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Fast and Effective UX Design: Learn the Process

Lesson 12 of 17

Defining Awareness Goals

Jose Caballer

Fast and Effective UX Design: Learn the Process

Jose Caballer

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12. Defining Awareness Goals
Good design alone isn’t enough to guarantee the success of a final product - how will your product gain traction in the real world? Popularity and downloads come from distinct and calculated actions, and Jose models how to define and prioritize awareness goals. Learn how to determine short, medium, and long term priorities in an objective way.

Lesson Info

Defining Awareness Goals

All right so the next thing we're doing is awareness so let's talk about how do we get people to hear about us in ten minutes here we want to go boom boom boom boom boom throw out as many ideas as possible um your you know just pairing groups that's awesome one thank you schools schools how specifically like just like give me mechanics leave a lot of options to schools p t a is doing what with p t a getting them to endorse or embarrassment for the piece in the newsletter doors meant uh how soon the news better uh there are sort of advertising type of spots where they can recommend different services private schools all of this for public schools any school any school so you may have to buy it okay so school newsletters got it what else I'm a friend friends or so referral boom what else? Teacher's house so be more specific liken teacher meetings usually parents will ask if they have any suggestions for good aps and teachers then would recommend would there be more formalised program lik...

e you know how pharmaceutical companies bribe doctors with meals teacher and sentence let's call him that or teacher awareness different types of teachers to there's the classroom teachers then they're also the computer teachers and even the school counsellors ok a lot of and a school team school administrators there's a lot of focus on sort of digital citizenship in schools, right? Could be a component of that okay? So school at call it school admin there's a reason we could go more like having more of them broken out my role to prioritize it but I think in this case scenario is good enough to generalize in teachers in general administration parents that I'm going to keep coming back to it weighs two house your parents whether it's after school activities and advertising at the recreational centre where parents were looking so reaching parents by advertising to them on and how do you advertise to them in after school activities in our town for example in mill valley there's a network of things that happened after school and there's a little sausage yeah so spreading gossip during soccer soccer t shirts, t shirts official sponsorship sponsor sponsor soccer well, actually like giving t shirts to parents yeah? Or just email placements and some other big communications. What are some of those? Well, every association in the sports association is our boy scott association similar to buying placements and ptsd bind with parents supported organizations on media is just there's a big one social media I was thinking of more traditional media like example um mommy belongs with big readership that's good one great mommy, blog's core parenting magazine, parenting magazine or techcrunch could write about us that would be good too. Did you hear that? Cool let's talk about something mechanically less that are a little bit more organic or that a little bit more built into the product so you know I have a drop box gives you you know free storage if you recommend a friend lift we'll give you five dollars off if you tweeted right let's talk about awareness within social social channels for sharing and referral programs and the referral program was call it sharing referrals um of some sort um also let's talk about um some really basic ones the website the main website how do we convert people? There is the website there is blogger and kind of articles or extra cheese or blood being found when people want to search about me and kids yeah so so so that's ceo specifically we couldn't buy ads cm and the question is what do we want to focus and when um anything else like chris anyone other ones for awareness just um big on the referral your big number for anything that can get existing uh charles existing parents document and uh give the disclaimer of while this really works for me well, I'll try man asset testimony are all chime in as sa as a as a participant the awareness from the product it's itself or like the brand like just the how you execute so that I'll call it a brand that's a weird one sorry you know what? Brand identity and brand identity specifically and swag you know whatever like stickers like the basic stuff you're not a real start until you have a sticker on your laptop that's that's a rule here and he's like yeah yeah that's gonna get me funded or a t shirt is a symbolic thing just for for culturally all right, so let's just some desire ability so the liability this also do abilities also obtain ability so I use obtain ability also, um if you wanted to so it's dot bot if you want to remember it do ability desire abilities more obliteration but it's okay either or the point is how much you want it and how much it is impossible so let's do that. So parent groups one to ten ten being yes really wanted you guys weigh in on it ten nine five how much you want parent groups? Nine excellent. Harris group said like your peers sure. No. Okay. Like an official places where parents go to get information that it might be endorsement it might be similar to that one you know, it's a lot of fragment and networks to go through but it's like smc or trying to go through she means like mother's clubs let's call it groups how about a mother's? Clapper? Yeah it's not about one that's a grassroots approach it's a good one nine anybody wantto weigh against that they say no I think it's not a night that's a five is it relative right now we're just in the relative to you this is okay so they can all be nines they could all be tense okay you might want everything most of the time what do everyone wants? Everything well and I think like our millennial mom with the two and four year old is probably going to rely heavily on parent groups and sharing an information from that whereas christina with older kids yeah but she'll get something else you were you forget about the parent con the context of what you want is I ability of the executives in the room of the team members so endorsement from peeta ten ten school newsletter meaning the school newsletter seven in here too much you just call him out shouldn't we be thinking about how hard it is to do these things xx or something? Next one sorry this is desire in your heart of hearts it could be unrealistic okay most of these when I'm on this side of the table I put everything I would like for apple tohave a song there smart phones in the box that jesus wait what does that mean it's a smart phones and embedded at already on there so you want to come in weather that male smart feed so that that might be so basically let's call that I am thanks that might actually be easier with amber desirable handwriting with apple apple doesn't do that much you say it's not obtainable but what would a desire that so that's a ten zero got yeah yeah that's great so I add that to the bottom referrals is huge that's a ten plus ten you'd only ten but I'll give you give you ten with eleven you cannot know that you're gonna love it will matter actually much teacher awareness that's lower for me that I don't get my teachers from town you see what do you give it I was gonna go nine ninety six solomon maybe in the middle it's just a bad metaphor in this context that cut the baby in the middle of six to ten sixty nine give it an eight seven feeling hurt our auction right now it is sold to the young lady in this car yes soccer sponsorship I think you do start to see and pay attention to that in the later elementary school years so I'm going to give that a nine excellent anybody go lower? Seven yeah she's teo female placement in parenting and that's kind of this well, I think it was more this is more blog's is that the lot of you know places like newsletters is a sewer this letter with nine paring knife mommy bloggers and media and mainstream media all of that I think that would be ten yeah cool thank you. I would separate mainstream media from block this from smaller experience separated now just mommy but okay, so there is no mainstream media separate mainstream meeting called parenting magazine is a much different thing than got it it's already separate this is only we don't even have mainstream media let's see what out from houses we didn't have it at the beginning for different reasons that would be great for syria I got it so let's give better ten sharing