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Glamour Photography

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Hair & Makeup Demo: Dark Skin with Ty

Sue Bryce

Glamour Photography

Sue Bryce

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Lesson Info

23. Hair & Makeup Demo: Dark Skin with Ty

Lesson Info

Hair & Makeup Demo: Dark Skin with Ty

all its sign I'd talk you through the difference between the similarities and the differences between t wise eyes and amanda's I'll go and sit over here beautiful big mobile it so that's this part and it's very visible when she's looking straight at you amanda's tends to be a little bit more deeper set um you go so that the shape of the eyes not such a big difference but I think it's more the color ofthe t y skin that you can make it look quite muddy if you just use one color base or one color concealer um so what did you use on we have bigger just turn for eye you've got fifteen minutes to do eyes okay um so I used this very bright yellow color to brighten her lead and just to um use that as a base on her eyelids their mistake just open that up and show you um also to us foundation um it's a really nice sort of warm warm yellow or warm orange color just to brighten her complexion not making any darker any della um and I did use a lighter color or through here and a slightly darker col...

or through there because naturally she's quite a bit darker so you do have to go with darker through heat and light of through the center of the face okay so try and be quick about it no that's okay all right close your eyes for me still got a little bit so this looks very yellow when you first put it on but once blended into the skin just starts to brighten up for me simona do you like to stay um during the shoot yes definitely our she says right to the end yeah because the makeup doesn't touching up um you know I could jump riding once who's behind the camera over here jewish reapply gloss on definitely the hair needs more touching up my makeup and now I can give you the camera and go to the toilet she can keep shooting but he's amazing but no more importantly the experience of having the makeup artist with you the whole time this do you see their faces when they're being touched by her you see the way amanda close her eyes and puts her chin forward when a makeup out institution you're here in makeup it is just a beautiful feeling you feel like a princess and if they stay for the whole shoot you know well I'm crawling around sweating on the floor she can stand there and give them that beautiful feeling and just keep touching of the hair makeup I think it's a beautiful thing so I'm gonna sit the concealer this time with a little bit of loose fatter apply that I should go straight on it'll most likely creased strength throughout the shoot so instead of using a base this time I'm just do you think a bit of loose powder to said it my shadows will blend a lot easier over the top so then what I used on the shoot for t y uh wass thiss beautiful color here which really doesn't wear her eyes pop lots of petting instead of brushing thie island has lots of oil so if you smudged the brush you drag the oil through the powder that you have prepared so we use a lot of a petting motion we get a lot of product on a breast way press it into the brash instead of rabbit so if we press it in then we press it onto the eye and tap it along then we blend but if you try and blend right from the start you just drag oil right through the island and you never get that beautiful buildup of color that a professional make a balance gets when they're doing and you end up with most of it down here on your face as well so with darker skin you do have to use colors that are very bright um the blush that we use on to why he's a really beautiful color I can get this open very bright orange you couldn't really put on anyone else ok so I've got my base color there when you are when you're paying them one hundred dollars for a shoot do you pay them anything more for staying longer quite a few people have that question you know it's really weird but I have never had to in my life because they love watching the shoot yeah I am I try and make it experience for them as well remember I also offer them something I'm going to talk about business tips tomorrow and one of them is is I offer them that I might be paying them one hundred dollars potentially for two hours work but I will give them an incredible shot for their folio so every time they do a shoot for me they gain another shot that they can use an advertising and they're getting paid so I tried to make it a full service deal and make it snappy for my business what I've ended was hired full time make a palace and paid them twenty five dollars now and then taught them retouching and then I got a double bangor but while I started out I went through all of the different aspects of how to pay different makeup artists for what so I've done it all I've tried it all done it all now with twenty five dollars an hour plus one hundred for the hair and makeup for night now I with with some minor so she only works when she's shooting with mei she's contacted to me as we shoot together but in the studio in new zealand they were full time twenty five dollars an hour full time employees that we're just doing photo shop and make up prior to them being full time I did three different things I paid them an hourly right I paid them a perm makeup right and then I bought my own makeup and just paid them a tune up with their