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Photoshop and Lightroom Creative Cloud Additions in 2015

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Keywording Your Images & Other Filters

Ben Willmore

Photoshop and Lightroom Creative Cloud Additions in 2015

Ben Willmore

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10. Keywording Your Images & Other Filters

Lesson Info

Keywording Your Images & Other Filters

Now let's talk about key wording in case you're not familiar with key wording. If I want to be able to find an image in the future I had click on an image and if I want to find it, I needed somehow make it searchable and with defaults, the only thing I can search for are things that are automatically attached my picture that means the shutter speed, the aperture setting the date it was shot, but camera was shot on that kind of stuff and that's not so useful to find a very specific picture. So if I want to be able to find a very specific picture over on the right side of my screen, in is an area in the library module called key wording in with key wording, I click on an image in most of the time this will be empty. There won't be any words there yet unless you've done something to actually make a key word and that's how I can find one here's one that doesn't have any key words, then right down here is an area that says click here to add key words and you can type in any search terms tha...

t you would potentially ah find helpful to find that image in the future, so this one I'm going to come in here and just call this this would be a banner ad because a banner advertisement eyes what this particular images it's got some text in it, and if you want other search terms, atacama in the kama will indicate you're done with the first, because the first one could be more than one word long, like united states of america, comma california, comma, whatever, and I could add mohr terms in here. I'm going to call this skein or just ski because it has to do with scheme that's what the banner ads about I do comma in. Maybe I put in the client name or whatever it is I find would be useful to be able to search for and find this image in the future, a press return or enter, and it shows me right above there which key words are attached to this picture, and if I want to be able to find that image in the future, I could be viewing not this folder, but my entire catalog of images become appear to catalog here's all photos. I can click there and now, let's say I couldn't see that picture, and I wanted to find it up here at the top of my screen. When we have that little filter bar, one of the choices you have is to search on text, and you can search for all sorts of different things when it comes to text. But one of those choices is key words and now if I want to find just that image I could type in banner I didn't see how I found it so a key word is simply text attached to your picture that you can search for later to find that same image and I do a lot of key wording and so there's a list over here called your key word list and it shows you all the key words you've applied to images in another way you could search is just go to your key word list and if you find the key word where you want to find all the images tagged with it it'll tell you how many images you've tagged with that particular key word and if he had the arrow it's right next to it it'll automatically set up the filter bharat the top to filter for keywords and on lee that particular key word so you can quickly get back to it so keep wordings really nice well one of the things that I do with key wording is I keep track of the people the models that I have shot and let's see how we can simplify that process and fem I automated to just make it much faster here I have a bunch of pictures of people these happened be pictures of myself my wife and a wedding that I a friend's wedding where I just shot some casual pictures and let's. See what we can do with it first off, if you want to turn on face recognition for your entire light room catalog, so it starts searching your entire catalog for faces is you can go to your identity plate. You know this area in the upper left where usually it says light room where you can customize it to have other things. If you click there there's a choice here called face detection. And if you were to click here, you would have the option of turning on face detection for your entire light room catalog, and if you did, it would start searching your light room catalog of images looking for faces. He wouldn't know who the people are yet because you haven't educated about what people look like, but you would be able to do that. Uh, it would suddenly start be able to find people or if I go in here, I can also, um, do this on a folder by folder basis. And if I do it on a folder by folder basis, taking a moment to there's a bar down at the bottom, which is usually there in has become hidden. I need to get it to show up to call the toolbar. But I don't usually hide it so having to think of where do you go to find it took me a moment but if you down here in the bottom of the library you're going to find usually a bar down here that's called the toolbar if you find it's not visible on your screen you go to the view menu and there's a choice up here of hide toolbar or if it's hidden it'll shows it will say show to a bar in down in the toolbar you're going to find in light room c c if you have the newest version is a little face that little face will turn on face recognition for only this serious of images I'm viewing that could be a folder, a collection or whatever it is you're really I'm going to do that and when I do this comes up to say do you want to do it to your entire catalog or just as needed meaning just this folder I'm going to do just this folder now it's starting to think about the images that are in this folder it's searching for face and if it finds what it thinks is a face it's going to temporarily crop the image to show you just the face and it will take in a moment to go there this entire selection of images but what's nice about it is if there's more than one face in the same photograph here will show more than one version right here these two faces aaron the same photograph there's my face there's my wife's and so therefore I can try tio identify this now as it does this it also notice is that a lot of these faces are similar, and if it finds faces that it thinks they're similar, you'll find it puts a number on top of it. You see the number four, and if I click on that, you'll see that it expands it to show me all four faces that it thought were similar so I can click that number to confirm that the faces that it thought were similar are actually the same person if I don't trust it yet I go over here and say, yeah, those were the same these are the same yes then below each person you'll find it has a question mark because it doesn't know who these people are. What I'm going to do is simply click where that question mark is in educate light room about who's in the photograph. So I'm gonna type in karen wilmore because that's my