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Fast and Effective UX Design: Learn the Process

Lesson 15 of 17

Sketching The User Story

Jose Caballer

Fast and Effective UX Design: Learn the Process

Jose Caballer

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15. Sketching The User Story
Watch as Jose models front-end development, synthesizing competing factors. User interface design can be complicated, however learn how to go from user profiles to user stories, to actual wireframes. Jose advises on how to make your product visually stand-out from the rest.

Lesson Info

Sketching The User Story

Let's keep on going so we have about a bit left into our last session and we started it before that to do so mr stories, eh? So that we can sketch mobile and what I'm starting to do over here is to look at your existing product and this is part of also the process where you're going to do an audit of their existing product now you might create a site map of the existing product. What I do in a live facilitation scenario is I asked the team to actually help me compose their existing product and then we're going to transpose it again on stickies toe whatever that redesigned the new product is the majority of the time it's rare that you start with zero like when you come into a scenario facilitation unless it's a new site even if you start with the new site that people might already have an idea of what they want so there might be already an index of features and ideas and that's what you want to build you wanna have a context and I showed it in a slide at the beginning of the session whe...

re top top down it's a priority left right so here from from a taxonomy standpoint these air top level categories as it relates to broader feature set so a library as media type filters the children's what this is specifically the child what this is a profile it's the child's digital locker of the media that you've said you like for a specific job got it so you really want to begin to understand how the site is structured and what a structured this's giving you the broad framework for the site or for the application before you kind of walk into this now how this manifest into navigation you know that's a really ah tactical component of what we're going to do but the I want a framework I want an idea what it's going to happen and I'm going to mix this with my customer stories that are based on the user profiles and the privatizations from a business standpoint to make decisions as to what it is. So it is a synthesis process and you have to be aware of all those factors the biggest challenges, what decisions I make based on those things, so for the sake of today I am going to try to are not try I'm gonna do my best to articulate how I'm deciding what to sketch based on that, so I'm going to talk out loud through my process that's going on in my head cool everybody ready I feel like we're about to pull a rabbit out of something which is kind of the case and it accelerates the process will accelerate towards this point of the day, all right? So first let's just finish the first profile for finn avery and this needs to have the millennial mom on here it's important to have that context at all times because I know who I'm talking about. All right and it's a point of reference so fin the fake name the millennial mom that user type so that weaken shorthand it really quick. All right, so tell me more about finn, the millennial mom ueno that she found out about us from facebook and friend posted something we could also find out about about smart feed from I shared playlist, either on facebook or on a blogged somebody also gave a testimonial on dh a reference was saved, I think that's what that says, but for the sake of you no argument esa relates to the mobile app what I'm going to do eyes to kind of highlighter prioritize the shared playlists as a feature set into this story because what we want to do sketch this so how can I actually share from the mobile device a playlist and playlists is this up here in this aspect? Where would it play let's live in here? It would be derived out of here can you add one that says playlist to that so we could make the team you know, work this might be on a table, this might be in a different environment than this, so what one of the things that if the you can help me an under recommendations just repeat media type filters and child the same setup it's the whole flow the setup maybe let's not touch this flow for today for the mobile because that's something that's a little bit more tactical that megan and mary can really deal with a lot more detail? Well, we want to probably get just what are the kind of people know what it is? I'm sure you're going to start putting up the flow up there, so you're putting up the media type filters child you're just copying exactly what it says there one card perso media type filters and child recommendations has the same thing media types, filters and child we just wanna have it filled out. So the reason why I'm doing this again remember the diagram I showed I'm using? All of these factors is like a dashboard you're like just to sketch this I'm going to move this customer profile to my left and I'm gonna have the screen in the center. My user stories here, my profile's here and my business priorities are missing one. So I'm gonna make sure this guy's not on the floor but I also wanna have what I want accomplish from the session appear, so if you guys remember that I said that one of the things that allows me to do this fairly well is the power of squirrel um that's important now you'll get used to that um and keeping in mind that the other thing is I'm not necessarily thinking that sounds weird I'm not I'm letting these things affect my decision making so when I have a question