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Product Line Strategy: Expand Your Offerings

Lesson 12 of 22

Step 3: Develop Distinctive Design Ideas

Megan Auman

Product Line Strategy: Expand Your Offerings

Megan Auman

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12. Step 3: Develop Distinctive Design Ideas

Lesson Info

Step 3: Develop Distinctive Design Ideas

So now we're going to move on to step three, which is develop distinctive design ideas, so we found your next direction, we declared your design intention, and we set your deadline now, it's time to start generating design ideas, and this is what I want to talk about two things, what makes a collection distinctive, and then what makes a cohesive and cohesive with the rest of your brand? Because that's what we want, right? We wanted group things together into a collection that's cohesive and really distinctive, so I want to start with what makes the collection distinctive, and it really comes down to two things diverse yet specific inspiration, so I mean is diverse and that it comes from outside your product category, but specific as in you're looking at actual things. So when tiffany tells me that she's really inspired by nature, which is a good thing to say in a twelve second hot seat, I wanted to get it, and I know she has these, which is why I want you to get specific and drill down...

to those things in nature that excite you or if you're excited about architecture, er, what are the specifics? That's what I mean by specific and then key unifying elements, things that actually feel related and bring all of the pieces in your collection together

Class Description

You need a healthy range of product offerings to sustain a handmade business, but developing a coherent and profitable product line strategy isn’t always easy. Learn the smart way to grow your business in Product Line Strategy: Expand Your Offerings with Megan Auman.

The right blend of products will stabilize your revenue and excite your customers. 

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Come up with new product ideas that sell 
  • Fit new products into your existing brand 
  • Narrow your focus and plot a course for success
  • Strategically launch your new products into the market
  • Megan will teach you a simple system for expanding and evolving your product line. She’ll help you evaluate the viability of new product ideas and she’ll show you how to develop processes for launching new products and designs.

Product Line Strategy: Expand Your Offerings with Megan Auman will help you develop the right mix of products so your customers are satisfied and your venue is stable. 


Francesca Balagtas

This class was absolutely fantastic. Even though I've had my etsy shop for a while, it has always been something on the side for me while I was attending school full-time. Now that I have the time to really focus and commit to my business I can finally take the steps I need to build up my business and make some real revenue. Because of this class I now know those exact steps to push my shop with full speed ahead. Megan is fully engaging as well, which made the class easy and fun to follow along. Great class, Megan!

I Must Draw

Megan is a brilliant instructor and each of her classes is packed with information to take your business forward. This class has practical steps to help you identify gaps in your product line. Through her own experience of developing product lines she helps you to understand how to stay consistent and cohesive. This is a great class, highly recommend.

Danielle Celeste

Megan Auman is such an amazing artist, craftsman, strategist, and communicator. Everyone trying to make a living selling what they make needs to see this. I think this was my favorite class in the series. Getting such incredibly thoughtful, thought-provoking and concise information from an academically-trained fine artist and teacher was UH-MAZE MAZE!