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Lightroom Mobile

Lesson 29 from: Post-Processing for Outdoor and Travel Photographers

Ben Willmore

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Lesson Info

29. Lightroom Mobile

Lesson Info

Lightroom Mobile

we're talking about getting our images out of light room in many different ways we had export we have public certain published services but I also have an ipad and an iphone and I want to get him on those um so there is a new version of light room called light room mobile that you can get on your high devices and don't quote me on this but from what I remember it free and if you have a subscription to creative cloud which is how most people these days get photoshopped and light room and stuff then you should be able to send it over to these devices as long as you have a description of creative cloud and so first let's set it up in light room so I try to get it so it can communicate with these once you've seen how to do that then I'll actually switch over to one of these devices and show you what I can do with light room on the mobile side so what I'm going to do is go to my identity plate you know on the upper left of my screen well right now I just have my name and on lee when you mou...

se over that you see a little white arrow if I click on that that's where we could change our identity plate but that's also where it stores information about light room mobile there's a little light switch over there on the left side and by default that would be turned off but if you click on it you're now saying that you want this copy of light room to talk with your iphone or ipad and usually there below that it would say sign in if I'd never signed into my account before I've already done that though if you do click sinan all it does is it asks you for your user name and password and that's your username and password used for adobe creative cloud which is how most people get photoshopped these days because that's pretty much your only choice so I've already done that just cause I don't wantto have you guys seen me type in my password something's on iphones and I devices you actually see the letters as you type them you know how it pops up so you can kind of see them so I've already signed in but now if I want to get some images over there what I'm going to do is go to a collection you do need to create collections you can't do this with folders and I've created one here called old manual portfolios these airport phyllis where I manually dragged them over I'm updating my portfolio's right now so that will be automatically generated based on keywords but these are my old ones and I'm just going to go to one of these let's goto africa and on the left side if you've turned on the setting to use lightly mobile the one I just showed you a moment ago you're going to find this little thing over here it's like a little box and click on it then it now knows that this particular collection should be uploaded to the internet and once I set it up properly over here should appear on these devices as well now when I do that you'll notice in the upper left of my screen where you often see a progress bar it now says sinking twenty four photos in order to get them to show up on the internet it creates smart previews for each one of those images the same smart previously we could have had made when they're importing in then it will start uploading the smart previews to the internet to your account with adobe and I could come in here and take a cz many of these collections as I would like in click on that little mark so let's just pick another one will go to glacier national park turn that one on the only thing is these cannot be smart collections unfortunately you know the kind of collections that are automatically populated based on a search like what keywords you attach things I wish they could be because then I could really automate things but you'll just find that that check mark on the side is doesn't show up for smart collections so up there it says it's still sinking twenty eight photos and so it's just going to take a few minutes while it's doing that I'm actually going to disconnect from my computer and I'm going to start using my device is not to do that gonna have to connect here hey and I have light room mobile running right now on my screen and I automatically see already my africa gallery but usually when you get in this and you run it for the very first time it would just have a screen saying log in and all you would need to do is type in your username and password the same username and password use for adobe creative cloud which is usually how you get photoshopped cc the newest version the same password used for that when you log in to download an update or anything else and it automatically loaded that one and it should eventually if my laptop stays online it should eventually get the other calorie I'm going to click a few other galleries over here to see if I can get them to upload the only problem with demo ing live is internet connections aren't always the fastest thing you want or or uh whatever just take me a moment here to make a few other clicks okay I've selected about four different galleries and ok I start to see them showing up here I see glacier national park see africa is just not done loading them yet so it'll take a little while for tow upload to the internet and then come back down to this while it's doing that let's look at some of the settings we can use some of things we can do it light room mobile so first off we can create our own galleries on here because sometimes you're gonna end up capturing images with your camera that's built in your iphone and you want to see them in here so in the upper right do you see a plus sign it's really small but there's a plus sign I'm gonna tap on that and that's where I can create a new collection right here in light room mobile and it just usually puts the date ten I'm gonna cross that out and I'm going to call this ipad captures and click okay and now that's an empty gallery of images I want to put some photos inside of that that I've already shot on this device using this camera so if you look at it there's just a big plus sign in the middle and if I click on it it brings me to my camera roll this is the camera roll of all the images that I've captured on this device and we're going to come in here and just too so um if I simply tap here on various images then