as you like ok what should the interface have on it? I don't like burn my brain I just say okay it needs thes things or it needs to reflect they used her story very specifically so friend shared a playlist that means that somewhere here it will have a playlist there needs to be a share functionality of some sort the mechanics of what the functionality is how do I find out let me see all right here's how my flipboard which is one of my favorite aps does sharing in terms of looking at the specifics of the mechanics all right, I'm in an article well that's a little narrow pointy thing okay, cool notice my braid technical terms the arrow pointy thing this is the guy who's been doing this for twenty years. I'm also very lazy so I'm just looking to see what like the the right way of doing it is there's a couple ways of sharing there's a narrow pointy thing there's another way like they're a pointy thing in mobile and how the icon works you guys know what I'm talking about that's the little share button all right so another thing that's making me think about is an entry point on the other side. So if I've received the shared pain and maybe, um, maybe I then can take it and say already seen it not interested and end up with seven of the ten, which then gets a profile partially set up for me as a brand new user. It bases the profile on whatever what you liked from what it was shared its starting point that's good starting point so that I don't have to just hear about it and start from scratch like it. So what she said is interesting so what's after you say, when you share something the person who's receiving it is able to accept it, not accept it, or if they accept it, set it up as a starting point. It's very similar to how flipboard shares which, when you share, you could make it into your own magazine if you wanted to the topic specifically so there's all these mechanics that kind of allow you to flow and make the application a lot more fluid remember the definition of his experience it's too reduce she's like, oh god, come on, it will be on the spot I wrote it down, but it's to enhance the user feasibility of a product that someone is using and pleasure and says actually increases in a section of the biggest moves all right think criminal all right, so let's actually finish it so let's let's get into the thank you for putting that up I appreciate that that gives me more context invisibility um all right, so let's look at engage so engage part is how I actually get finn to really like yeah, this is awesome either it's going to be sharing it's going to be saving is going to be really set up a profile whatever that is so it could be content here his christmas here so friend shared a playlist now have a playlist the scenario you just described is finn doesn't want to do a lot of work so really simply and quickly so basically the story goes the scenario goes the job finn wants to do is to set up smart feed without a lot of work she's just set up her own kind of play lists or profiles or playbooks whatever we want to call him so basically an engagement is, uh friend shared a playlist does it go to in this case scenario? We're really focused on mobile so how is on facebook? Right? What's this origination point? Okay, so let's make sure we have this so on facebook well, she's going to respond to that she's gonna click on the link where's the lincoln and take her it's an ticker when it's a playlist is going to it's going to be a mobile version of the play list, likely in a browser meaning in in your mobile browser, right? And that gives you the option somewhere has somehow to download the app, she may not have the app, she could still have the option to open it on the like you know how they can say you often get the prompt open and open an app. Click here to download or open on the website mobile website. So this is a point of time kind of issue? Do we want to look at her story as it relates to before she has the apse of finn frequent feed she's a pretty savvy person. Is this the user that we want to do? The well, we're at the acquisition point right now anyway, so we should probably look at all this and errors from the point of view of acquiring her like we shouldn't assume it is already a customer could be done. This is her first time. This is the first expression. Okay, so so basically playlist will open play list opens in mobile browser great, um and it gives her what what is she going to get us options this? Maybe I make it my own. I like that, so and with make it your own, you could thumbs up or thumbs down some of the choices on there so she has engagement could be thumbs, uh, thumbs down. Make it my own that's good enough. I mean, they're sort of good options. There could be more that could be re share. There could be it's something, but this oh, I make it my own what's gonna prompter todo donald yeah, thank you. Download an excellent. And this is the two biggest thing, so make it your own and download app. The two things what I'm doing here is I'm just so you remember that I was talking about when I showed you the diagram this morning, I actually had this steps I'm highlighting the steps so that I don't have to, like look through this later when it's faraway french ares facebook play listen facebook it opens in a browser has a buttons that's making her own she makes it her own download the up now she has the app so how is she going to return? Why is she returning to the up? She wants to get more feeds her friend to get her friends feeds. You could set up her own profile to get more feeds so that's a key one so she set up a profile it's actually going to come here, how much work or we're going to make her to do to set up the feet? Do we? Do we do we have her? Just set up her name and, uh, password, but then give her alerts to hey, come back