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How to Retire Early: The Latte Factor

Lesson 3 of 18

Financial Education - Know Better To Do Better

David Bach

How to Retire Early: The Latte Factor

David Bach

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3. Financial Education - Know Better To Do Better
In this lesson, David paints a picture of the dire necessity of financial education for Americans. Learn about the mindset necessary for a happy retirement, how companies force employees out of work in their 50s, what rich people now that poor people don’t and how credit card companies prey on consumers. David lays out exactly what you will learn in this class.


Lesson Info

Financial Education - Know Better To Do Better

When you know better, you can do better. It truly is all about knowledge. The biggest mistake we have made in America is we don't teach money in school. Every everything I'm gonna teach today should have been taught to you by time. Got high school. It is an absolute flaw in our academic system that we spend a fortune on that we don't teach money in school. It is wrong. And so most Americans are fundamentally financially illiterate. And then you are basically designed to be broke almost from birth. Because if you don't know how to do well financially, if you don't know how to play the game of money, you're quite frankly doomed. The banking system, the insurance system, the car industry. I could just go on and on and on. All these corporations and industries are designed to take your money, and they're smarter than we are. They've been doing this for decades. There 1,000,000,000 dark conglomerates with lobbyists to create tax laws. But you can fight back with some basic information. And ...

that's where we go today. Today is about what I call it timeless truths and principles that work the lot a factor. Masterclass This is the Germany that we're gonna go on today. We're gonna go on a journey that shows you you're richer than you think. You're stronger than you know. You deserve your dreams to come true. Here's what we're gonna uncover. We're gonna talk about your Why, when it comes to money, why do you want to be financially free if you want to retire early? Why is that? What's driving you? You get clear on your why you become unstoppable. How do you become rich on ordinary in? We were sort of trained to believe if we could make more money, we could save and invest. And then what happens in the real world is we make more money. What do we dio spend more money? And that's because everything is designed for us to spend more money, make more money, and you deserve to have a nicer things. So you spend more money, so you're constantly broke and then it's certain point you just get tired and you get you start to lose hope. So I want to show you that you don't need a lot of money to have a lot of money. We shave exact formula to becoming a millionaire. And how do you transition again from where you are today to where you want to go. So to get there were not to teach you how to make your money make money. Because I promise you you cannot get rich by saving in a bank account earning nothing. It's not possible unless you inherited millions of dollars or win the lottery. Don't buy lottery tickets. You're just not going to build wealth at 1% or zero $50 billion in bank accounts earning zero right now. So we need to show you how to get 789 or 10% your money. And I'm a teacher rule called the Rule 72 that will show you how long it takes to double your money. I'm gonna teach you what's called the investment pyramid going to go through all the different types of investments today, literally from checking accounts all the way to the top of it to its high risk. So you get high rates of return, I'm gonna show you what habits truly make millionaires. I mean, sure, if you want you to forgive yourself if you're not where you want to be because we're really good at beating ourselves up and you got to stop. So wherever you are today, what matters is where you're going. Tomorrow. You got you gotta let it go. You gotta move forward. Got to change your story. A lot of you said it. Well, I'm not. Good money. They got changed that. Did you ever think I'm not good with money too? I'm freaking great with money. Like I was not good with money today. And then tomorrow is your new day. And you're like, I'm a money master. I'm a money motivator. I am unstoppable when it comes to my money. We're gonna change your mind set today. And the reason we wanted to do that I want to teach you how to make your future bigger than your past really important. Worth writing that down, You need to make your future bigger than your past at any age. Okay, I run a registered investment advisory firm, Mako Fashion. I'm a co founder of a registered investment advisory firm. We started three years ago. We have over 500 financial lives around the country. The company's called a wealth management with $7 billion now on the platform. I go around the country and do talks for a retired clients. And so our clients, when when I'm in a room with them, the ages between 60 to probably and I tell her clients there. And this is the truth. Retirement can absolutely be the best years of your life. Turns out the happiest years of people's lives right now are between 60 and 75. That was not expected to be the case, but between 60 and 75 or healthier than we've ever been. When you retire, you have This amazing thing is called Time affluence. You get to do what you want to do when you want to do it. You still have your