I can choose which ones are put in there and then there's a checkbox in the upper right I'm gonna tap on and now we have they're all loading in here and if I tap on this I'm gonna have my list of images and if I click here I can see all these images that I've gotten from my own camera all and if jim would pay any attention the's air pictures of our host uh but he was liking his computer the whole time I was in a terrible yeah they probably could have told you to look at those were pretty good I took that one that one that s o anyway I could look through a gallery of these images just so you know the red dot you see on the screen is where my fingers touching the screen there's something known as I think it's presentation mode which just makes it easy to demo this program because it can tell what you're touching and so I can do this if I come in here and I tap on the image with two fingers not just one but two I can control which information shows up on top of it so if I want to see a history ram where I want to hide the history graham and just see information about the file or do it one more time and just see the history maiken cycle between various overlays that's a two finger tap and the information the upper left the general text you can also tap on it to cycle through different data if these were images that were not from this device but were instead from light room on my desktop I can see things like my shutter speed aperture setting that type of stuff in there s o you remember two fingers tapping to toggle between recycled through a bunch of different view modes there there and then we can cycle through here but let's go and stop looking at these images now that we got jim that's my favorite one and in the upper left you'll find that there is a narrow and I'm just going to tap that that's how you go back a level so if I go back a level now I'm looking at just the thumbnails I'm going to hit the same arrow again and now I'm seeing a list of my galleries and it looks like it's realised that I uploaded all those galleries that came from light room and so I can come in here then and click on a particular gallery which I'm going to do and you'd usually see thumb now so the thumbnails there nicely kind of laid out I think there's one image in there that's not from iceland this one that tells me I probably just missed drag drug it when I did things but I can come in here and look at these various images tapping on each one and just swiping across my screen to go between them or if I want a hand this to somebody else I wouldn't do yet in this view because I can also adjust the pictures in here raped them and other things that I wouldn't want other people to do so I'm going to go back and when you're in this view where you could just get a list of your galleries do you see a little play button and lower left just a little triangle in the lower left of the thumb now if I tap that now I'm in a slide show mode and in this slide show mode it's going automatically advance the pictures for me and they're not able to use like two fingers to get that overlay that would usually show up or anything like that they can swipe with their own finger though if they would like to go through the images they can't pinch though they'll try because they're used to doing that on their iphones but you can't pinch if you tap once though at the very top you'll see a choice for slideshow options in up there I can choose what kind of transition he's used in this case it's set to wipe I can set it to instead flip for instance and then in the upper right is a play button like start a slide show up again and now you see how it flips instead of slides but that's what I choose up here there's also a cross fade or no transition and this is also where you choose how long they're going to see each slide that's the number at the bottom three seconds and if you stop the slide show by using your fingers and manually navigating you just tap it in the upper right it's where that play button this so just tap it then it will continue on with your slide show that's not iceland either no actually I'm guessing I'm in uh no this is lakes and rivers that's what I was thinking I was in iceland because more than one picture was from there this is lakes and rivers now what we were just in was a slideshow and that's by hitting the play button if I don't hit the play button that's in the lower left corner of the thumb now instead I just tapped the image itself now I'm in more of an editing mode instead of the slide show mode and if I come in here and tap on any particular image at the bottom of my screen or my choices for what I'd like to do and if I choose the first choice I get like a filmstrip at the bottom where I could look through the other images in manually navigate between them instead of having to swipe because you might have two hundred images in here and who wants to have to swipe two hundred times to get to something but that's like the little film strip like you have in light room to switch between images that was the left most icon let's click on the icon next to that one now this is usually where you can update or adjust your pictures but it can only use the newest version of light rooms type of sliders do you remember at one point when I was in light room I had one image in the names of the sliders that were there were different than usual we had fill light recovery and all these weird names and that's because those were the kind of sliders he using an old version of light room well this can't handle those old version images and this is one image that was adjusted in the old version so you see the choice of the bottom called update you're only gonna have two to tap that for old pictures that were adjusted all tap it it'll warn me that it has to update them and all that update and now I have my adjustment controls usually you don't have to hit update for newer pictures that you've adjusted in light room or for images right off your iphone so if you look at what's in here for your adjustment choices it's pretty much what you have under the normal basic section of light room and so the way you do this is you come in and let's say I want to change the temperature in tents endings I tap on the setting and like to change in a little bar appears above that it tells me what the current setting is with a little white dot and I can either tap on that dot in drag to see what would look like other white balance is kind of