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Post-Processing for Outdoor and Travel Photographers

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Publish Services with Facebook and HD

Ben Willmore

Post-Processing for Outdoor and Travel Photographers

Ben Willmore

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28. Publish Services with Facebook and HD

Lesson Info

Publish Services with Facebook and HD

I'll show you how that could be done because I posted these three pictures yesterday last night and when I posted them people commented on so I'm going to go click on one of these pictures in a few in light room in the library module you go to the right side of your screen and if you scroll all the way to the bottom there's a choice called comments and that has to do with published services and if I look look at this somebody say here's my friend sandy she said absolutely perfect so beautiful and a friend eddie was going to be a trade show for photo shop world and so there let's bring this thing to photoshopped world go to the next one over got quite a few comments on it people think I'm in utah because I'm posting pictures from their uh and even it taunting people from the class I said this one how would you end up keyword in this picture you know to make it say here's what I said to those watching the current class I would like you wear this you could only find this picture that kind...

of thing but anyway I can get that updated I do have to manually update it though I click on the picture and then in the title that says comments there's this little button for refreshing tells me there's ten comments and if I click it right now that number might go up if more people have commented or it'll just say the statement if some haven't in right here I can have a new comment and then I returned in right now it's getting on the internet and posting that on facebook so if you actually go to my facebook page my personal page not my fan page you would now read that particular comment and so yeah I see we have more comments or says thirteen now and all that let's see if we happen to get any who's that guy just above there just above their what oh so I just called you did you come in with you wayne yes jim wanted their commented from over there I think that's one in that picture that I posted a few minutes ago now there are comments and so here I'll refresh but right now there's three of them now there's five comments that I can see on that particular photo but you do need to hit refresh that's the only thing what I wish it would do is like update in my catalogue look a little badge like a number so I would know because otherwise you have to click on each photo and hit the refresh button this comments area I actually almost never used because who wants to cook on each photo and hit refresh and look and then there might not be anything there and you know it's not too exciting so if you want to get rid of this because it's the only used for these online services it's not used for other purposes if you right click anywhere in this column you khun turn off these various things and I'm going to turn off the one called comments just to make it go away so how do you set these things up so it can save to various parts of my hard drive upload the facebook uploaded smugmug and other sites well if I go over to this area called published services I hit the little plus sign let's go to the publishing manager this actually looks somewhat familiar does this not look like what we had and we made an export preset everyone we're picking the sizes and file formats what's a lot of the same type of things on the left side we would usually have presets if we were making an export preset instead we have the various published services we could use and in here I could add one or I could click on one that already exists and look at the settings that are used for what size should the photo be and all that type of thing for instance the one don't say ok the one here for facebook right here they would usually be a button called authorized on facebook it would send you to facebook in your web browser in facebook would ask you if it's okay that light room can post photos on your page but within this there's of course an area called water marking so that photo that I just uploaded to facebook it automatically had my little best of ben batch because we made that template and it's very easy to apply right here uh and I can tell what kind of information to strip out of the file but facebook's going to strip out anything you add anyway uh what kind of sharpening all that kind of thing in here if I want to create a new one of these there's an ad button and I can pick what type of service facebook smugmug be hands her hard drive and you can actually add mohr of these if you just google light room published services and you might have put the word plug in you could find other ones that you can add but here I'll create anyone for a hard drive and I'll just call it creative live and it's ah published v a hard drive then I can set it up so here's just what name don't want to call it and where do I don't want to put it I'm going to put it in a specific folder which is going to be on the desktop and it's just gonna be called creative live so that means it's going to export images to a folder on my desk this could be my portfolio folder do I want to change the names of anything I just leave the names the same as the originals I'm gonna have it skip any video files and then I could do the same setting since we had when we created an export preset in general which is what file format so I want and how big so here I'll say nineteen twenty for the long edge and sharpen and yes put on my best of ben badge I'm just going to click save so now over here we should have a new one it's his hard drive creative life in their tips now I could take any picture from anywhere in light room doesn't matter where and I can drag it on top of that and it's going to add it if I click on this it will tell me this is a new photo to publish hasn't published it yet and have to hit the published button that's when it's exporting that picture and it's actually going to be exported to my desktop in a folder called creative live but if I make a change to this image in light room any kind of change and I come back and click on this in the future it'll say it's updated up here and I'll have to quit the published button if I wanted to update that file on my hard drive but it keeps track of it which is really nice you can also come in here in add new uh new ones in here like a new folder and it's within that and if I come in here and grab a different picture and put it in there click on it and hit publish we can create multiple ones of these if we like and then if I look at my hard drive there's the folder called creative live if I open it up there's thie image that has put on just the base level the thing that it created automatically and when I created that other collection inside it just creates a sub folder what's a picture in there so I could have this be my portfolio and this is where I have a folder on my hard drive and I simply go in here and I right click in this general area and say I want a new published folder and I will call this landscapes and now whenever I pull images in their and published them on the new folder within the creative life holder called landscapes and I can always keep it up today if I remove a picture from one of these click on it hit delete it didn't it still shows up here but if you look at what it says it says deleted photos to remove it hasn't actually deleted it yet because it doesn't know if that photo is important in there or not but when I come back to these and click on him it'll say hey that thing was deleted from this collection and if I hit the published button it actually just deleted it from my hard drive so you can you know keeping all that stuff up to date now the one thing you can't do is that can't move that folder if I move that folder it breaks everything and it just won't be able to deal with it so I have that one for my light room mastery book in and there if I go over here and tell it to republish one of these assuming it will break because I've moved that folder yeah just as I I can't do that but it tells you where it expects the folder to be and if you move it back to that location it will work again I wish it would just say tell me where the folder is similar to if you have a folder missing in your folder list how you khun update its location but I don't know where that functionality is so those are published services we can do it for our hard drive we can do it for facebook smugmug and you can get plug ins for other websites if their photo hosting ones like I can have it for flicker and I'm assuming instagram and all that kind of stuff as well any questions about published services I won't know every answer because I only use it for my you know little facebook and hard drive and you you have ah smugmug account correct yes it is so you're able tto really do some powerful work with your clients using public service is correct yeah we were going together if you look here and not all of these air published where the public can see them though but if I go under my smugmug and if you take a look at it I'm adding locations in here then I have one for new work that one's actually not doesn't have anything in it right now but then subjects and you can see all these different categories and I just need to populate them by dragging the pictures but I'm setting them up for that and then once I start dragging my images to those and really populating them you can work out nicely I can also come in here and you can have a smart collection as well we're just like the normal smart collections were automatically assembles the number of images I can have that done in here too so it will go and pick them so if I add a keyword called smugmug to an image I could have it at it teo one of these do you have to set up your galleries on smugmug first and then sort of transfer them over and set up your passwords or can you do it right from light room you should be able to do it right from light room that's what these are are created great cool thank you