and finish, you know, add this or at that progressive kind of like profile that's it it could be click tio complete profile or return later to complete profile, and they were just exit or whatever, but there's value in her just teo add information because it better customizes the feed for her kids for their we have our email weaken bugger without later, so why don't we start this sketch? Why don't we start with over that's a good point? Where do we start? I think that the good place to start to sketch as an entry point into the experience is how much value can we deliver it to her? And I'm kind of ah channeling chris is kind of earlier point in the priorities notice I'm talking about loud where he said, well, how do we use content so let's just have her put in name and very simple registration we're not even gonna ask her to, like, do the profile, but what we'll do is we'll give her immediately, um, a playlist but we need believe them proctor we kids ages at least I think we need kids ages at the bare minimum bare minimum to be able to offer any content of value because if I give you something we acquire that information from her phone you can't because there's probably searched her photos and do it today let's already had data data is in there so I was just thinking about kenya data's ordinarily less recommended to them right now and you could then prop them do you like which c sent me mail god she could say so you're saying that the playlist already came with some data yeah got it all I'm saying is that you could you could and this is this is up for debate there's no way to prove this other than to test it um but that you could uh like what you said which is let's hypothesize hypothetically let's play with the idea that it's asking her to fill the next step which is the kid's age so so uh there's progress so there's obviously going to be a portion of this that I'm gonna isolate for whatever other mobile kind of interface components are um no burger menu no nothing like that let's just leave it like that for now it's not as important that's what this is we know that this is going to be what a playlist look like what components that have uh a title like a it could be an ap a movie a tv show it has a has a creation title and it has a name on the playlist that her friend said this great apse for we'll play this name, but they're friends named it got it so the customer journey uh are in the story here and again this is very focused on the app I'm gonna duck till the return right to that instance meaning she's going into the app after the browser version of it um she downloaded it and she's returning to the up in that same session so this could be later this could be she doesn't open it and you have to send her like, hey, you know you saved the play list you want to check it out in the app that scenario weaken kind of leave separate here she's coming directly from the download to the to this and she sees seize title of the play list what else does she see he's going to see the assets that itself? So she'll know what those will see that the list of the apse that aaron there there, the list of tv shows, listed movies, whatever susan said it wait I was just going to say on the title of the play list may be the way that we set it up for the person sharing is great pigs for my blank here old and then I can just simply change that number till I get my own you have like a little pull down or or the one that comes from lindsley says great great pics for my nine year old so basically this has age and that's what you're saying age uh built in like that but it doesn't it could be that way but it doesn't have to be in the play list that title's themselves started well but the asset has that data on it god so if you pick up innit innit she's saying visualize it outwardly so that people know so it could say, you know like this playlist because it might actually have four year old into gold content in there might not be one age so what we can do contextually in the playlist is that we'll have the title what would it play let's be titled um great how naps great halloween thanksgiving story how we just passed a great christmas but that's too that's too english accent. Yeah, exactly. Starbucks just removed other decorations from the cups were moving on our decorations from her now that's not so great travel out great travel let's keep it nondenominational great travel ups, great travel abs well, we're gonna do is we're gonna incorporate a little bit of that idea so for ages and I'm not gonna put the whole for ages kind of like word but we'll have like a little graphic below all over the things that have either date ranges or khun just have aged group like for nine because you can aggregate them like you were saying this is the mix so for nine and say twelve I make that up I don't know what they are but you can have the whole thing on and it's not just from forty nine tonight so that ages let's just say that's what it is great travel ups what else would the play let's have? What other components on the plate this app on their um waken tell you things about the app that may be of interest it would be like wait that's themselves okay, I got it and we'll have the icon of the app well so what have you have a quality rating on it stars access to abuse it it'll have a title and probably a so I have named basic rights I mean, what is this? What else? Brief description image? Uh description yeah what's the rating system five stars, six stars, two stars, five stars so raiding what else in the age and the age sets or that the youngest age so it's just one isn't just one cool then I'll repeat that and you couldn't get more fidelity or you couldn't do this depends on how fast you're sketching um so how many do we want? Like I said infinite scroll or yeah I mean maybe