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Creating Guides & Export Feature

Lesson 18 from: Photoshop and Lightroom Creative Cloud Additions in 2015

Ben Willmore

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Lesson Info

18. Creating Guides & Export Feature

Lesson Info

Creating Guides & Export Feature

All right, let's, stand on to create a new document got parents choose new, and I can tell what kind of document I want. I'm going to say let's cz for us paper and I want a letter size those air just kind of a preset for what size I want in the past. If I wanted to create a complex layout, let's say, wanted to do a literally a page layout in here, we're going to play some logos and texts and other things if I wanted to work with guides in order at a guide he used to be that you'd go to the view menu, you chose your rulers and too apply a guide. You click on a ruler and you drag it out onto your image. Let go and you got your guide, and if you wanted to get savvy with that, you'd end up pulling out one of these. If you held down the shifty, it would cause that guide to snap to the little lines that are in your ruler case he didn't know if you want one exactly at two inches, you held shift and you got it right a two inches, but that's if he had a really older version of photo shop, I'll ...

choose undo a few times and I'll hide my guides. In the newer versions of photo shop, we have much more sophisticated way of doing that. For a while now, you could go to the view menu and choose new guide. And when you choose new guide, you could just type in. I want one of two inches and it's a vertical. One click ok and you got it. But if you wanted to create a complex layout and put a bunch of guides in there, it could take you five or ten minutes to do it well. There's, something new under the view menu and that's called new guide layout if I choose new guide, lay out let's, take a look at what it gives us. First I can come down here at the bottom and say I want to have some margins, I would like it so I haven't half inch margin on each side and you can see it adding those gods automatic. Then, considering those margins, I then want to have some columns that eight I want to have three and you see how it's automatically putting those in the gutter is the space in between those and I'm going to put in point two five. Then I might want to have some rose and here to divide this up. This isn't just for page layout. This could be that I want to put some images in here to have the coolant to ah, contact sheet. I just want to do it manually instead of having automatically made. And I could decide exactly how much would I like to divide this up? And if I set the gutter to zero, that means there's no gap in between these columns. So if I want to set this to zero, you see that it's a nice little grid otherwise and dew point two five, then at the top. If I end up using this kind of lay out all the time, let's say always make advertisements that have a particular format to them. I could go to the top in here. I can save. This is a preset, and if I save it is a preset aiken saving on my hard drive forever. I'd like and I call it then in the future, if I want to get to those exact same set up before I simply go to this menu and I can either find it here or just choose load preset if it's not here and show it where it is that I've saved it when I click ok, now we have those guides applied, and it could be something that's much faster than having to do it manually. For photographers, that might not be a huge feature unless you need to do you know, some creative layout, but for graphic designers it's a huge feature, it saves you an awful lot of time, and you're saving them, saying the whole document with the guidelines on the right, correct. Well, these guys won't print. These are guides essentially thanks, but when you say that they will be included with the file itself. Yes, so if you took a sacred into nfl, could you open it up? Cause I'm like in design and they would be there or not, they're not going to be there in and design because these air only going to be in front of shop. They're photoshopped guides in design, it's even easier to set up things like this because it xhm or designed for it in the past, it was much more difficult here. No, those air manually created guides. We have that new feature that allows us to set him up let's look at another kind of guide that's called a smart guide. Whatever you're moving a layer, you're going to find a bunch of pink lines that show up. And those pink lines air trying to show you how one layer aligns with the other elements that are within your document. So if I dragged this up and you see a pink line on the bottom edge of the layer that I'm dragging in that pink line lines up with the middle of another layer, it means that the bottom edge of this layer lines up with the middle of the layer that's to the left and I could do that first off, some people hate pink if you hate pink, you can go to your photo shopped menu choose preferences and there is a choice in here called uh guides grid and slices and so if you absolutely hate it right here is where you can change it smart guides you could make them so that they're not so annoying instead they're light gray if you just used them on occasion and now when you dragging around, they're not quite as visually disruptive, which can be nice, but there are some other changes that they've made in here not just these more intelligent smart guides. Sometimes I'm positioning things. I want to know how far away that particular object is from other layers or from the edge of the document, so when I'm dragging, uh, a layer around, if I hold down certain keys on my keyboard