energy. You have people you love like grandchildren who want to spend time with you. You can travel. There's just it's just turning out to be this incredible time in people's lives. And this is a young audience, so you'll have that to look forward to. But not everybody is happy in retirement, and what we've seen from research is the difference between someone. Retirement was happy, and someone who's depressed and often dies sooner is the way they think, and what determines what they're thinking about is are they thinking about their past or their future? And you've met these people. Sometimes they're your parents, right? Like everything in a certain age becomes about who they used to be and what they used to dio, which is depressing. And the happiest retirees have a plan for their future. They're excited about something. There's something new that they want. Well, the millions and things you can take that research in that knowledge about retirees, and you can apply it to your life at any age. Fastest way to get yourself out of a rut is to come up with something new you want to do and be. What is that you want to do and be That would bounce you out of bed and get you excited. So I said you when you know better, you can do better. And what I'm gonna show you right now is what I call the timeline of life. And that is our cue for these guys to bring in this timeline. And when I want to do with this timeline like again, this should be taught. I think in high school. But I'm gonna teach you to today because it's an important way for you to think about your life. Where would you say most people get their first job? Most people. Most people. We went. I'm gonna I'm gonna make the argument that most people get their first job in their twenties. Right. So I want you to follow me here for a second. Most people, really most people go get their first real job. If they went to college at 21 or 22 I'm gonna use to keep the chart clean. All right. So you didn't have to work from here to here Trim. We would call that the no work time. Which is why adults always say, I wish I work it right. So But then you're going to get a job. How long do most people work when most people retire? 55 67 68. Here's the truth. Across America, most people are done working by 60. The actual age that most will retire right now is 62. Now. It's not because everybody wants to retired 60. It's because 56% of workers who have jobs are forced out of work between the age of 50 and 60. So if you have a job right now in your twenties or thirties in your forties and you're like, you know what, I'm just they say we're gonna live really long. No, I heard I'm gonna live. You'll 100. I'm gonna just work until I'm 70 or 80. Is the biggest myth in America that you were gonna work until you're or 80. There are some people doing it, but they're doing jobs that might be like greeters at Wal Mart. Right? Like, here's the thing. If you have a corporate job, you're not self employed. You have a corporate job. There's no one in corporate America today. That's let's save themselves. How do we keep these people? Told their everyone. You let every single day you will see you're seeing downsizing what? They're calling them our retirement packages. What everyone corporate America wants to do is get the 50 year this person right here. They want them off the balance sheets in the next five years. Why? Because if you're 50 you're highly compensated and about to be more expensive. You're about to get sick, and they don't want to pay your health care costs. So that's why I wanted to. People are forced down to 56 forced out by their jobs, but a whole bunch of other people gets sick and can't work. This is I know that you guys are looking me like it is slightly depressing. It's a super important point. The reason super important point is that you've got one decade to decade, three decades. You have three. You have 30 years on average to make your money move. You've got 30 years to take the money that you're making and pay yourself first, which we're going to go through. Compound interest works when you work it. I'm going to show you relentlessly in the next two hours through the lot. A factor through this book, how small amounts of money can massively change your life and you're gonna go. You have this amazing, but it takes decades. It does because you're not gonna get rich overnight. You You were trying to get rich overnight. You will stay poor forever. I was a time. You see, you see a banner ad or instagram ad or in anything at or that says I have the solution to make you rich overnight. I can promise you that is a solution for you to be poor forever. Quite the way you build well takes decades. It took my grandmother. Decades took me decades. But once you start to get these compounds discharged, it starts. The money starts to groan. Groan grow now some of your like Well, I'm 50. This sucks. Um, these decades still work. You just gonna have to everything to work longer and get savings. You shouldn't give up a if you haven't started. You shouldn't give up. of, um started. My grandmother died 86 she was buying stocks at 86. But here's the thing I want to show. That's the most important thing to know. Well, all this is important. From here to here represents 90, hours. You're gonna work 90,000 hours over your lifetime. I know. Wow. Right. Some of you have already worked the $90,000 because you don't have 40 hour work weeks, right? Some of you are gonna work. Ah, 101 110. 