brushes right so I'll put forward all of those options and the business thing tomorrow and then you can see which one's gonna work for you in terms of including a makeup service so the principle is exactly the same whether you're doing a darker skinned person or light skinned person with the contouring and trying to create dips in the I just need to use different colors um so auntie wise I abused really beautiful warm sort of orange color on her eyelids and then used this dark sort of um wine wine color dark brown one color to create the contour and a little bit of this some sort of warm dark brown and I'm just gonna use a little bit of this this is what we created a little bit of highlight with even though we don't generally so much shima but this just made it up a little bit underneath her eyebrow and same thing these black joe eyeliner or you can use a pencil um I find auntie why I need to use the gel liner because it's a little bit stronger a little bit darker to apply it isa very very very thin small angled brush just allows me to get right into the lash line and sort of glide along the lash line and then if I want to do a little flick the angle off the brush just makes it easier to create that beautiful point at the end you don't always get a beautiful openly like this so I could actually go quite sequester liner if I wanted to say I've got lots of space and I'm not taking away from the openness of the eye so on the screen is the image that we took um of t way and you can see why all of the golds and the highlights that's a minor put just under the brow are really bouncing so they're not photoshopped in or highlighted in what we did was we bounced that that light that was hitting her very gently just picked up all those beautiful highlights in the glass and the lips and that frosting on the inside contour and under the broward just so beautiful way did apply a lashes for the shoot as well I can see too if you look at that image you can see the black line that simone is doing with the liquid gel eyeliner sorry um the gel eyeliner is nice and strong that gives her that beautiful shape and you can see how it shapes with the eyelashes are looked down and sideways so if I want to get right into the inner corner of the eye I'll get my client to look down and then put their gaze to the side keep your eyes open just look down and look sideways just so I can get right in here and I pulled their lead up very slightly and down the other way just to get writing and you can also use the jawline underneath the eye underneath the lash line right up front someone is a majority of your makeup like mac for your eyes and then foundation that's sephora stuff or are there other uh mean brides do you find that's a big thing for me like you see a million different name brands yeah I go for what's got really good pigment of what blend easily um and I also go for what I can put into pallets because otherwise I've got a million little boxes and I don't know what's what so make a great for that um I do love the makeup forever hd foundations um and I love their concealers that are used there call a full cover um camouflage cream or conceal ass so you can use it as a full all over makeup but I generally will use the light of liquid or a lot of cream and then what I need more coverage all these days to other correct skin all create coverage and they're great for under the eyes well and also on the um on the leader used that on you to start off with because they don't move they really stick they're quite waterproof actually simona there are many many questions about how to clean brushes in between clients yet um general keep going with hair eyes and there's a quick kicked out of here eyes but I also wanna grease two things one of them is cleaning brushes and sterilizing brushes here brushes is really important he dresses do it and mike about us should definitely do it but I just want to bring to light one thing in certain states in the u s it is illegal to apply make up unless you're cosmic pathologists yeah obviously there is um going to be that sort of on this your sort of registered or they have registered you can be sued if you put make up on somebody and they break out in a rash or anything like that so you do have to be obviously careful of that but yes you must hear a lighter brushes must clean your brushes you must clean your makeup and you're here brushes between every client just to get the product off it as well not only a hygiene so they're sprays that you can get that will clean the makeup off and then what I do once in a while is some actually shown through them all and then clean them with the sterilizer as well so can you show the color that you're using for anybody who's doing makeup like t rise they want to know see look at that color so even though it's a very bright orange it's sitting so beautifully on her face most other colors just wouldn't shark or they got to look muddy um looks like there's nothing there this is the other blush that we used um which is quite sort of a strawberry red color just lightning that large part for highlighting that lightest part ofthe way all talked about this t y slips and actually very dark a lot of people make the mistake of either putting gaudy colors on dark cliffs and making them look horrible or putting really dark lipstick on to make them look doctor isn't there right so the idea was we wanted to light in them up first with the makeup but make them look naturally lighter and then gloss them up and that's why they look so beautiful in