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Keywording Part 2

Lesson 16 from: Post-Processing for Outdoor and Travel Photographers

Ben Willmore

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16. Keywording Part 2

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Lesson Info

Keywording Part 2

once you've set things up the way you have them there's some other cool stuff you khun dio show you one cool thing and that is a tte the top you can filter your keywords which means only show me ones that contain whatever I type in here so I'm gonna come in here in type the word water and let's see what comes up for some we hide some stuff up here to make room okay filter keywords now I'm going to say water now look at all the keywords that involved water it found the word watercraft because that contains the word water if I take something with yacht it automatically got ship it automatically got watercraft it automatically got transportation search any of those terms I'm going to find that image down here for water it found beach coast fountain ice iceberg iceland lagoons oceans ponds rivers how the heck do you get to do that well it's just a matter of organizing your key words but once you d'oh it's pretty crazy set up so what I'm going to do is just so you know is I'm going to suppl...

y with the class for those of you that actually purchase it you'll get a starter set of key words which will pretty much be this set of key words that you're seeing right now with some things removed that wouldn't make sense for you for instance you haven't been to all the national parks I've been teo I'd only put the ones in you've been too because otherwise it's just clutter that's not being used and there are certain specially things that I'm into that you guys just would have no real interest in and so for instance when I come in here too recreational vehicles since I live in one I have ridiculous amounts of details like here is a trailer what brand of trailer what here and all that kind of stuff that you just don't need that detail and so all removes some of the key words that I used that are overly specific to what I do we're simply key words that I would not find useful if I was just starting out getting this stuff implemented but if you purchase the course what you'll be able to do is go to the metadata menu and there's a choice down here called import keywords and if you feed it the text file they will come with the course you're going to get a key word list just like mine and if you follow the theater here that we're doing now you'll get a pretty good sense for how to implement it and so therefore you khun save a lot of time because it's been taking me a lot of time to develop this structure so let's make some more entries here first if you want a new key word cee lo plus sign up here just click it and this is where you can type in a new key word so I'm gonna come in here and just make one up off the top of my head I'm gonna call it creative life so I know to delete it later down here synonyms this means that if I search this words mean the same as the one have actually tagged and when I export my image if I tell it to include keywords it will include whatever they're synonyms I type in so I don't know a good synonym for creative live I'll just put c l in case that's uh this or maybe it's creative live dot com that's the same cinnamon and here I can say include on export that means if I export a picture let's say a tip for j peg and I email it to a friend there's a check box that says include keywords when you do that and if it's turned on shouldn't include this particular keyword or not I have that turned off for things like how what win where because people will build why did you take this with the world where you know instead that's just part of my organisation system but it doesn't actually describe something specific in the image so I just say don't export that I'm using it only internally and light room to organize things it shouldn't go out with my pictures toe like a publisher's whoever receives my picture so I turn off include on export I click create now you see I have my new keywords sitting right there that's when I click this to create it then I want to put one inside of here well aiken either hit the plus sign and create a new one russell king think your last name is it jan di's okay so I'm gonna have a keyword called russ and it's got a synonym of russ andy's and I'm also going to put in a synonym of host um and cool dudes or something better have cool dude yeah and I want to export those so all those things would get tagged so I hit create now on ly rust shows up for us is the only thing I needed tag to a picture but if I do and I export the picture or I search it will be able to still have rushed show up if I search by one of those synonyms because maybe I forget that you know something so I got that now I want russ to be inside of creative live well I could just click on russ and drag him on top of creative live let go and now you can see is inside if on the other hand I don't feel like creating the keyword and then dragging it up there just go on top of the parent keyword that you have into a right mouse button click and you'll find a choice called create keyword tag inside and then the name of the one you write clicked on so I'll say do that all right then I'm gonna create one called um hey boy and I'll put in synonyms and whatever else I think would be appropriate and if I think that shouldn't be included on export I can leave that turned on if I turn this off it simply means it's on ly for internal use in light room I never want to see it when it leaves light room and so I'll leave that on then here it says export containing keywords and that means shouldn't grab it's parents you know it's it's like if you have texas and it's contained within united states should when I take taxes for the united states go with it and most of time yes and should it also export the synonyms where is that just for my searching and so a click okay and so now you see I have russ and I have benny boy now with any one of these you can right click on them and there's a choice called edit keyword tag and I don't just send you right back in there so if you find there's a typo or you find you want to know do I have any synonyms for that you just right click and say you want to edit it and you khun change those it's never permanent and so I can simply continue doing that creating new keywords within various parents that contained those keywords and you can drill down as deep as you want to go I could come down here and say creative live benny boy and do another one called appearances because I've been a credit live many times but appearances that's not released about the picture itself that's more of a container for the list of what I've been