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Glamour Photography

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Introduction to Hair & Makeup

Sue Bryce

Glamour Photography

Sue Bryce

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21. Introduction to Hair & Makeup


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Lesson Info

Introduction to Hair & Makeup

okay so I want to talk about makeup makes now before the boys go okay this is where I'm gonna go and do some chores and tune out because makeup doesn't interest me because the girls are not only going to see and learn about here make up they're gonna learn about how to do their own here and makeup which is so cool because all the girls want to know how to do the hero makeup better but the one thing I want to tell you is everything in my life um as I built my business became entrepreneurial because I figured that when I became a business brain or when I turned my creative brain into a business brain everything that came about not just making money but for filling growth in myself and growth in my business which is essentially making money now what I did wass I after three years when I built the studio and you hear my studio story with money tomorrow but when I built the studio up and we were making lots of money and I got bored and my creative brain was like I've hired photographers I'm...

no longer a photographer I'm now running a business oh you're on I'm so bored and so my brain just went crazy one day I was sitting there and I thought to myself I want to own a makeup salon and I thought okay so I went to work the next day and I said to my business partner I want to make up room and she was like we have two professional make about us that work full time so going that one more step everybody in my world multi tasks when I employed to makeup artists I taught them photo shop when they weren't doing here mike out they were reattaching yes do you know make above us are the best retouch is because they see the face the same way a re toucher does simona clones you know she liquefied she contours she dodges and she burns with the face that's what she does when she puts on makeup so I taught her photo shop my style and they learned so easily because that it's like putting on makeup on the computer and so what I did was I talked both of those gills how to do fetish shop so my two full time make about us in new zealand two of the best three touches I head okay and that was the jewel roll everybody had a jewel wrong so now going back to the makeup room what I did was I looked at the makeup girls and they would come into the studio so we had two studios running simultaneously in the big studio with two photographers in each room with one makeup artist at each makeup bay inside each studio so one client would come into this room and have a hear makeup done and they'd be photographed in this room she would never change rooms and then simultaneously a second shoot would be going on with a second team a second makeup artist and a sick and photographer now ultimately you have to studios two photographers and to make above us so you can make twice the amount of money okay because we're now a big business uh third year we have eight staff including myself in a business partner then whathappened wass we had no room to sell our portrait soon because we were shooting all day so at night the two shooting rooms would become viewing rooms and we would sell out portrait's two to three sessions in the evening what happens then you have running dual portrait's you're running nighttime sales and you're working twelve to fifteen hours a day so what we did was in the sadia I got bored and we cut this room in half we then put three shooting sessions into one room and we turned one half into a viewing room that could be viewed during the day and we turned the other half solely into a makeup room then both make up at us were in the makeup room two girls would come in to give up they would have a jewel here and make up and then go into the shooting room to be photographed two more girls would come in and these girls were being photographed privately over here well these girls were having me here and make up done in the making that room so we got three beautiful big italian mirrors we got beautiful makeup tears we bought bottles of perfume and we literally had this a beautiful little boutique room that was the make up room we changed the name of the studio then to make up in photography studio because I wanted the makeup studio aspect of what I did to become its own entity then I could advertise my business as a makeup studio that gave away portrait sessions and I could advertise my portrait studio with a makeup room is in I could keep my photography clients by offering them here and make up proficiently so if you were going to an event you could pop into the makeup studio and get you here and make up done that was my idea that was my reason behind it I wanted teo I wanted to be the first makeup studio in new zealand I wanted to have an actual makeup studio how often do you go to go to a special event and you wish you could go and get your here and make up done for eighty dollars are full like what simona khun d'oh just walk in pay her she does her hair and makeup you look gorgeous unless you know a professional makeup artist most can't do here and make up they can only do one or the other you can go to your head teresa and then you can go to the met counter but it might not be the same and it might not look gorgeous so one stop shop so what I've ended was I pitched to four different makeup houses that I wanted to exclusively use one makeup product and the idea here was I no longer wanted to pay full retail for my makeup I wanted somebody to give me a wholesale discount on the makeup so I wanted a unique selling point in my studio I wanted a gorgeous place women love makeup they just absolutely love it and they also wanted to have um I also wanted to have a great way to advertise my business that was a little bit different and it was I wanted to have exist a wholesale product so I'm repeating myself now so what I then did