the image because we put that lighter right through their bottom let katie photos twenty two has a question about chapped lips have you smooth that out um once they really dry and flaky the best thing to do is put lots of from bomb on these poor appointment and then just actually using on to fresh ex foliate them we can buy a little exfoliating sticks to try and get the dryness but if they really flaky there's nothing instantly that you can really do think you have a look what she's done they're naturally she's got this lighter sort of half moon through the center and at one point we did put um almost lucky concealer on and then life ended even more think thatwas for that actually and then we did have the black lake was well it was like a blended black liner with just a slightly lighter center in a sort of a transparent cherry gloss over that way so we don't have the eyelashes on but I make up for it was a tiny bit doctor there so maybe just nice close up of her make up and show everybody out there how beautiful it is everyone saying you're beautiful so to add more deaths are probably just looking at that lets a little bit dark I probably had a little bit more black on the outer very corner um we're just using black I should've sprayed on that gold and the base and her in her eyes so beautiful it just pops your whole eye out but it doesn't look wrong it doesn't look too gold or two shimmery um but then you have that perfectly hi lige I suppose wow let's spread it a little bit more black there just to give you tips on what are the questions we have to finish our date today everybody said quiet once again mesmerized me lots of questions about the products exactly which uh colors to use on which skin tones yeah any makeup shop will be out to tell you all of those things you know you can go the makeup girls now practically on counter trained make about us and colors uh really you know the reason that some minor is equipped to do anybody's makeup is she owns a thousand different products on hearing my cat her makeup room has an entire cabinet in three closets filled with hair and makeup products that's why she has t y special blusher I wouldn't carry that on my kid because when would I ever use that but she has everybody's colors and I guess you just make a parachute lynn had a blend and match colors that suit people but if you work the base off what we're teaching you about where to go then the only thing you didn't have to work at us what colors and products to use but the makeup houses now you go into sephora mac they're incredible they're very helpful they cannot say any question about if you want to sit and look what do I do and they're all trained they're all wearing makeup belts with brushes on them and they will do a remote live makeup for you if you ask them a question to buy anything so these days that's not a problem asking those questions and find those products so maybe we could just summarise the importance in your success in your studio of working with a professional makeup artist and um and how you sell that to your client I believe it's a full service I believe that from the beginning ofthe decision they've already taken with the idea that they're going to hit their here make up professionally done the hurdle there is a lot of people don't believe that mihir makeup at us is the best that they can have because there are a lot of bad here makeup out of south so I need to be able to prove by doing before and afters that mihir and make a palace is off the highest quality the benefit is for the mom the moms for the woman who want pampering for the older woman who get the lashes it is the ultimate experience to sit in here make up for one hour I believe that my brand sufficiently states that you will not only have you here and make up done which is included in your sitting fee and no extra cast um you will go out looking gorgeous that night so I'm extending the experience of what I sell into the evening and that you will have incredible portrait's because you took the time to have a beautiful here and make up and that you'll have an incredible experience that's what we're trying to give all of our clients and I believe that has a unique selling point against other studios who just say tune up and you'll be done in fifteen minutes uh it is definitely comes with its own unique set of issues in its own unique set of problems but it also comes with its own unique bonuses that other people don't have like I go to work every day with a professional here and makeup so hello you can help me out on um there's certain things that we do when we elevated pitch what we do and I know when I if I said I'm a glamour photographer over the last fifteen years people would go oh yak but if I said I should contemporary portrait and I have a professional here and makeup artist or I say I'm a makeup artist and a photographer full stop that people stop in their tracks look at me and go tell me about that and it has bean the one I think defining factor that has kept glamour alive for may for fifteen years when it died for twenty years long after it died the fact that I can still do this and then create this with an everyday girl has defined me and kicked me away from everybody else in my porter market and I believe it's a beauty industry is a multi billion dollar industry and you should all jump on board and be part of it because women I love doing this wow what a fantastic close to our day two of the three day workshop thank you simona everyone just adores you and thank you super ice