120, hours. The question is how much of that time that you traded for money. Are you gonna keep? Because if you don't have a plan to keep some of this money, you won't have any when you get over here and most people don't have any and I don't want that to happen to you right now in this country, the average this is This is what led to the lot if actor four out of 10 people in America According to Federal Reserve three years ago, four out of 10 people in America four out of 10 people in America cannot get their hands on $ in case of emergency. Six out of 10 people can't get their hands on $ in case of murder scene. The average baby boomers got less than $100,000 in savings, but in a little bit. Here is I go through well charts. It's not bad for everyone. Stock prices are an all time high. Real estate All time high. I'm gonna talk about these two escalators toe wealth. There's a game to build wealth, and if you know the rules, you could win. There's 42 1,000,000 Americans now, 42 million millionaires around the world, a number that has grown four times in 15 years. A whole lot of people actually are getting rich, but it's a small percentage, and I want you to join those people. So this timeline matters. I'm going to share with you in a little bit how to make sure that these 90,000 hours translate into real wealth. So this is what I just said. You without the slide. But I want to put it up here in case you didn't take the notes real quick. Um, I will say this because it's so important to say this. It's not most people's fault that they're struggling. It's government, you know. It's the government's fault. It's governs fault, because where frankly, we didn't put this stuff in school. Now what's happening is that we're bearing young people and college debt. There is $1.5 trillion now in student loans, and I could do an entire day on this. But it is the biggest scam in America. What's happening is people get on school with 2030 40 50 60 70 $9100 in student, I promise, or somebody watching create alive today that has over $1000 to the fact, if you got over 10,000 to do is tell us online, this shouldn't have happened. It happened because the government got in student lending business and because the government gave out easy money, which is paid for by taxpayers. It allowed the education system to continue to get bloated, allow the education system to continue to give teachers 10 year and pensions and build more buildings. Did the education go up in value? Where I went, I went to a great college. I won't say what college it was, but let's just say the college that I went to it was 12,000 is private and it was $12,000 a year when I graduated in today it's $65,000 now. Did the education become that much more valuable today? We could learn online for nothing, virtually, but we're coming out of school with a quart of a $1,000, in debt for an education. It's a mess. Pension plans in America massively underfunded. You cannot count on all these pension blends, soul security. It's running out of money. Now. I will give you good news people like it. So security gonna go away. Never gonna go away. There's no way deliver, in my opinion, ever go away. What it will do is we'll just move the three year back. You can take it. So like us in this room who aren't taking it yet. By the time we get to the age we condemn it, they'll just move the date on us because that will solve the problem. No, you can't take it in 62. No, you can't take a 65. You can take it here. This is what I guarantee you. 20 years from now, you need to take it here. Other people get to take it here at 62 they're going to just move the day, by the way. So stories now hold ton of money anyway. But it happens to be what seven out of 10 Americans who are retired depend on health care. I would argue that our health care system in America is the most expensive health care system in the world, and it's not helping his live longer, and it's getting more expensive. And then I told you that you don't really have career security like Here's the thing, guys. I'm not a negative person. My whole career has been built on positivity. I just have to get everybody woken up to the fact that it's actually getting worse and no one's coming to save you that I originally had pictures of politicians up here. They said it wasn't politically correct, so I had to take the pictures down and we put Superman here. But imagine there were politicians here because there's a lot of them and I'm not going to say which one is. It doesn't matter. Politics are side show okay, they are. No one's coming to save us. If you are dependent on a president or a party to save you, you are doomed. You're doomed. The recent tax cut recent I wanted told my phone out MBA here, find their taxes went lower out of curiosity, raise taxes galore. Your taxes. One person's hand has gone up additional like this one person in this room handling up the average American's tax refund was the equivalent of buying a new IPhone, so no one's come to save you. You have to save yourself. You have to save yourself. You also you know the media doesn't care. The Medio is designed to get you to stay with them as long as possible so that they can run an ad that sells you something. Everything is just an eyeball trick to click on and get. You know they now know who they need to get right, because the media focuses on who their target audiences. But it's just about getting you on your eyeballs on so they can get at on, because if they don't have your eyeball, they can't sell you something. Meanwhile, the ads designed to sell you something that you don't even need. So what's happening? Unfortunately, more