referrals which we think twice yeah that's how that's how big it is it's twenty website itself that mean website for yeah you need to survive on rocks thing uh the blogged yeah, I'll be a better nine it's that's important but it needs to be there at some point think ceos a ten I think people are trying to figure this thing out I mean, in general this means just make content have good product this is so let's keep it at that getting too complex about issue ecm by you know, facebook maybe maybe yeah, well, so let's give it a nine uh testimonials as a ten grand identity uh swag like it being solid and good it's it's really it between idiot and I'm I would be the only one advocating yeah um it helps it's not necessarily the end off it's a weird equation o am you really desire that's what's going yeah yeah yeah all right so now let's talk about obtain ability so can you send me uh how much time was they just passed ten ten got it so I'm doing a time check feel three more you like two, three, four five uh let's do two minutes here two minutes here and two minutes to add it up give me six um or five give me five to run it off so we are here and noone is our break where you going for twelve thirty okay good twenty so we got plenty of time yet so we may make it I want to make it to one user story maybe not but let's see all right cool. So let's go really fast in this one obtain ability is political will budget you wanted to talk about privatization um political will budget and time in terms of these things to do awareness and promotion so parent groups how obtainable is it? It's just ah highly fragmented space it was a big one this big space there's a lot of work to do in it it's you said two sorry ten is ten is you could totally do it in your sleep you have the time the money, the budget um you could do it like this is power this is this isn't eight I mean this is like you got to know you're gonna have curator is in the market really use them to go to theirs I'm going to flip it on put it on at newsletter that's great tonight yeah they're easy to find is relative yeah so many long lead time items become the zero well my guess that's really low but yeah so chris's right so here's the issue this happens commonly I just let it go because that will happen in the other prioritization schools but the reality is what he's saying is true this could be a relatively easy thing to do but how much time do you have an aggregate so like really look at all the different things it's just the first thing that you need to do or say other things here that you might need to do first so that can be so you have three really mechanisms how desired it is that's what you wanted to be how obtainable how realistic is it and when the time frame so for example this is easy to do but it might be a long or a medium term thing timing sense which is what he just said that your right now it's not a special is focused on some of the other things I think yes but that's not ethical to this one is actually pretty quick so I would say to do the parenting groups is not a hard long way time hard to do cool all right so eight social endorsement from the p t a that is hard that is the one we'll give it a tune and I am telling you that's really hard okay you're a little bit which is hard yeah super fragment and no motivation motivation for school newsletter also hard uh you pay for it I don't know it depends on the school within but there's thousands of schools and there is a process your call in school by school seven five is like halfway between one and ten five easier than referral like that's the one everybody wants getting parents to refer each other is that obtainable? Yeah that's a nine I mean the premises you built a good product that's worth referring right? So we're going to believe in and you have mechanisms so our nine okay great teacher awareness it's hard three for me and my experience if anybody else knows how to crack that code I can make it a seven I would like that answer possible to get independent teacher and individual teacher because I feel like sometimes when I hear your thoughts it's much more about you can never move ah hole a group of them right? And so maybe there's a different approach so let's give that a five I mean that could be solved a little bit on the brand on the testimonials under other kind of aspects of it but what you're talking about is what he said which is more at a at a body as a body of teachers soccer sponsorship easy you're spying on nine cool baby scores give me scores by the way email placement and uh parent news let newsgroups etcetera email newsletters what's that nine eight five eight great thank you uh call him a faster mommy blogged number seven seven techcrunch how easy is it obtained with techcrunch four five four uh sharing and referrals getting people to show which each other we already should be a knight again nine again great the website getting a website done the ten clicks in our control ten yeah everybody nine okay yeah confident in that part of anything now I'm jumping I'm just being devil's advocate horrible I hate devil's advocates blogged uh nine it's very easy to dio johnson is hard to get people to read and engage with going to cadence and make a strategically relevant so doing it putting putting some post fine you know it's caught in a let's call it a comeback ceo it's hard it's hard it's basics a lot of it is content but let's give it six cm that's easier a testimonial is getting testimony I was gonna be hard shouldn't be hard once you have so seven six eight eight brand identity in swag give that a seventy eight great oh I am hey one let's give it some hope tio so it's not about a short term or long term watching right now because if you're watching this and like tio you're andrew platform based device parent groups give me a short medium long so this is what short is thirty days usually medium is sixty unless your nonprofit double these air triple these long is ninety so that's what those terms are usually so parenting short short okay endorsement from a long long school newsletter medium medium medium referral short short teacher awareness long long uh soccer sponsorship medium medium uh email placement and farentino types of publications or email meatless art maybe medium medium scheduled mommy blog's printing lugs you're paying for it or not paying for it but I think probably short short cool thank you very much. Techcrunch long leve medium long uh sharing referrals short and website short blogged medium seo medium cm short short testimonials sort sure brand identity and swag medium that takes time to build uh I am okay long all right he's gonna man everybody call it out together seventeen throw all nineteen seventeen seventeen fourteen nineteen nineteen seventeen sixteen seventeen eighteen sixteen twelve boom awesome you're good yeah they're so good you can tell you guys got nba's I don't even have so I can just hear him um okay so anything above a fifteen and short term get struggled as a priority so chris you wanted to know kind of some politician's scheme a cz here we go, so referral mommy, blood, the website and referrals again the second instance of referrals, ecm and testimonials boom! So parent groups uh, referrals mommy, blog's and blog's sharing and referrals again the website buying some ads on facebook and otherwise and other places and in testimonials that's, that's not like an early strategy for awareness like the things you're doing since a barack right again, if the team this is a this is a simple exercise, if what comes out of it seems like, uh, it's probably spot on I mean again, it's, just to get everybody in the room to agree, did you guys notice that the people who are designers I didn't do anything? I kind of pulled him pulled a little, but I don't even add like I just use crowdsourcing, so I don't want to think what numbers add up to and I'm pretty bad at it too, so I just undo it. Um, anyhow, but this is an exercise that could be dunmore granted early by the team themselves repeatedly so, like, you could use this to prioritize on a constant basis. This is not a this is not a there's many other ways to prioritize this is an early stage way of prioritizing because now you have these components that you can prioritize the task inside, though what if there was a situation where, like seo had added up to be twenty? You know, so it's it's, a really high ranking on the total, but it's a meeting, and you start to plant the seeds for the long girlie. This is the list order you consort of this bye bye number and by term, so you can have all the short terms sorted in. Hang and ranking. It gives you a direct road map, and you wanted a road map. This gives you a road map and it's used like that. I use this all the time for myself, but for my business that I'm doing and it works, it works powerfully, but it's about consensus with the team, because everybody was in the room.