here so I'm going to say don't include that on export because it doesn't help me find this picture click create and so then inside appearances I could right click and say I don't know what right now it's what two thousand fourteen to july right now july twenty I don't know what it is create so now you can see how I'm drilling this down deeper and deeper and if I ever tag an image with this tag right here it automatically get solid parents which is what makes it really cool when you structure it like I have down here and any time I can grab this and decide no I'm going to put it over here so it's under the base of creative live it's not in these other I just moved here and let go every single image that's been tagged with that will change so it no longer has those other parents which I think is really great it makes it so you you're not locked into what you have here and that's how you can create if you started out with a random list of key words which many people have you could just start creating folders where this one just called what in any key word that has to do with what the subject of the photo is or what the photo contains just drag into the folder called what and later on you can decide to further divide that up so I'm going to get rid of the one called creative live because I didn't really need it I right click on it there's a choice called delete since I was going to say it's gonna delete this and it's going to be removed from any photos that have a tag and I hit delete gone so it's just a matter of going through that process to create whatever structure you would find useful so when I come in here to what here's my activities so far somebody is carrying something why don't you take caring well how else am I supposed to remember this photo somebody carrying something in that I just had to think of how would I remember x I know I want to find that photo in the future it's a matter of thinking what would be useful in your particular case in for me I thought if I went toe activity and what carrying I could find it so here's somebody cooking here's people fishing uh here's people jumping um plain praying all sorts of things he had this list will develop and once I find it gets too long off subdivided into some whatever it is that I think would be useful eso yoga that's I see a lot of yoga pictures that's because my wife does yoga and I take pictures of her in all sorts of national parks and other places uh doing yoga like that and I might put that into activity fitness and then I'll put walking yoga ah and a few other the of these may be in there and so here is some of the divisions I've done architecture is a commercial okay it's a bar cafe because I just found the list was getting too long and so when the list gets too long I tried to break it up so it's easier to find things you don't have to do this I gotta religious building church cathedral so when I take that with cathedral aiken search and find it by searching for church religious building architecture er all those things and I can get all of these things even though they're different types of religious buildings we're just looking right here well I get all those types of buildings so spend some time creating the structure at least figure out what you think would be useful for your particular use for your base ah once what I would do is create a catchall just called maybe legacy key words or unsorted keywords and just select everything you got you just like more than one at a time and drag it on top of that so that the list is clean on the base level then create this list or whatever list helps you for the base and then as you have time whenever you get some free time you're on a flight going somewhere whatever come in here go to the folder called unsorted pop it open and just start dragging it into your base levels and as you find that whatever is in one of these folders it starts getting to be unmanageable because the list is long further subdivided and simply continue doing that until you find this list to be useful and it's going to take a while to do that if you have a large collection of random keywords so what I have done is inside each one of these I put a catch all place to put keywords where I don't know where they belong in my structure yet so if I open any one of these let's say I open how at the very bottom of the list will always be a choice called z unsorted and every one of these folders there's one called z unsorted so how do I use that well here's what I do let's go to that list of images that needed to be key worded and I would have come in here in just keyword a few and I'll show you how I add new key words because so far when we did it didn't they just show up and clutter our list so I'll go over here to ki wording I don't even need to look at the list and let's just keep words and pictures all right so what would this be well it's fish okay you can't tell the subject so type f I s h okay good I got fish that means in my structure somewhere and so as long as it's suggested it it knows it's in there and so I don't have to think about where to put it it's already in there I bet shits on your animals under I don't know what hit comma and what else would this be well to me what makes this picture special is the motion so I would call this either motion blur or long exposure on try motion blur I type m o t and it's telling me everything that matches that in my key word list so I can see oh motion blur I've had that before it's somewhere in my structure I don't have to know where it is I just someday I'll either figure it out by moving him around or right now it's going to put it where all the other ones called motion blur are so I think just fish in motion blur might be enough to find this photo uh otherwise what type of fish are these are the goldfish I don't know if so I might type that in uh so I think fish motion blur is enough for me there if I knew where I shot it I probably put the location let's go to the next picture that's a texture that's the only reason I have it I'll never remember where I shot it but I want to know it's a texture so I type in tech that's one of my key words so good that's a sign I keep track of signs so I'm going to do it's a sign okay comma and then I tag it with foreign language just because it makes me be able to find that category sign and then it's a warning sign it's what it looks like to me so I'm going to see if I have yes warning sign now I bet you I didn't even need to put sinan because warning sign is probably a child of it but if I don't know that it doesn't hurt to do that I could if I wanted teo I see fire shown if I think that would help me find it I couldn't take it with the word fire but I think that's good not fun I'll be ableto least get close to it all right said this one I'm going to say monk and I'm going to