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Simple PR: Pitch Yourself

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What Will You Be Known For?

Brigitte Lyons

Simple PR: Pitch Yourself

Brigitte Lyons

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Lesson Info

2. What Will You Be Known For?

Lesson Info

What Will You Be Known For?

What will you be known for? This is why we're pitching ourselves right. We want to stand for something. We want to give our idea legs. We want to give it wings, right? And we want to make sure that we are entering this conversation with something you need to say something that we're gonna be really proud to say and speaking and conversations. I love this from the coop Clue train manifesto, this idea of markets or conversations. So whatever it is that you're selling, whatever you are it within the market place. You were in dialogue with the market. So you were within this whole context of what other people are saying about your subject matter area. So whether it's, um, you know, I'm gonna talk about my restaurant. Okay? So what are other people talking about the restaurants in the area? What's the dialogue and how do you want to enter that dialogue? What's your unique entry point into into that market conversation that's happening? So that's really where we're gonna be focusing on first...

how you want to enter the conversation. And there's really five key ways that I tend to recommend this The 1st 1 is with using a key insight so you can enter the conversation because you have an insight that you want to share. You can enter the conversation with the methodology. So what's your process? How do you get things done? Are you a coach that works with clients? Maybe you have a really unique methodology that that you have that you offered to them. Um, an unconventional opinion. This is personally one of my favorites, you know, to go into the media with something that's a little unconventional, and we're gonna talk about this a lot, so just, you know, remember it and we'll come back to it. I'm researcher data, so this isn't applied everyone. But you know, if you have any sort of data or research that you've done any sort of data that can support your insights, if you've done a study, this could be a great way to under conversation and then finally, success stories. So if you know the media is talking about a specific trend or something that's happening, you can go in and give case studies for that. And that's a great weight under the conversation. That's where we're starting, is how actually do you want? Enter this conversation so I'll give you an example. Couple of examples here. This is Kelly Studer, and she was a client of mine, and she does a career stylist, and what she does is she helps mid career professionals transition in their jobs. And so, you know, she comes into this area where there's a lot of competition, right? There is a lot of people helping people with career transitions. There's life coaches. There's personal brand experts. So with Kelly, we really wanted to look and think about, well, okay that a lot of people are talking about this. They're giving resume tips. They're giving interview tips. So where does she enter the market? How does she do it? And we came up with her is having this unconventional opinion, so she has a couple of them. One of my favorites is that you don't have to work harder to get ahead at work. You know you don't have to. If you want to get a promotion, you don't necessarily have to work our uto harder or put in the longest hours that goes against a lot of conventional vice. That's definitely goes against what my Dad taught me growing up right? And if you look at headlines that also kind of plays with people's expectations are you know, it's not that if you want, if you want to get ahead, you don't have to be there before the Boss. So that's where we enter the conversation with Kelly, and this is an article. She had an entrepreneur where she was able to share her ideas, and that's the kind of thing that we're talking about today. Another way is we have this client gender Pozzo, and she is a graphic designer. She does user experience, design and again and places a lot of competition. There's a lot of people talking about what design and graphic design and how to make your websites more usable. So Jen has this really cool thing that, you know, we always hear about do it yourself. I mean, here it creativelive. There's a lot of that, you know, we're here to do it ourselves. We're here to learn skills, but I actually think creativelive exemplary of the flip side of what she has, which is a conversation people don't always have, which is do it with others. So a big part of Gen is how can you collaborate and bring even better projects out to the market? So this is an article that she worked on for design sponges, biz ladies of how to pull off a stress free collaboration. And so she was able to say, You know what? Maybe doing it yourself isn't always what it's cracked up to be and pitch this idea. And she was in design, sponge and women two point. Oh, and entrepreneur, all with different spins on this idea. So she was able to get out there on a platform, and then it positioned her is this Web designer who is also really collaborative. So she's supporting her business goals. So as we start this, I just love to hear from you. You know, what is it that you would like to be known for? What is an idea that you have, or when people, you know, read an article about you or hear about you? What would you like to say? Like when I said about Rob like he's this amazing hairdresser? I followed him around everywhere. What do you want people to say about you? What is it that you want to stand for. We want to be the authority on Burger's gonna be experts in the burger market. We want before burgers worsen honest with McDonald's. But with the counter wants to take over that role now. So that's definitely our goal with, um, high quality and custom. So victimization, I should say so for you, the market conversation is like cheap. It's fast, it's convenient and you want to come in and say, Well, actually, you can come in and get something that's more like the better of reality ingredients and that you can customize Yes, awesome. I love that some burger for every lifestyle. Their motto for the year, who I love that I love that. It's very catchy. That's very cool. Great. That's a great one. Yeah, uh, I want to be known for helping people get past all the the crap that keeps them from doing their creative stuff, because when they do their art, whatever it is, writing or music or painting or whatever, they're changing the world. And so I want to spark a movement of creative world changers and in perfectionists. Ah, movement of imperfection ist I feel like we need that really needed. That's very cool. Okay, Awesome. That's a great message to be starting with. Cool. Let's hear a couple others. So I want to teach creatives that the law doesn't have to be scary, and it doesn't have to be full of a language that you don't understand and that you can understand these things that are perceived as being very difficult. I love that. I love that because that is such a one of those things that I think, really, You know, Brexit, people like they feel a lot of anxiety about see your coming in and saying like, OK, can break this down for you. That's a great place to enter that conversation. Let's keep Can we go through the whole everybody I'd love to hear from everyone, because this is the foundation of what we're gonna be doing. Yeah, I think there are a few things that air popping out to me, but I think quality style and that you can obtain quality items without, you know, hitting target and things like that sort of higher end. But you don't have to spend a fortune either. There's that mid range. Okay, So is it that price isn't always quality. Also, Is that part of it or No, Because you're saying you don't have to go there. You know, I definitely, um my jewelry is high quality, handcrafted and so sort of sticking away from, like, I was in anthropology and, like, looking at their stuff, I got $95 necklace is where you can get, you know, watching where your stuff is sourced from. Yeah, I love that. And there's also that, like, you think that you have to go to anthropology or similar places for these unique designs And, like, look around a little bit cool place to be, Um, I'd really like to share what my process has been with bringing coast dramatic to market And, like, try and make that space a little more accessible to people. Oh, great. So you're helping other Kind of putting your hand back and helping other people follow? Yeah, footsteps. Very cool. So I want to make cooking accessible to the average person, and I also want to make the business of cooking accessible to people that want to be in that industry. Okay, Awesome. So cooking is easy. You can integrate it. You don't have to run out to have a good meal. Okay, Pretty much cool. So, like with my business, it's sort of like this old traditional way of doing everything where I think it's architect first. Then the contractor comes in. Then the designer comes in. So, um, similar to what you just showed. I'm all about collaboration. Okay, so my method is like bringing everybody in at the very beginning. So we collaborate the whole way, and there's it's a much more successful project and the clients always very happy and create. So you're, you know, people who are looking for this very specific service or getting this experience in your offering Them an alternative? Yes, that this I guess I'd like to be known for bringing visual joy and humor and levity into the world through illustration has a lot of times. Design can be so serious, so the design doesn't have to be serious. What you bring, where do your designs get used? Are they like people's homes? Babar Eriks, Wall art, Um, toys, bags. You also just so you don't have to take your home decor and your objects so seriously, which is nice. I like that I like that a lot. Um, I want to make taking family photographs very easy and simple so that husbands want to do that and that moms are in the photographs because I think Mom's oftentimes were behind the scenes and you need to have exist in photographs for your Children and your grandchildren. Awesome. Those air to great messages, you know, making it the photos that even Dad's like and also getting a mom on the photo, which is great. It's wonderful to have more than one. So I recommend generally, like 123 messages is a good place to start with. So if there's some secondary things you want to play with, that's great. So your first action item to go this lesson is to write down what it is that you want to be known for. What are those 123 things that you really want to put out in the world and that you're gonna be standing for in your media outreach

