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FAST CLASS: Beauty + Fashion

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Matthew Jordan Smith

FAST CLASS: Beauty + Fashion

Matthew Jordan Smith

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3. Storyboards

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we'll show you guys some of my old storyboards and the process. So I encourage you to ask tons of questions. Ask tons of questions. So this is the story board, what we're doing in the next two days. The first day is about beauty. The first day is all about beauty. So that's our only means you're working for in terms of storyboard, and they will take that and run with it. So do different concepts. But starting right here and everything is based right here, face and the theme for this is skin. I'm taking the hair out of the equation, so I've instructed the hair and makeup to come with wraps. I had nothing with you in a brain, but we'll find out tomorrow. We're taking hair out of the equation and focusing on just the face because I don't want to have that distraction of what's the hero? The hair or the makeup, the hair, the makeup, making it clear here. Just the face. So what? Miamians, Where is just about face? You see, the hair pulled straight back at this famous shot of Tyra, where her...

hair is pulled back is just her face and For years we have come to me like, came to the shot of me like this. It's just her face, just her face. Hair is pulled back. It's just like that. And that's why vision for tomorrow, all about beauty And then on Sunday were down here all about the fashion. So it starts here in the story boarding. So let's go through that. So because I go to Japan a lot and in Japan, carry okay is very big. The second very seriously. So I did a seminar this seminar Small are this seminar a year and a half ago in Kyoto and, uh, is a lot of funds. We go to Kyoto in the spring and killed two in the springs. Amazing. We have a seminar in Kyoto and I'm there with from all over the world and we're talking about photography will learn photography. That night we go on, we have karaoke. So I had a great time with these people around the world doing karaoke. You there. So I come back from a trip like that was so much fun every night. So I want to do a story using karaoke. So we sketched it out so I won't have images of models having fun, doing karaoke stitches out. Based on what was happening when I was in Japan, in Kyoto Doing so All this stuff here happened in Kyoto. We having a great great time. So I take my life and put it in pictures, take your life and put it in pictures. This happened in my real life in Kyoto. So I come back and turn it into a gene story. So many things about the models and Jean where having fun being silly. It comes from your life. It comes from your life. So here we are. And where is my producer here and we're going over my storyboards now we sketch them out. I have no notes. When each one of my storyboards, I'm looking at them Time to figure out where I want things to be My producers. Giving me her input on what we should do shouldn't do change around who should bring in casting the models. All this were discussing the sketches Now the storyboard before the shoot and trying to figure out what we should shoot and shitting shoots. I have ah lot of sketches here, and as you see, I had them. Donen Springs left Page right, Pigs left page right page on and on. And this one, I did a lot of sketches. I wanted this whole story based on a famous movie. So here we have the entire story board. So we're going over it, looking at it and figure out what will shoot work and what won't work. My plan is to shoot all of it. And then if I haven't shot, then I can then edit out what I want or don't want. But my plan is to shoot all of it. So if I go out with the idea of shooting all this in one day without a storyboard, it's very hard to do almost impossible to do. But the story board as I shoot it, I can say, OK, this one's done up. This one's done. This was done. If I get off base, I go back to my storyboard. Make sure I have it. This is a lot of pages. Is a lot of shooting to do in one day and ST on track. The storyboard keeps you on track. You shoot one next one. Next one helps everybody around helps the models helps the hair, helps the makeup, helps me, helps my assistance on everybody staying on track. This changes the game because you have a clear direction now and I just going out and winning it. You have intent, you have your vision and it's clear and everybody around you can see it. So here's Nozomi now sketching out one the sketches, um, turning the idea from my head. I'm trying to show her I'm giving her my sketches and she's redoing them, tweaking them, make them perfect. And then we go out and we shoot our version. The sketch, the reality, the sketch, the reality. And when you're sketching things out, you know you have a elements there you don't have the sand, the wind, the sunlight you're sketching from your mind. So you had these ideas in your mind and then, you know, in reality you have all the elements. But with the sketch, I can figure out whom. Okay, what lens will I use for this? What time do I want to shoot? How should the light feel? No, that's for the sketch. That's for me to work out the kinks. Same here. How the light. When should I shoot this? Because when I'm putting the storyboards together, I'm not sure about the time of day for all this. And I may not shoot it in order like this. I might shoot the first shot last or vice versa. I'm shooting it out of order. I'm not going. Shoot this. Shoot this. Shoot this. It happens depending on the lighting, out of order. The shoot movies the same way. The same thing, I'm sure get based on the time of day, the lighting, the storyboard. It helps you a lot. So when I do my storyboard, sometimes location out have three or four different sets that print out one for me, one for the hair makeup, one for my assistance and an extra one case. One gets lost, but something always happens. It's the idea. Yes, your idea. So there's no wrong or right way to do this. It's based off of you. There's no wrong way or right way to do this. It's whatever works for you. It could be in color, gave me stick figures. It could be good house. Be anything you want to be. It's just for you, just for you just for you. So we first gets us out. I had the idea of having sunglasses on the model here and on the model here, but in when I start shooting it, we shot that way. Didn't like it. So we took them off. Shut them without those things on because it makes sense in the sketch. To me, it made sense. But on location, like hold it, that doesn't make sense. So I took it off the sketch, get shoot in the ballpark, then you play around and do it your way. So in the sketch, they're going this direction that first shot it. That way, we didn't like it's. We reversed it. Stay aware of current events and what's happening. You see it every day. Things happening. Our was changing that fast. Figure out how you can shoot it and turn it into a story. People love seeing current events or famous events turned to the story. Know your history. Give it a spin. Looking old magazines from the sixties go to the library looking old fashion magazines and give that old story a new spin

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Join Matthew Jordan Smith as he delves into fashion and beauty photography. Matthew starts off with an in-depth discussion on the differences in fashion and beauty as he teaches us how to prepare for a series of live photoshoots with a focus on capturing beautiful photography and telling a story with your images.


Matthew Jordan Smith is a world-renowned professional photographer specializing in celebrity, beauty, and portraiture. His iconic approach is simple: Take the time to personally connect with every subject, make them feel brilliant and beautiful, and the photos infinitely sparkle. It's why his loyal clients of 20+ years keep asking for the Matthew Jordan Smith Experience. It's magic captured in every assignment. Matthew's A-list celebrity clientele light up the red carpet and his camera: Oprah, Vanessa Williams, Jennifer Connelly, Halle Berry, Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, Jamie Foxx, and other stars shine brighter with MJS. Make-up leaders Pantene, L'Oreal, Revlon, and Olay regularly call on Matthew to showcase their latest products and models. In addition to his exceptional eye behind the lens, Matthew's outgoing persona and expert insight make him a highly sought after interview for national magazines and television. In Style, Zoom, The Tyra Banks Show, America's Next Top Model, and E! Entertainment TV has all talked with MJS.