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Reaper Fast Start

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Menus, Themes, and Layouts

Kenneth Gioia

Reaper Fast Start

Kenneth Gioia

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5. Menus, Themes, and Layouts

Lesson Info

Menus, Themes, and Layouts

all the menus could be changed, as we mentioned earlier, so we could change all this stuff that we want to work. But I wouldn't recommend changing that right away. But you do I want to play around with is the preferences. So if we go to options preferences, he is how we're gonna want to deal with just how you set up Reaper things like General Preferences. Um, What's gonna happen? You open the project is gonna work with last song. You chose instead with a new track, Um could change the record paths, project settings audio, which is obviously setting up your inputs and outputs right down here. You could rename them all the inputs and outputs different devices. What you're choosing, like your hardware. Many devices get a lot stuff working. You can also change the appearance. So let's take a look at a few different options here, like a pecan change. Display me item taking like if you don't want to see that, you could just turn off here. You don't see that we could just the peak wave forms,...

but really, it's powerful. With the editing behavior, like the way it behaves. I'll give you a perfect sample by default. When you're dealing with zooming, this is set this way. Track its center of you and the editor play cursor. So if I want to zoom in, it's gonna zoom to the play cursor right here. So no matter where I am, is it about a bit and the Lakers to say over here, if I zoom in, it zooms to play cursor. Not to win my mouse is, but personally, I prefer to have it where the mouse is. So I changed this from us to fault, to be track on the mouse and mouse cursor sin. If I zoom by making the trucks bigger, my mouse is always in the center so I can cook over here, give it up. Never lose my mouth's, which is really good for zooming in. Like what? Say, Want to go right here? Zoom in. It always stays in My mouse was the amount same thing. That's an editing behavior that could be adjusted. Check out some other preferences. Now this gets a real deep mouse modifiers. If you look at the context up here, you could change how the mouse behaves on any context. For example, Let's say we go to media items, but the fourth action is going to select the item and move the cursor. So if I click right here, move the cursor and select that item, we could change that to do anything we want, so we could change the fourth action. What's double click it and extend the time selection. So time section here, just click here. It extends the time section from we started to the end. Let's do that again. Start here with time selection. Just click over here extends the time selection now. You usually wouldn't want to do that particular one. Let's put this back to the default, but using on the modifiers here like shift, he's gonna let you. So what? That hold on shift and adds to the selection. But again, that could all be changed. I mean, track right now it's got my items in the context, decides what context is changing it in. It could be a media item. It could be our tracks, but he's a really cool trick. I'll show you you could do the bottom half completely separately in the top half, so we choose the bottom half right now. by the fault. It just goes to the top half. We could do a different action here. For instance, we could go. Let's choose to add a stretch marker. So you choose that one right here, going to our audio. I mean a little bit. If I cook up here, it acts like normal cook the bottom half it adds a stretch marker to the final stretch marker. Here, let's put in the 3rd 1 here and then grab it and could stretch the audio and by using mass modifiers, it's that easy. Just from appear to down here, you can change the behavior completely. So that's beyond the default to because, like I said by the default, just passes through it now. Besides our preferences, you want to learn about actions. Actions is the heart of Reaper. Everything that happens in Reaper is based on an action. So for the action menu right here, direction lists, you see all the actions that happen, and there's tons of them, as you can see if I scroll through all of them way to money to even try to go through. But if you want to get a little clear with what they are. You could just type in zoom and all the ones that have zoom in the title like Let's go down here zooming horizontally human vertically Just zoom one show up or scroll. Just the ones would scroll when the name show up And from here you could change the keystroke. Let's, for instance, let me think of what we could change. Here's a good one. Odd. It's type trim. Shame Items left, of course. Er true. Madam is right. Of course, sir. There's no keystroke assigned to that. We could do that right here. It ad what's type in control, eh? Which isn't being used and the right side of cursor and loops. Not that I had. They will put the key stroke control s, which also wasn't being used. Close it. So if you're going through your items, you want to trim them instead of having to do it this way on the left and right side it Just click right here. Hit the key command in terms left side. What the other key commands and from the right side. So, again, this wasn't set up by the fault. I just made that one. But if you doing certain things like that very often. It makes sense to change the key command or add key commands to do that because it's so many actions to work with, They couldn't possibly put a different key command for each of them. And to get a little more advanced, you could also create custom. He commands. We have two or three of these set up is once, and then you do one key and three actions perform at once. So it's like having a macro program. Excuse me? Ah, macro program included in this way, when he's pro tools or something like, uh, call quickies, there's really no using me to use that in this because you can create anything you want right in the actions menu.

Class Description

With so many digital audio workstations to choose from, many engineers have tried out new platforms in the hopes of finding more flexibility suited to their workflows and production styles. Reaper has been gaining popularity for its support of multiple plug-in types, easy-to-use MIDI programming and audio automation - and its affordable price tag.

In this Fast Start, famed producer and educator Kenny Gioia will walk you through Reaper’s basic layout and format. He will cover:

  • Track layout, programming and automation
  • Virtual instruments and plug-in compatibility
  • Both audio and MIDI workflows for production
  • Basic recording and mixing techniques
  • File, track and clip organization
If you’ve been thinking about trying out Reaper as a DAW, this class will give you the basic skills you need to get right to work on one of the fastest growing DAW’s around.


Buckeye Pete

Outstanding teacher. Kenny is by far the best of the Reaper instructor, and there are many good ones out there. He uses very understandable examples and presents in a fashion that the novice and expert can learn from. Great job Kenny.


Kenneth Gioia best teacher on Reaper. thanks so much for time to teach. Reaper is my primary daw since last year - great daw. Thanks Creative


Mr. Gioia's "Kenny Mania" channel on YouTube has always been a TERRIFIC resource for my beginning to learn REAPER. That being said, his unique speech patterns always got old really quick. It's nothing against him, just a personal tick. Thankfully, Kenny is in top form during this course, and this is one of the most useful and feature-packed CL courses I've seen. Unless you're an absolute expert in REAPER already, there's plenty of information here to get you into becoming more familiar with my favorite DAW.