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Social Media Bootcamp

CC Chapman, Kim Garst, Ariel Hyatt, Amber Naslund

Social Media Bootcamp

CC Chapman, Kim Garst, Ariel Hyatt, Amber Naslund

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Class Description

Learn the best practices to align your social media strategy in this in-depth course. Turn your Facebook fans into customers, build your LinkedIn network, and tweet your way to success.


CreativeLive has brought together social media’s top strategists to reveal their tried and true tactics for optimizing your personal brand and business identity. They’ll discuss every facet of your social media marketing plan: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp, and more. You’ll learn how to smartly add photography to your marketing mix, and gain the tangible skills you need in the new business marketplace.

Class Materials

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CreativeLive 7 Steps Handout.pdf
Social Media Pyramid Paragraphs.jpg
Social Media Pyramid.jpg
All Star LinkedIn Profile In 7 Easy Steps.pdf
Facebook Content Tracking.pdf
Graphic Content Ideas.pdf
Image Cheat Sheet.pdf
Pinterest Book For Bizzy Babes.pdf
Post Analysis Worksheet.pdf
Social Media Goals Worksheet1.pdf
Twitter Dictionary.pdf
Twitter Speak.pdf
Amber PDF Keynote.pdf

Ratings and Reviews

Starts With Me

Well, looks like i'm 2 years late but this is a great and helpful course. ps. there are a few spelling mistakes on the slides that the presenters are showing. Seems funny!

Victor Osaka

How very timely for me. Kim Garst is totally awesome. The PDFs are soooo good. Yeah CreativeLive!!!!

Angela Hardy

So, I don't want to give this a thumbs up, but I don't want to give a thumbs down. It has a lot of good content for people that are just dipping their foot in the pool of social media for marketing and branding, BUT it is 4 years old, and I had to go online and find the relevant numbers and content to some of the things stated her. Also, I felt as though some of the content was redundant and even contradictory. I would say that the most value in this course are the parts on Thought Leadership and all of the pdfs to use. All of the presenters were great, but I think that this course needs to be refilmed.

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