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Mastering The Maschine

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External Modules Q&A

JK Swopes

Mastering The Maschine

JK Swopes

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Lesson Info

8. External Modules Q&A

Lesson Info

External Modules Q&A

Is it possible late to do some trading like on the fly so attractive like like if you want to take out a section of the hy hats or something like that you wouldn't be able to do that because you have to delete right so what you would and that's where your patterns coming in so if when you duplicate you can actually like when you duplicated you can go in and make new patterns and each group so if you want to kind of take your high hands out maybe in the verse you just want some high hats you know, towards the end of it you would really just go into that pattern and change it there and that's that's the benefit of doing when you pressed seen duplicate plus pattern that's the benefit of doing that because now I can change any of these patterns I can change my drums on any of these without it affecting everything else if I don't use plus pattern it's going to change it for my entire arrangement which is very frustrating so definitely you know when you when you work in this way or any way w...

hen you're doing this on the machine I definitely say used the plus pattern just gives you more flexibility but yeah, you can't you can't just go in and say I would love to be able to go in and just grab the end of this right here and just kind of you know pull it back or you know, kind of like like but going like being if you pushed him you and your meeting with pat you know just you know saying on the fly just trust me because that's how I like you know how I kind of go about like structuring my stuff and then I'm like I'm like crap dude, I don't remember what I just did you know I wish I could have recorded it yeah that's something that's something that we were the mute yeah we've been we've been I want to record that stuff for a long time because I'm the same way that's actually how normally especially when I was working on hardware I would just record one main eight sixteen bar pattern and then to actually build the track I would just do mutes so you know it's a performance you get a feel for any kind of performance that way and then it would be definitely cool if we get like you know you you know record those abuse and you can't currently do that see what you have to just do a pattern now we get teo knock he's going to kind of show a way of how he it kind of does that in machine andi captures his performance in real time it is not as flexible as is, you know, being able to have everything in a ranger but if you're if you say you've got everything how you want it or you've got pretty much the sounds you want and you just want to record to a to track the performance of your you know, your song he's definitely gonna show kind of how he likes to do because not doesn't like their ranger at all s so yeah, you know, it's a love hate thing you see there, is there something you like or you don't? And I found out I find it a lot of people they're used to working in a linear fashion but really gravitate towards the arranger, you know, for me and people like flux and other people that came up, we work in parents that's how we learn s so it made more sense, but somebody like knock who's used to dealing with broadcast audio he's used to work in a timeline somebody just used to pro tools used to working in a timeline, so, you know, breaking stuff down into these little patterns sometimes just doesn't really feature workflow and of course, you know, there's there's things like automation that you can't really automate across the different scenes and stuff like that, so there are some limitations to work in this way and that's why a lot of people get their basic idea and then they take it into a doll when you do when you duplicate that seen what the patterns is making new patterns zone brand new polls making several patterns facets of the patent duplicates of the patterns so you can just change those and I want to take the other one so if you look down here let's say a group for you see it's not patter for if you look if I look inside of my actual patted, you see all those patterns for those air actually separate panel freeze when you go into name those patterns to as well but again is that's definitely something pushed for us? Well is being able to create new patterns because a lot of us you know, even those of us that are used to working in patterns we would duplicate and we want to just change different parts of the song based off of the original scene, but it used to be where when you did that it would affect everything so let's say if I went and maybe I want to add, you know, a little embellishment to the maybe a drum roll or something, you know, we've seen five it will be added to everything because it was all the same pattern and so yeah, this way it makes it a lot easier to go through and building and take stuff out, but yet you can't get to the automation of the commuter anything get so, uh shipman questions so people are really trying tio get it, get us? How did have attached to the salt into the dog, you know, and I know it's, not necessarily because we have it. What do you mean, like tear it? Exactly. So dan always denies she's made when dragon audio out of group in dog will machine map all the individual sounds and images, individual tracks or how's the best way you have every multiple ways to do it. So right here is where you would drag everything. Now, if you drag, if you drag a sound it's going to be just the pad, if you drag, the group is going to be everything in that group. So if you want to drag individual sounds, you can go there. And honestly, if you want individual sounds, I wouldn't worry about dragon drop. I would do export because it is much faster to just go up here and they export audio and you can choose your master output to choose your sound. I'll put you confuse your groups say we do that. Could you? Sounds. And then now you see each group and I couldn't go in and choose the individual sounds that I want to export. Great. This is best printing your loops. Yes. This is turning into the audio and it's going to put it in a photo. I mean, I just, you know, statements on voter and it's gonna put that it's going to put the temple in there and he's gonna put the name of whatever it is that you're exporting. So if you wanted to individual sounds, I