or is there something else that the bottom is there a bar at the bottom of that probably it's uh for it to be a share a bowl thing it's not infinite I think it's a top three or top whatever uh I just he's a limited number yeah, I agree it's best to the best but it'll have multiple I mean, well, what kind of wood it say the source then so it would be the name of fins, friends, the publisher all of the person who shared is it who shared it or who created it this the list, huh? Good idea is it? Those aren't good point aren't smart feeds top ten those air the other friend yeah that's a good one good friends so maybe maybe it has, like, a little bit of you know what to make it even more social. It could be kind of like, you know how in tender you have all the friends you might share with a person it's familiar? I don't know about that on tender yes, right unaware just an example of an application you know the people you share on facebook dating people very popular one theyjust went public this week are matched our match group did or next week all right, you know who who whom who's sharing that app in your network cool. Okay, so and then done here we could have the sharing aspect that you will make that central we'll have the sharing what other kind of things? What we have down there? I mean, I think for this second that's not too bad um where is this thing? Where did they sign up that's when we'll go where they want to sign up to be that already happened so I'm actually skipping so the setup profile this is after she set up the profile this is here so one thing you could do but she can see the list before she sets up a profile, right? Right. Good point in a browser to make this my own should that be something perhaps got it. So this is now in the app? Um uh and what we were going to do up here with the reason I left this up here is for her to feel it's gonna be the prom for the profile so like that so we want her to continue doing the profile and doing those kind of aspects to it. So okay, so that's a good point so what I can do and what you guys can do also to its give these steps so one friend shared make it my own share it did that three down load up three titles returned to ap sees title playlist I need to be more explicit on that four so that way now you know that it's time to that now you can go back and you could make screens for all of these have you wanted to in the sequence it's a lot you don't have to necessarily you could have it in this form and whatever you need to get agreement on is what you actually focused on. So right now I want to focus on what the ap might look like I want that might do so this is titled playlist list of maps uh who's who's it for um let's talk about like what we need her to do, which is to fill out her profile. What is she going to do relative to profile? I think age was well came up to assign age of her kids on this one that it or to fill out your kids what you want to do way need your kid's way first we could infer that you know your family name and do you like you like me like this? Okay, so the like and not like so that's uh some, uh I don't know what them of hearts or that's the worst comes up in some sound sketch ever, but that tells you that you don't have to be that great s so you're saying um well, I'm wondering because if I got this and I didn't have an account I'd be able to say you already signed up you put in your name so I have signed that yes, you don't know there were so many mill address right? So so uh we don't have a profile yet know so this maybe came to me because I have a nine year old and this part of my home nine year olds who sent this to me so smart feed might suggest you want to signing your kid you have a good day for nine or twelve year old and we check nine year old so it gives you a range already I like it so so let's have smart feed you know, I know this is so what if we gave smart feet so here I'm switching into thinking creatively based on the past experiences and also based on research and based on what works? Well, sometimes these type of maps have like ah guide for you or an avatar or you're a parent so you don't necessarily to be hand held for it to be too cute see but it's prompting you obviously to do the next thing so the question becomes and I like your idea of having it be just selected like you shoes out of a choice so nine was age range so you're saying it gives you a little before a little bit after he knows that this person shared apsara here for four nine twelve year old has no idea why she shared them with me so smart feet could suggest do you have a four year old nine year old twelve year older and slick clever or other select so this will be a profile wizard kind of they will stand at the top of college for now so this is the question is tell us your organization but I would expect that they square feet would know I've got a kid for nine or twelve or other guys that like the data's in there so basically it's gonna have those circles for nine twelve and then what we could do is we could even have like we'll have other yeah, well, whether arrange because it is a shared on facebook it's it's not specific to or maybe it was shared specifically with lindsley good question well, friends sometimes have kids around the same age groups islamic sense so the instance of whether it was shared to her let's say that it was shared to her um so friend shared a play list for her you know how people tag you sometimes? I think so. I mean there's some nuance that send that, but what I'm going to assume the question is how does it get the data of what your age ranges like if she's sharing it on facebook from her app let's assume that her friend is like phantom millenium mom, too, and she shared it from a nap, so some accents, so she already that already knows age