say temple and if I knew where the photo was taken I would probably tag it with the location if I want to find that out if I just go down here to meta data ah one of the choices here is folder it looks like all I know is it's asia because I didn't narrow it down further than that but I can at least take it with asia found asia but if I knew it was some other place I would be more specific uh that's a sign and it's foreign text to me so that'll at least get me to a whole list of signs that are similar god this is fall color fall foil inge I guess I can say it and I'm going to call that what effect is that in my spinning I don't think I've ever tagged anything with me spinning I think I'm spinning the lens eso what I'm going to do now is I want to decide where should that go so here's where I used that unsorted thing remember it was always started with the letters e so I'm in a type of letter z and it's going to all types z you and now look at what it gave me a list of the choice of z you it found in these various spots and so I'm going to think about okay what is this is this who it is is it where it is now is it went no it's either a how or whatever details means but you just don't know what details means yet but it's how it was shot so I'm gonna click there and you see what it did its tagging it with the word how are not how zeon sorted but in the parent called how in the on ly reason it list that is because this is fun and more than one place in my key words so it has to know which one of those does it need to be put under and here is what's cool so this means it's in how it's going in ze unsorted and then I can put the same little symbol that's there and put a new key word there I'm going to say um camera spin that's the technique so that what this is going to do it's going to create a brand new key word called camera spin which will be contained within the unsorted within how takes a while to get used to that kind of idea but it's really powerful because it makes it so I don't have to deal with the whole key word list so that just got tagged so this is an arch and what else would I tag it with I'd rather not just have it so generic is arch because there's so many arch pictures I have if I knew its location I would type that in and I see down here it's in a folder called arches national park so I want to see if I have already used that I'll type in arch who I haven't so I'm going to type in where should arches national park be what state is that in was that utah so I'm gonna go here to utah and I type utah but it's not that I want to tag it with utah it's that I want to create a new key word inside of utah so I do this I'm creating a brand new key word inside of utah called arches national park I might create an identical key word in national parks because that was one of my things under places so what you khun d'oh is type in an existing keyword like utah you know it exists in there and then this means put it inside of that so I'm creating a brand new one inside of utah and I'm going to create another one inside national park you got to play with that to get used to it because it's you know if you're not used to keep worrying if you've never keyword before thinking pushing it a little bit here so but hopefully you get a sense for how you don't always have to use that really long list to put things in it you use that really long list access things and you don't need to access it by clicking on all the little things to expand the various categories because there was a search field right above it so I just type in the word water find everything with the word water in it so here what makes this special well in order to find that it's a shadow on I already have that key word in there somewhere and it's a tree shadows a tree and you know it's not enough it's a shadow on a tree good enough I'll find it just think about what would it be for you to use that so here I'm framing one thing with another so that's a technique called framing so I choose the word keyword a frame and then I try remember one wish I remember the name of this is that window something you might know the name of this off the top of their head my wife karen would know what she's got that brain that store stuff uh these are arches so I'm gonna take it with arch and then I can see down here it tells me the folder it's stored in his arches national park so I think what I'll do is then type arch again in grab it from within utah and grab it also we just went in comma from within national parks who was in the list so anything else we're framing it if I knew the name of the formation like I don't know if this is called window something rather something like that I'd take it with it and if the time of day was important I don't take everything just because it's noon and take it with noon it's is it important to find the photo based on that then I would tag it so if it was sunset or something all right so here that's an arch on the right side uh I know the name of this arch because I can see it in the file name the file name is right here and I can actually click on that just copy it so I'll come up here and where is that it's in utah okay so I'm gonna come in here and type in utah because I want to put something inside of utah and I know I've never take that place before so I type utah and I give it the little uh greater than and put it in there I'm gonna already have the word arch up there do you see the sun is in like a starburst kind of look something a type star burst and I'm gonna call the panorama and anything else I need to know to find that picture well I'm going to be able to get pretty close by searching for an arch panorama of an arch that get me for this I think panorama of an arch with a starburst I'd get right to it what the heck is that well that is try to remember the name of it but it's a fishing hole it's fishing a swimming place so I'm going to take that see what swim you know I have swimming I don't sew swimming is what I'd like to tag this with even though it's not quite what I should do but I'm going to put it in the category of activity because that's where you would do this activity even though this is really not quite fitting with my normal thing because usually it's literal there's somebody swimming here but activity and then swimming because I know activity already exists so activity swimming then I'm also gonna add whale and whale would be kind of funny though it should be under animal and under what what do you call a whale it's uh just put in an animal so I'm gonna take a a n for animal and then the greater than symbol and then whale okay so now it's going to be the new words swimming was added inside of activity which already existed the new word whale was added inside animal which already existed and that is on route sixty six sixty six and I don't