honestly say, it's much fashion just exporting all at once. So the dragon dropping each individual one. But if you want to just do groups, you know, maybe you've just been the drum loops or grooves, and you want to drive anything. Your dog is faster. Just dragged that whole group out and drop it in there, so the import process is basically the same. Yeah, well, the court is going to be you don't just like any kind of audio file that you have it's out of your dog. So you got a question. You look like you can't you can't drag and drop like, just how do you drag him drunk? Okay, so let me like, do you just you just literally grab you let's say, I got this here I do this, I can drag it to the desktop, so you see right here you got audio and you got me so you could drink a drop many you can drag and drop audio just because of what you want to do. Amazing. He was just dragged us right here and it's going to drag everything that's inside of this group just exports it and then kind of puts it right there, puts it on your desktop. I think they have their desktop set up to automatically go in order or something, but that's based on which is so I could find dropping approach because drag and drop it directly in approach. So let's say let's say you just want to use machine to kind of get your drum groups down. You know something, but you just you want hands on you won't get you drunk loose down so you can have you can have it both of them at the same time, as long as you're your audio interface allows you to have, you know, multiple clients, so you know you can, and if you have multiple screens, you could have one on your screen or you could just have to say you got machine up, you lay out your drum pattern. You drag it and you can just drop it directly into pro tools as audio and long as you have that look bottom eyes on you you're going to be good to go so there's a lot of people that prefer to work this way like I said if you're working with dragging groups drag and drop is awesome if you dragon individual sounds they can get tedious because you know egypt individual san I would just say exported it's the same thing is pretty much it's pretty much just a faster way of exporting but yes it is very a lot of people that worked that way they just build up like say this course right here for me which is my main part of the song has all my stuff in it that will be it just build that and then I can just drag everything out or I can just export it and now have all that audio inside of pro tools logic people ten whatever is everything with still don't like keeps timecode everything it's all it's all it actually prince the name what you're like if you name your project and prince died in there any press the b p m in the five which so you know let's say say your work on the track and you want to send it to your friend he doesn't have machine you built your tracking machine and maybe he has pro tools or logic or something and he's like man you seem to track but I don't really know what the temple is wounded if you drag and drop it or export out a machine it's going to say the name is going to say the tempo so you're just going in and said his tempo and his project you get to go same thing with you if you're just working in pro tools for yourself you want to drag and drop you know what your temple is you just drag it in there that was sixty different buttons thing this one is a middie if you want to drag me so if you want to track many file say uh you know say you came up with a nice court like, oh man, I like that court I need to say that to use later you can drag that that meeting or if you come up with a nice pattern remember you come up with a nice drum pattern as you say, I kind of like that when I put that in my library you could drag that out and the media is going to be right there, so yeah, yeah so we're going to build around it and of course you know, with the mini you can trigger whatever you want it doesn't have to be machine so that's another one you can use it to kind of bit up a library of many files and just put that in your dog and you have your groove. You have your stuff that you played, but now you can use other instruments, other drum sounds, you know, other plug ins or whatever. So I want to know where that went on my desktop. So j k, I guess on the topic of hardware, your computer is there a certain base level computer that you need to be running, essentially to be able to work to point out here? I think, it's, I don't I don't know the exact specs. I'm pretty sure on the website, but most computers these days that are coming out if it's a quad core and, you know, I say these eight gigs around just because I just say it gets around to everybody for minimum, but if you got a quad core, it gives around the premiums going, be able to run it. It's, just a matter of how powerful your system is when you start getting into plug ins and stuff like that, or if you're using a lot of contact or sample heavy material, you know how much around you've got. But most most modern computers these days should be able to run it just fine. Like I said, the exact specs are on the website for what they recommend but I always tell people if you if you got some of this quad core I seven or something like that even I find my my laptop so high five it runs it fine my desk tops I seventy runs it find it might is an older I seven so where flux has the newer you know mac book pro I said and his runs fine lines runs fine let's order one of the first I sentence that came out so you told me it was like you're not running on opinion you should be, you know, and even well actually that I think about in my laptop is a dual core I five so and it runs it fun so but I always suggest you know, for price and what's out there now just get just get a quad core um I seven if you can if not you know, quite you know, I five something like that one of the new processors or intel and the whatever it is that you prefer and at least a gig's, right? I just I said that to anybody not even just for machine just in general when I get questions about I want to make music on my computer wishing I get they get at least eight gigs around that's the minimum for me oh, you know, of course I have I have a lot more because I'm crazy like that, you know, at least a king's aram in in a quad core you should be good really good. Yeah, so but it most of the stuff that you can even buy off the shelf these days best buy wal mart most of this stuff's going work the only thing the only thing that you really get into what stuff like that off