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Podcasting for Crafters and Makers

Lesson 4 of 31

How to Set up your Studio in 5 Minutes

Tara Swiger

Podcasting for Crafters and Makers

Tara Swiger

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4. How to Set up your Studio in 5 Minutes

Lesson Info

How to Set up your Studio in 5 Minutes

This is all you need. Are you guys ready? Super easy. You need your phone, the Auphonic app which I'm gonna show you in a minute and then you need a host. A host is where your podcast is gonna live. We're gonna go through your two best host options. I am gonna narrow it down for you so you do not have to try to figure out what host is best. I'm gonna give you two options. I'm just gonna have you pick one of those options. I'm gonna tell you how to pick the options and then we're gonna submit it to iTunes. This is all you need to record a podcast. You don't need extra editing software, you don't need a special microphone, you can use your phone, Auphonic and a host. That's really, that's totally it. So now I'm gonna show you how Auphonic works. Before I do, I want to explain that Auphonic is both an app and a website. It's free to use unless you use over so much storage so if you are doing three episodes a week you might have to pay for extra storage and I think maybe five, $10, but it'...

s totally free to get started on it. So what you're gonna do is actually go to the website and set up at, create your account, and when you create your account, you can put in all the details of your show. So that means you can put in the title, you can upload an image, you can also include an intro and an outro and basically what they let you do is create a template of a production. So you do that once in Auphonic and then whenever you make a recording from your phone you just add that production template and it all gets put together. So along with that production template is any kind of changes you wanna make in the audio, like if you wanna smooth some things out and they have an explanation of what each setting is. You can set those settings up on the website and then download the app on your phone and I'll show you what that looks like on my phone. This is what Auphonic looks like as soon as you open it up. You immediately can start to record. So that's it, I can hit record right now, it's gonna record what we're saying and I can add a chapter if I want there to be chapter marks, you don't have to worry about that. You can also change the microphone. You can see at the top it can be your iPhone microphone at the bottom, at the top, you can plug in your headphones and use your headphones, which I recommend. You're gonna get better audio. You pause it, you can stop recording, and it's gonna keep that recording for you right there on your phone. Now if you're connected to your account you've set up at this point, you can take that recording and you click Auphonic right at the top right, the Auphonic, and it's gonna let you add any settings that you've set up. So if you've put your intro, you've put your outro, you've put the title of the podcast, it's gonna create it all and then it's gonna send it wherever you want it to send it. So I have mine set up to send to both Dropbox and Libsyn which is my host. We'll talk a little more about Libsyn. But those are the steps, you set it up on the website, you put in any of the details you want on the website, you tell it where to send it, and then you open the phone and you hit record. You guys saw how easy that was, right? It's just a big red button. And what's great is if you wanted to record your episode right away but you haven't set it up on the website or haven't created your intro and outro, you can make your first recordings right away. And I think Liz has already done that. Just make your recordings as you walk around so if you're doing something interesting or you meet somebody interesting and you wanna have a conversation, hit the record button and start talking. I accidentally recorded us the other day (chuckles) when we were just sitting at the table talking 'cause it's so simple to press record and have those recordings. Then you can edit them together, just use 'em right from that. That's it, you need your phone, Auphonic, and then if you wanna add on some extra stuff, you can add on a microphone and you can add on editing software. So in the resource guide that comes with this class when you buy this class, I've included a microphone recommendation. I use a snowball mic plugged into my computer 'cause I record through my computer and there's some editing software but you really don't have to get fancy. The thing to keep in mind is that you are trying to make an NPR-level quality podcast. You're not trying to sound like the BBC, you're trying to make content regularly that's gonna connect with your best customers, and that's gonna build that relationship. So I always tell people don't worry about editing software in the beginning. As you get more into it, you might become an audio nerd and wanna create all this extra fun stuff, but of all the clients and students I work with who have used podcasts to grow their business, they don't even edit it. They record it, they post it, that's it. So that Auphonic app lets you do all the editing you need to do which is adding the intro and outro which we'll talk about how to make and sending it to your host. And then once it's on your host, you schedule it to publish and that's it.

Class Description

Are you obsessed with podcasts and wondering how to develop and produce your own? In Podcasting for Crafters and Makers, you'll learn Tara's one-week podcast launch plan and how to make a show that's effective at reaching your goals. We'll generate a big list of episode ideas and find angles so you can produce show after show!

You'll learn:

  • Why Podcasting matters and is important for your business
  • How it builds trust
  • How to generate content ideas
  • How to choose a format
  • How to start a podcast in a week!

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I design embroidery patterns and I love podcasts but I wasn't sure what I would talk about in my own podcast without being able to show pictures. After watching this course I already have 20+ ideas for podcast topics, plus I now know how to get a podcast up and running, step-by-step, AND how it fits with my business goals. Tara Swiger is an excellent teacher and coach. I filled page after page with notes!

Rhonda M.

Excellent, practical information.

Dawn Craig