remember what city but if I did I'd tag it you think it's just called the blue whale so anyway does this making sense overall the whole thing but the thing is you need to get your brain around it which means it's good if you have a little bit of time and that's why I'm actually somewhat happy that I'm not on the road like I usually am usually I'm in a bus and I'm constantly going out and looking for new things to shoot in the fact that I have some months to put this together so this one's already tagged that one isn't so I can also go toe one like this one and if you compare this one to this one there pretty darn similar is I can come over here and if I just have this set too enter key words I could just copy what's here just selected all copy and then go to the next picture paste turn quick way air coming up right on our break but a couple of people king of sonny berta and some deal to I can't find their name right now and I apologize a couple of people are asking about importing he words from other systems on like importing hierarchy from bridge or words that you've created other systems is that possible here and if so how do you do it yes it isthe uh one don't we just take this okay it is what I can do is if I have my list of key words let's say I have two copies of light room one of my laptop one at home I want to get my key word list in its current state somehow so I could get it on the other machine well if I go to the metadata menu there's a choice called export keywords just says export keywords and if I choose that it's going to ask me where to save these keywords and wherever I tell it to say that I can give it a name and it will save it as a simple text file in fact you'll see it ends with the letters t x t and then I could go and email that to myself on my home machine I want to get to my version of light room there I could go to the metadata menu and I can choose import keywords in feed it that file and it will suddenly load in that whole list that's there you also have the choice which can be useful called purge unused keywords so if you got somebody else's list and you used it and then decided there's a bunch of junk in there you don't need you could perch any key words that have never had a picture assigned to them but be careful because I have like things set up for planning ahead like under continents north america united states I have a list of every state even if I haven't been to every state knowing that eventually I'll probably get a picture I want to put in there it'll automatically take that structure on so you might not want to just haphazardly choose the purge thing the other thing is that file can be opened in a text editor and it's actually really useful to do so I'll open this right now but when I just exported and here's what it looks like it's really simple text all it is is the parent keyword details and then what would be a child of that and then what would be a child of that and so if I look at one that might be more familiar to you let's go to what remember what was one of the parents inside of what is activity inside of activity where all these activities now do you see these little what you call brackets around this brackets around one and a text file indicates it will not be exported I mean it's just for my internal use for organizing he words it's not useful to actually find the picture so I put it in brackets and then we have our key words and so inside of bird I have chicken duck pigeon rooster inside of bug I have butterfly I don't know if it's actually bugger with different category inside mammal I have baboon cat then if you want to do any synonyms then put it in the whatever you call the curly brackets and that means it's a synonym of its parent so when I take something with kat it automatically gets that uh is being searchable for dog gets canine so it's just a simple simple list and this is actually a really good way to get somebody else's list in adapted your needs because you can look at it without having to sit there and expand little triangles and things you come in here and gets a hack none of this makes sense to me and hit the lead or you can come in and put in synonyms or at least know where they exist because otherwise you have to edit each individual keyword to see if there are any synonyms s oh yes working on it as a text file is really nice just make sure that it gets re saved as a text file meaning it ends with the file extension of t x t and on lee certain ones khun do that so here the synonym of statue is sculpture so it confined it based on either so and one final note that is actually really cool is ben is including generously his keyword list you said yesterday with purchase of the course so uh question for folks who may already have some keywords in existence and want to import that list would they co mingle where they would one replaced the other what happens when you try to add a list to an existing list it'll kind of be added on just two the existing less because anything that has just a base level will stay at that base level because you can have the exact same keyword in more than one structure like we had arches national park both under was that california utah and under national park and so it's not goingto mess up what you already have you'll have to drag your key words into that structure that you've imported but I should know that the key word list I'm giving you is what I would call a keyword list starter kit it's not my entire keyword list because that's for my personal development I don't think it's useful for you guys to have everything that's in mind and it is a preliminary one I will eventually most likely flesh this out and actually sell it as a complete keyword list and the one you're getting is like a beta version of that you could say I'm not telling you that you're getting like a a massive one if you do a lot of stock photography mohr keywords you have the mohr likely it is somebody's going to purchase your image on a site because we'll be able to find it so if you do a boatload of of stock photography and you want your images to be well tagged you can purchase a keyword lists in one of them I have here that is purchase a ble this one is called the d sixty five key word list and if you look here he's got all sorts of where I mean his is ridiculously structured if you thought mine was structured his is like okay it is a animal in amphibian it's a frog what kind of frog and what sub kind of frog and all that kind of stuff if you do stock photography sales and want to get a gazillion keywords on things look into purchasing a keyword list this one is called the d sixty five key word lists and is available from individual by the name of seth resnick you can google his name and just the number d sixty five key word list should be able to find it if you google that

