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Before we get into sort of your overall recommendations from douglas gottlieb why not use thie I detection focus for portrait it's I detected for portrait smite work quite well might work quite well you can have very specific control if you just choose that small box it's just boom very quick and easy with the I control it might go to the wrong eye or it might pick something else that looks like an eye and in theory it's nice having things done for you but if once they start getting done wrong once in a while it's like just give it to me I will do it correctly that's kind of the problem I had with it what do you do if you photographing to people and it focuses not on the person that you wanted to you can't really redirect it very easily and so that's why I like taking manual control of it. All right. Cool question from shaun king back button auto focus possible available on the m one and if so, how can come again? Yes and you confuse me by saying the m one because in the actual setting...

of the a l button there is an m setting m three is what you want to have set because what happens when you set it to em three when you go to manual focusing the a l button on the back of the camera becomes a back button focusing system and you can actually do that as well in single single focus and continuous focus. And if I recall up the top of my head, you need to have those set at s three and c three if you wanted to do that in case somebody is going, what is he talking about? It is a custom menu. A third item down called a l dash f l and so custom menu a third item down said it to him three all right, there you go on that answers rich els question as well. Fantastic two in one austin who's been with us all day says several of my menus were great out, notably them movie settings and the suggestions on where toe look, now, I'm not sure exactly when he said these are great out if they if they put their camera in one of the m s aarp options, that would should clear that up. These little conflicts of interests are always interesting, cause you trying to figure out what is conflicting with them setting the movie city? Uh, I don't know one option, and I don't like this option is to do a reset on all the cameras functions, which was at the front, so basically right in shooting menu number one. You could do a reset on the whole camera on that would hopefully clear up any sort of conflict if you wanted to start fresh again if you want to start looking for something that's conflicting with it try to think that there's oh if they have reprogrammed their movie record button to something else that may have affected it affected it that's my only quick thought all right cool thank you all right keep it rolling let's see you alison ortner I own the olympus e m ten camera I want to buy this course which is which is closer to the m ten this class that you just talked today or the am five classes you've also done well unfortunately I have not had a chance to go through the e m ten camera as in depth as I have this one I have I have a class on the m five and now on the e m one I don't know that I'm going to be making a class for the am tad I asked the olympus rep in our region which is that camera closer to in function in operation and as far as kind of camera features it's more similar to the e m five as faras its structure set up they said but they would probably be better off looking at the menu system in the new am one so this is the better class for somebody who hasn't he and ten from what I'm told that is a great, uh, let's. See? So speaking of the m five, this is from judy stole earlier today, she has the m five, owns the empire class and is pondering upgrading to the m one. Can you go through quickly? The present cons of that upgrade, she's. Not a pro, but she would consider herself an advanced amateur. Thanks. And you're the best seal instructor. Thank you very much. The big improvements that see the biggest improvement to me, I think it's in the auto focusing system. So if you are going to be shooting any sort of action, the empire was very quick for static shooting. When it comes to continuous shooting, this gives you quite a bit more options. It does have a definite, more robust feel to it. I mean, it's got a much bigger grip on it. It's got a better view finder from what I recall on. And it's got just a little bit more fleshed out controls on there. I really like the implied, I think. It's a very good camera. I think this is a it's. An upgrade. It's got better while the previous one was weather resistant as well. I'm trying to think one of the other major feature changes between between the two and I'm not really thinking of anything that's just striking me really, really strong I kind of like the size of the in five is very small this one really isn't that much different when it gets too high thin with its this larger grip that was really nice and I really do like these control wheels on it the ones on the m five were pretty good it's just that they've taken it up to another level here on this one great so some thoughts thank you, thank you very helpful and a question from mitch wanting samora younger no thought I have the previous models of both wendy and the loom ickes and forty three would you recommend if I was to upgrade one of the bodies to opt for the m one or the loom ix g that you covered gx seven that you covered yesterday he or she mitch has both blue mix likea and olympus lends the main use would be still stills let me get this straight. They're comparing they want to get either this camera or the gx seven. Yes, this is the limits g but since said since that you covered yesterday right that's what we covered yesterday right there is a bit of a difference this is a superior performing camera I really cannot move away from that the gx seven is smaller in size and so if you say for aunt, for instance wanted to use you know their little prime lenses and you wanted to keep the package really small in size, the little panasonic gx seven is going to have near the same image. Quality doesn't have quite the same performance for shooting action and fast moving subjects, but you get the same image quality at less size less cost. But if you want that horse power for doing lots of those different things, the auto focus performance the frames per second for standard shooting here is good because the other one did shoot it forty frames per second but it was very limited as to how