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Fast and Effective UX Design: Learn the Process

Lesson 10 of 17

Creating a User Profile: Single Dad

Jose Caballer

Fast and Effective UX Design: Learn the Process

Jose Caballer

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10. Creating a User Profile: Single Dad
Learn how to create user profiles using Jose’s template and watch the team (including live students) bring the “Single Dad” user to life. Jose models how to correlate user solutions with user needs, and how to combine and prioritize solutions.

Lesson Info

Creating a User Profile: Single Dad

So now we need to do another user witches or do we want to do next because we know the different types or some millennial mom there is dad single dad which one of you guys want to do first let's do dad it's excellent all right are you ready to reset the clock yes and ten minutes you got it um give me so one thing I'm watching for I'm watching one two three four that's fifty we have about that time exactly right now but we're on user one so no time actually calculating the agenda that name david david good game good game good game last name sanchez sanchez excellent you're looking at a demographically diverse alright nothing funny about diversity um demographic so age holds david he's really thirties thirties cool thank you. Um cool maybe self employed works from home a lot and has a lot of blurring between um you know when he's with his kids and when he's trying to get work you do for a living I was just talking to dad in my uber you know who he said he does over so you can take his ki...

ds to school? It is so our solar power sale I like sales like he does solar sails like it again we're making this up but but he has he has two households just managing so the kids the kids of his divorce the kids were thirty days dad back to the judge and I'm not just like late thirties he's like thirty eight thirty eight got good thank you that helps ok, so he has and that's time to get divorced scott sales this matters it matters sales solar sails income maybe forty five fifty low hire sixty, seventy or any less soul to the young leader what does he actually live? Yeah where does he live in the city definitely not san francisco he's in the midwest chicago yeah that's a good one to do that not evanston excellent uh, new wife's name I don't know why single that oh, it's just a single that was dating the son of that oh, my lord he's on tender all right, I know this guy um except I don't have kids but all right, so what's what's next we want his story. Yeah it's everybody's sorry, lou, but that's more than I think he has a lot of blurring of work and family life when his kids were over and you know, sometimes he has to jump on a conference call and he spends a lot of time like, you know, tossing devices to his kids to keep them occupied and he wants to feel better about what they're looking at all the time, so okay, so he wants to feel better he kind of doesn't care a bit, but um so basically gives I mean, he cares, but he's not as mindful, gives kids devices, but I think he also likes technology, and we're actually has fun with the apse has got all the latest stuff wants to engage with the stuff that the kids were doing, too. He so he's, he likes gadgets, let's put that in the demographics for a second. I'm doing that book for space, but because it's just kind of like a general marker, so if he is a gadget guy, you know, he has a lot of worried about you didn't say worried you said it another way. Well, he just, um there in front of screens, probably more than he imagines he he figures he's going to take them to the zoo, but you know what his client called and so the best way to keep them quiet is to give them an ipad and that's a scenario that every working parent can relate, teo but he wants to feel better about that's the way they're using that time. That's, what you said wants to feel it's less that he's worried it's more that he wants. Nobody wants to feel good about it like this was a win win. Kids her over for a sleepover and he wants to dial up a movie and figure out is this gonna work? Is it gonna be okay for my kids? Is that gonna work with my ex wife? How do I figure out this is on board with our family parenting there's multiple households that's an interesting management issue multiple household's so I'm really listening for things that will affect features and functionality the minute he's has multiple households there's already an issue of logging in from potentially or like a reporting to his ex wife about what the kids are watching and you know it like like like doggie vacay they send you pictures of your dogs and if you have multiple households will send them to separate e mails isn't that cool? Um dr big kay's on it um I think one other thing he he enjoys playing with the kids ok? So he's as much enjoying the games or apse or whatever they're doing as they are interesting it's almost like he's one of the more about that because with that and that's why she divorced him can you judge your users during sessions? Uh yes you sure you can? I actually had a latino client and we ended up the profile sounded like a bell in a way I was like okay people this is not good this is not a soapbox way just get out of six to the facts so but what that's telling me that inside that that saying is that he might have a different threshold, what he's willing to watch and it's his device that he's giving to his kids suddenly, unless there's user different users to lug in there, maybe a lot of mixed content in there and yeah, so that's an issue great, different perspectives on what to share with the kids between him and his ex, right? Yeah, so so plays with the kids on dh, then different points of view different. Okay, so let's, let's move to needs. So based on some of these top line things that we've talked about, whatever that needs that he has already with, you know, different points of view, what's the need that he's going to need that he's going to have, uh, there way to share needs without having a conversation even to share, uh, viewing habits to view your but they've been playing are watching to share media and media guidelines, you know, whatever the parameters so there's historical media there's what they've done, and then also they could do so. There's share media let's, call it ideas or possibilities and then share have its share media habits, I'm thinking ten back sometime. So remember, I want fifteen. So when we get to the ten also can I have a few more minutes? And we said so should share me. Idea is give me a few more, like just bust my lets you like tea, mobile access boom mobile access as a good one. Simple minded he's, simple minded. And that was a judgment call on actual need. Simple interface. So simple interview face. Thank you, that's better. Oh, I forgot to say the rules. I don't see the rules, you've got to cover the rules. They should be somewhere written up in the wall. You can say anything. Rule number one rule number two you have to participate so that's a big rule for especially we have a bigger team of execs there's always a quiet person that guy's going to screw it up later. He's quiet there, but he's going to say something later, eh? So you have to participate and they have to have fun. That's, a three year old section, sir. My apologies. So