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Product Line Strategy: Expand Your Offerings

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What’s Working: Student Example

Megan Auman

Product Line Strategy: Expand Your Offerings

Megan Auman

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6. What’s Working: Student Example

Lesson Info

What’s Working: Student Example

So I actually want to grab some people up here. We'll make you guys thinking now so who wants to talk about what's working? Sarah, hop on up here. Okay, so sarah let's talk about what's working in your line, so they're a good place for us to kind of phone you have if we had to the shop? Yes. So tell us a little bit about up there's your beautiful did you change? That? Looks great. Well, I'm actually trying to change it. I'm having some trouble with the male much we'll deal that thing and then if you go under collections and go under war wonder paris, that will be the basic section. So when this product line was introduced was about a year ago and if you scroll down, we'll talk more about the card collection. That's what? Selling best selling the best at the moment. So unfortunately, the shopify I think it might be on the last page that's ok, we'll make it work. Yeah, all right, I guess they're okay if you arrow up just a tiny bit. I've noted which items actually are my best sellers. An...

d there I see it. Yes, yes. Um so the clock's card might be a good way to go to all right, well, let's talk about that so are you when you're thinking about your best sellers, do you tend to kind of think about it in terms of product category or really in terms of individual images that I think it's more about the images of what will happen for me is that all bring out twelve cards of a collection at once I'll sell them retail locally to my most favorite customers and then I get their feedback what they like, what they don't like by what sells in those groupings so with this particular one I've had several people ask do you have prince when her prints available? Do you do custom sizes? Do you do sets of sizes? So my thought process and this is I think what? I have a question about my foot processes I uh generally I have three product lines flourish, wonder and delight and within those product lines I come out with the card line first because it's less of an investment for me to print um and then I follow sales for a little while and then I would like to introduce the additional products from that and I do have some box sets in this particular line as well, but I still think I'm very kind of mismatched the most cohesive part of my line is the way I'm doing my cards now, okay, so you know, I think you have a really interesting opportunity which might be different than the way some other people introduced collections is that I get sort of the logic of introducing cards, but it sounds like for you the cards first, but I'd like for you the real driver of what's working is not a particular product type but its particular images that resonate with people and so I wonder if for you first of all, what I would do is I would sit down and figure out, is there a certain cohesion that you're finding amongst your best sellers? So is there something so do you? Have you found that? Is there some reason that you feel like the ones that our best sellers what do they have in common? I think it's the way the images photographed, be more specific uh, I do a lot of macro type shooting and a lot of detail work my background is interior design ok? So I'm very interested in architecture and very interested in flowers. I'm very interested in scenery and space surrounding the detail of an object ok, or the color or little parts of a place that you might go and visit that aren't necessarily like the door the door knocker there that's another one that was on a huge door in paris, but I was interested in the peeling paint and the actual knocker itself and that's what people seem to be really connected with yes, so for you, the first thing that I would put on your list is that it really does seem like you're best sellers are architectural detail, yes, so when you're thinking about what your next collection is that's where I would focus your energy, you also, I think, have this interesting opportunity because you because instead of having to focus on category, I want you to focus on image. So instead of saying, you know what, I'm going to shoot a whole group of images and just released them as cards, you could actually go in and just showcase images asking your customers to vote on them, and the ones that get the most votes are the ones that make it into production as prince and cards right from the start, because I think to this strikes me as the kind of thing where people actually really want them this prince, because they don't want to send them, they want to keep them for them selves, and I think that's why you're getting so many requests for prints, even and I get the logic of let's do cards first because there less to produce, but I think you can that your images without having to produce anything and then dive right into prince, which are the thing that it sounds like people are asking you for more consistently anyway, right? So for you, the things that I would say what's working in your collection and where you can focus next are really the architectural details, particularly of it seems like places that people kind of recognize right that the clock is in the door. Say, yes, the places that people recognize, like jeff, I know that clock places that people recognize, but that really great architectural detail and those kind of even if they don't recognize it there's something, again, that kind of architectural detail theme that we see and hear and so that's great for you, because then you could decide, really, you could write off any travel you ever want to dio in order to produce, you know, a collection that big girl on. So for you, I would think about, ok, this is the types of images that are working, and then if the prince there working better, we want to think about how to dive right into those right away. Okay, okay, beautiful perfects. Awesome, thank you.

Class Description

You need a healthy range of product offerings to sustain a handmade business, but developing a coherent and profitable product line strategy isn’t always easy. Learn the smart way to grow your business in Product Line Strategy: Expand Your Offerings with Megan Auman.

The right blend of products will stabilize your revenue and excite your customers. 

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Come up with new product ideas that sell 
  • Fit new products into your existing brand 
  • Narrow your focus and plot a course for success
  • Strategically launch your new products into the market
  • Megan will teach you a simple system for expanding and evolving your product line. She’ll help you evaluate the viability of new product ideas and she’ll show you how to develop processes for launching new products and designs.

Product Line Strategy: Expand Your Offerings with Megan Auman will help you develop the right mix of products so your customers are satisfied and your venue is stable. 


I Must Draw

Megan is a brilliant instructor and each of her classes is packed with information to take your business forward. This class has practical steps to help you identify gaps in your product line. Through her own experience of developing product lines she helps you to understand how to stay consistent and cohesive. This is a great class, highly recommend.

Francesca Balagtas

This class was absolutely fantastic. Even though I've had my etsy shop for a while, it has always been something on the side for me while I was attending school full-time. Now that I have the time to really focus and commit to my business I can finally take the steps I need to build up my business and make some real revenue. Because of this class I now know those exact steps to push my shop with full speed ahead. Megan is fully engaging as well, which made the class easy and fun to follow along. Great class, Megan!

Danielle Celeste

Megan Auman is such an amazing artist, craftsman, strategist, and communicator. Everyone trying to make a living selling what they make needs to see this. I think this was my favorite class in the series. Getting such incredibly thoughtful, thought-provoking and concise information from an academically-trained fine artist and teacher was UH-MAZE MAZE!