the shelf is the audio processing so you really want to get an external audio device you really don't want to use the built in audio, you know, to get them desperate for me? Yeah, yeah that built in those built in audio cards aren't really made for audio production so max are a little bit better in terms of how they had audio in a pc. So out of the box you get a lot more performance out of the max built in audio device the core audio and everything that you can with my windows and just the way they have the audio. But I highly suggest for anybody there's a point where even it's a basic you know, external usb, firewire, thunderbolt, some kind of external audio device is really goingto kill a lot of headaches because we get a lot of questions, especially since the native h mrs giving away stuff like the reactor instruments that they give away and massive and all that stuff, people tried to use a bunch of the massive plug ins and a bunch of reacting like man, but a little a little thing appears going red and everything's crackling and how much stuff slowing down like you, you probably need to get an audio interface looking ahead of that audio better, you know, because then you get into raising your buffer up and then you're late and see starts being an issue, because now you get your buffer all the way up in two thousand, and so you're hitting a pan it's like boom s, so you don't need a top online audio interface, either you know, just something, you know, something around two to three hundred dollars range will be fine, so basically just takes the load off your computer and it's made to process that audio so you could get things lower, more stable and you can rent a lot more plug ins, which you know is always good. Jay beats from the chat room wants to know when you create a drum loop with a groove that seizing swing and want to drag that to your desktop with a middie have that you should quote, that the many should print that whatever you have is gonna print exactly how it is in machine so you know, wherever your where your stuff is a machine it's going toe you know so you can put up your own groove libraries if you want you can't you can't extract it grew from a drum loop like if you had a sandal which would be cool but yeah, but good of your old stuff I just had two quick things just to touch on that quick question I have two different mac books one of them is a two thousand eight mac book pro and it runs machine in mission to especially very well because it's multi thread it can use multiple course so machine to actually runs lighter than machine one did so yeah, I mean really, like he said pretty much any computer will run it is definitely a great point tryingto kind of touch on that and I think in another statement, but yeah, when you asked about the differences between one into that that multi core support for machine to really let you get a lot more juice out of even the even the lorry and computer just because it handles all your course because machine one was only single court, so you have a quad core but it really wasn't taken advantage of it now it's multi course so we can take advantage of all of them so even don't course are going to run it a lot better and when you didn't look machine to like you see all those out there that you basically have their computers and they want to necessarily upgrade that you know, getting into machine too is going toe generally I think I'm only away I mean mostly computers there he's as in two thousand eight so most of the computers that came out within the last five six years are really going to be fine like I said, the main thing I can say is even if you don't want to take your computer and if you can update you ran if you don't have a lot to update that and then just get an audio interface like that doesn't have to be a top of the line and you have to spend a thousand dollars on it you know, just get something that you can process your audio through and especially if you're not worried about, you know, recording vocals and everything like that after you're doing you know, vocals and he'd better pre hampson that stuff in course you can get into some crazy stuff starts been a lot of money, but for most of people that ask me these questions they're just trying to make tracks and they just want to have good performance so you know you said there's a lot of pro sumer level interfaces that work just fine and we'll take that load off and make it run even better so, yeah, and I just had a quick question because we're talking about dragging the groups and just like the guy in the chat room just asked, could you show them dragging a group out to a new group to assume the pad? You could do that? Thank you. So and this is flux. Does this a lot? That's why? He brought it up. He will play his grooves and then say he wants to use his own groups as a sample. Basically, what you would do so you can drag the dragon drop doesn't have to be to the desktop was say, I want to drag this right here. I can just drag it on audio and bag right there, you see, I think he liked that so and you can see there's my there's. My group is my pattern. So is just right there ready to go out and actually going to chop about. And, you know, sometimes I'll do is actually playing keys or kind of building up my own samples toe chop up, kind of build a whole group without drums, and then, you know, kind of dragged that over, chop it up and treated as a sample, so it is really, really that's definitely a really flights within the dragon drop is really awesome it's really a flexible tool? You could do a lot of stuff with it now back and machine one when we're only seeing core, we used to do this to kind of save or resource is slowly, but we had massive or reactor, and maybe you start giving that crackling, you can just kind of drag and drop, and even now, even if you have ah computer, it isn't all the way at the top of line that's another way that you can get around, you know, using plug ins on your own set up when you're when you're set up. If you start seeing that you're getting these crackling issues and stuff, just take that pattern or take that plug in or whatever group that plug in his own and dragged the audio to a new and now you're treated as a sample samples do not require a cz much cpu usage or power as the plug ins, so you can disable to plug in, but you still have that plug in sound in there, you know, it'sjust, you're working with audio instead of many, but do you get the idea so you drag and drop is really, really, really useful thing said if you if