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The Art of Networking

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Class Introduction


The Art of Networking

Lesson 1 of 19

Class Introduction


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Class Introduction

Everybody's heard of the networking mixer nightmare, where you show up, and you stand in the corner. If you haven't heard of it, then you've probably just done it yourself a million times, like I have. I used to dread this. This was my worst nightmare, to show up in front of people or to not know what to do at an event, or even at a work function where I already knew everyone. I was just kind of like, now it's forced. I don't know what to do. This class is for you if you dread networking events, like most of us tend to do. Even now, when we're good at it, sometimes they can be a little bit forced, and little bit too structured, or a little bit too unstructured. Or you feel like networking is largely a waste of your time. I know a lot of the mixers that I went to and the events that I went to, early on. They were full of people that were glad handing, I think is the right word. It would end up being like, "Hi, what's your name? "I'm Jordan, nice to meet you. "Hey, if you need a financia...

l manager, give me a call." I'm like, why am I here right now? I don't need used cars, financial planning, or whatever weird protein shake that I could buy for half the price anywhere else, that you're selling. I talked myself out of going to a lot of these different types of events, which on the one hand is a good thing, because it saves you a lot of time. On the other hand, it's a shame, because you do miss out on some opportunities if you're missing the right type of events and going to the wrong ones, which is what most of us do. We're gonna help you out with that, and help you pick events, and make the most of the events that you do go to. It's also for you, if you realize that trying to outwork everyone at work or in your professional life or just playing smarter, trying to make yourself more intelligent or get better at your craft quicker and faster than everyone else is not gonna create the leverage you need to get where you want to be in your career. This is a little bit more of a complex topic that I think a lot of us don't really realize. We think, "Well, I just have to work my way up the ladder." What does that really mean? If you're just starting a job, you might not actually know what that means. Or if you've been in a job for a while and then you're going, "I guess I just get promoted "if I sit here long enough, and keep showing up every day," and then you start seeing people that you've hired, maybe getting promoted around you and over you, and that's lost on you, or you know why and you can't fix it. We're gonna help you with that as well. Today, you're going to learn a lot over the next several hours, from me, and A.J., and Johnny. We are going to hammer in a lot of really concrete skills. We're not gonna do this. "Here's 25 things you need to write down "and never look at again in your notes," because that's not how an effective class works, especially a class here at Creative Live. We're all about practicals at the Art of Charm. Creative Live is about action. It's about doing. We're on the same page with that. We are going to teach you how to leverage connections and hustle opportunities through mastery of both verbal and nonverbal communication. That means body language, the way you sit, stand, walk, talk, introduce yourself, follow up, as well as the things that you actually have to say, which is where a lot of us start. Sure as heck, it's where I started. What do I do right now? What do I say? How do I start conversations effectively? Other than just being awkward, standing in the corner and then maybe introducing myself to one other person, and then quietly slinking out the door, with an, "At least I tried," under my belt. We're gonna help you hustle those opportunities and master some of that verbal and nonverbal. Also, we'll show you how to manage those relationships over time. This is hugely important. Lost on a lot of folks. Again, myself included in the beginning. Because you meet a bunch of people. You get a stack of business cards, if people are still even using those things, or social media contacts, and Facebook requests, and then 10 years later you run into the same person or five years later, "Yeah, we're friends on-- "I saw you had a baby, but I can't remember "anything else about you, 'cause you're in my newsfeed, "and we haven't spoken since "you tried to sell me a used car, "protein shake, financial management, whatever." We're gonna help you manage, and cultivate, and curate the right relationships, and keep them fed and watered over time. And also, how to turn, of course something that most of us dread, into a massive competitive advantage. I've got some stories behind that about how I used that to get ahead at work and my career, start a business with A.J. and Johnny. That stuff is extremely underrated. It's what we call the secret third path. I'm gonna get into all of that in depth, right in the next few hours here. We're gonna start with building social capital. We're gonna define, of course, what that is. We've got four segments today. Building social capital, which is what I'm gonna do in a few, mastering conversation, becoming high value, and growing your network. That little ticker thing right there is where we are right now, in case you've never seen an online map. That's where we're gonna begin. It's in order. It's really simple. Don't overthink any of this stuff. In fact, that's kind of a general rule for today. Don't overthink the things that we're telling you. It's really easy to go, "Well okay, he said this, "so it must mean this really cool, "complicated, convoluted thing." This is, in large part, about simplification. We're big fans, at AOC of what we call the subtractive process. A lot of times when you try to improve your personality or your skills, you do things like, okay, I've got to add this cool thing in. and I gotta add this thing, and it makes me seem cool and smart and fun. We're about subtraction. We don't want you to be less cool, smart, or fun, but we wanna get rid of some of the insecurity that's holding you back. We wanna help you get rid of some of the hangups that are causing you to not put your best foot forward. In a way, what I'm saying is, don't try to add layers in. We're gonna try and scrape away some of the crust, to put it grossly, on your personality, as best we can during this course, here today.

Class Description

Do you go to networking events and not have the confidence to approach people?

You arrive at an event and your heart is beating quickly and your palms get sweaty. Soon enough all of your charisma and charms go out the window. You try to lock eyes with someone so that you can find a someone to lean on in what can feel like a sea of strangers. But everyone looks happily engaged in conversation.

This is what many people feel when they enter a networking event. These are completely natural reactions, even for the biggest extroverts. The great news is that people go to these events to meet strangers, so you’re in the same position as everyone else.

Jordan, AJ, and Johnny, hosts of one of the Top 50 iTunes Podcast, The Art of Charm, will teach you how to no longer feel like you lost an opportunity.

They will teach you how to no longer be a wallflower and start making the most of the events that you attend.

At the end of this class: 
  • You will be able to walk up to anyone at a networking event and make a connection.
  • You’ll have new found confidence in yourself. You’ll be able to connect in business and real relationships with anyone.
  • Be able to authentically sell yourself. No matter what your product is, you will be able to do it.

Set yourself apart from the rest and learn how to maximize your networking potential.


Melissa Dinwiddie

Not only are these guys entertaining and fun, but the material in this class is stuff you can take action on right out of the gate. Even if you do that with just one or two of their suggestions, it could make a world of difference. And if you follow *all* of their advice? You'll be a networking rockstar! Thanks, Art of Charm crew! Great class!


Great class! It focused on the basics of human interaction and how to make actual connections, not just collecting a bunch of numbers. The instructors did a great job of delivering really solid information. Educational and entertaining!