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Evernote for PC

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Communicate & Collaborate Within Evernote

Natasha Vorompiova

Evernote for PC

Natasha Vorompiova

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10. Communicate & Collaborate Within Evernote

Lesson Info

Communicate & Collaborate Within Evernote

Now, let's, talk about how you can use every note to communicate and collaborate. And here, like, the goal is for us to start relying on ever note more. Teo, you become that communication hub not to rely as much on email. But make sure that, especially when we work on individual projects. We keep that information in ever note. And we don't really kind off chat about it in and keep those messages in our inbox. But then they go going to ever know, too. To judge down other pieces, we're or progress on something else. Look. And since ever note again, it's. And people can work on the same note at the same time and ever notice whenever somebody makes a change in a certain note ever note will centralize it and everybody who has access to that note will see the latest oh version of the note it's important that especially if you work and you have that like long summary note you discuss with your team how you will be actually noting the progress maybe it will be using check boxes but if somebody...

needs kind of approval before they check off the box maybe say they used other color to say that okay like I'm ready for this task and you look at it before we check it off so you need to see with with sasha you are team how you can bring everybody kind of we just discussed with them how you will be doing that so everybody knows what what will happen and if you're working on something small you can share instructions as individual knows out create kind of no break them down into it step by step and if you I need to make sure that you don't forget teo to follow up, tag them in a certain way and uh say it for me I used waiting an urgent and that insures that that's no will pop up in one of my searches and I will not miss it so see for yourself how you're treating your tasks related note so that something that you've asked somebody else to take care of can, uh, you can go back to to make sure that it's actually been done. Setting the reminder is another way off, making sure that it happens. Bye bye, certainly date when it needs to happened, and that will be on the water to do list. But whoever is collaborating with you on that single noto also see that reminder and will be alerted by ever note that that item is to you. Making a checklist is unimportant. No. An important part if especially if you're working on small projects so that it's not individual kind of task make sure that you either send them voice note or outline for them what they need to be are doing using skitch we talked about sketch in the lesson about how you can get information into ever note but this is super useful way tio actually show what what do you need them to do and especially if you're working say with a graphic designer or with a web developer were with just a tech va and you need them to do something and you can just sentiment is a screen shot and that can be an example or something that they're in the process off working on and you want to show them okay like here like I agree with you here if we could just make this little too weak and all of that can be done by just using sketch it's it's really amazing tool that will save you time and allow you to explain what you're looking for that much easier open actually provide supporting materials and here you can link to other notes or just a link teo dropbox documents google documents documents wherever those materials are housed right now um and if you're collaborating on large projects and we briefly talked about that in the project management lesson uh make sure that you have a note that outlines the moving pieces off the project. Keep information in ever. Note. So that it's, it's all in the same location and identify who is responsible for what parts? So that if you have several people who are working on that project, they know what they're responsible for. I mentioned earlier that it's important to agree how you will be keeping each other up to date with, like individual tasks, and think how? It's. Sure, one of you is where you are with with each individual task. If you've set reminder for yourself, which the identification item and make sure that's, whenever you give instructions, you break those our instructions into kind of individual, step by step, or that checklist that you are we can work through. And, oh, like that will be easy for them. Tio now to complete. It's important, tio yeah, okay. And so what I would like you to takeaway is that it's important to share with you our team members, notes or entire notebooks outlining processes and that they're helping you with out figure out how you are team members can, uh, what they would they need to know tio complete that task, or or project whether additional information, maybe it will be some passwords. Maybe it will be examples off tasks of similar tasks that have been done in the past past and if you are, team members are not familiar with ever note, maybe consider explaining them how you will be using ever note to collaborate and see for yourself if they are if they don't really want to use. Ever note, um, you can just forward their emails regarding us that project into ever note, either by copy, pasting the body off the email were forwarding them into ever note using ur evernote email address, but you can still keep information in ever note even if your team members I don't really feel comfortable working in every note so that that will not be deal breaker.

Class Description

Millions of products are marketed to small business owners promising increased productivity and improved project management, but small business owners don’t need more tools – they need results. Learn how you can get more mileage out of the tool you already know and love in Evernote® for PC with Natasha Vorompiova.

Natasha knows how to keep a person organized. She is the creator of Systematic Success 2.0 and founder of SystemsRock. In this class, she’ll teach you tricks and techniques for turning your Evernote account into an active business management hub. 

You’ll learn how to use Evernote to: 

  • Manage repetitive processes
  • Collaborate with contractors and keep track of clients 
  • Whip through tasks and projects
  • Tame information overload 
  • Manage your business systems
Don’t waste any more time looking for new tools to manage your business – learn how to use Evernote to bring in new sales, finish projects, connect with industry influencers, and generate amazing new leads. Evernote for PC with Natasha Vorompiova will teach you how to handle the day-to-day operations of your business in one central, easy-to-access location.

Don’t use a PC? Check out Natasha’s class Evernote for Mac.

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I had already started to organize my business activities via Evernote, that’s when I found out about this class with Natasha. Attending her class brought a whole new level to my efforts. Natasha and this class made me realize the power of systems and how I can grow my business with implementing them into my everyday life. Evernote seems to be the perfect hub for me right now where I can centralize all info, with still lots of room for expansion. And I can do that via desktop and mobile devises that synchronize seamlessly. Natasha and Evernote rock!!!


Before this class, I have been using many tools for managing my business. I saw Natasha in Tara's class, she was impressive. After working out through this course, with all examples and ideas how to manage my time my way, I have everything in my Evernote. I have connected to other tools and it is a real time saver, and money maker. Natasha's Systematic Success helped me to go even further.