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Lesson 27 from: Post-Processing for Outdoor and Travel Photographers

Ben Willmore

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27. Watermarks

Lesson Info


well now let's talk about watermarks because sometimes when I export an image I want to have it tagged with watermark sometimes I'm sending it to a client but I want to make sure they don't use it as their final it might say across the center of the photo preliminary or proof or something else just to make sure they don't put it in the layout of some magazine and actually printed before they get my final version s o I'm going to come up here and there's a choice under the light room menu which in windows would usually be under the edit menu I believe it's called edit watermarks now it takes the picture I have selected right now and uses it as an example just so you khun see what would it look like on this particular image but when you're done that's going apply to any image you have two different kinds of water marks you can make you choose those types of the top you can either use text that just type in or you can use a graphic that you've saved on your hard drive maybe your logo that...

type of thing and so in here if I used text down in the bottom left is where aiken type in whatever tax id like to appear something like that whatever it is you wanted to say and then up here we have some choices if we were going to use a graphic this is where we go could hit the choose button to go grab that graphic instead of using the text but down here are the text options I can choose the font style is it centered on the pictures that flush right what color is the text all that type of stuff in here and then to make it so it separates from the photograph because if you just put text on top who knows if it's going to be on a dark part of a photo or a light one I can say should we add some sort of affect under it if I end up adding a drop shadow under it with white text that should make it show up on top of just about any photo because it's both going to be light if it's on a dark background the light text will separate and if it is on a bright background the shadow would help separate so I can choose that here the offset is how far away the shadow is from the text I believe then below that we have other settings one of which is nice because it's opacity having just white text on top of picture khun b way too blatant and so if I lower the opacity I can see through the text to the photo that's underneath and I could make it so it's just bright enough so it's readable in therefore it doesn't distract from the picture as much as just plain old white text then it wants to know how big should this be because this could be applied to any size picture could be a poster sized image or it could be a tiny one and so should I have a fit the like the width and height of the picture it just scaled down the tax so that it fits within this uh there's also a choice of phil but that's not quite appropriate it would fill the height as well but if I choose fit it's going to snap it across the whole way or there's a choice called proportional where you khun sake compared to the full with the document how big should it be and so if you find it's just too big you can scale it down with that and then we have inset which is how far from the edge of the photograph should it be right now they're at zero so it's right in the corner but if I bring this up you see it moving it to the right so I move that up and if I move this it's going to be up there before I could get a little bit away from the edge and then finally over here I can choose based on what part of the picture the lower left corner is that we're should always go or do I want in the upper right corner or even in the middle so that's how we can create a text one when you're done on the upper left was a little pop up menu here it says custom which simply means we're not currently viewing a preset and there is a choice here saying save current settings is new preset so I'll just call this not at the copyright if you don't know how to get copyright symbol on a mac it's option g hold on option had gm windows I have no idea how don't have windows um I'd say cool it so I'll just do that and uh whatever would have you remember you can create us many of these as you want and you're just going to save more and more of them in here saying save current ones you can rename him if you don't like it you can delete him here as well the other thing we can do in here is instead of doing text we can use a graphic in what I just chose graphic it pop this open to ask me where the graphic is and I think I have one it would take me a second to find it because I my hard drive is organized currently for teaching which means things are very hidden there's one I'm just going to drag it to my desktop so it's easy for you guys to see I have this image which I made in photo shop and what it is it's just um a little picture of a camera with some taxed in federal shop I added a glow around it a little yellowish glow and I saved it as a pink file png to save is a ping file usually and photoshopped you choose save for web because that's where you find ping and one of the choices is to keep a transparent background so anyway it's asking me where tio get this file so I'll go to my desktop here and that's where I have one just like it copied it twice I'll double click on that guy I thought I was in light room just now that was a window in my operating system so now I'm in later usually just navigate to it you wouldn't go and do all the stuff I didn't find it so anyway I just had to do that and now the options for text go away because we're not using text we still have our watermark effects like I can have my opacity and I can see it over there on the photo is in the lower left if you can't see it very well I can make it bigger you know could be annoying with my watermark but I'll make it relatively small I'll bring my capacity down so it's not going to completely obscure what's there and then if I needed to change which violet is I could just hit the choose but to say I want a different one so do that come over here choose save current settings as new pre set and I could type in the name I don't need to do that because I have one right here it's called best of ben badge and if I choose that it will load in the settings that I used for it you see it's pretty small down there in the corner so you remember in the export presets we had one little choice that said water mark it was just a check box and right next to the check box was a pop up menu in that poppet menu listed all the process well that's what we were just making it are the precepts that would show up in that menu