simple. Uh, experience. Yeah, that's a good one. Just chilling on simple quick uh not only simple, but quick quick yeah find stuff and call it up really quickly because I'm about to jump on that conference call and I want them tio interesting so I'm gonna put it quick as a quick access put it as a separate item because that's a big one so what else? So so let's get into a little flighty more granular it needs to be able to communicate with outside households. Okay, so yes that's right that was up here communicate with others, communicate with others. Excellent. Thank you. I think he's gonna want to know what his kidsfriends are also doing because you know you're splitting households and so you're gonna want to know is my son and playing these games because his friends were playing these games or what's the popular movie or tv show wants to have a way to have a conversation with his kids about it? Well, kids friends were doing that's more than enough I mean, I understand the context of it so let's start coming up with some solutions. So again I was talking about tit for tat so to share media ideas and share media habits is that multi person accesses that it's a broadcasting out how do we what do we want a couch that in as a feature of functionality or as a solution what is the solution there has to be some reporting about what the kids were doing that you can log into and see and it could be pushed out if you if you want it pushed you push pull and push reporting great uh for mobile access I mean what's the said tablet and smartphone and versions of the application so what that is definite smartphone definitely devices field continue from to start info and then oh yeah yeah to be ableto pick it up on a tablet started okay, so what now that's for the media you want to be able to go from one device to the other for the for the for the management aspect that meat over watching, watching or playing like if you start playing with my phone and any posture doing the ipad now the challenge with that one and the rules you can say anything so I'll put it up here whatever you say is that there isn't a top for it or a tip for it it's it's kind of like I'm not there but so uh picking up I'll save picking up the process picking up process from any device so from device from multiple devices from casted a solution that also kind of ties to the problem that's having so it's like I need a five minutes solution are the sweep was happening right now so what's the situation way to solve the problems of situational it's almost like a very like a contextual entry point and I don't know how to contextualize it but so for example you could do something to the degree of like having I hear the timer contextual calling timer really invited to wrap up the o fifteen yeah that's that's that's so that's a really good one um contextual inter point so this might be like us like you have the common scenarios and you could just click on it are whatever that might be whatever surfaces on those alright so quick access communicate with others kids, friends air doing tell me a few more about those solutions for those a variety of options whether it's because he's satisfying his wife's needs the kids needs or his when it comes up and he's working within smart feed if one thing doesn't work, he needs to be ableto have an option ready in the moment like that you guys are football fans playbooks like there's a playbook you know there's a playbook for like their long action movie for action movies that playbook for animation and playbook for here some options and you can share the playbook with your ex you can share it are even you can push you can have it pushed to you like I know my kids are coming on friday every friday I want friday's playbook right and you can customize your playbook and you couldn't save them that's cool out front so it's like a macro you just press and get to the stuff whatever that means I don't know but and maybe I could also send it to a baby sitter if I have a date that night sent to baby sitter sent to baby sitter I love that okay that's great that's a good set of options so just for the sake of you know again prioritizing um and I lost my cap it's over there so I do like when you're scuba diving and you just like use the oxygen from somebody else for a little bit um reporting so let's choose three from each of these and I'm just going to call him out real quick and like a hot action and just call the ones that you really think that we were to choose three that we were to focus on what would they be? So to share media idea save media habits share me to have it sorry mobile access obviously I think this is one mobile access simple experience quick access communicate with others kids and to know what kids in france are doing which which of these would you want to have in the top three quick access communicate with others kidsfriends air doing with others so sure whatever that these two top ones was one of your communicator hearing I can combine those and then you have one more I'd have simple and quick only because it's the mobile app got it I'll combine simple and quick right here so you could do that I'd like to combine we negotiate for us okay teo wait we got a simple and quick gas specific implications it's a little broad right so these are not at the feature level which is okay and there's a way to make these then become feature level but we're only dealing with it at this top line and we'll continue talking about that that doesn't mean that the other things are going to be done it just means that these were the ones who were choosing as executives right now to prioritize so I'm the solution side reporting pull and push so to share that obviously then that means that one has to be their smartphone app mobile access that one has to be there and simple and quick contextual entry points um captions said all right cool so we combined those soon now we have three priority so one, two, three all right cool. So so this also helps with positioning I'll give an insight relative to startups the fact that it's three you have to enter the market with one thing that is the main thing you do so meaning like it's helpful to do that so if I were to say that the big look at the competitors and see how they're positioning themselves, I couldn't potentially even say that the playbooks become what I call the wedge playbook becomes a wedge where everybody else has all these options. What were given use a macro, the playbook and the reason why this is important. There is the possibility of testing just these unique kind of insights that you found out in the market very quickly, like you put out the playbook as a landing page like this app provides, you know, playbook could see how many people signed up to download the app later, even though you don't have the app. Yeah, you haven't built anything zero and you can prove which of these would be more insightful to the people. That's idea. That's what you want to choose? A subset, the smaller, great good job handed with pots for them ladies and we're doing such a great job. Awesome! So I said this earlier all repeated now listen to how I'm facilitating and watching everything is actually has a purpose and a reason even me saying thank you everything you want to keep it flowing you want encourage people. You wanna have it move. You want honesty? You want all those different things.