you just want to drag the whole groups that's really cool if you really want to export everything I want on really suggest going to the export menu but if you just building up working and suddenly say it working side of pro tools and you prefer building your grooves and you're different ideas on machine you could just having both open and as you go on and just kind of drag because then you might come up with different ideas as you drag my stuff in there you start laying it out your hole wait a minute I want to do this you know I want to do this now yeah you're like ok I want this and let's say you know maybe you you want to just have you have ah you have just the the whole loot but this thing like you were talking about where you want to change the high hats and one part you could do that and then just drag then you can just drag the individual sound like the individual highlight if you want to go up here and just drag you know just that I just say go here and put it in keyboard mode and just dragging out or because this fashion do it that way you can also just solo it and drag it dragged the group so either way, either way works and it's going to drag out just that sounds so let's say you just wanted that high hat you can go here, right? Click on it's going to solo it now when you drag it out, it just wouldn't be that high hat so you could go in there, changed that high hat up and just dragged that out and kind of lay that over, you know, whatever. So it is really, really useful, especially for guys that, like, working in a linear fashion is really, really useful to be able to drag and drop that stuff out. So any other awesome man? Well, I mean, any kind of guiding principles that you kind of employees when you're working with kind of hardware, extra hardware in general, this is it. This is my work full, I'm really simple when I'm working with external hardware on the because when I started, I started off using audio, like when I first started, I went about a drum machine and I brought like, a keyboard from my church. I didn't know anything about mitty is was like back in two thousand one, I'm not saying, you know, maybe wasn't around I just didn't know about it, so what I would do, I would take my drum machine and I would bet on the little patterns on there and then I would just kind of play that to a mini disc recorder remember those many this week so you know, I didn't have a that record I just had a mini disc recorder from best buy so play that in real time and then in real time I would be playing my keyboard over it, you know? And of course I didn't have I didn't have really sections of the song because I'm trying to switch stuff live but that's, why so comfortable for me to work with audio? So I just I love being able to court audio quickly and get down so there's really no, I don't I don't believe in rules you know saying is this is really whatever works best for you I'd just like to show people different ways they can do it that's what I showed three different types of set up this is going to be for somebody that is used to working on a keyboard work station or man look, I had I've got this casio and there is this one sound ordered like and I want to be able to use it this is how you would do it or I got this this phantom that I really know, you know I still want to use it I spent a lot of money on it moving over to machine, but I kind of want to use it together. That would be this kind of setup where you got that many going back and forth between the two and again, like you said, it doesn't have to be u s b it could just be many cables directly from here into here, and you're good to go. You got other people that they have a lot of these desktop synthesizers or rack sent a sergeant white man. You know, I just found this rack sent in my basement. I want to use it. It has got some old cool stuff on it. How about using a machine? You could need to plug that in directly. What? Many cable. And you could just trigger it just like it was anything else. As long as you've got to keep it, he'll even need a keyboard. Obviously, you can do it from the pants. Anything. You know, you could just play it as long as you said many to it. You've got other people like me. All right, man, I got I got my dad plays bass. I wanted to play based on my over my track and machine, how I do it, that was even more simple. You set it up is think sampling however long you want a sample him and you plug it into your interface and you hit sample and you just played in real time. So there's three different, you know, three different coming, different setups for different people that have come across as pretty much going to cover all of your all of your work flow. Now, the one thing about the one thing that's been official about doing something like this where you got the two way is after I recorded saying, after I recorded that pad, I wanted to record a filter. Sweet from here, I can actually go in, you know, a hit record. Sweet. My filter is going to record that many data in there. They like a re sampling, is gonna have that filter sleep on it. So that's, one of the benefits of having that two way, you kind of turn the knobs on your sentence and kind of record those movements to so

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If you’re ready to take your production to the next level, join CreativeLive and JK Swopes (and guests Doug Lazy aka Knocksquared and Ken "Flux" Pierce) for an in-depth exploration of Maschine, the revolutionary way to sequence, sample, and add effects to any musical project.

Throughout this two day course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to take advantage of this unique, powerful beatmaking production system -- including its sequencer, sampler, and internal fx. JK will also cover the basics of working with Maschine’s extensive built-in library of sounds. JK will also cover the tricks and hacks that let you use Maschine to author your own library of sounds to use in your tracks. From fatter kicks to deeper snares, you’ll learn about simple tweaks you can add to any track to make it more complex and compelling.

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George D

Even though it's a bit old now this is still a fantastic walkthrough of Maschine. Lots of great content here!

Joseph Castaneda

Pretty dated, but an excellent class. JK walks through everything he explains with thorough, real-time examples. Extremely helpful!

William Parmlee

Just what i needed, great work flow an easy to follow. looking forward to the next level . Thanks