it's going to tell me different information and let's, take a look at what those are if I drag something, usually if you hold on the option key, it will show you how far away this is from other layers and you can hold on the command kias well and just hover over something else, and it'll tell you the difference. So if I have this layer active, this is what I'm moving. I want to know how far is that from something else? I just moved my mouse over the other layer, I hold down the command key and it'll tell me how far away it is. So if you want to know how big is a gap between something, uh, that type of thing, and so those are some new changes, usually when I hold on the option key, it'll tell me how far it is between other layers right now, it's not showing up there, and I'm not sure why. Then you'll find another design related feature is it used to be that if I wanted to save something for the internet, I'd go to the file menu and we had saved we had save ass and we used to have safer web, but it seems to be gone. And that was a feature a lot of people used because you could save an image as a j paige a tip or not shape a tiff j peg a ping file or a gift file on give it to somebody else to use on the internet well, they've moved that choice that was called safer web it's no longer in the main menu they've moved it over here to export and if you look at it you'll find that it's now called save for web legacy why the heck would they do that? They didn't add any features to safer web they just moved it it just added that text at the end the reason why they're doing it is they're trying to warn you that they plan on replacing it with new features soon and they're saying this is the legacy thing we're not going to update anymore instead we're going to start replacing it with new features that might tio better job or give you more features so safer web hasn't changed other than its position let's look at some of the choices for what they're planning and replacing it with they haven't come up with all the features yet, but there are now some things that can make exporting faster so let's find out first there's a choice here called export as export as if I choose it brings up this which in a moment should give me a preview with export ass, I can choose ping j peg gif or spvgg spg isthe scaleable vector graphic that one of this things that but that's for vectors, meaning things that are made up with the path tool and then here if I need to aiken resize this image if I needed to be a particular size for maybe a banner ab on a website or an icon and a website below that we have candace size canvas size is if you have let's, say an icon and you have let's say, ten different icon certain ten different files they're all different sizes because they're just little drawings of like little letters, but you need each one of those to fit within the confines of a very specific area because on a lot of websites, you already have a design made, and you need something to fit within these little openings that you've already planned well, here I could say that even though this file might b of a particular size, I want to either crop it down to this exact size or add empty space to it to make it conform to this size and that's. If you have the banner ad that you needed to fill it with a certain size, then down here the bottom I can hit export and it's going to quickly save this out as a png file now this is overly simplified and it's not as useful as you might think it is unless the primary thing you do is webgraphics because there are many things that are missing from this dialog box one of the primary things that are missing from this dialog box this is a choice to convert your image to s rgb mode s rgb mode is what usually want to convert everything to when it's going to be used on the internet and in the old feature that we had the one that was called safe for web there's a check box right here called convert srg b and it was turned on by default and so most people didn't even think about it they just it's only if they turn that off by accident that they noticed their colors didn't always look right well if your photographer and you use that you might run into some problems let's see what kind of problems they might be I'm going to go and open a picture one that has some colorful areas and if we use that dialog box we can very easily end up with colors that look odd here's a picture of me and my wife unadjusted so it doesn't look amazing but let's say that we open that and it happened to be that our color settings in light room were set up to use not adobe rgb but one of the others and actually let's go up here we had it set up to use something called pro photo. Some photographers use that I don't want to get in a discussion as to why you'd use it, because that could be a long discussion. All saying is there are a lot of photographers that have chosen to use that I'm not suggesting you do unless you know what it means and why we're using it, but watch what happens if I come over here and choose export and I choose safer web. First, the colors in the image look similar to what I had in the document itself and that's because of this check box, if I turn off that check box, do you see how dull the colors look that check boxes? What makes the colors look consistent when I get things to the internet problem is this feature that they've come up with to eventually help to replace safer web it's just called export ass doesn't have that check box, and so you have to be very careful using it. If your photographer, if you create your images using anything other than s rgb, then I'd stay away from this in general because it's not going to convert to have surgery before you, and