wife now it moves it to the top and you see, it says named people up there and blow is unnamed so in other words it knows who the people are in the photos above, and it doesn't know who the people are in the photos below now I noticed this next picture here is also my wife karen when I end up starting a type k for karen it's going to make suggestions it's just going to look up other names that have the letter k in them and it will give me a suggestion I can continue typing if this wasn't karen if it was katrina or something but if I like its suggestion I'll just hit return or enter and it'll bring me to the next picture so now I could go over here and type my name and here I can talk because it's me hit return and you see how it's going through in making it a relatively quick process but after a while is starts getting smart notice that some of these still have question marks underneath them because like this is me from over twenty years ago in my face looks a bit different so I might still have to educated about that but the more I educated about me the more it's going to start thinking that certain ones of these pictures army or are my wife so you notice now that this one has karen's name underneath it it is not certain enough to really be sure so it says karen wilmore with a question mark and I mouse over and if you look on the left side will be a noh symbol and on the right size of check box so I checked click the checkbox if that's a parent and here's another one and as I do that, the more educated about what I look like and what karen looks like the more down here I'll usually start getting more guesses that are correct it'll speed up the process and you see how fast this is becoming for me to d'oh you notice that right now though I'm doing a lot of typing, you don't have to do a lot of typing watch just grab a picture and drag it on top see karen's already up there she's recognize so just greg drag it up there you could always go here and grab one you can hold on the command key and click on others so why not just grab all the pictures that look up my wife and drag him on top and so I could come in here and do that for all the pictures of me just drag him on top you don't have the type for all of them so make sense eso then we have other people in here this is rich, so I'll type that and if I think that's rich I can either start typing it below or drag it on top did you question it calm? Sometimes it doesn't run I was going to say I didn't know you drag I just go and click a bunch of them and then type it yeah, but sometimes it gets it wrong about the top can you correct? Yeah, you can correct it, there's a bunch of different things we can do first off if you go to any image and we go back in to face you accidentally got out of it. If you go to any image, you can view the entire folder first off you can do that by hitting the space bar space bar means show me the whole image or if you type the letter s s means expand the stack that's up here because here it says there's twenty one images of karen seven images have been well, if I click on that there's no number up there to click on I could go down here and try to click on it but it wants me to change the name if you just click on that and it s it'll expand the stack and I could look through here now and say, are these all karen? And if it's not I can come out here and type in a different name underneath or dragged this on top of a different person that's been identified if I go to a folder and I come in here if I hit the space bar now you can see that you can see the whole picture and within the picture it will put a box on top of the faces and it's really nice that you could have the names sitting like that because now he had a group photograph of all your relatives from your family reunion, you only know half of them as long as you ask your uncle or your grandma or whoever it is, who these people are, and you type them in the light room when you go back to your group shots now you can actually see who these people are. Now you're going to find that on occasion it messes up and let's see how it might mess up. Well, first off down here, look, it thinks these air faces they're not. They happen to have little circles, which it might think so are similar to eyeballs, but they're not, and so if I go in there and click on it, it found my face up there, but over here it also there's a face if there's a face you neither wanted to ignore or it's not really a face, you can click on this box and just hit delete or let's say there's a face and it didn't recognize the face it didn't recognize it as a face. It didn't put a rectangle on it. Well, down here at the bottom, you can see this little icon that's gonna let those little boxes show up or be hidden, and I can just click within the image in drag like this and say, hey, that's a face and type in somebody's name, so if somebody's head is maybe turned and you're only seeing the back of their head and therefore it doesn't recognize it because it's the eyes and a mouth you can manually click on that and add your own box. So you're only going to find those things showing up when you're in people view in people view is this little guy down at the bottom of your screen? If you type the letter o, I think it is that's the keyboard shortcut for getting to people view, and if you want to get out of people view, just click on one of these other icons over here to get you back to the normal grid or a single image. And if you want to start working with that, people think again, you click on the little people icon and you'll be back into this view and just remember the, uh, the letter s will expand. The stacks are at the top, eh? So you can see all the images and hitting the space bar will allow you to view the entire image where you can see those little boxes now, if you're like me and you happened to key word, your images a lot and you go to your key word list you're going to find though as you add these keywords that your key word list is just going to start having some of the people keywords that you've had in there I'd like to organize mine I don't know if you're going to organize mine is thoroughly if yours is thoroughly as I do mind, but if I go in here to hugh who go to people I haven't an area called model in this shows me some of the people that I've tagged there is a way to tell light room to think about your organization of your key wording if you happen to organized and if you right click on a key word there is a choice called put new person key words inside this key word if I choose that watch what happens to that key word called model do you see a little asterix next to it that indicates that that key word is special? It means that if I take any additional people it's not going to put it on the base level of my key words it's going to instead put it as a sub key word of this is a child of this and if you're not familiar with key words, you could drag one key word on top of another to make one a child of the other so if you want to see what I'm talking about here I'll just drag rich on top of ski and see how he's indented now and that