so right now if I take this image I goto file I say export with pre set right over here is one that says the with nineteen twenty uh j peg with best of ben badge so I choose that and now it takes that image it exports and if I go look on my desktop it's really light and small but there is a little badge down there in the corner and if I don't like it after doing this I could go back and edit that pre set and it will update the export preset for me I could just have to adjust the size all right no one actually shouldn't deleted those yeah I'll see if I can do that yeah because there's one other thing I want to use that little badge for so we're talking about before customizing light room you remember how we could change what's in the upper left here and we could change the style of the text that's up here don't you remember where you do it or not but it's called your identity plate there's a couple different places you can do it if you go to the text it's in the upper left there's a little arrow there and one of the choices has changed identity plate we already did that before you could also go to the file menu actually light remain you and they're says identity plates set up excited to the same place but there's the other thing we could do to customize light room and this one's not really necessary but it's just kind of fun and that is when I get to the bottom of any of these sidebars it just ends that's how most programs are but light room adds a little flourish if you know where to find it if I go to the light room menu and choose preferences at the top of a bunch of tabs one of them is the interface and in the interface if you look here it's his panels and end marks and mark what the heck is an end mark well usually doesn't have one but if I co over here and choose a choice called small flourish now look at what happens on the left side of my screen but the bottom you see that little fancy do dad well if I change it from small flourish I have one called best of ben badge so look minds all custom it could be kind of fun if you get your logo down there or something but you can choose what you would like to have in that area and light room just comes with the choice called small flourish so it can look you know this kind of fancy but if you go to this menu there's a choice it just is called go to panel end mark's folder and all that means is there's a folder that's already on your hard drive that's kind of hidden away and if you go and put any files in that particular folder they'll show up in this list so if I choose that option it will bring open on my operating system the folder where those things are stored and if I go and look in that folder there's just one file sitting there and if I knew of another graphic on my hard drive I get his drag it in here well that's the same graphic right there that I'm using to water mark my pictures with and I just dragged it into this folder so would show up within the list and this was in light rooms preferences under interface and it was called end marks and I'll just set it to the best of ben badge and now on both sides of light room whenever I get to the bottom of my little fancy this and then a quick question is that is that really therefore so you kind of know when you've reached the bottom of the well I know usually you can pretty much figure okay I think it's pretty much if you want to have a client looking over your shoulder let's say you're a wedding photographer right you could make this go full screen on it if you remember from the other day but shift f f means make your entire picture full screen shift f means give me different modes of how light room could use the screen but if he went to this mode and you had the graphic for your company up here maybe your name and then at the bottom you had some other thing this just doesn't feel like you're in a generic piece of software it's like wow do you have a custom solution here that you're using because if you're not a photographer you might have never heard of light room so I think that's a little bit more what it's about any questions about export presets watermarks or other stuff we talked about here we're doing great job we had a couple questions but you keep answering them so but I do want to let folks know ben that we did get an answer about the I'm just looking for it so for folks out there who want to do the copyright symbol on your on a pc you hold down the altar and it's you hold on altan then you type o one six nine so that's that's how you get it for the pc all right yeah I think that's the ask e code character yeah number any questions in the studio these guys are your hear your throat thanks all right sounds good just so you know when it comes to export side a little list here things you might want to consider full size sharpened j pegs to the desktop if you ever just need to give somebody that the thing email sized ones figure out what size you want your pictures to be the largest you want to show people in an email what is a realistic size maybe for you it's eight hundred pixels wide but you do that there's actually a preset that comes with light room that would actually attend attach it to an e mail automatically I believe it's in here if I go to export with preset for email and if I choose that it's going to scale this down save it in a temporary folder where I think it gets deleted after you email and it'll bring up your email program and it'll be pasted into an e mail so I'm not going to use that right now because then you'll be able to read all my e mail but uh but that's their it's kind of nice that you have that then I have watermarked ones for the internet I have watermark ones that just put the word proof or the word preliminary in the middle so that people don't use a photo that I'm sending them for instance I do really complex light paintings where an image might be made out of one hundred fifty exposures that are combined together and I'll send it off to the client then I'll get back changes that tell him you know brighten this part dark in that part and I don't want to accidentally use one so ah watermarked them uh then I mentioned you have one for slide shows and uh what kind of stuff just thinking for your particular use what you think would be most appropriate all right now we're going to talk about how can we use other methods for getting our images out a light room and in the other place is the problem with using export presets because you just end up with a file sitting somewhere then it's up to you to email it to somebody uploaded to a web site or do something else I want light room to do some of that so what I'm going to end up doing here is at the bottom of the left side of my screen in the library module from in the grid you might call