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When you hear the words “glamour photography,” what comes to mind? Pink backdrops, feather boas, soft focus, blue eyeshadow and lots of hairspray. You get the picture. But thanks to master photographer Sue Bryce, there’s a new kind of glamour shot, one that’s beautiful, contemporary and taking the market by storm.

Bryce has hit on a formula that’s kept her portrait photography business thriving for two decades, and she’s here to reveal all of her secrets. In this three-day workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to know about posing, eye lines, hair and makeup techniques, and wardrobe. You’ll also get advice on building your own business and successful marketing practices.

Whether you want to focus your business on glamour shots alone or simply improve how you photograph women, this course is a game-changer. By the end, you’ll have the skills to bring out both the inner and outer beauty of all your female subjects.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define your style, brand and target market.

  • Market your business creatively and get yourself noticed.

  • Figure out what women want and sell to those desires.

  • Pose your subjects by following Sue’s rules: chin, shoulders, hands, hourglass, body language, asymmetry and connection.

  • Use natural light to make your work more modern.

  • Include husbands, boyfriends and families in your shoots.

  • Create before and after shots.

  • Make women of all shapes and sizes look and feel fabulous.


Michael And Dawn

Dawn and I watched the workshop taught by Sue on glamour photography with much anticipation, and we were not disappointed. In fact after only the first hour we turned to each other and, at the same time, said "We should go ahead and purchase this course." Which we did on Sunday, the last day of the three day course. The CreativeLive team did a great job on producing the workshop, the set looked great, the sound and camera angles were unobtrusive as they should be, and the on-screen talent were engaging and approachable as usual. They interjected with questions from the audience in a timely and relevant manner, and humored us all at times as well. As it should be, the real star of the workshop was the information that Sue was providing, but a very strong supporting role was Sue herself. Even though she never made it past the 9th grade, she displayed enough wisdom to make us think that we wasted a lot of time sitting in school. Sue had both Dawn and I captivated, her likable New Zealand accent, was so warm and soothing, that I think we would have listened to her say almost anything. However, "anything" was hardly what she had to say, no-no, she had a great deal to say, and we found all of it so educational and inspiring that we can't wait to put what she tought us into practice. Sue's "Keep-It-Simple" approach to glamour photography is refreshing, she does not complicate a shoot, nor does she complicate the business end of things either. Her philosophy is "A confused mind says 'no.'" So her pricing, marketing and re-pore with her clients is simple, understandable and repeatable. Dawn & I fully recomend this course to anyone looking to engage in glamour photography, not just for the mechanics of learning the studio process, but more for how to think about the process and your interactions with the client, we think that Sue's interaction with her clients is her real "secret" to her success; she makes the photography session for the client a wonderful experience and that experience is what gets them to market her via word-of-mouth exposure, which is the best kind of atvertising and best kind of accolade for a photographer. Thank you Sue, we were both entertained and educated and a little bit mesmerized by your workshop. Hope to see you soon on the CreativeLive stage. Michael and Dawn Mitchell Digital Mitchell Photography

a Creativelive Student

Loving every moment of this course so far and I've learned so much from Sue's gentle but wise words. It's so important to be true to yourself and as much as I've enjoyed most of the Creative Live classes I've taken I've had a much different personality than many of the teachers, I am so happy to see how Sue is able to stay calm and quiet and still maintain perfect control of the situation...I had huge anxiety sometimes at shoots thinking I should be bold, boisturous or entertaining to be successful. Looking forward to following her class today in between my son's hockey lucky my computer is in the kitchen and I can watch and still keep things at home fairly sane! lol thank-you, kerry

a Creativelive Student

Watched 80% of it live and after constantly screen grabbing :D I BOUGHT IT. This was my 3rd time watching a CreativeLive and my first time purchasing a course. (Loved Zach and Jody and will probably buy that when the time is right...still a little scared about weddings.) ANYWAY - SUE IS AMAZING!!! She is so open, inspiring, fun, funny, knowledgeable, TRANSPARENT, giving, smart, creative, expert, unapologetic, grateful, enlightened, adorable, gorgeous, hilarious, yet still imperfect and human and not intimidating. She will make you laugh and cry as she laughs and cries. You cannot argue with her MANY YEARS of experience. She is just in love with what she does and it is contagious. I have told people IN PERSON that her online CreativeLive course changed my life. I bought another online course for 2K last year...where was Sue back then? This is worth more than the 2K 6 week course I took. I obviously have a girl crush on her!