means if I take something with rich you could also search for ski to find him and so I go down here and I'd put rich under model so then if I want to find all of the people that are tagged within all of my photos, I could search for the key word model, that kind of thing so if you happen organizer keywords no, you can right click on them and that's where you'll find the choice of put new person keywords inside this key word. Not everybody will want to use that, but I find it useful to keep my key word list nice and clean if you're somebody that is trying to organize their key words and would love to get to the point where it's nice and clean organization could be one of the tip it's not a feature that's necessarily brand new, but I find it to be useful. I create a keyword that is called unsorted I happen to put the letters e at the beginning just so it sorts to the very bottom of the list you don't need the letter z and then I right click on it and there's a choice and they're called put new keywords inside this key word put new keyword inside this key word what that will do is put a little bullet point at the end to tell you that this is where that set to and then any time you add a new key word, not a person keyword, because that we have it's separate setting for but once like this remember when I added banner ad and I added ski instead of being on the base level of your key word list, they had automatically go in here. So therefore this is my catch all for new key words that I have yet to spend time to organize in that by doing that, I'm able to keep my key word list nice and clean, because this you might also call clutter, which is just my clutter of clear words that I haven't had time to organize, but that's only for people that key word a lot. You know, if you're not into key wording yet you probably don't know why that would be important. Yes, let's say I have pictures of the town of sunset and also have sunset pictures or I have a pictures of flowers of roses and a client name rose. Is this text search case sensitive so I could eliminate the flowers when I want the client verse for don't believe its case sensitive, but if you have it. Let's say you have a key word called client and then you as children of that you have a list of a bunch of clients then you have a key word of flowers in you have a list of that you could do a keyword search for a client comma rose and therefore it needs to conform to both of those whereas if you just type the word rose you would find both the flowers and the client so I would just have it so you search for whatever the parent keyword is in then to a comma in search for the other so it has to conform to both does that make sense also if you were to do that here I'll actually create a key word um called rose and then I'll create another key word called rose somewhere else meaning I have two of them I just want to see what happens when you do that then if I go to an image and I want to key word it and I come in here to the key wording area in I type in rows he will tell me there are two roses and it will tell me the parent that each roses under and I can choose between those two to say I only want you know it's a flower versus a client that make sense so you can set things up like that you have to think through it a little bit teo make sure it's set up in a way that really serves you one more question can you cut and paste bolt sections of key words in there so you don't have to type each one? Yeah here's a picture of my wife if you look at what it's it's tagged with it's got karen and then win wars right wedding it was in hawaii here's his hips at an angle that's because when I teach composition and things that people put your hips at an angle compared to this is straight on and that is karen I could just select thes copy in that if I had another picture let's say this one I could just click right here and paste and suddenly I would take the same keywords tio heard there's a bunch of different ways of doing that so you can could you if you if you have key word hell at the moment kind of because you had too many is there waiting to start cleaning up by picking the keywords and putting them into the unsorted or yeah, what I would do is if I have keyword hell which is what I find most people have which is just a key word list that goes on forever uh is the first thing I would do is create a brand new key word you can create a new key bird without attaching to a picture by just clicking here and just create one called unsorted then in your key word list scroll all the way to the top your key word list click on the first keyword that's their scroll all the way to the bottom which might take you ten minutes to get down to the bottom of that list hold down the shift key and click on the bottom one that select everything in between then you just want to make sure the key word that you've just created that you're going to want to put them into is not selected and to get of key word un selected you can hold on the command key control windows to get individual ones once elected then I would just dragged these on top of the one you want to put them in it just put them in where in this case that's not right one but but you could just drag them on top of one called and sorted and suddenly your key word list would just say unsorted just like right now I'll drag all these into unsorted and then collapse on sort of now a key word list looks like that then I would right click on this and I would say put new keywords inside this key word and that means if I add new keywords to other pictures they're going to go into that same location and so now my key word list is going to look it's going to hide this clutter and then as I have time, I would go in there and start organizing them that's our dragon one on top of another I'd start creating other key words that are just for organization like who what where? That kind of stuff. Yeah. Anyway that's getting beyond people key wording so let's get off a peewee wording we could literally do ah whole day on key wording and in fact I have done a pretty extensive talk on key wording in what was my last longer class on creative life I think it might have been ah uh for travel and um travel in landscape photographers or something like that a class on I've had a quite a bit about key wording it then yes, click if you have an image in for key words to it and you import the image ocean to your website are the key words carried along with it so they could be searched with google earth. So fourth depends when you are exporting an image if you go to the file menu and you choose export usually I export with the pre set which is via this menu but if you just choose export you can set this up in one of the choices here is called meta data and metadata is what keywords is in that category that's how it's attached to your picture in here I can tell it do I want only my copyright info? If I choose all all metadata, that means my key words will be in there if I say remove person info, then the people key words will be removed because you might have miners that are in your photo and you