it could be done. Viewfinder is much better on this one I was shooting the track event last week that I had mentioned before and I was shooting some runners as they were coming around the track and as they would come around one time I switch to a different camera and I was switching between the cameras that I've done this week which are the fuji exceed to the panasonic gx seven and this one and you know it's like the fujii was ok and panasonic I was ok and then when this one came around it was shooting much faster tracking the subjects and it was a much easier view in the view finder of those subjects coming around the corner and so this one was much better, you know, probably by a factor of two or three times mohr enjoyable to shoot the action with than the other marylise cameras so much better in the action in the action they know people douglas scott lee because again been with us all day says john the e m one versus the fuji x t one and then get ready to duck well, I don't have my sixty one yet I've held it, but I haven't possessed it yet and the extra one looks really nice they're going to be very competitive cameras I think the image quality on the fuji is likely to be a little bit better I think the feature set the number of features and the options in this om one is going to be a little bit better, so see if there's some of those features that we were going through in the menu system that are critical to you there's a lot of them that are kind of like that I'd be kind of nice that I could be kind of fun, which ones are critical to what you're doing thie new fuji x t one and I will have a class on the fuji sixty one we haven't set a date because I don't have a camera yet, but we will expect to have something probably by august would be my guess the view finder on that is phenomenal, which is really nice. They're both the same megapixels but the viewfinder on the fugees. Nice. I really like a lot of the fuji lenses, the look and the feel of the fuji lenses. Although I like the cool. I like the variety here, but I think I overlook all like the quality of the food. She lenses a little bit better. To be honest with you, your life's not going to be totally rocked completely differently, one or the other, they're both good choices. And so you're gonna have to look very closely at the four thirds versus the psc sense, because you can get into those smaller size lenses. And if you have an interest in those, these are quite a bit smaller, lighter weight and less money than the fugees there's, a much wider variety of prices that you're going to spend here, then with the fuji lenses. All of the fuji lenses, for the most part, are kind of high end lenses. Well, there's a couple of lowing lenses, but most of them are fairly high in lands. Well, that is really, really helpful. So thank you, but I love the keep in mind at the end of the day, you're doing pretty good. If you're going with either of them you're splitting hairs in some ways all right good. We have more questions sean king had asked earlier really enjoyed the zoom out effect of the time lapse that you showed us okay in india how did you do that? Okay, so that that was a little trick I did in post so I shot everything kind of it's a wide angle and because your cameras are shooting in such high resolution I went in and started the video and hear and I slowly moved back and so that was final cut pro that I was working in when I did that but that could be done in pretty much any movie like an eye moving program but not in the camera not in the camera that's the answer all right all right uh let's say we have another question from douglas godly conflicting reports about the focus tracking of the m one time some say that the pdf pdf gets used in tracking mode and that it's really fast other states say that so can't focus that of a dslr or the fuji xy one right? Okay, so something I really didn't get into was the pdf and everyone knows what we're talking about right now I explain so pdf is phase detection auto focus area and one of the areas about this camera that I did not really go into a lot of detail is for the previous four thirds users who are using the older lenses on this camera because when you do that, there are phase detection pixels on the sensor itself that will help the camera focus continuous focus for action. When you are using these older lenses on this camera and as to how well they work, I haven't had a chance to try it out. I don't have any of those older lenses I haven't seen them. I don't know anyone that shoots with them. They're not very common. S o u can do focus tracking with and without the new and the older lenses either way around, but in my opinion, if I was to be given two choices to go out and shoot a sporting event this or an equally comparable priced cannon or nikon camera, I would go with the cannon or nikon camera because their face detection tracking system is more advanced than the system that is in this camera and more consistent in my opinion now, given this camera I have and I could get good sports shots with it. It's just not as consistently as with, for instance, a cannon seventy d or a nikon d seventy one hundred.

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Master the functions of the Olympus® E-M1 in this comprehensive course on this powerful SLR-mirrorless camera.

The Olympus® E-M1 is one of the most customizable, portable cameras available – ready to learn how to tailor it to your needs as a photographer? Join John Greengo for a one-day course that will guide you through the features, buttons, and menus of your camera. You’ll learn why the Olympus® E-M1’s rugged, weather-resistant design makes it a perfect choice for photographers who shoot outdoors. John will guide you through hands-on exercises that will equip you to capture stunning images in any shooting circumstances.

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John does an excellent job of making the OMD E M1 understandable. His knowledge of the camera and relaxed style clearly and painlessly walk you through the maze of buttons, menus, and functions. He objectively points out the strengths of the camera as well as those things Olympus could of done better. His opinions of the camera are consistent with other knowledgable reviewers, and are consistent with my own (limited) experience. The manual tells you every little thing the camera CAN do. John helps you understand what is important to get the best use of the camera in most situations.