Class Description

It’s time to make the images you capture as you travel or explore the great outdoors even more jaw-dropping. Join photographer and image editing expert Ben Willmore to explore the Lightroom and Photoshop tools that will optimize your images to really make them shine while keeping them easy to find and organized.

In this course, you’ll master the post-production process every travel and outdoor photographer needs to know. From panorama stitching to HDR to fixing distortion in architectural images, you’ll dive deep into the editing tasks best performed in Photoshop. You’ll adjust and optimize your images – even if they’re overexposed, underexposed, or have color or contrast issues. You’ll also learn how to organize your images with Lightroom make them easy to find by location taken, subject, or date. Ben will cover specific tips on uploading and organizing while you are still on the road that will save you time and make things easy when it is time to edit. You’ll also develop an editing workflow that helps you retouch quickly and efficiently.

If you’re ready to spend more time outdoors taking stunning photos and less time stuck indoors processing (or finding!) them, this is the course for you.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.2

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After catching parts of each of the three days, I knew that I would need to have access to this wealth of information. What is great about the program is the ability to stop and go back over something that is not fully understood...and be able to do that until confident enough to move on. I saw no "fluff" in the course, just great information imparted with a style that is makes it easy to understand. CreativeLive scored a big hit with this course! The bonus material is SO valuable, especially the presets. That saves an enormous amount of time for me. My appreciation of the power behind the software is becoming ever clearer. Thanks, Ben, for another outstanding presentation!

Shannon Beelman Photography

Ben has been amazing! He is a wealth of information on organizing images as well as great tips to make your travel images pop just a little more. I came into this class feeling like I had a good handle on lightroom and have come out with a better understanding of the power of the software to make artistic life easier. He covers tips, tricks and little known options that help make workflow smother. I have sat here watching as much of the free broadcast as I can and in this last week I have gotten control over years of images in my lightroom. This is one I know I will be buying soon.


Great class! Somehow, it was enjoyable not having Ben default to "curves for everything"! I don't think the title for this course did it justice, tho. This class was 90% Light Room and 10% Photoshop. I was very happy to discover that dynamic and equally as happy to purchase this course! If you are new to Light Room, this class is a MUST. Creative Live offers several LR classes but this is the one to own. Ben is working on his new book about Light Room Mastery - can't wait! In the meanwhile, I'll be watching Ben's thorough approach to LR in this video. So, don't let the title throw you a curve ball, if you are new to Light Room or a seasoned user, there's plenty of great information - delivered as only Ben can! Thanks CL for this great class!