don't want to have their names attached to the images I could have location information removed all that kind of stuff, and if I were to set this teo copyright only all my key words would not be included if I said this to all, they would be included on the people when when you use the people search head toe, add the names does that populate in your key words? Yeah, but that's where it's putting them is in your key words and in my case. So when I typed in karen wilmore, it put it in my key words, it just happened to be that karen will where was already in there so you didn't see it on the base level. It was wherever I haven't more my organization system, but you saw that one that I didn't have in their earlier was one called rich and it was just sitting there in the base level, but yes, it does put it in your key word list all right, so now let's actually look out a few things outside of light room for a moment and that's because some of the things we've already done don't require light room you khun do them using if I show this in the finer aiken do them using just photoshopped, but so you don't have light room for some reason. You remember when we did the dog's eyes? Well, if you have an image and you don't have light room, you just have photo shop. You can also go here into enbridge and she's, opening kameron and in the cameron dialog box. You also have the little pet I tool right up here and over here we have red eye versus pet I so just so you know you, if you happen to be somebody that just haven't adopted light room there's some people haven't, they're not comfortable with the yet or whatever, and they're used to using bridge and camera. You do have the pet I thing available, and then let's say that you instead are thinking about your hdr. Well, if you had multiple images, it'll take me a moment to find them because I have to navigate to the folder, hang a right click on an image and just say, go to folder in finder I've tried that to bridge ok here's, some hdr images if I want to do the hdr emerging, I select the images and I can choose opening kameron and it's not overly discoverable but if on the left side of the screen you have these little thumbnails if you open more than one image in camera there's a little side menu at the top and if I choose select all to get all these images selected in the same side menu is where you're going to find merged hdr and you're going to find merge two panorama the same two features we used in light room it's the same technology as far as it being able has merged them together they're still raw files in the end result, I wanted to mention that simply because some people have not fully adopted light room yet and if you haven't you might be thinking you need light room do it, you know? But this isn't overly discoverable if you're just wandering around camera looking for new features and so I want to make sure you knew exactly where it's hiding but there's a couple more things I want to mention when it comes to light room and so let's take a look in light room. Some new things are at the top of the collections panel collections or where I organized a lot of images and so in here I can have my portfolio and I have my portfolio based on a bunch of different locations I might have shot at or different subject matter, but I don't always like having to navigate through the organization of my collections to find things so now we have this new area called filter and if I click there I can filter this down some onley viewing certain collections so I'll type the letters hd arcs I know I have some collections that include hdr in them and now I'm on leave viewing those collections that include that so it becomes much easier now to find one of those if I click on one I'm viewing the image is contained within that collection then I can clear the little search so I can view the full list again but I'm still on leah viewing the images on that collection have clicked on so that speeds things up quite a bit I really wish they would add that at the top of the folders list to go quickly to some folder and to me that would even be more useful than collections but they put it here first I hope they put it up under folders in the future. Other things that are different in this version are when you're in the library module at the bottom of your screen in the toolbar remember we went to that face icahn before well there's spray can icon the spray can an icon is not new but what it does is they made some changes to it let's look at what it does and then what they've changed if I click on the spray can just next to the spray can is little poppet menu and I can tell it what would I like to spray onto images? I wish it had the choice of graffiti or something you know but it doesn't let's say it's a rating I'm gonna go in here and say I want to spray ratings of three stars on images and now I can go onto my invention just click in each image I click on is going to get a rating of three stars or if I want to change the labeling or rotation less they want to rotate particular direction with that kind of thing if I go to settings here these air presets so I could have a preset remember I had a d hayes preset I might be able to apply just by clicking what's new in this version is when you choose the choice called key words over here on the right side you could type in a keyword so I could type in hdr and now when I tap on an image it's going to automatically tag each one of those with the key word of hdr but there's something that's not all that discoverable related to that and that's what I want to share with you and that is if you have the paint can active and you move your mouse up to your image hold on the shift key and that's when you find an extra little feature here it will show you most recently used keywords if you don't you've seen it all doom up a little bit here but what I hold shipped its most recent and I just click on the ones that I would like to add let's say it's thes three and aiken click on as many of moves I'd like you know I'm just loading up the paint can to apply those particular keywords and if you look down here at the bottom it just entered them for me down there but that is grabbing the paint can having it set to key words in holding on shift that's? What gives you this list and you're not limited to having just recent keywords you could also set up um sets of these like, for instance, I'm a bus freak I own to die on a bus and I have a bunch of photographs of buses I know it sounds odd but it's just like people are in the airstream trailers and things well, here is a bunch of brands of buses and things that I often take buses with so I can quickly find them and you can set these up if you'd like all that is is the same feature you usually find on the right side of your screen under key wording this part right here keyword set and if you experiment in this area you can create your own sets so if you do a lot of key wording, you might like the little spray can. The main thing is it's, not very discoverable, that you have to hold shift if you want to be able to quickly load it up with recent keywords.

