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Evernote for PC

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Master Evernote Search

Natasha Vorompiova

Evernote for PC

Natasha Vorompiova

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Lesson Info

4. Master Evernote Search

Lesson Info

Master Evernote Search

As you start adding your notes and your ever note it's important tio babel teo easily find those notes as well. So mastering evernote search is a very important piece just because that's the other part ofthe creating the system that you complete to the trust because there is no point of putting something into the system you don't if you don't trust that if you go to that system, you will be able to retrieve that note so it's important to create a structure and make sure that you either put notes into proper notebooks or use tags as the first piece off over the puzzle and the second piece would be making sure that you can easily find what you added into your ever note and just like with different waste, you add information into evernote. There is an easier way to do it a bit more basic way to do it and that's when you use individual key words or phrases and if you want have ever know to find the specific phrase, you will have to put that phrase into quotation marks huh fuller a more adv...

anced the way to search for something would be to use search operators and like here I have examples off like you can search for specific notebooks you can search for specific tags you can search entitle off each note, so let me show you how it will actually work so this is the search bar. Thank you. Ever know what p c. You can easily open this list, and if you if you're just starting out and you know in what notebook, you saved the note, you can simply go to that notebook and search for the note manually. Same with tabs. You can just go and check if you know what, what you're looking for. An exit, elif share tags, but if you know what you're looking for, you can search for something by tag. But, uh, you can always search by keyword as well, and every note searches the entire body off the note so that whenever you get the results, it will highlight those keywords in the body off the note as well. So if you search if I search, ever note, for example, for damn plitt! Think I will get here on on this side, you can see that all these notes contained the word template. And here they are. Uh, let me see if I actually hit answer. Not me. So you're going to see that all these notes have the words templates in them. And those words are actually highlighted, except for in the title of the note. And if you search for key word, for example. Client intake. He would put it in d quotation marks for evernote to actually bring up for you everything that contains that phrase. So you can see if you, if you look through the notes that the client intake is highlighted in all these notes. That's. Ever note no pulled up for you and that that's. How you would search for individual keywords. But what you can also search. 00:04:01.09 --> 00:04:04. This is specific notebooks. For example, if I searched 00:04:04.3 --> 00:04:05. the notebook. 00:04:07.34 --> 00:04:08. Called templates. 00:04:11.68 --> 00:04:16. If I just leave it at that, you can see that. I got 00:04:16.57 --> 00:04:21. all the notes that I have in the a notebook. A template. 00:04:21.09 --> 00:04:24. But I can specified even further. So I can go back 00:04:24.99 --> 00:04:25. to my 00:04:26.74 --> 00:04:28. client, into 00:04:29.54 --> 00:04:35. it's cancer. And, in my templates, notebook. How here, 00:04:35.03 --> 00:04:37. three notes that contain 00:04:39.44 --> 00:04:43. the phrase client intake. In the very similar way, 00:04:43.51 --> 00:04:47. you can search for specific tags. For example, if 00:04:47.58 --> 00:04:49. I see tag. 00:04:51.54 --> 00:04:54. Lok post idea. 00:04:55.74 --> 00:05:00. I get all these notes that are tagged as blow post 00:05:00.74 --> 00:05:03. idea, like you can see 00:05:04.44 --> 00:05:05. right here. 00:05:06.54 --> 00:05:11. They're old tab, look, post idea, and the great thing 00:05:11.36 --> 00:05:14. about ever not search. The kwan is definitely finding 00:05:14.61 --> 00:05:17. what you're looking for. But another great thing is 00:05:17.34 --> 00:05:22. that you can actually save your searches. So, for 00:05:22.23 --> 00:05:23. example, like here, I can 00:05:25.74 --> 00:05:29. change the title of this search. So 00:05:30.44 --> 00:05:32. I mean let's, let's tied to it. 00:05:35.27 --> 00:05:38. We'll post ideas hit okay 00:05:39.74 --> 00:05:45. and now if I just go and search for something I put 00:05:45.12 --> 00:05:48. just my cursor right there in the search bar like 00:05:48.27 --> 00:05:53. that search that saved search is governor gives me 00:05:53.57 --> 00:05:57. a nop shin to actually around that search too and 00:05:57.03 --> 00:06:01. for example if like every month or every three months you sit down and map out you are blocked posts for the next month or next quarter what you can do is sit in the uk in you you can be adding this nose into ever note with your block post tedious but then you're on the search and go from no to know to note to see what will be like those blow posts that you will actually right in the next four weeks or in the next quarter depending how often you do it so creating saving these searches creates for you these short cuts where like once you know what is the type of information that you search for when the regular basis you don't really need to search for the same thing over and over again you can just save that search and then uh oh just use that a shortcut in order to get those inquiries for for yourself so if you huh right if you click on it then this window opens up or you get to modify the search create additional ways to search for two to narrow down your search so it's it's easy not to just to create the search but also modified if you want to make some changes to it and ultimately deleted as well, so thing. And once you know what type of information you are searching for on a regular basis. It's rather easy to create these shortcuts for yourself that will allow you to find what you're looking for very quickly. So what I invite you to do is play with different search operators and get comfortable with them. If you are relying mostly on notebooks to organize, you are ever note, then make sure that you try like that. Notebooks. House search operator to search your notebooks who attacks it will be searching for no it's tag in a specific way. Look at this different types of information that you're searching on a regular basis to make sure that you have this shortcut for yourself and try saving, retrieving, modifying searches so that you don't feel like you are stuck with that search that you created for yourself from the very beginning.

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Millions of products are marketed to small business owners promising increased productivity and improved project management, but small business owners don’t need more tools – they need results. Learn how you can get more mileage out of the tool you already know and love in Evernote® for PC with Natasha Vorompiova.

Natasha knows how to keep a person organized. She is the creator of Systematic Success 2.0 and founder of SystemsRock. In this class, she’ll teach you tricks and techniques for turning your Evernote account into an active business management hub. 

You’ll learn how to use Evernote to: 

  • Manage repetitive processes
  • Collaborate with contractors and keep track of clients 
  • Whip through tasks and projects
  • Tame information overload 
  • Manage your business systems
Don’t waste any more time looking for new tools to manage your business – learn how to use Evernote to bring in new sales, finish projects, connect with industry influencers, and generate amazing new leads. Evernote for PC with Natasha Vorompiova will teach you how to handle the day-to-day operations of your business in one central, easy-to-access location.

Don’t use a PC? Check out Natasha’s class Evernote for Mac.



I had already started to organize my business activities via Evernote, that’s when I found out about this class with Natasha. Attending her class brought a whole new level to my efforts. Natasha and this class made me realize the power of systems and how I can grow my business with implementing them into my everyday life. Evernote seems to be the perfect hub for me right now where I can centralize all info, with still lots of room for expansion. And I can do that via desktop and mobile devises that synchronize seamlessly. Natasha and Evernote rock!!!


Before this class, I have been using many tools for managing my business. I saw Natasha in Tara's class, she was impressive. After working out through this course, with all examples and ideas how to manage my time my way, I have everything in my Evernote. I have connected to other tools and it is a real time saver, and money maker. Natasha's Systematic Success helped me to go even further.