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Turn Clicks into Customers on Facebook


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Overcoming Customer Resistance

I'm gonna show you guys an example of how we use that inspirational song and movement. And just a couple cool targeting tactics on Facebook to sell out our event at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego. Also too, I wanna make this note really clear. I'm showing so many of my videos because through Creative Live, I am not allowed to show my client's stuff. So it's not all about me. I don't really care about myself this much. But I'm just letting you guys know so I'm not really that into myself. Can you back me up Chris? I can back you up. Thank you. I need a camera shot on Chris saying that. Those are the rules. Thank you. We told Billy he had to do it. Alright so in this case, we gave this example of an inspirational video we used really telling my story. This will kind of give you guys some more insight to who I am as an entrepreneur and a little bit about my journey. And again, all we did was use an inspirational song, made a cool video, and then use Facebook ads to sell out ou...

r event. So for anybody who has a live event or you want butts in seats, this is how we did it. Alright. There it is. [Billy Voiceover] Dear entrepreneur, remember this. You can only fail if you quit. (inspirational, uplifting music) I'm showing you this ad right now to tell you if you're an entrepreneur going through hell, keep going. The journey always starts with jumping off of a cliff and assembling an airplane on the way down. Your heart knows things that your mind can't explain and you must learn to trust the journey even when you don't understand it. My journey's been just like yours. Perfectly imperfect. From pictures, people would think I graduated college. But the truth is, I never finished my last class. I'm a dropout. And don't let these billboards fool you. They forgot to mention the $30, I borrowed from relatives to start a mobile oil change company that failed in six months. Or the year after that I spent working the front desk of a gym, living with my best friend and his mom rent free, but not guilt free. I drank so much at my bar of choice that they actually awarded me with the title customer of the month. And somewhere along this road to success, I got a job in this building, making 600 cold calls a day selling a product I didn't believe in. As an entrepreneur, this was my version of hell. My road to success had many detours. But I knew this was not my final destination. Then four years later came one of those weird moments of serendipity. Look what sits directly outside of the building I used to cold call at. You see, as entrepreneurs we get so focused on the finish line, we fail to enjoy the journey. And believe me, it's a lonely one. I can't promise the road that lies ahead is going to be easy. I can't promise the road that lies ahead is going to be clear. But I can promise you, you don't have to travel it alone. I understand your struggle. I know how bad you want it. And on August 31st, let me show you how to get it. And remember, you can only fail if you quit. Same song. Inspirational music. It's good right? The whole movie could've been crappy, but the song is so hot. You need more customers, we'll show you how to find them. I forgot about that bonus clip at the end. So, video. Now I'm gonna kinda move into the second phases of this. So video is how we got their attention. We showed people that story. We ran advertisements on Facebook. We did the cool targeting stuff that I showed you briefly in the beginning. Then after that, we just brought 'em to a simple landing page. This page we made in like five minutes with drag and drop. I had another video on there that just says come with an idea and leave with a funnel. And then people click the button. They give us their name, email, and phone number. And then close 'em. We use the phones to sell. So remember when I briefly talked about the different sales mechanisms and how to sell? You got to decide. But we would not have been able to do this without talking to people on the phone because of resistance. And I'll get into that more. But let me explain this basic concept. If you want people to buy your stuff after watching your videos, follow this one formula. And it's this. Emotion has to be greater than resistance. Emotion has to be greater than resistance. And I'm gonna show you examples of both of these. So here's five triggers to make your customer resistant. Running an advertisement on Facebook and then asking them to buy something when they don't know you. It doesn't just make them resistant. It makes them pissed off. It makes them not like you. It makes them categorize you as a spammy scam artist. Right? Continuing on. Asking for their personal information. That's more resistance. How many of you are stingy with your phone numbers? It's like a thing. The ladies are like, yep. You bet. Guys are like, you can have it. I don't care. Text me whatever you want bro. I'm good. Okay? Next is asking people to meet up. You guys gotta realize how big your ask is. If you're asking someone to come and meet up, you're asking them to find a babysitter. You're asking for them to ask permission from their significant other for a permission slip signed. Some of you are not allowed to go out without your partner. Raise your hands if that's you. (laughter) That's like one of those, nobody actually admits. But there's somebody at home that's like yep, you already know. Babe, come here. Look at this. Listen to what he just said. Some of you, right? But again, my point is persistence right. You just run into so many obstacles. So no matter what your ask is, you always have to take a step back and say whoa, is this resistance? Or is this an actual offer, bringing somebody closer to me? Or is this pushing them away? Next is asking them for their time. Most valuable asset. It's the only thing we can't get back. People are stingy with that. 