Americans today are actually not in the game of building wealth. This is charts like this are hard to sometimes explain, but I'm going to show you as best I can. What's going on because you know how many of you have heard the rich are getting richer? Why is that happening? Here's why it's happening. The amount of Americans that own equities here it is. It was 22%. It's the red line. Is the red line going up? Do more Americans own equities or the own less, significantly less like it's come down a lot right from 21% in 2001 to 13% here in 2018. Now, if I were to show you, another charter should have done this. The people who own equities their net worth is going like this because the stock market has been on an absolute tear since the recession. Have you been in the stock market since the recession since 7 4000 and 2009? March of 2009? Stock market is up today over 400% with reinvested dividends. So if you read my older books like Start late, finish rich or start over finish rich that I put out in 2010 where I went across America saying recessions make millionaires buy stocks now real estates on sale. It's the sale of a lifetime. You get it. Recessions create every 20 years the sale of a lifetime. Most people get scared out of the markets and recessions, and then they watch the whole thing go off without them, and then they joined back at the top of the market. So you've got to be in the game to build wealth. There's a whole bunch of people building wealth. This is the latest wealth survey. As of 2008 team 42 million milliners. That's actually a lot right in this country. The numbers were like 15 million. Now, um, when I wrote the automatic No, the numbers have more than doubled since I wrote the book in 2000 and four. How are they getting rich stocks and real estate. You have to know how to play the game. When I was a kid, I talked about Monopoly. Someone remember the game of Monopoly? What happens when you go, Pascoe? You collect $2? You collector knows it's your paycheck. Then you go around the board. What happens when you land on a property? Don't on. You pay if you don't own it, you pillock. I'm assuming something else owns it, right You pay. How do you win the game? Monopoly Have to buy a greenhouse, then Two greenhouses in three greenhouses than four than a hotel. You can't win the game of Monopoly if you don't own those pieces. Otherwise, just go around and just keep paying people. Okay, that's what the bulk of America does your bill compare it goes around, the board just keeps paying. People people are getting rich are buying assets that other people pay them stocks and realistic. So here's the good news. Never been easier to do this record amounts of wealth in this country. It is easier to get rich now, actually, with the Trump Tax Law. If you know how to do it, Trump tax lives making the stock market go higher because all the money went back to corporate America. Corporate America is taking the money and re buying their stocks, called tip it and reinvest. They're not different. It's called stock purchase buybacks. That's fuel the market this year. Stock market is up this quarter right now, 20% now, by the way, Those you invested stock market December was horrible. December was the worst month in 30 years. This court is the best quarter and 50. We have the lowest unemployment in this country and 50 years. We have a remarkably strong economy. The GDP right now is 3.2% for the first quarter, lots of stuff going super well rates are staying low. The Fed was going to raise rates in December than the market taped the Fed was like, Oh, what we meant to say was, we're not going to raise rates. And now they went from We're going to raise rates four times, regardless, which made the stock market tank, which made Trump go on Twitter and go crazy too. Oh, you know what we meant to have We changed a month. We don't see inflation now. We're not raising rates this year. Now there's talk about a possible rate drop. The markets continue. Stay strong. Um, technology has made it easier to invest. I'm gonna share absolute er here a few minutes that literally you can open up your foam and be investing in minutes with the zaps. Your change. Um, but you got to know the rules to win the game. Here's some rules. You know how many of you heard good debt and bad debt? Okay, so there really are two types of debt and I will say this good debt can make you rich, provided you understand that there's a very limited amount of good debt. The only way you can get rich borrowing money is to buy an asset. So write that down. You can Onley make money by borrowing money to buy an asset that goes up in value. You can't make money borrowing money that by something that goes down in value later, I'm gonna go through an example with cars because it's the most common thing people borrow money for. So you got another between good debt and bad debt. Bad debt keeps you poor. The tax laws are set up to favor the rich. They just are. But the good news is you can use the tax laws even when I go back. And we'll talk about homeownership today and there. So many tricks with real estate that you can buy real estate, make money and never pay taxes you could buy home. Make 1/4 $1,000,000 sell it single, not pay tax on it. Legally, you can buy a home if you're married. If it goes up in value half a $1,000,000 you could sell it, not redox on it. Legally, you could do it over and over again. I have You could do with investment properties. You combine invested property goes up in value. You could sell by no piece of