like that or there are arrows on the far right and far left of my screen where I can just kind of nudge it over a bit if I don't like dragging my fingers so much some people are big columbia clumsy fingers and they might prefer the arrows and then just like with light room you can reset any slider by double tapping on it so if I change this to a really weird setting and I double tap on the little dot that I was dragging it will snap it back to the default setting for if you're not good at double tapping on the little docks it's pretty aren't small you can just double tap on the name of the setting so down at the bottom of the screen where it said temperature again this double tap on that whole category so I could go through with each one of these and adjust the image what's really nice though is you can do this with images that you shot on your iphone and so therefore you khun have the light room quality adjustments right in here then here I have the blacks remember how I said I usually like a smaller area of black in my pictures but whenever I used blacks and light room I had a special feature I used I held on the option key and when I did it ended up showing me a different view of my picture where I could actually see where things are turning black well in here if I hope to fingers instead of one then I'm seeing that same overlay so I could drag it over and see if I can find a tiny area black showing up hope there's one on the right side and then let go and then I might come to a different slider to brighten up the rest of the what is left over that kind of stuff so any way we could do a lot of pretty interesting adjustments here but we are limited we only have the adjustments that are usually found in the base the panel but adjustments you did in light room in the other panels like with the adjustment brush and all that stuff they still show up here but here we can only change the studies that were would be found into the basic panel now in the lower right there's also an undo button and so it looks like a little kind of u turn arrow and if I tap that each time I tap that it will undo the last thing that I've done and once I've undone at least one thing then there'll be another icon to left of it which is to reapply and so we do have somewhat of a history on this image where I can you know if I screw up I don't have to be all that concerned with it let's look at a few other things down here at the bottom we've been working on the second icon fromthe left the bottom of my screen there to be able to adjust things let's go one more icon to the right here we have presets and so they're in various categories in if I tap on one of the categories we have things like pre sets for different see peotone kind of looks here I'm going to apply across process one and it just highlights in a red or not red and white to let you know which one has chosen and we can come in here and try out some presets if I threw out a quick question yes how are you finding the color the color monitor on the ipad do you find it gets pretty true when I haven't thought about it I never think about that because I don't expect it to be accurate right yeah so I'm not going to do critical adjustments here but I could do some initial adjustments let's say I'm on a flight and I don't have my big hard drive with me and I just want to mess with some of the pictures I just shot I might do the basic adjustments in here but I would always find tune and when I get back to my desktop okay I don't expect the screen to be color accurate but in general it's not horrible you get relatively decent when you get back to your monitor I'm not really thought about it I don't expect it to you to be but I mean the pictures could look nice that she has no matter how close is that towel there going toe prints got it cool thank you chair then one other thing we can do other than these presets is the right most icon and that grouping is for cropping and with cropping when I click on it the bottom we have various aspect ratios so if you want to go to a square I hit the one one and we have a square I can then click on the picture and dragging around to say what part of the image should I use uh or if I want to manually drag this I just grabbed the edges and I can pull it like this he enters a couple icons on the right side you want to know about let me first click on that aspect ratio of square again there's a lock symbol in with lock symbol means is once I've chosen an aspect ratio if you usually just tap on the image you can easily get out of that except that ratio like this but if I tap on one of the aspect ratios and then hit the lock symbol now I'm forced to keep that aspect ratio I can't squish it one direction you know I've locked in that aspect ratio and that's also true if you didn't choose one of the ones at the bottom and instead you unlocked it and you just made whatever you wanted like that and they hit the lock symbol now it's locked into being that shape come on usually I could drag the corner so um so that just means locked the current aspect ratio it doesn't matter if you got to it from a preset or you got to it by dragging your fingers then the other thing is you'll notice that when I come in here and do this it's pulling from this center like when I pull this side it also pulls the opposite and you can also turn that off way also have in here a rotate command on the right side that's the little um arrow it's just gonna flip your picture for you other things about this is if you double tap on the border it resets your cropping if you think you just screwed up just double tap he notices a rule of thirds grid on top of it if that annoys you tap with two fingers and you can cycle between various choices including no grid I'm gonna hit the upper left arrow to go back and do that again let's just look at a few other small things in here if you look in the lower right corner of the thumbnails when you've gone all the way back to the base level you're going to find three periods and if you tap on those three periods you're going to get some choices for this particular collection and I could add to this collection from pictures I shot on this device by using the top choice it's called ad from camera or there's a choice called enable auto import I'll show you what that does on a different gallery kes I don't want to automatically import into lakes and rivers because I don't think I'm gonna always get things appropriate for that