it but at the bottom of the screen there's this area called published services and with published services I can click on little plus sign over on the right side to create a new one in over here it says let's go to the publishing manager which is where I can settle this kind of stuff up and we got a bunch of choice is in here well you can add various published services to light room in this case I can have it so it just saves files on my hard drive in a particular folder I can have it so it uploads things to facebook for me I can have him do it to smugmug which is a photo hosting website be hands which if you are a creative cloud subscriber you know that's how you get photoshopped in light room you have I believe you have a free account with them or here do it flicker and we can add mohr but let's look at how some of these work and then I'll show you how to create them and just how nice they could be here I have some that are already created and what these are are they're kind of templates for how to get an image out of light room in further manage it after the fact because once you choose export from light room in the pictures out of there light room doesn't keep track of what you do with that picture light room doesn't keep track of if you made further changes and warn you that that picture is now out of date but with published services it can let's just look at a few of the things that I have set up here I have one called light room mastery book that's a book project I'm working on right now I mentioned the e books that you could send an email and get notified about this is the full book version and if I click there to expand this I can have this output to various folders on my hard drive and so I have it so images that opened the various chapters within the book are once that I've chosen in light room and I just dragged on top of this little icon these air collections just like normal collections you can have you just drag pictures on them and as you do the number goes higher and when you click on them you see them in a list just like a normal collection the only difference is it's going to automatically export and save these in a very specific location on my hard drive in in if I ever modify one of those files and I clicked back on this it will tell me which ones have been modified just look at it this is the bottom says published photos that means photos that have been exported they're already on my hard drive wherever I've told them to go but up here it says modified photos which means I've made some sort of a change in light room to these images so whichever files were originally exported they no longer match which in light room so here it's saying well these air updated and I could in the upper right hit the published button and what it would do is replace the original files that I exported with these three that have been updated so if I were to take one of these images that air down here and make a change to it let's say I click on this oppress the letter d to go to develop and maybe I come in here and grab my adjustment brush and I decide well I don't know I think I want to pull out a little bit of shattered detail somewhere bring up the shadows and I do any change it doesn't matter what their tiniest change and then I go back to g for the grid and I go and look at this do you notice that now it's up here it's in the top row because it knows that what I have in my library is different then what I previously had exported and says eh you probably want to keep that thing up today if I were to hit the published button these images at the top would slowly go away and be moved down to below and it would have updated the files that are in that particular folder so that now they match what's in light room so I have one for my chapter opener images which is one for the you know whenever you open a chapter of a book there's usually a picture on the left hand side then I have one for my section openers which is it would be a two page spread that opens a particular section in the book in these air images I was considering for that and I can see if modified three of them and it's letting me know that the ones that are currently on my hard drive her out of date so if I want to update him I can hit the published button then I also have one down here for facebook in let's see with facebook I'm going to just click on an image here and I'm just going to drag it over here onto that doesn't matter where the image comes from it could be from any folder any collection anywhere in light room just drag a picture over then I'm gonna click on this and I see appear it says new photos to publish that means I have not uploaded this yet and I might click on this photo because one of the settings that we have is what texts should go along with the picture and I believe not the text that I have set to show up is over on the right side of my screen this is choice called metadata and that's what we have things like the file name with folder it's in but one of the choices in there is a title and so I'm going to type in a title and just say and so I just typed in what I wanted to say and facebook and so I do that and then I'm going to just come up here and I'm going to tell to publish that photo now before I publish it though I'm gonna do one thing and that is right here to see what's his modified photos to republish that's a photo that's changed in light room and I've already sent it to facebook and it thinks it wants to update it facebook isn't good with updating pictures they seem to want it where if you ever put a picture up it should always stay the same if I ever have it tell me that I can always right click on the picture and I believe there's a choice in here taking a minute to find it there's one to ignore the picture like here mark is up to date which means ignore the fact that has been changed in light room it's unimportant it doesn't need to be sent there and so then I can tell it to do that usually it's going to disappear and just go down there but let's see what happens when I hit the published button now over here in the upper left do you see it says updating published collections there's one file update on facebook I'm gonna skip that one cause facebook is not good with updating I'm assuming that has to do with this one down here and now you see it all says here shows me they're all published and if you visit my facebook page right now facebook dot com forward slash ben wilmore I'm assuming thinkit's w I l l moore but I have both a fan page in a personal page kind of thing this would be in my personal page you'd actually see that picture right now if anybody goes to that picture right now and types in a comment I can see it here

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