range of her kids, and they're in the same set of yours. So this for nine and twelve is going to come from the person who shared it, and if minor different, I just adjust it, just adjust it to other yeah, so but it's giving an automatic prompt hold or your kids and what we're trying to reduce us all the friction on sign up and I'm here just signing up. You don't have to fill out your profile, you know anything, just a playlist spoon value are any content that's pretty good, so you're already using it already engaging great ones? Yes, things about the depth because we this is a place where we argue about the prioritization in the content and one of them is on differentiation relative to the competition. I look at one of the things that that smart he would do so well is that it's, not defensive, as a family media app, it's not intended to defend your home against an onslaught it's intended to be a pro active find great media that fits your kids, and there are some things in the data that could bring that across the positive media aspects it's another form of the rating more content more detail that's inside of it and then the second is the curation and that none neither of those facts comes across but maybe they're pieces of data like the values interests and what you have in the setup that would come across in that and I wonder if there isn't it gets crowded because it kind of diminishes the number of pieces of media that would show up on the mobile screen but it I want to test whether or not it's worth while trying to introduce them there the hook that I think causes someone to think this might be really worth while this is differentiated relative to other stuff I've seen so yeah so you're talking about the with divorces dept issue which is some thing that's difficult sometimes to explain to people let me answer that question or let me think about it real quick and I've seen it I mean I've seen the wizard and how your log in and the values and how that happens um I mean I I I don't have a right answer I mean I have opinions I have what I'm seen work in the past um you know the challenge of adoption versus you know differentiation so like how much of it is differentiated versus how much is it well it's easy enough to adopt and I don't really care how how much you start appreciating if there could be a singular aspect within the macro system and what I mean by that, you have values, you have all these different things, all these options and possibilities as to what it is that you're using to differentiate from competitors. Um, you know, and it could be more distilled and branded in away, um, what's a really good example, ten is a differentiator. So basically a seal of approval. This is positive content that what you're talking about? Yes, and that's something like it's positive psychology friend of social emotional learning content. Okay, so so why don't we call? Why don't we? Smart feed is smart, and we we we smart content might be a better way to a set of calling a positive content that's not a qualitative judgment. I'm just thinking, I don't know what the answer is right here, right? But I think I think what we what we need is an icon are symbol of we're thinking you can customize whatever you want, parent, you might want positive media, you might want values, you might want interests, you might want academics. Somehow we need to communicate that you have the ability to customize here, and I don't know that showing them all the lovers they could potentially customized it's possible. More phone or if it's just the positive media one is the one that they might want to pivot on that might not be there there came a point they want might want to pivot on my kids really into these interests help me get there you have it in what context? Filter filter filter okay, so yeah so I don't know if it's like you know the first thing is easy answer is aged if there's another way to kind of immediately serve up or expose somehow what's important teo, you know positive media, whatever the other. So listen, severin let's assume that early on in the engagement cycle that there isn't going to be a lot of you didn't go as deep as you might have gone in order to figure out values and all those other things so and I can and let's assume the other thing millennial mom has a d d she's not necessarily like going to go in to deport to my she's very media savvy and mary she's very forgiving with what media the kids watch anyway though the hook where she might actually be interested in it is uh like you're saying positive content or smart content she wants her kid to be like, you know, yeah, you know, like cool and not cool that's the wrong word she shoots she she she cares for the level of development her kid has right positive or epidemics having something more like this button under a content that she likes so you say there's a video on up that she likes and is more like this and gives you a recommendation going back to recommendations in there that's that's a great idea that's a great idea they're talking about a differentiator factor as it relates to something that they can own that says this content is rated positive so like for example kosher that's that's somebody a body of you know actually said this is kosher and it has a meaning of course in that case goddess approving it so here we don't have that guy to like or girl to do that job, so we need to come up with our proxy so we need to have a proxy that's heavy so and by heavy meaning that way something so I don't know what that is it feels like the overarching this sort of common trait is that they all allow the mom to customize for their child so no matter what they're customizing on whether it's um a topic or its interest or its values or it's positive media they're trying teo um layer on customization