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Sharing Images

Lesson 18 from: Lightroom CC: Essential Training

Mark Wallace

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18. Sharing Images

You can share a single image or an entire album with others on the Internet. Sharing is more than just posting an image for others to see, they can rate, comment, contribute, and even edit your photos. Mark explains the entire sharing process and how you can control who has access to your shared images.

Lesson Info

Sharing Images

lightroom has the ability to allow you to share images in a myriad of ways. And the first and most easy way is by choosing, share images. So there are a couple of things that you have to be aware of. A couple of bullet points here, you can share either a single image or an entire album with other people on the internet. And when you do that, you can choose how other people see that. So you can have people that just look at it and they can say yes, I like it or not. You can add, allow people to add comments to tell you about your image. You can add people if you're sharing an album, they can add their own images by contributing to that album, or they can edit your photos. So you can have a collaboration going on. And so when you're sharing images and albums, you can mark them as public or private where you have to invite people or you can also turn on and off permissions and all kinds of things. So let's look at how this works. So, the images here I have are in my people gallery here an...

d what I will do is I will right click and I'm going to say share and invite. Now you may have noticed that when I was clicking over here earlier, I would get a little pop up box that said share. That's a bug in my light room. This version I have, I don't know why I can't replicate it, but occasionally it will just pop up there. I'm not sure why that's happening. So, if you've seen that in the past and wondering what's going on, I'm wondering the same thing, but it takes you to this dialogue share and invite. And so it's two steps. So you first will share this. And because all of your images are already on the cloud, they're already on the internet. You don't have to upload anything, they're already uploaded. So, um, you can do this in a couple of ways, so you can only invite. So I can type in an email. So I'm gonna say Mark at Mark Wallace dot net, that's an old email of mine and I can invite market. Mark Wallace dot net to look at this album. And by default, I can only view it. So that is what this little eyeball thing is. Or I can tell Mark, Mark Wallace dot net that I'm going to click the second thing. And this little thing here allows me to contribute, add my own photos to this album. So it's a an album that will be sync between me and somebody else or many people. And then the last one is they can edit and contribute. So that is for maybe you're working in a photo club or something or you have clients and you have a team and you want to be able to have an album where you're working on things with other people. So they can either just look at those. So here you go, here's my client look at the images and they can comment on them and leave. Yes or no, whatever. Or maybe you're working with. So me and Matt. Matt is switching this video right now. Maybe I say, hey matt, here's an album, add your edits to this. I'm gonna add my edits to this and so we can contribute, but we can't edit each other's images or we have full power so we can edit each other's images and contribute. So there are the three different levels in invitation. So when I click that email is sent and then you have that these different permissions. So, and you can always change these later. So I actually went back to just view so I can change this to edit and contribute. So we have that. So you can do that. And then also you can get a shareable link. So right now this is private. The only people that can see this are people that I email and get an email from me. So it's not visible on the world. So I'm gonna remove that link. Um so now it's back to scratch where we started from. The other option you can do is just to get a shareable link. Now, now I have an actual link, I can send this out to the world and anybody can see it. So if I want to go back, I have to say from anyone can view to invite only. And now I've got two different things. I have a link where anybody can see that or I have a link where only people that I've invited and added their email can see that. So it's a public or private essentially is what that is. So when this is anyone can view, you can copy this to the clipboard, you can share it on facebook, can share it on twitter or if you have a copied link, you can just take this and you can paste it. So let's go, I'm going to go into google chrome and I'm going to paste this your l so it will show up and now you can see that I have a gallery for people to see these photos and it's that fast. It is instant. And so people on the web who have this link can go and see the information. So if I had a title and description that would show up here, that's one reason you might want to put that on there. And if they wanted, they could type in some comments and tell me how much they love this photo. They can hit the like button. And so it shows up what that is. I can put in a comment and say this is cool. Whatever I can post that comment. And so it's highly interactive now, depending on how you've done this public or private, some people can see others can't. The one thing that is true for anybody to comments or like or post, they have to get an adobe creative cloud account, they have to be able to log in. Um so they can have a free account that's okay. But they have to have an account. Not just anybody in the world can post comments on here. And if for whatever reason you post something that you shouldn't have, people can report abuse and then adobe will take those photos down so that's there. So this is my album that I've shared. If I share more albums, they would show up here for anybody in this link. So you can have multiple albums. And then the other thing you can do is you can have a slideshow that shows up for this album and I can have that show up, it's full screen. So you can create a share and then you have a slide show that happens on the web. So I'm going to close this kill. Well actually before I do that, I'm gonna show you one other thing that you can do. The other thing you can do is you can customize how that share looks. So right now I have it as a photo grid, I can do columns. I can make it light. I can turn off and on the author. I can do maybe rename this cool people. So I'll do that. I'll say done now when I go back over here to the web and refresh it, you can see now it's a different kind of grid. It's light. You've got some things now if I really want to customize this, I'm going to go to Lightroom on the web. So Lightroom adobe dot com. That hopes I put two Ls in. I have to spell it correctly. There we go. So I'm gonna go to Lightroom on the web. So this is my light room. I have shared this. This is the album that I've shared. I think we did people is what we also shared. So on in the web view you have this little palette down here that shows up. If you click on that, then you can change the theme, can change the grid. You can make it whatever. You can change it. Light or dark, you can change the title, the author, you can change the background. So you have a little bit more control of how things are our customized. Um not a lot more, but just a little bit more um capability of showing how that's all organized and done and everything. And so you can customize. That's why it says in Lightroom when you share something. So we've got Sharon invite when I go to customize it has this little tab customize on web because you get a couple of extra customization features that you wouldn't have otherwise. Okay, now that we've done that, let's talk about a different way to share our items and that is using a slide show. We'll do that. next.

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Susan H

What a great class! I've started & stopped a few Lightroom classes up until now, but generally gotten bored, confused or felt I needed to step away to learn something else like Adobe Bridge first. Mark is a great instructor, engaging, specific & very clear with his explanations. I finally feel confident to play in Lightroom instead of feeling constantly overwhelmed by what I don't know!! Awesome! Thank you, Mark, you've also inspired me to dream about travelling again now the world is opening back up :)

Glenn Pierce

Excellent fundamentals course on Lightroom! I really enjoyed Mark's teaching style which is easy to follow and very relaxed :-)

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