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Navigating the UX design of a digital project can take weeks and even months - in Fast and Effective UX Design: Learn the Process, design veteran Jose Caballer boils it down into just one action-packed session with a real client.

The designer’s role on a team is changing in the start-up age, and navigating competing interests and priorities on a team can be challenging; Jose demonstrates how to facilitate the UX design process with confidence, efficiency, and finesse. In this rare opportunity, watch him lead a live session with a client, moving from goal setting to user profiles to wireframe design with ease. Jose breaks the classroom’s “fourth wall”, pausing to note facilitation techniques in real time, sharing tips and ready-to-use templates.

The UX design process is about facilitating, listening, and translating. In Fast and Effective UX Design: Learn the Process, Jose Caballer shows you how the pros do it, and equips you with what you need to do it yourself.


This class is designed for creative professionals new and veteran to the UX design process: start-up entrepreneurs, UX designers, designers transitioning to UX, project managers, and more.


Jose is the co-founder of The Skool, an education company that teaches designers, agencies and corporations the design of business in the 21st Century. He studied graphic design at Art Center College of Design and was trained in digital “on the streets” of the .COM boom in the 90's. In 2001 he founded The Groop, the digital agency he led for 11 years, working with diverse clients such as Al Gore, Jamie Oliver, Thomas Keller, Alice Waters and corporate clients like Disney, Nike and Myspace.

Today he combines his 19 years of digital experience and his passion for teaching at The Skool. He has trained thousands of professionals through workshops and webinars worldwide.

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Love this class and so glad I bought it. I'll be able to refer back to his lessons again and again. His work with an actual client is what really sets this class apart, having provided specifics on how to ask a client a question, how to get them down to what matters most and on and on! Can not express how valuable this will be for me. Thank you Jose and thank you Creative Live!

Karey Covey

Great session. Covered a lot of information. Only suggestion for improvement was at the end, just giving a quick overview of the entire process again just to tie it all back together. Awesome info, well articulated, and very inspirational. Thank you!

Gary Harding

Have already recommended to a few colleagues. I am web designer, but I see great crossover benefit in strategizing with my web design clients. p.s. I was thinking that a Smart Feed rating could become a standard used by Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix so it would gain more power as being ubiquitous and useful.