so if there's a way of giving them e think that would resonate with even finn when she has time do you want to take five minutes and customizes I'm gonna answer the question this way here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna stop the whole conversation for a second because we're on the timer and I'm gonna look at all my variables and that's gonna give me the answer chris's question is really relative to how deep do you go in the app how deep you go in the product to get traction and my answer to that is like don't go too deep because it's not gonna matter in general you need to see and figure out what is it that's going to resonate first so here's the variables that I'm looking at from efficiency so revenue would have been good to have so because that could be potentially a source of kind of revenue where we're charging or for some reason like kosher salt you know you for the certification I don't know maybe maybe not that's a hypotheses eso finn avery she smart feed mode she grew up attack self learning playlist feed frequent feed feedback adapt station to age so age is being reflected that's actually something that we're doing averaging tastes input from pierce appears are important to her we added the pier's right here this is the people that are actually doing that okay? So that's mapping to our priorities here uh reporting pull push now I'm looking at david uh contexts uh entry point uh interesting the playbook idea smartphone app he needs that mobile access quick access simple, quick, simple quick, simple quick share ideas share media habits cool where's my one that we did before which represents lindsley the the manager mom, I'm gonna look at that one. So this is where I'm starting to triangulate and try to answer that question not on my opinion or on the team's general opinion, but on like what do the customer profile saying, can we validate that? Because ultimately that's the only objective measure that I have I don't really have I know what I believe and I can tell you that in a second, but okay, so for the manager, mom, um we'll forego the agenda. This is where I'm throwing the agenda out the window because I need this data uh, remember what lunch we were talking about three did you know it's that two wasn't enough for me to triangulate like the actual like, you know, decision? I need a third to break the tie because otherwise I just have two opinions. One is he wants easy and he's kind of like a dad like a single dad, so he doesn't really care much, so not a great barometer for what he's going to prioritize than the one that's, the heaviest is the manager mom she's the one that cares the most and we have that user on stage so you guys were gonna advocate and I'll talk about it from a people point of view you guys are going to advocate for deep um david chris is going to be representative of david and his opinion and I'm going to be the millennial mom I'm gonna be kind of like you know I don't really give me something colorful that I can understand I'm being rude to millennial moms but um that's easy auto values and the deeper stuff and if he to take it back to dating app since that's one you know um match dot com obviously match dot com marie harmony or any of those you're going to get a better match when you provide better information it takes way too long I don't want to do the profiles ok a similar comparison it's like the more you give us the better you get yeah and it has yes yes good argument you should be a lawyer um I'm joking wait are you okay reporting pull push ok no this is david I'm son david where's the manager mom all right all right I brought her here she's she's she's written out easy to sign up better content options to offer kids will like quick way to learn new content whether matches her values ok control device an amount of time angel easy visual eatery yvonne boarding so we're kind of talking about that recording viewing habits uh easy to use robot story for customized recommendations okay, okay so it's the values part okay, so that's the anchor point that I want to get onto okay on then an awareness but we don't have a revenue so we'll revenue would tell me is like what's our finance what's our primary business model ride along the line you know what are the potentials? Other partnerships I'm looking remember my duty is super powerful I see everything and I see overtime so if we begin looking at a business model that potentially allows us to tie in, you know, so like howard back to the dating maps you know how they monetizing so they're adding things like time, you know things like limiting them on a number of things that you can do before that tells you you can't do anymore. You got to subscribe adding features in app purchases for specific things, extension of the service or of the product if I knew that better, I could decide a little bit more like what the mccann what I want to set up what my ideas are for monetization now as potential I'll give you an example um the kosher uh equivalent of the values based rating could be in partnership with an organisation like the centre for childhood whatever, whatever and in the future and it could be something that's a premium feature I'm making that uh that up so that's why I think the monetization is as the click through the hey do you want to buy it now? Yeah, exactly it could be that it could be it could be it could be affiliate e commerce that's totally right there's no there's no right answer to this question with my guys you want my designer opinion or like my like what I've done in the past opinion that might actually work um there's a startup that does gummy vitamins for kids and doing very well and I didn't do much advising I'm an advisor to them but one of the less said you guys need something to anchor visually around it