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After catching parts of each of the three days, I knew that I would need to have access to this wealth of information. What is great about the program is the ability to stop and go back over something that is not fully understood...and be able to do that until confident enough to move on. I saw no "fluff" in the course, just great information imparted with a style that is makes it easy to understand. CreativeLive scored a big hit with this course! The bonus material is SO valuable, especially the presets. That saves an enormous amount of time for me. My appreciation of the power behind the software is becoming ever clearer. Thanks, Ben, for another outstanding presentation!

Shannon Beelman Photography

Ben has been amazing! He is a wealth of information on organizing images as well as great tips to make your travel images pop just a little more. I came into this class feeling like I had a good handle on lightroom and have come out with a better understanding of the power of the software to make artistic life easier. He covers tips, tricks and little known options that help make workflow smother. I have sat here watching as much of the free broadcast as I can and in this last week I have gotten control over years of images in my lightroom. This is one I know I will be buying soon.


Great class! Somehow, it was enjoyable not having Ben default to "curves for everything"! I don't think the title for this course did it justice, tho. This class was 90% Light Room and 10% Photoshop. I was very happy to discover that dynamic and equally as happy to purchase this course! If you are new to Light Room, this class is a MUST. Creative Live offers several LR classes but this is the one to own. Ben is working on his new book about Light Room Mastery - can't wait! In the meanwhile, I'll be watching Ben's thorough approach to LR in this video. So, don't let the title throw you a curve ball, if you are new to Light Room or a seasoned user, there's plenty of great information - delivered as only Ben can! Thanks CL for this great class!

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