property and if you do it correctly, a 10 31 exchange. You don't pay taxes. You can put money in retirement accounts. I'm gonna teach your retirement accounts today. Where if you're self employed, you could be putting over $50,000 a year away. Tax deductible, No taxes. You could even put up to $200,000 away. You just gotta know the rules. Rich people never stop learning Super important thing for you to know which people don't do it themselves. You show me somebody who's rich, I'll show you somebody who's getting help. They may be taking glasses reading books, but they're also hiring people to help them. You don't have to do everything yourself. You don't have to know everything. Rich people never stop learning. You want it like Chase does always amazing segments with people on such a privilege today to be with him, the common denominator among people who do well, they stay curious. When you're a kid, you're curious, is naturally curious. My kids so curious. My younger son James is so curious. It's a nightmare, but we lose the curiosity. As we get older, you got to bring it back. Common nominator amount the way rich people think they're never stop being curious and it never stopped asking questions. Rich people live to make their futures bigger than their past talked about that earlier. Wealth is about freedom. Rich people focus on that. If you're building wealth and that wealth is not helping you become free, then you're just ending up with more stuff. And by the way, there are rich people who have a lot of stuff and they're not happy. It's just really like you could have a lot of stuff and still be miserable. The ironic thing is so often people who thought stuff would make them happy once they made their money and they get their stuff and the stuff doesn't make them happy, they get super depressed. I can't tell you how many rich people I know they're in the process of getting rid of their stuff because you're like I got all the stuff I got the big house, the kids going off to college. You don't need the big house. I actually don't need all this stuff. I'm getting ready to move to Florence, Italy, doing this book, Turn across America and in 90 days on Moon in Florence, Italy, with my family four year taking your sabbatical to just live part of what I'm a teacher days also the leverage philosophy. You don't have to be rich to leverage. Life is about experiences. The fastest way to make yourself happy is go have more experiences. It's not gonna have more money. It's gonna have more experiences. And the thing for you to know is that a lot of experiences don't take a whole lot of money. They take thought I had somebody who read this book and she's like, You know, I went out for a long walk in the park after you said that if I read the book, I was like, What is something I can do today that would make me feel better? She's like Every time I go for a walk in park, I feel better. It's going for a walk in the park in a year, Perks free right? Just going for a walk on part two hours and I just like looking around looking at the flowers and listening to the birds, and she's like, I just I felt like I was living rich and she's like it didn't cost me anything So but to get you there. I have to help you change your thinking. And you just need to know that there are certain things that are escalators to wealth. You could be on the desk s girl that goes up. You could be on escalator that goes down. So here's up. Right down, Escalator up. You have to own stocks. I'm gonna show you later the rate of return for stocks. But you can make an enormous rate of return in stock market. 789 10 11 12% Not guaranteed. But over time gonna show you historically that's what this is. This is what the market have done have done real estate because you can't get rich renting. I'm going again today. Go through all the things about why you can't get rich renting so that you don't rent because landlords get rich and renter stay poor the escalator down. A couple other things just to know again. I'm gonna say this again today. But escalator up whatever you make, you have to spend less than you make. Write that down. You have to spend less than you make. It doesn't matter what you make. If you spend more than you make you always be poor, and it's like I know this is so obvious, but it's true you can't borrow money and paid 10 15 2030% interest rates and build wealth. It's not possible because you can't get escalators going up. They're gonna you a higher rate of return than that credit card taking you down that credit card 20 or 25 or 30% is taking you down those payday loans that can annual eyes out at 300% a year or even higher. Those places should be shut down. But that's their more payday locations. Check cashing locations than McDonald's now, and that is just a serious escalator down. Like if I could put you on a slide down, it would be that. So we need to go through starring with something super simple. I'm going to share with you right now a chart that started me off. So I told you that my grand help me by my first stock. What I didn't tell you is I'd buy way if I go back to this thing for a second. Back to that that escalator. Personally, I learned by stalking seven. I was really cool. What I didn't tell you is I took an escalator down in college. The escalator I took down was credit cards because when I went to school, the credit card companies were lined up in front of my dorm and they were handing out a bike lock, a dictionary to tell you longer, this Waas and a T shirt all I had to do his hand on my student