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Demo: Add Items to My Menu

My menu setting, and this is where you get to go in and populate and organize the my menu setting, which we haven't gotten to yet. And this is something I'd like to do in front of you, so let's go ahead and do a little live demo here on the camera. Turn the camera on, go into the menu settings, and we're gonna go down to the wrench, we're gonna come over to user settings, and we are talkin' about my menu settings. So my menu settings has 16 items I think, is it 16? Eight on two pages, I think it's eight on two pages, and so I'm just gonna put a few of 'em in here. And so I'm gonna go to add items. Now what do I wanna have first thing in the menu setting? And so image quality is really important to me, so I am going to add image quality. Next up, I occasionally shoot JPEGs, and so sometimes that's important, I'm gonna add an OK there, that's OK. And so let's go down and see somethin' else that I might play with from time to time. Don't use a lot of these very much, so I'm just gonna kee...

p diving down, and you can see we're basically diving down the menu system, and it's in blue, it looks a little differently. And so I might choose which auto focus mode, that's kind of a nice one. And let's just do one or two more in here, focus check, manual focus assist, yeah, I occasionally use this one and the focus check, which is kind of nice. And so I'm gonna say that I'm pretty good here, so I'm gonna hit the display back button, and now I'm gonna go in and I'm gonna rank the items, which means if I don't like the order they're coming up, for instance let's say focus check, I wanna move that one up to third on the list, I can do that. If I say I wanna take auto focus mode and move it down an item, I could do that. And so you can have whatever items are available, and you can choose whatever order that you want from them. Now the idea is that when I go back to the shooting mode, and I come back to the menu mode, I keep forgetting it's not over there, it immediately goes to my menu, and it has the order of the items that I bring up. And so if you only go to five items in the menu, put 'em into my menu, organize 'em as you want, and you don't even need to worry about all those other tabs and those hundreds of pieces of information in there. You simplify the camera so that you can get in and out and make the changes that you want really, really quickly. So I will tell you that when you go through to customize my menu, not all of the options are available and you'll notice if we go into my menu settings, add items, if you go down through everything, for instance we were just in the custom setting, and one of the things that I wish I could go into would set format in there. You can't get to format because you can't get to user settings, and so there's a lot of options within the setup menu that you cannot attribute to my menu. I don't know why, it's unfortunate it is the way it is, but there should be enough in there that you could at least populate one page, maybe two pages of information so that you don't have to dive and look for that in the rest of the menu setting. Okay, back to the rest of the menu. So that's something that homework assignment for you to go in and figure out what all your favorite modes are and add 'em in there.

Class Description

We know what it’s like to dive right into taking pictures with your new camera. But dense technical manuals make for a terrible first date. Get the most out of your new Fuji X-T2 with this complete step-by-step walkthrough of the camera’s features.

Join expert photographer John Greengo for a fast-track introduction, and unlock your camera’s full potential. In this fast start class, you’ll learn: 
  • How to use the exposure control system 
  • How to understand and use the autofocus system for great photos 
  • How to maximize the use of the Wifi remote control system 
John is a CreativeLive veteran instructor and an experienced photographer. He has extensive experience teaching the technical minutiae that makes any camera an effective tool: aperture, ISO, the Rule of Thirds, and the kinds of lenses you’ll need to suit your camera body. This fast start includes a complete breakdown of your camera’s exposure, focus, metering, video and more. John will also explain how to customize the Fuji X-T2’s settings to work for your style of photography.


John Simpson

I highly recommend this class! Been shooting Nikon for 40+ years and decided to give my Nikon gear to my daughter and go the smaller and lighter Fuji X-T2 for travel. Excellent camera and this course was outstanding in helping me learn how to use the camera. I have watched a number of Nikon oriented instructional videos. This video by John Greengo is the best organized and informative presentation I have ever watched.

Monroe Nevels

We all learn from different methods. I, for one, learn best by watching you while teaching, and being able to work along side you, with my camera in hand, and then follow you. I highly recommend this class if you really want to know how to use your camera. Thank you John for helping me to relive my film days, and integrating into Digital. I now have my Fujo X-T2 programmed and I LOVE IT!

a Creativelive Student

Really appreciate John putting these Fast Start Series together. Went through part of the training waiting on my Fujifilm X-T20 to arrive, which did today. That allowed me to dive into the menu settings and get the camera ready to use. I found that we are on Firmware 3.0, so, I have some updates to get installed. The training was great and informative as always. Don't hesitate to look for his Fast Start for your particular camera, and the in-depth training on Photography Fundamentals. It is well worth your time and money to get this training, especially if you are an amateur like myself, but, thanks to John Greengo I am quickly learning to use my camera in Manual Mode, most of the time.