and I looked at their identity and had a little owl and I'm like it's smart it's an owl it's cute that's out of everything you've illustrated that's actually one of the assets you have you should make that you're like boom like what represents who you are, which they did and it was already there they just had it made it into their their thing and they chose that yeah logo avatar mascot whatever uh I think it needs something like that you know, rotten tomatoes, the name and the tomato has this question tomato with the score in it like what is that equivalent for us smart fetus that little brain so it might be a little brain, you know? I don't know what the score in it and the metric of values you could do an algorithm that kind of what the vergis is of value, interest in academics, academics is there a fourth it's fun that didn't come out and that did come out in the brand attributes and it came out? Somebody wanted this to be finding a lot of times that kind of comes up in interests like people they're having fun with. You mean the experiences funner well, but where they have what you need when you think for for you that could get me for three's not enough the positive media metric problem and what is that thing? It was positive it's a ton of research on what makes that positive psychology so it's second c l metrics. So value interests was this one that academics so academic. So this is like, this is allow our little book smart though what you call it value values this is not like so much is family values family calendar character can be a little bible um, yeah, um I'll do a little scale for now. I don't know what it is just something we get something interests uh, this one is like, yeah, hobbies, interests, force and yeah, okay I'll do a beach ball that makes no sense yet but then this one you're saying this one's the brain this is the positive psychology right we'll do a brain with like a little plus okay so now this is my metric my my my my system that I'm designing and well I'm making this up but we'll give it a score went ten on each right I don't know what your formulas are right now I'm just illustrating this for audience and obviously you can have like an aggregate score of one two three for forty I can add um so it's a forty total metric again this is all hypothetical so it's a little brain uh with a thirty two little brain with twenty six I basically just took run tomatoes and I made the system up that's what I just did now as an illustration of what the possibility is now is that coming from all this where's that idea coming from well it's kind from all this is coming from the conversation and it's coming from what people are saying but it also comes from because I'm a user of stuff you guys all you stuff who's used rotten tomatoes raise your hands yeah well he's rotten tomatoes but the key thing that I'm trying to get to is that there's a meet there's that's something there that is you and this unique it is usable and I can sell and it's simple enough to understand so the smart score your that's mark the smart coat score for great travel aps or for this app specifically that name is a thirty two if you click on that it gives you this I'm making that waited to incent them tio take the five minutes for each one of those overtime by assigning is that they get zero points if they haven't customized it, so we're giving them generic specific caps or you're giving them a score that's blended across the four buckets if they haven't customized anything, they get zero well the challenges that you have to input the scores so metacritic rotten tomatoes all those things and some of your competitors have you curate er's and people to do it on dh then also aggregate boats so ron tomatoes scores from the critics and from people that slightly separate your friend he's an incentive to get them tio got a profile to get a better school to get a better personal score got it so you want more personalized thematic critics review we have the medic critics review and we can write and we can tell them um what the review is where the rating is blended for that particular but you wanted to participate well we want it to matter to them so let's say that their child is interested in horses it's about what you want I can't contact them got it but I did find that it's personalization personally that's like customization is is actually also it's an argument what it's called but I think it's an interesting problem that you've teed it because we you know, we started with how did they find us? And she found us because she had a playlist year way off the rails which is which is which is an important case for us to figure out because we want people to share playlists and so once they find out how to play this we wanted it then convert to a user but you know it's the question that we try to solve this is what yeah and let's not solve it now so the question you want to solve us howto incentivize let's actually for the sake of our audience let's finish like this entire kind of thing by is almost like not necessarily hundred percent but you had a great idea which is to buy the media based on you know, the idea or like you have any commerce and center where an affiliate we're just going to finish this whole thing and so by could be so so so basically here you have the list of aps list of shows great picks so the app purchase here if you purchase the app that might be an affiliate it might be media content meaning like a film or a video um fill the content or affiliate just affiliate revenue model um there could be that's about it I mean, I don't know what else we would have wanted the affiliate fever buying that the title plus joining the service so paying a premium a premium version of smart feet yeah joined premium when I was thinking joining some uh netflix