'kay? And then lastly, asking them to engage. Comment, like, share. We talked about that in the beginning too. That's a real thing people don't just want to do. But the reason is, psychologically, is when you like something, other people in your news feed see what you like. It's the same reason why boyfriends are very careful about liking other girls' photos. 'Cuz then you get that screenshot text message like, oh, so you like her photo huh? What's there to like about her bathing suit. I don't. (laughter) What's this? Y'all know what I'm talking about too. Alright, so there's examples of resistance. And I make jokes and I have fun, but I'm also being real. This is how people think. And you're selling against all of those things. That's why we're doing this Facebook training and you see very little has to do with the technical stuff on Facebook. All those limiting beliefs that you guys have at home about why your ads aren't working, they have nothing to do with Facebook. It's all the things I'm talking about today. Now, what's ways to fight against this? To increase sales as opposed to increase resistance? Number one is giving something away. Giving them a piece of that experience, right. Letting them see how you can help them before even talking with them. Number two. Discount. Discounts always help. Number three is environment, right. People are judge-y. People are... Are judge-y. Just pure. People judge the hell out of, I don't care what anybody, oh don't judge me, shut up. Every single one of us judges. And to be honest, I think people should judge people. But only based off their actions. Right? You should. So environment. When people see your advertisements and you show them your physical location. You show them your photo studio. You show them your at-home set-up. If you got dirty clothes in the background, leftover food, right. Your walls, like you got weird posters and stuff or anything like that, people start to judge you. So please take the time to realize your environment and your video ads, which you all do, does matter. And it will affect your sales dramatically. And if you don't have a place that you have that's that cool, go outside. Go to a park. Right now we're in San Francisco. I ran into 30 different ad sets just on the drive here. Places that could shoot cool videos. Right. So leverage your environment. It's free. Next is associations. Be careful who you're in videos with. Especially if you're running ads through it. How many of you have not been somewhere just because there was somebody else there that you didn't like? All of us. That person gonna be like, sh I ain't going. It's adamant too. No no I'm not going. Really, I don't want to deal with her. She's too much. Got it? Next is breaking down the fourth wall. This is so crucial. We live in a day in age when people understand that they're being advertised to. So stop making these videos where you don't address the camera and you just pretend something organic's happening when they know it's there. 'Cuz it creates the ultimate distrust. Just like I'm breaking down the fourth wall and I'm telling them, what's up guys. How you doing today? Hey, I see you. I understand you're there and I continue to interact with them. 'Cuz they know it's a live stream. Right? So buy this stuff right here. Just click that button. Right? Keep talking to them. So I wanna show you guys a sales video that generated $100,000 in a day when I broke down that fourth wall. But I did it in a production that doesn't seem like I'd be breaking down a fourth wall. It's short, but it's... Well, I'll just let you guys decide. Here we go. You believe in destiny? (boom) Well you seeing this ad has nothing to do with hope, faith, or chance. I come before you right now as a messenger from the gods to tell you your time has expired. The decision you're about to make will dictate the way you provide and protect your family's future. Right now you have two choices. Continue to be a slave and make a mockery of your business like him. Or join us comrade. Enroll into my training camp and take a final stand with my team of elite marketers. Because on December 22nd, the doors to camp are closing indefinitely. (boom) (chanting) They say you're the average of the five marketers you surround yourself with. Well, what would happen if you surrounded yourself with gods? Ignore this call to action today and suffer the same fate as him. He calls himself a marketer. You call yourself a marketer? I am marketing. (chanting) That was fun. (laughter) You guys can clap for it, that's cool. (laughter and clapping) That was mostly because it was my little cousin who I kicked off. So it's like, you know, it was a lot of fun when you had to do it multiple times to get the right shot, so we had fun with that. But the reason why I showed that video in particular because notice how I was talking to the audience the whole time. Because that was big for us on Facebook and it was also big for us on Youtube. Ad when people are just scrolling through their newsfeed and they're so busy, they just drown out messages. So that's why I literally call 'em out. I'm like hey, if you're an entrepreneur, you need to watch this. And it changes everything in regards to my click through rate and how long people stick around. 