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Building a presence as a thought leader and influencer is a powerful way to attract clients. An appearance in publications and programs your target demographic likes and trusts is an ideal way to build your audience and genuinely connect.

In Simple PR: Pitch Yourself, veteran PR expert Brigitte Lyons will help you develop a framework for establishing expert authority and getting covered by the press. You’ll get insights on developing your voice and “expert” bio and how to tie those efforts back to your business. Brigite will detail the range of opportunities available – podcasts, webinars, media interviews, etc. – and help you tailor a pitch for each of them. You’ll also get tips on using tools like Help A Reporter Out (HARO) to target the right opportunities without becoming overwhelmed.

There are ample opportunities for creators and entrepreneurs of all stripes to connect with a larger audience. Simple PR: Pitch Yourself will teach you exactly how to do it.


Aria McKenna

This was great. Very informative and well rounded materials, very accessible and encouraging teacher, and lots of ideas and techniques to help get people started. I got a lot of my questions answered in this class and am excited to start implement her ideas!

christa Clark

I don't know what the other reviewers are talking about - this is a gold mine of information for someone like me, who is very unfamiliar with PR! I can see this helping me out in many facets of my business. Brigitte is an excellent speaker.

Manu Jünemann

Good information. As a women, fashion Stylist who worked for big advertising campaigns like BMW, Nivea... I can´t get over the part that what your wear is part off your success! It makes her for me less believable!