for oh yes if the content or the app is description based you the way it's an affiliate feet no matter which way so but there could be a future join a premium version of smart people it could even be like donate you could make it into that model to you like us give us um cash alright there's tons of ways of testing up doing this we don't have to know we're going to so now how does she share? So she has a share button so she could like get this like it she can share it can she added to her thing build your network what do you mean by that? Like find your friends because you can share it if he only have one. Uh how about logging with facebook? Yes that's everyone to you if you know feminism and then your mom she'll be comfortable doing she's already like then but that's a good one here between here and here uh that she's logging in with facebook that brings in a lot of her data already which is actually great so long with facebook, we're talking with facebook that gets lots of traction correct? Locking my facebook is huge smart feed oh, but so share uh, up encourages her to share so the advocate one on deacon go into more details on this one in the story, you want to make the story as robust it's possible? Well, so where and when what instances? That asking her to share? How is it asking her to share et cetera? What? What is that? What information is she able to do like, for example, with, uh with, uh, what I was talking about on my phone? Ah, flipboard it actually lets you share it in facebook unless you share it and a bunch of different way's. Um, etcetera. Um, anyhow, so basically advocate um, it's really how to get her to be a passionate advocate for the brand more so than just sharing this is, like, official, like signing up for something. What would be options for that? Well, I think you have to solve more than one problem for her. So she got a playlist here. So she's gonna have a lot of different media problems that ideally we'd solve in the smartphone out and is heading out on date night and needs three movies right there to give you a baby sitter she's sending your kid to a sleepover and needs to know what's the media rules there so I think the way that I would hope we would get advocates is by solving their problems well, so then there's they're sharing us has a solution as well as sharing recommendations, so the here she shares recommendations sends playlists, ends out to sends out tio friends and maybe sitters advocate is more, um something like uh like is were you guys really is like an official like fan of the company or just somebody who posts on facebook and says, oh my gosh, I love smart feed it we'll get a little bit beyond its like a signed up program could be like a it's like a federal program you have liked to get a match? Yeah badges that's a good idea great so they could be power users influencers are rise to the top curators sze of stuff for five year olds shouldn't she has the mommy blood? Maybe and she she has a badge on her mommy blood she gets an affiliate for whatever you see we don't know our revenue model so she gets affiliate, so can people follow her and like her? Yeah, people going to follow people follow and like her eyes were great really good maybe maybe after she creates her first play this she gets her first body being like hey, thank you for doing that do five moreplaylist scene going to get the next batch to prompt her to do it so I made a habit of her to do it to create and to share them here those out like it was a good one that's a great one um what else uh so again, if I were to highlight some of the key things that we could sketch out for each of these screen um I would say ap encourages her to share that's something that we can sketch and keep in mind that this this could be this could be things that you point out in your annotate in your wire frames it doesn't have to be every single point in the sequence there's a lot of different once you have a base screen you could do a lot of the scenario in it and you can also use your story as your point of annotation so the reason why I started numbering one, two, three, four, five six is because you can then go in here. This is five and you can kind of point out in your sketches and your wire frames the different points of contact in it so six power users she gets an affiliate incentives the badge in, for example, could be six yeah, I think so. Yes, we would love to be able to get to isto have our users reviewing the content, not just choosing playlist, but actually telling us, was that a good movie? You're about so hard for her to review it. So, basically, how would we want to do that? So that's, basically, can I provide a review for that app so that's in the screen that she clicks on it and she's now on the screen?

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Love this class and so glad I bought it. I'll be able to refer back to his lessons again and again. His work with an actual client is what really sets this class apart, having provided specifics on how to ask a client a question, how to get them down to what matters most and on and on! Can not express how valuable this will be for me. Thank you Jose and thank you Creative Live!

Karey Covey

Great session. Covered a lot of information. Only suggestion for improvement was at the end, just giving a quick overview of the entire process again just to tie it all back together. Awesome info, well articulated, and very inspirational. Thank you!

Gary Harding

Have already recommended to a few colleagues. I am web designer, but I see great crossover benefit in strategizing with my web design clients. p.s. I was thinking that a Smart Feed rating could become a standard used by Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix so it would gain more power as being ubiquitous and useful.