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Music Business 101: Networking


Music Business 101: Networking


Class Description

While the landscape of the music business is constantly changing, one thing remains the same: a lot depends on who you know. Networking is the key to a successful music career.

Learn how instructor Steve Rennie went from booking shows in Hollywood to managing platinum-selling rock band Incubus. Steve's legendary networking skills vaulted him from concert promoter to record label exec, manager, and all-around industry pioneer.

Using tactics gleaned from 35 years in the music business, Steve will show you how to identify and connect with the right people, grow your circle of influence, and build a targeted plan for making it big.


a Creativelive Student

Unbelievable course. Steve easy to listen to. He's funny, easy going but incredibly smart. I'm not a musician but have worked with many in photography and this man knows his stuff. Any creative should take this course and take notes.

a Creativelive Student

Just do it!!

Elle Espiritu

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