but there is a choice here called enable offline editing what happens is if that's not turned on and you get on a plane and go fly somewhere when you browse one of these galleries you might not be able to edit your photos because in order to edit the photo it actually needs toe fully download the smart preview that it created in light room so it has all the information it needs to end at that photo that takes up space on your ipad so they want to limit how often you do that I don't want to force you to do that but if you tap there and say enable offline editing then it's going to warn you that it needs to download about ten megs worth of information to do that and it tells you how much space you have available and I'll hit download and now it's downloading the smart previous for those images so I could edit them even when I'm not on the internet where is right now when I hit at it it goes on the internet to get the image and we see a little check box there indicate that it's uh to the right of it to indicate that you could have hit that when you're not on the internet so I did that by tapping on the three dots in the lower right and it was called enable offline editing and I could turn it off right there when I'm done rename would rename this particular collection and that it could also remove it well you remember that one that I created on the device and I created it by going to the upper right where there's a plus sign to create a new collection that's when I called ipad captures well I'm going to tap on its little triple dot in the corner and that one I'm going to say enable auto import but enable auto input does is it means that now if I take a picture using this device it's gonna automatically be added to that particular collection and if it's automatically add to that collection it's going to be automated automatically uploaded on the internet and it's automatically going to come down here into my light room on my desktop so I see it and so that could be rather nice because now I can use light room to adjust the pictures I take on this device and I can see them over on my desktop other settings that you have are on the upper left you see my name and if I tap on that you're going to find some general settings related to this one thing is very important setting that says sink on lee over wifi I would usually have that turned on if your device has cellular service you usually only have so much band with each month to use up you probably don't want it sucked up by light room sending information over the internet so I have that set usually to sink only over wifi so that now I'm not going to use up my cellular data for that presentation mode is what I've been using that's what made the red dots show up with my fingers are you shouldn't need to use it but just so you know what it does and that's the general thing in here if you forget any of the shortcuts like tapping twice to get overlays you'll see there's a choice called gesture shortcuts and it would remind you that texas real small though it would remind you what you can do with two fingers that type of thing in one thing I think you failed to mention that it mentions here is when you're adjusting a picture you can tap and hold with three fingers and you'll see the before version of the picture just for a long as your fingers air held down then finally at the very top centre of my screen I can tap and I can simply choose the sorting order of this list of collections too I want it by import date by name size or if it's available to be edited offline now that we have both now on the ipad and here on my iphone I'm not going to show you it on the iphone but I just launched my iphone in the moment I did I'm seeing ipad captures show up right here I'm seeing a glacier national park africa lakes and rivers and mountains they're all sitting right here I can do all the exact same adjustments in here and I'm going to hit the plus sign here and just named this iphone captures click okay and then I'm going to turn it on to have enable auto import remember that thing of it automatically important things come over here then and I'll use my camera still got my camera here smile guys all right I got you guys and now since I have the enable auto import if I go to light room in the gallery that I created that says enable auto import I could see the picture right now I could tap on it and adjust it and if I wait just a minute should if it's here yet it's not here yet but it should eventually show up on my ipad and on my desktop so we could get it between all of these devices I know for landscape and travel and just all that kind of photographer you might think I pad I don't know but the main thing is I can have all of my portfolio information on both of these devices and I can keep it up to date and so therefore I find it be overly useful bill to show anybody my up to date portfolio if I didn't have this kind of functionality I find that things get so out of date where I'm embarrassed when I had my phone to somebody that was not too good you know I've already fixed in light room and I just never got a chance to update it so that is light room mobile and you're here I could now see in the ipad version that there's the iphone captures and if I tap on it there's our picture and I can come over here and start adjusting it all right let's switch back over teo to my desktop questions you're so the biggest question that we're getting from the internet is can you talk a little bit about the round trip from that's why we're going to get hooked up here great perfect just take us a minute to get my laptop back it looks like we're already up all right so now if you look here in my folder list take a look at my folder list and I have my normal drives but there's two extra ones now there's one for my iphone in one for my ipad mini and if I expand those first off you notice they have a little lightning bolt icon that's the same icon that is next to all the collections when I turned them on to share them and if I expand these and I take a look my ipad mini here's photos from there or if I go too look here look at this I can get to this picture even though it came from this device on dh I could do the same thing on my I thumbed but it's going to show up here as separate ones and if I go to collections I can update these collections as much as I would like all I need to do is come in here too whatever I want in wherever that little mark is on the side is