Measuring Success and Interpreting Your Data


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Measuring Success and Interpreting Your Data

Hi, my name's, matt and I'm on the partnership seem here a pinterest today I want to talk to you about measuring success and interpreting data within your auction campaigns. When you first log into pinchers ad manager you land on a summary dashboard, the summary dashboard provides a high level summary of performance over the last thirty days, along with important notifications about things like campaigns ending soon and a summary of performance by bid. Type bc pm c p c p c along with your top and lowest performing pens are creative to help with faster optimization when you click into a specific bid type let's, call it traffic campaigns you're cpc campaigns, you'll see those main dashboard we provide reporting at the campaign pin and penn targeting level your first land on the campaign view with detailed metrics broken out by campaign. If you click on a campaign, you'll land on the pin level and see the same detailed metrics broken down by the pins within that campaign. Finally, when yo...

u click on a specific pin, you'll see the same metrics broken down by the pin level, targeting the metrics you see in the dashboard changes you toggle from the overview to activity to spend tab the overview tab shows general delivery metrics, including impressions, clicks and spend along with others. The activity tab shows you paid and earned and earn metrics to really showcase the value of downstream or earned media to spend tab shows your effective cpc or cpi, and what you've spent so far at each level of the account, you can export a csp the columns of the exports contain all the data from these three tabs, the rose of the csp will change based on the level of the account you're in. When you export, we're not the campaign level. The csp rose will be the campaign names at the pin level. The rose will be the pins within that campaign, and at the pin targeting level all the roads will be the targeting lovers like devices in terms tied directly to that pen. In addition to the data and these three tabs, the export also contains conversion tracking data. If you have our conversion pixel installed, our conversion pixel is a small snippet of code placed on your site that fires when a particular page loads converting, tracking khun be used to track sign ups, purchases or other actions that you find valuable for your sight and your business conversion tracking allows you to measure the impact of motive in pins convergent tracking allows you to measure the impact of promoted pins against business schools, for example, how many sales did promoted pins drive last week? The pinterest conversion tag is a simple image tag that can record four types of conversions against three different types of actions by penner's. The conversion types include page visits, sign ups, checkouts or custom conversions. The pinar actions could be either viewing your ad engaging with your ad which would include a repin or close up or actually clicking through on your ad to your website attribution windows can be customized per action on pinterest for example you can set your attribution window for view through conversions to be seven days while leaving engagement and click conversions at thirty days please know that we only count a conversion wants when we looked to see if there's a conversion will first look for a click and log it as a click conversion if there was no click, we'll look for a close up or repent and log it as an engagement conversion. If no close up or repin we'll log it is a view based conversion you can also use multiple tags if you track both sign ups and check outs, for example, simply add both tags to the relevant pages on your site. Creating a conversion tag is really easy go to the conversion tracking section on the pinterest adds manager under tools and then conversion tracking. Once there you can select your conversion type, put a name for your conversion tag and customize your attribution windows per action finally, once you save that ad that snippet of code to your desire page because eighty percent of our usage is on mobile understanding how those users convert both on mobile as well as desktop and tablet is critically important to measuring the true value of your promoted pins campaigns because pinterest users air logged in, we're able to show you cross the vice conversion data highlighting what device spinners air using when they see your ad and what device they're using when they ultimately convert something you wouldn't be able to track using other tools you can find this data at the bottom of your campaign level export when you run an export it could be confusing at first I want to help break that down, focusing in on the conversion portion of that export you'll see that we group the columns together by conversion type first sign of conversions including a breakout for click engagement in view, then check out conversions followed by custom conversions at the very bottom of your export that's where you'll find the cross device reporting as highlighted here. I've highlighted particular interesting cross device trend measuring users who interact with an ad on a mobile device but ultimately made the conversion on a desktop. This is a substantial number of conversions that I would not be seeing when using a third party tracking tools and very, very important to analyze the full impact of promoted pens for more information on how to get promoted pins, visit are promoted pins page and check out the rest of our videos in the auction. Serious to learn optimization recommendations getting started with your campaign and an overview of the auction. Thank you.

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