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Navigating the UX design of a digital project can take weeks and even months - in Fast and Effective UX Design: Learn the Process, design veteran Jose Caballer boils it down into just one action-packed session with a real client.

The designer’s role on a team is changing in the start-up age, and navigating competing interests and priorities on a team can be challenging; Jose demonstrates how to facilitate the UX design process with confidence, efficiency, and finesse. In this rare opportunity, watch him lead a live session with a client, moving from goal setting to user profiles to wireframe design with ease. Jose breaks the classroom’s “fourth wall”, pausing to note facilitation techniques in real time, sharing tips and ready-to-use templates.

The UX design process is about facilitating, listening, and translating. In Fast and Effective UX Design: Learn the Process, Jose Caballer shows you how the pros do it, and equips you with what you need to do it yourself.


This class is designed for creative professionals new and veteran to the UX design process: start-up entrepreneurs, UX designers, designers transitioning to UX, project managers, and more.


Jose is the co-founder of The Skool, an education company that teaches designers, agencies and corporations the design of business in the 21st Century. He studied graphic design at Art Center College of Design and was trained in digital “on the streets” of the .COM boom in the 90's. In 2001 he founded The Groop, the digital agency he led for 11 years, working with diverse clients such as Al Gore, Jamie Oliver, Thomas Keller, Alice Waters and corporate clients like Disney, Nike and Myspace.

Today he combines his 19 years of digital experience and his passion for teaching at The Skool. He has trained thousands of professionals through workshops and webinars worldwide.

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Love this class and so glad I bought it. I'll be able to refer back to his lessons again and again. His work with an actual client is what really sets this class apart, having provided specifics on how to ask a client a question, how to get them down to what matters most and on and on! Can not express how valuable this will be for me. Thank you Jose and thank you Creative Live!

Karey Covey

Great session. Covered a lot of information. Only suggestion for improvement was at the end, just giving a quick overview of the entire process again just to tie it all back together. Awesome info, well articulated, and very inspirational. Thank you!

Gary Harding

Have already recommended to a few colleagues. I am web designer, but I see great crossover benefit in strategizing with my web design clients. p.s. I was thinking that a Smart Feed rating could become a standard used by Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix so it would gain more power as being ubiquitous and useful.