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How to Tissue Fit Without a Partner

Lesson 17 from: Tailored to Fit: The Palmer/Pletsch Tissue Fitting Method

Pati Palmer, Marta Alto

How to Tissue Fit Without a Partner

Lesson 17 from: Tailored to Fit: The Palmer/Pletsch Tissue Fitting Method

Pati Palmer, Marta Alto

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17. How to Tissue Fit Without a Partner

Lesson Info

How to Tissue Fit Without a Partner

A question that you all may be asking right now is okay marta's been fitting everybody but what did I do? Can I fit myself by myself a home? Well, first my first answer that is you're gonna have to because there's not gonna be anybody there to fit fit for you and so you're gonna be much more empowered if you confess yourself we'll take practice and our four day fit workshops but we don't say anything about how they put themselves until the third day then we say ok tomorrow martin and I are not going to be here, so you're just going to fit yourself and they all go panic but after they've learned to do it then usually they can no problem and I think nancy, you've been teaching a lot and you've gone through this yourself and I love this what you just said a few minutes ago you said use measure with your eyes that's true. So nancy just put this on like you're doing a check for the final fitting and you just go through the motions of what you would do and I'll just tell them what you're doi...

ng because I think I know what you're doing so she's making sure all the pens or in just right so she's just putting it on in front of her full length mirror you just need two mirrors the full length and handheld and she's getting it over to the back the best she can before she turns around and gets the mirror grab sameer and you have to notice she's pulling up and down, trying to get it to stay where it should. Sometimes we put a piece of tape across the upper back and you tape it yourself that sometimes the tape falls off to me. We need er doc papers. And so she can eyeball whether it's looking good and coming all the way to the centre, back cetera. Then she continued to the french. You can put the mere down at this point unless you want to look at the back again and she can keep it up on the shoulders because that's, you want to get the next closest to your neck, and so there you go. Now that looks great around I'll take you back. It's pretty well, I think you could tell that it fits enough that you could go ahead and cut it. You can look in the side and see if you're put your arm down at this point in the center of your arm and she is doing it on herself and you can that as you said to me, practice practice, practice, okay, thank you, nancy, and then we'll do kenna in a skirt, only this would be a fabric fit and she's katari elastic on visit at your waist where you want to wear the skirts the waistband on the skirt maybe slide that velcro over to your left side so it's out of the way well, you see, it doesn't matter now does it cause we're going to run around, slip the elastic right there remember in the tissue we fit with the tissue on top of the elastic, but we were pinning it on holding it it's usually easier if you're fitting yourself to tech the tissue and the fabric underneath the elastic and if you have a one inch waist seam line on the skirt and using one inch elastic it's easier because the top of the edge of the skirt should be under and up to the top ege of the elastic and ken is doing exactly what we would expect she's just going around and getting it first things first top of the elastic and top of the skirt match before you check anything marta is opinion to her, but she could already have the back pimp I'm just paying this senate back yeah, and she could do that. It is quite easy to fit yourself in a skirt by herself and actually that there isn't any work quite nicely and she knows how to hold a mirror to see you're back you always hold the mirror over your shoulders if somebody's never done this before and now they have nowhere to put them here. It is hanging straight at the sides, but me, um, make it we've adjusted it so it's all good. It is fairly level from the floor, but if it were not, if you're hanging longer in the back, what would you do her picture? I wanted something to be wrong, but it's just getting herself and it's the sides there straight down perpendicular the floor in the hemisphere, a welder, the floor. Then she knows it fits. She doesn't have to do anything else. And if she fitted the tissue well, that should be the case most of time in fabric. So you just have to know what to look for, that's the other thing and fitting yourself? I think so. I mean, I you in the audience? I mean, what would you do? You have anything to add to fitting yourself? I guess a question would be what are some of the biggest challenges that you hear from people that they have when they're trying to fit themselves and maybe some other good? How do you overcome it? In all the years that martin knight, tissue fitting it's never come up, nobody has ever said, I can't do this myself, I don't know how to do this really? So I think you just like nancy says you just practice practice practice you just get used to it and for heaven's sakes, you can take a class and have somebody else to help you. You know that's really okay. And that can get you started. Maybe some of you need that kind of extra help. And remember, we have a list of teachers that do this on our website and there might be one near you you never know I have a dress form I've used in the past for fitting and now going through this class I understand that it's really not going to fit me properly. So is there anything else that I could do with my dress form? Hang clothes on it that's what? I mean it's great for steaming a little bit. Some garments like jackets through the shoulders if you want and mind fits my daughter now twenty twenty nine years later she's using it because it's exactly like I was twenty nine years ago, it will fit me with wise but it's not going to fit lengthwise. You know, one of the things about dress forms is they can't tell you how it feels and that's really an important thing how does that fabric feel in your body? Do you want it? You need it a little bit looser and you don't really need a dress for him unless you're draping a garment then you know you have to have a dress from cause you're creating a fashion but there are people that do use their dress forms and they like having that little crutch and if you have one that's close to you you can start fitting on it and then try it on you and you compare you know okay you know change entertain me use it thanks we do hope that we have given you some tips that will make your life easier in fitting and I hope you'll try the tissue fitting method and and just dive into it and start you know anything you do is going better than do nothing so just go for it maybe try power such patterns first with the alteration lines on them pick something simple maybe a t shirt of the basic dress and it just does take a little bit of practice, right? Marta absolutely but practice makes perfect I've been doing it for forty years so of course I could do it on marta does it very quickly and it will take you longer until you practice a lot too but in the end you should get a better fit than you would have I've gotten and we hope you find tissue fitting really does take the frustration out of taking one hundred body measurements and making a muslin and all of that uh, we're confident that it will save you time and give you a great fit and have fun.

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This is one of the best courses I have taken online; I just wish you had the ability to make notes or tabs so you could refer back to certain sections more easily. I have met and followed Pati Palmer for many years but this was my first experience listening to Marta Alto and I see why they work so well together. Thank you both for sharing your many years of experience. It was interesting to hear Pati's history on many things and I really loved Marta's sense of humour it makes watching so much more fun!

Leslie coduti

I sew very well, imagine the disappointment when what I have sewn just does not fit well. Everyone who sews and wants what they have sewn to really be a joy to wear should take this course. It is like being there in the actual workshop. I am only half way through in the viewing and am anxious to apply what I have seen to my own sewing. It has been presented so well and in such detail that one comes away with confidence that they too can do this. I am also impatient, making a muslin takes time. Time is so precious and time to sew is really hard to come by. I have tissue fit pants in a workshop in Michigan and used a Palmer-Pletch pattern for a princess line dress I made in silk on my own. Both items fit my mature figure beautifully, and I did not have to make a muslin first for either one! When you hear, "What you see is what you get" believe it. Take this class, it will improve your fitting ability immensely and you won't believe how easy it is.

Rose Mellor

Love this program! Being able to watch the lessons multiple times is like taking the class over and over. For those of us who have a hard time learning something new this is sensational. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Rose Mellor

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