was pitched it to four makeup companies to little independent makeup houses in new zealand into big ones now the big fish that I went after in the end was elizabeth adan now the globally food in the world so of course I'm never going to get a reply from them I'm just a portrait photographer and oakland so they're certainly not going to bring me back but none of them run me back uh I said I want to create this makeup room none of them run me back except elizabeth adam so here I was suddenly faced with meeting the senior sales manager off off new zealand and when she came into the studio I was terrified like I was so scared of her and she was so amazingly confident and strong and I was just trying to have my poker face on and she walked through the whole beautiful studio and she saw the palm and the floor and the big doors from roger's done and you know she looked at all of the images on all the war she stopped and looked at every large photograph on the wall and there she looked in the makeup room and she turned around and she said to me what do you want and in my mind I was thinking the ability to purchase make up wholesale and she said how about we give you two of everything and what happened next was about three days later our live in boxes of makeup tuned up potentially twenty thousand dollars worth of maker literally tuned up at our studio and we got that because we asked you know and I just I will never forget that moment off hearing teen screaming girls including myself unpack this makeup because all of a sudden we had this incredible makeup room with a whole makeup table of make happen and we would just I cannot describe to you how incredible it wass and um all of a sudden we looked sponsored by this incredible company who had given us they're beautiful makeup to support our business because we would support their business by doing beautiful here in maker so the opportunity to create things like that is always there in your business you just need to think always um I always look at it like this um take your your mind and put your panoramic lens on and just think a little bit wider so whatever you think sometimes just think more like I could never have envisioned that that was going to be what I would build but all of a sudden I had this makeup room I had a selling room that was operational during the day I had a fully booked studio with troubleshoot going on every day and I had this beautiful space and that is all achievable for anybody so make up became my thing nowadays I say constant photographers and waiting and shooting boudoir and shooting it with people are trying to hire make about us and I think that after twenty two years of having a full time makeup artist in my life um I think I've seen and you know I've seen it all when it comes to hear and makeup out of maybe four hundred makeup artists that I've worked with are there are five or six actually that I would consider being the best I have ever seen and I'm gonna tell you what makes them the best I'm going to tell you what makes them really good I'm going to tell them why samonas in that top six and yeah so what I'm going to get smelted do life makeup and while she's doing that I'm gonna teach you about makeup I'm gonna talk about how to pay them how tio bring lots of different makeup people into your lots of ideas to work with make a paris but more importantly if you are marketing to women is a product then the option to have me here and make up done proficiently should be arranged through your studio and if it is the benefits that can bring your studio is it break time break time that's easy questions in the audience I just want to say jaws airdropped around the world what an incredible story it is an incredible story and I can't wait to tell the story tomorrow because it is a fairytale story of how my business became successful and I'm still to this day tell that story and I still think to myself at the time I was aware of how amazing it wass but when key things like that happen it's not until I looked back on them that I think you know it was so magical that we had those opportunities and anybody can create them I have a question why me why have someone do here and mika and not have like one hair person one makeup because then you're paying two people for the same math time much know well if you take if you pay two people for an hour it will cost you this matter you pay one person for an hour and why everybody in my world should double skill or go away if you're not if you're not coming into my business with two incredible skills you are redundant to me I'm a multi skilled woman I need to be able to be good at a lot of things and ok and a lot of things but I need to be on a multi skill and if you can't bring to the table um infect anybody right now is any makeup artists out there if there any photographers out there struggling and they just starting out I will tell you one thing right now anybody in the photography world right now that has exceptional photoshopped skills will never staff because right now there is a hunger for all the photographers I know to have paid for the shoppers helping them out they are getting between thirty twenty and thirty dollars an hour they're getting full weeks of work when I started my business I had one year between going from a wage mentality to try and start my own business what I did was created a a wage how I survived was I taught photo shop I taught photoshopped two photographers and they paid me a hundred dollars an hour to do this right now the photo shop skill is one of the greatest skills you can have in terms of print finishing in post production and if you can work part time in a studio offering they photoshopped for helping with the photo shop you will not go hungry in this industry there is a cry for people that need help with the post production also with photographers we've stopped spending time marketing ourselves because we're spinning thirty hours a week on photo shop stop it pay somebody else you've got to start thinking smart

Class Description

Short on time? This class is available HERE as a Fast Class, exclusively for Creator Pass subscribers.