the one that's being shared globally and if I were to make a change to that like remove a photograph he would automatically go online removed the photograph and the next time I open my ipad it would no longer be there if you are worried though about using too much band with because you're on a horizon card or some other limited band with I could go up to my identity plate up here click on that little down pointing arrow and there's just a little checkbox right here I could temporarily turn off sinking with light room mobile to say I don't want to suck up my internet bandwidth right now I'm on a limited kind of connection and I don't need to do that right now and then just later on whenever you want it to start updating the information again you come back to your identity plate and just switch that little switch back on and it will then start uploading things and re downloading them to make sure everything is up to date and so it works out rather nicely I can get to my imported photographs by clicking on these various folders there's our picture I hear that I took in this room from my ipad and I could use that I could then come over here what's exported as a six hundred picks a wide j peg we go posted on the internet right there like I could go throw it in the face book published service and be up there you know I can do all sorts of things with it but it it's rather nice teo be able to deal with in that way now I have had a few instances where it's messed up where it just became unresponsive I've had it happen twice and when that happens if it ever does goingto light room into I believe it will be in preferences and there's a choice and preferences for light room mobile and in there just click the button I know it sounds really bad especially the fact that they made it bold have you ever seen bold texana but but it says delete all data click that button what that button does is it just deletes the data that's on adobe servers so that it has to re upload them and re download them it means like kind of reset things and if that doesn't work then delete all your data and sign out then you'll have to hit sinan and all you do is type in your username and password and it'll start re uploading start re downloading and all that thing the only thing is if you actually sign out it won't know that you ever were using light room mobile so you'll still have your collections over here but you'll have to click the little icon again to say these are the ones that wanted to share but I have had it where I've had to reset before but I didn't lose any data at all it was already here in light room it just needed to upload it again yeah there's a couple things I didn't have a chance to mention one is first off there's two ways to view your sets of photos in there one was a slideshow by tapping the little triangle that was in the lower left of each one of those collections on the ipad when you're in that mode it's safe to hand it to someone else they can flip through it pause it and that kind of stuff but they can't adjust your pictures without navigating back too the list of galleries in purposely tapping again like they have to go out of their way to say I'm going to navigate this in a different way but when you're in the part where you can edit the photos by just tapping on the photo that represents a particular collection instead of hitting the play button be real careful because if you take your finger and you drag up or down on the photo you're going to either market as a flag or a reject and I find it's way too easy to do that by accident if you're like thinking may want to zoom in on the picture or something and only one finger ends up hitting it and you end up moving your finger down you might reject a photo that same reject could be transferred over to light room and if you have any smart collections based on is this a reject or something else especially if you mark rejects and then you delete them you never want to accidentally do that based on something you did on your ipad I wish I could disable that feature you can also do star ratings there's a way to switch between the two I think it's in the lower left of the screen but be very careful that when you hand the ipad to somebody else that it's in the slide show mode well you did it by hitting a little triangle it looks like a play button because otherwise they might be swiping by might accidentally swipe up her down and I don't know what reject er pick means and next thing you know you're like room catalog is starting to get messed with actually wish there was something I could turn on that was just made it a safe mode where I can hand it somebody else and know they can't mess with you know anything is transferred back to the desktop version of light room in general the only way to do that is that the play button and hope they don't know how to navigate out of the slideshow and do stuff but then I made a change to one of my images on the ipad that change when I did it got sent back to light room it is reflected in my light room catalogue so what if I was just demo ing on my ipad to go look I can change this stuff in this stuff and it's on one of my best pictures and I'm like oh wait a minute now my pictures changed in light room and I didn't want it to be well if you remember I think this was the image that I was adjusting so I found that here because I think I was viewing the lakes and rivers collection so I just clicked on the same collection I can see the little kind of lightning bolt like thing in the left side that's a that's one of them I was sinking found that image and now I'm going to hit the letter d for develop as if I was going to go on adjusted well if you look on the left side of your screen on your history do you see it says from light room mobile and this is my history of other things looks like exported this image many times um but if I want to get rid of those changes all you need to do is go to the develop module find the image I want go to develop module and in the history just click on a previous step like just one step back that's what your picture used to look like or if I want to incorporate those lightly mobile ones then stay on the upper one and so just be aware that you can easily mess up your pictures with light ra mobile if you just start playing and not think about what consequences that has that it's sinking back to your desktop and so look out for it

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