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Technology is always evolving - make sure you keep pace with it. Join Ben Willmore for Photoshop and Lightroom Creative Cloud Additions and get up to speed on 2015 updates from Adobe.

In this comprehensive class, you’ll learn about all of the changes Adobe made in 2015 and how to integrate them into your daily workflow. You’ll learn about:

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If you’ve watched any of Ben’s previous courses, this will be a great way to update your knowledge and ensure you know about all the latest features.

2015 has been a big year of updates from Adobe for the Creative Cloud, so get up-to-date on those changes in Photoshop and Lightroom Creative Cloud Additions with Ben Willmore.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.1

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Jose A De Leon

I just purchased this course today and it's wonderful. Ben is one of the best Photoshop instructors I've encountered. I had purchased the complete Mastery course and this one is a welcome addition since it covers new features. Even though Photoshop and Lightroom will continue to evolve, the basic techniques and tools used are basically the same, so I find myself going back to the mastery course if I hit a bump along the way. Ben's knowledge is second to none, but his true gift is the ability to transmit all that knowledge in bite size and understandable portions that are never boring. Someday I will have the privilege to know him personally, in the meantime I will continue to buy his courses as they come out. Such a wealth of information. Thanks Ben and CreativeLive!


Ben is a wealth of knowledge and covers the material beautifully. Highly recommend his workshops to others!