these are the things that will be happening this week and you congested see weak almost a copy paste it when something needs to happen especially if you have like any other engagements that that you need to do if if you need thio work on something specifically but this will give you a pretty accurate idea off your availability so if something else comes up you will know that ok I can yes I say yes to this thing and I can say no to the other thing and you can see right here I have like my admin stuff and this is the uh oh the time that I said the side to actually respond to e mails and work on small items like my next point is to make sure that we keep truck off the small items and that's this stuff kind of that pops up in our head oh we need to follow up with this person or we need teo like finish that five percent off the stick tax that we were working but I never got to finish make sure that you think through how you will be organizing your task related notes and that can be creating dedicated notebook or deciding what tags he will be using to attack those notes and those can be uh those tax khun b task to do full up um waiting urgent like anything that will help you to kind of create individual categories for those individual notes and as you start adding those tasks related notes make sure that they are either get proper tag or put in in the correct notebook it's very important to add them the moment you think off them on and that's because sometimes when we work on on something we get this idea in our head that oh I not really follow up with with so and so and we jump into doing that because we know that we've over this news that thought in our head a couple of times and if we don't do it right the way it will be too late or we will forget about it right away which means that there is no reliable system for us to keep truck off all this tiny items whereas if you get into the habit off adding those small items into your ever note every time he ran the search and that's what might my next but make sure that use create searches for those tax for those specific notebooks no where you will be keeping your tasks related notes so that there was uh no it's pop up in your search is and you know that you need to be taking care of them so as you can see what can also help you is using chuck boxes and that's a feature that ever note kind of like almost turns our lists into these checklists and whenever you are working on something it's it's very easy for you to indicate what you finished and where you left off if you need to go and work on something else and then also set reminders for time sensitive items and let us go back quickly into ever note. So that I can show you how you can create reminders so you can see that right here there's a little clock I can, and if you click on it, there are several options that pop up. If you click mark us, dan, I'm ever note will cross that item off or what you can do. If you don't really want to do that, you can simply clear reminder and the note. Well, I will not have every note will not identified as something that it needs to remind you about. If you add a date ever note will actually send you reminder by email that there is something that needs to be done. So this is very useful feature to keep truck off items that that they're time sensitive or something that we need to take care off. And we don't. We don't need to keep it in our head and, uh, going back to the checkbooks features. So whenever you are in the body off your note, sir. Yeah, so you can see it right here. So this is, uh, what you would have to click on in order to create these boxes for yourself. And as you go through the list, your you can simply check off the items that you finished.

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Millions of products are marketed to small business owners promising increased productivity and improved project management, but small business owners don’t need more tools – they need results. Learn how you can get more mileage out of the tool you already know and love in Evernote® for PC with Natasha Vorompiova.

Natasha knows how to keep a person organized. She is the creator of Systematic Success 2.0 and founder of SystemsRock. In this class, she’ll teach you tricks and techniques for turning your Evernote account into an active business management hub. 

You’ll learn how to use Evernote to: 

  • Manage repetitive processes
  • Collaborate with contractors and keep track of clients 
  • Whip through tasks and projects
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Don’t waste any more time looking for new tools to manage your business – learn how to use Evernote to bring in new sales, finish projects, connect with industry influencers, and generate amazing new leads. Evernote for PC with Natasha Vorompiova will teach you how to handle the day-to-day operations of your business in one central, easy-to-access location.

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I had already started to organize my business activities via Evernote, that’s when I found out about this class with Natasha. Attending her class brought a whole new level to my efforts. Natasha and this class made me realize the power of systems and how I can grow my business with implementing them into my everyday life. Evernote seems to be the perfect hub for me right now where I can centralize all info, with still lots of room for expansion. And I can do that via desktop and mobile devises that synchronize seamlessly. Natasha and Evernote rock!!!


Before this class, I have been using many tools for managing my business. I saw Natasha in Tara's class, she was impressive. After working out through this course, with all examples and ideas how to manage my time my way, I have everything in my Evernote. I have connected to other tools and it is a real time saver, and money maker. Natasha's Systematic Success helped me to go even further.