When you hear the words “glamour photography,” what comes to mind? Pink backdrops, feather boas, soft focus, blue eyeshadow and lots of hairspray. You get the picture. But thanks to master photographer Sue Bryce, there’s a new kind of glamour shot, one that’s beautiful, contemporary and taking the market by storm.

Bryce has hit on a formula that’s kept her portrait photography business thriving for two decades, and she’s here to reveal all of her secrets. In this three-day workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to know about posing, eye lines, hair and makeup techniques, and wardrobe. You’ll also get advice on building your own business and successful marketing practices.

Whether you want to focus your business on glamour shots alone or simply improve how you photograph women, this course is a game-changer. By the end, you’ll have the skills to bring out both the inner and outer beauty of all your female subjects.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define your style, brand and target market.

  • Market your business creatively and get yourself noticed.

  • Figure out what women want and sell to those desires.

  • Pose your subjects by following Sue’s rules: chin, shoulders, hands, hourglass, body language, asymmetry and connection.

  • Use natural light to make your work more modern.

  • Include husbands, boyfriends and families in your shoots.

  • Create before and after shots.

  • Make women of all shapes and sizes look and feel fabulous.


Michael And Dawn

Dawn and I watched the workshop taught by Sue on glamour photography with much anticipation, and we were not disappointed. In fact after only the first hour we turned to each other and, at the same time, said "We should go ahead and purchase this course." Which we did on Sunday, the last day of the three day course. The CreativeLive team did a great job on producing the workshop, the set looked great, the sound and camera angles were unobtrusive as they should be, and the on-screen talent were engaging and approachable as usual. They interjected with questions from the audience in a timely and relevant manner, and humored us all at times as well. As it should be, the real star of the workshop was the information that Sue was providing, but a very strong supporting role was Sue herself. Even though she never made it past the 9th grade, she displayed enough wisdom to make us think that we wasted a lot of time sitting in school. Sue had both Dawn and I captivated, her likable New Zealand accent, was so warm and soothing, that I think we would have listened to her say almost anything. However, "anything" was hardly what she had to say, no-no, she had a great deal to say, and we found all of it so educational and inspiring that we can't wait to put what she tought us into practice. Sue's "Keep-It-Simple" approach to glamour photography is refreshing, she does not complicate a shoot, nor does she complicate the business end of things either. Her philosophy is "A confused mind says 'no.'" So her pricing, marketing and re-pore with her clients is simple, understandable and repeatable. Dawn & I fully recomend this course to anyone looking to engage in glamour photography, not just for the mechanics of learning the studio process, but more for how to think about the process and your interactions with the client, we think that Sue's interaction with her clients is her real "secret" to her success; she makes the photography session for the client a wonderful experience and that experience is what gets them to market her via word-of-mouth exposure, which is the best kind of atvertising and best kind of accolade for a photographer. Thank you Sue, we were both entertained and educated and a little bit mesmerized by your workshop. Hope to see you soon on the CreativeLive stage. Michael and Dawn Mitchell Digital Mitchell Photography

a Creativelive Student

Loving every moment of this course so far and I've learned so much from Sue's gentle but wise words. It's so important to be true to yourself and as much as I've enjoyed most of the Creative Live classes I've taken I've had a much different personality than many of the teachers, I am so happy to see how Sue is able to stay calm and quiet and still maintain perfect control of the situation...I had huge anxiety sometimes at shoots thinking I should be bold, boisturous or entertaining to be successful. Looking forward to following her class today in between my son's hockey lucky my computer is in the kitchen and I can watch and still keep things at home fairly sane! lol thank-you, kerry

a Creativelive Student

Watched 80% of it live and after constantly screen grabbing :D I BOUGHT IT. This was my 3rd time watching a CreativeLive and my first time purchasing a course. (Loved Zach and Jody and will probably buy that when the time is right...still a little scared about weddings.) ANYWAY - SUE IS AMAZING!!! She is so open, inspiring, fun, funny, knowledgeable, TRANSPARENT, giving, smart, creative, expert, unapologetic, grateful, enlightened, adorable, gorgeous, hilarious, yet still imperfect and human and not intimidating. She will make you laugh and cry as she laughs and cries. You cannot argue with her MANY YEARS of experience. She is just in love with what she does and it is contagious. I have told people IN PERSON that her online CreativeLive course changed my life. I bought another online course for 2K last year...where was Sue back then? This is worth more than the 2K 6 week course I took. I obviously have a girl crush on her!