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Homemade Liquor Infusions & Bitters

Genevieve Brazelton

Homemade Liquor Infusions & Bitters

Genevieve Brazelton

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Class Description

From limoncello and orange brandy to crafting your own cocktail bitters, Genevieve Brazelton will teach you some simple recipes for infusing your holidays with liquor. You’ll learn how to impress your party guests with signature cocktails and make delicious boozy gifts that'll have everyone asking for more.


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Many home producers don't keep track of recipes and then try to go semi-commercial. We deal with these folks all the time when they need to know the proof of final product or sugar content/calorie values. They need to register with the Tax and Trade bureau and test regularly. Limoncello and Apple Pie the most common products. Seek advice if going commercial or even selling small batches to friends. A no-no unless you are registered.