ideas called a valid in card. And if I handed them asking idea, I got a $500 instant credit card and that T shirt and that dictionary and that big block. Well, they were lined up after you received your Valentine card. So what do you think this is going into the dorms? Day one? A college? What do you think every single kid did? They all signed up. Every kid got the T shirt and the bike lock and the dictionary. I thought it's pretty smart. So I told myself, I just use those credit cards in case emergency purposes, and I got a free T shirt and I got a free bike lock. Today. They're just frequent flyer points, right? And so the credit cards all showed up and raise mailbox in the dorm. And what you think we did this soon to be autumn. We went out a parted. We literally went to the bar with our brand new credit cards, and we play the game called Credit Card Roulette. At the end of the beer. The at the end of the beer, the bill would come and you put your card in a pile. And then when we get picked out, it is mind boggling. How dumb you could be in that started my processes using credit cards. My sophomore year, I was $5000 in credit card debt. Now the beginning, I thought I was fine because I was making minimum payments. Wasn't a big deal. Known paintings $15. dollars and they were $30. I I could make him. Some of you have been there, too. And then sophomore year, I couldn't make my payments anymore, so I came home owned. By the way. Once I got to $5 limit, you're the credit card companies did to me. They said, thank you, and they raised it. We're doing such a good job of using the cards. That's how I got $5000 in credit card debt. So now I come home for the holidays. Dad, when you have a talk. Okay, son, talks always happen in my dad's office. Don't tell you this, but we have a problem. May take out the credit card bills. I hand them to him. He looks at the bills. He goes, son. Wow, You got yourself $5000 in credit card debt. Son, we don't have a problem. What? Me dad? He hands the bill back to because do you see my name on this bill? I go. No, he goes whose names you see on the bill, I glassy marking him. He goes like I said, we don't have a problem. You have a problem. And if you don't make these Newman payments, all I can tell you these were his exact words. You're gonna ruin your credit score. And if you ruin your credit score at 19 you're gonna ruin your financial life. So you better figure it out. And he walked out of the office and I thought to myself this was not how I hoped it was gonna go. So, you know, before I'm getting ready to leave. He's like, How you gonna pay? That's cards. Off I go. I don't know. I guess I could get a job. He's like, Yeah. Okay, get a good job. So I go back to school. First thing I do is look at the bookstore. Are they hiring? They're always hiring bookstores on campus. Yeah, you're hired. Come out of your work. Well, how much you pay you tell me about your pay. I go back to my dorm, I start doing the math. I'm like, Oh, my God. I'm going to work 25 hours a week to pay these cards off. And I got to go to college. I am seriously, which turn me into entrepreneur, cause I'm like, I can't make them. I can't make minimum wage in a college bookstore and got this credit card debt at 19. I'm not sure A way to make more money. I started selling T shirts and advertising to make more money, which I did, which got me out of credit card debt, which I was very proud of. I was Superman, like that picture I saved myself. I got myself back in the cracker depth the time I graduated college, I was over $15,000 in credit card debt, so I had to be done twice before. I learned my lesson because I took that escalator down. I tried all the tricks, by the way. Example of dumb tricks. Put your credit cards in a freezer with water and freeze it. And then you have to like you won't have access to your cards. Then everybody's going to Vegas. I'm like Democratic are. So I go and I melted the credit card by putting in the microwave to get the water. I did all the dumb things until it's hilarious, right? I cut up the carbs. They saw me not using them. They sent me new cards, right? But I was in college. I was like, I'm never gonna be in credit card debt again. I cut up my card and went to a debit card charge card. And for the next 30 years, I basically have credit cards because I was like, I'm never gonna carry dumb debt, so I don't want you think I've done this all perfectly.

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David Bach is one of America’s favorite financial experts and bestselling financial authors of our time. He has taught millions to live and finish rich through his seminars, live events, courses and books. He’s the author of 9 New York Times best sellers, with over 7 million books in print in over 19 languages - including Smart Women Finish Rich, Smart Couples Finish Rich, and The Automatic Millionaire. He’s a media favorite having made thousands of appearances the past twenty years, including on Oprah six times and the Today Show over 100 times. David is the co-founder of AE Wealth Management and Director of Investor Education. His latest book is The Latte Factor: Why You Don’t Need To Be Rich To Live Rich. David presents seminars for and delivers keynote addresses to the world’s leading financial service firms, Fortune 500 companies, universities, and national conferences.


Ling Fan

Great class! Concise and powerful! Wish I knew this 10 years ago.

Kennie Johnson

Very helpful and inspiring

Carlos Figueiredo

I thoroughly enjoyed the course love it!