therefore, if you used anything other than that the colors within your image will usually look mellower than usual. Especially if you happen to use the one that's called pro photo that's the most extreme and it'll make your image look really mellow but let's see why they put it in there what is it going to give us in the future maybe once they refine it and get more features added and how can it help people that are not photographers but instead designers that might do web design there's a choice here called export uh preferences you know choose export preferences I can tell it the file format that I like to use for most of my images let's say that I like to use the file format of png and I just click ok by doing that now I'm gonna have an option under the export menu called quick export as png now from a web designer and I make a bunch of graphics if I just made this graphic and I want to export it I no longer have to see the dialog box that gives me a bunch of options for exporting instead I can come over here and just say quick export is png and right now it's going toe start exporting that image using those settings or I could go in my layers panel and let's say I have just one element in here this word air I can now right click on it and say quick exporting png and it'll automatically isolate that layer from the rest of them and it'll automatically crop it down to just that and exported as a png file, so that means now I can do a web design, set it up in my layers panel to have a relatively complex set up, and I can right click on any layer or any layer group member those folders you can organize things into and just right click and say a quick export and really quickly get a file export in that format, or if I don't want to use that particular format when I right click, there is a choice here called export as and that's where I'd be able to tell it to use j peg or something else, but it really can speed up the process of exporting lots of files. Let's, go and look on my desktop, and now you can see right here is that first the one I exported called air, and you notice it's cropped precisely to get on lee that element here's, the other one that exported as a png. And so therefore you can take a web design and very quickly say about the elements. There are also some other new features that would allow you to save up multiple versions, similar to what layer cops are like, um, but slightly different that we'll talk about it in a little while. Eventually, though, hopefully they'll add the choice of converting srg be so those of us that are not web designers instead those of us that use a lot of other color spaces like adobe, rgb or pro photo don't end up with dole looking pictures what happens is with people who do web design when they go over here and create a brand new document right here they choose the choice called srg be by default it's not the best setting to use photographers necessarily because it can I make you end up with slightly dollar colors within your picture, but web designers use that by default with all their pictures and so for them it's no big deal that that doesn't have that particular feature any questions or comments about the export future we're talking about unless you use pro photo and and if I try to convert over too anything else in photo shop get that real dole color but I've found that if I do the conversion from like room to photo shop then you know that doesn't happen you said you have something light room and when you see the dull colors if I have an image in in photoshopped that his adjusted for pro photo yes and then I go in there and try to assign the color and I goto srg be ok or adobe rgb it comes out real dole like you were talking about but if I if I take the same image in light room and then exported to photo shop yes as the rgb or the the adobe rgb, then that problem goes away. Well, I don't know, you know, the exact part of what you talked about the very beginning when it came to, uh, when you're seeing the results but what's happening is if you have an image that is in pro photo, which this one is right now and you just give that image to somebody let's, say it's displayed in a web browser, it will look very dull because a web browser, a lot of web arrows theirs are not smart enough to know that you haven't set up in a different way, and you need it to be an s rgb mode to look appropriate. If it's already open in photoshopped here's, what you need to do is either go to the file menu in chiu's safer web because in safer web that check box called convert srg b and that's going to do it for you and make it look appropriate or, for some reason, you don't want to use that. Instead, you want to be able to copy from photo shop and paste into a different program or something else you could instead go to the edit menu, and at the bottom is a choice called convert to profile and if you choose that intel it to convert to srg, be it does. The same thing is the check box and save for webb, and now I could copy it pasted in another program or do anything I want. And you're not going to see those dull colors because it is now an s rgb. The only time you see the really dull colors is when the program your viewing it in is not smart enough to know how your docking this set up and it's making it assumption about your document. That is not true, it's. So we need to do it so that the assumption that that other program makes is true. And that assumption is that made out of s rgb. So we either you safer web, where you go to the edit menu, choose, convert to profile and you send it. Tests are giambi on dh that will do it. You don't need to go to light him to have it happen.

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