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Stupid Moves in Photoshop

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Class Introduction

Ben Willmore

Stupid Moves in Photoshop

Ben Willmore

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1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

I'm kinda Klosterman, your host for stupid moves in photo shop with then Wilmore. So please that we welcome back to the critical stage, Ben Wilmore. All right. What the heck do we mean? Stupid moves in Photoshopped? Well, stupid moves is where you do something in federal shop in your oblivious to it. But you just did. Something is gonna mess up your picture. Maybe you try to print it and something happens where it doesn't look right. Maybe you send it to somebody else and you get something completely unexpected compared to what you thought you were sending them. There are all sorts of things you couldn't do in Photoshopped to mess up your images. In the majority of them are things that you wouldn't know that you're doing. And so it's not that your stupid innuit him, it's that we have. I'm gonna call it a stupid program. That doesn't help us enough in certain areas where it might want to help us out and make sure we don't mess it up. So we're gonna look throughout all sorts of areas and...

photo shop. We're gonna talk about starting off with basic ideas. Then we'll talk about just viewing your images and the concept of resolution. We're gonna talk about selections and masks will talk about adjustments, color modes, file formats and then just general inefficiencies. Would all the areas and photo shop where it's just so easy to mess up? In most of the time, you have no clue that you're doing it. And that's why we have this class. Because once you know that certain things that you do might mess up processing your try to do later, then you'll know to try to avoid some of these things and you'll get much more successful when you're working in photo shop. So let's just take a look.

Class Description

Avoid the everyday actions that make your post-production work difficult. Ben will clue you in on common functions and actions that can unknowingly degrade the quality of your images, bloat file sizes, or cause serious problems with your edits when you attempt to print your images. You'll also learn how to fix or replace these actions with more efficient, effective, and safe methods to make your life easier.  

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.1.2

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a Creativelive Student

I loved this class - Ben is a really good teacher and the class is full of great easy to follow advice.


First off, the title cracked me up. The course was very good, easy to follow and Ben's a great instructor.

user 12004e

Excellent! Much better than I thought it would be. Invaluable.