'Cuz they kind of do this motion where they're like, on their computer, is he talking to me right now. Hold on a second. It really just becomes real. And they also start to feel like they know me. And when they know me, they can like me. And when they like me, they can trust me. When they trust me, they buy. Right? So some of you can't answer this question because you know it. You know it. But for the other people in this audience and at home. Actually at home, I really want you guys to light up the chat boxes with this. What's the number one emotion that makes people overcome resistance and take massive action while watching videos specifically? What is it? (mumble) What is it? Courage? Courage? Yeah. Not courage. What else? Fear? Fear. Not fear, what else? [Audience Members] Laughter connection Laughter, connection. These are all great. What else? Trust? Trust. These are all true. Every one of those answers is true. But there's something that kills it specifically with advertising that's better. What was that? Fear of missing out? FOMO is a real thing, but that's pretty good. That's like a close of it. FOMO's the worst right. But no. This is even bigger than that. Anybody? Anybody at home got it? Let's see, Emma says happiness. Emma says happiness. Emma I love you. You're wrong. What else? (laughter) Suzanne says anger. Suzanne says anger. No, but what are you mad about, Suzanne? What else? (laughter) We got hope. Amber says hope. Okay, Amber says hope. So here's the answer. (audience member mumbling) What was it? Did you say trust? No, not trust. You know what's funny. I've actually showed parts of this, this is actually a new presentation, but this part, this exercise I've done before. You guys wanna hear something crazy? No one's ever gotten this answer that didn't know it. Ever. What a great set-up, right? Now you wanna know what it is. (laughter) And it's this. Curiosity. Curiosity. It's the whole idea of what happens next. It's what the entire movie business is premised on. You watch a trailer and you're just like, damn I gotta know what happens. It's how we're built as humans. What happens next? We gotta know that. So when you guys are creating your video advertisements on Facebook, you need to ask yourself, does it make 'em laugh? Does it make 'em smile? And are they curious to hear the rest of my message? Let me show you an example of curiosity in action. This is actually cool. So, you've seen a lot of my videos today. And they're high production. Way too much. And for a lot of people, especially for me, it would have been four years ago, it's discouraging. 'Cuz it's like, dude I can't just go out and get a production team and start writing these crazy videos. So what I love to show is this first 25 seconds of our number one performing ad of all time. It's been viewed over 10 million times. It's getting 725 leads a day and it's bringing in a whole bunch of money. All that cool stuff. But it's the most basic ad we've ever shot. Basic. Watch the beginning. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. I just spent a lot of money getting this advertisement in front of you. So if you're a smart marketer like I think you are, come with me because there's something I wanna show you upstairs in my office right now. That's it. I literally take the camera. It follows me. Right? Watch this. And this is what I mean by curiosity. I call 'em out right? Hey, if you're a smart marketer, da da da, come with me. I want to show you. And then you'll see me. I turn my shoulder and I say, come on. You're coming with me, right. Curiosity. And then they start following me. And it's like so illogical. 'Cuz it's like, dude I'm in a screen. You can't actually follow me. But psychologically you get it. You're like, let me see where I'm going. Alright. (laughter) Some people literally get up from the computer and say, well let's go. Start walking with it to come with me. But that's what I mean by curiosity. Also, pay attention to trends. On trends, what's the most popular TV shows out there right now. Real estate shows. MTV crib shows. Showing stuff shows. It's like weird how fascinated we are by seeing someone's house. But how many of you here today in the audience or at home have been late at night, you're surfing through and then there's somebody that's remodeling a home. And you're like, dammit I gotta see what it looks like at the end. (laughter) You watch the whole 27 minutes and you're like, damn I can't believe they did that with the kitchen. You're upset now. Right, it's crazy. And so for me, coming into my office, that was the same trend of wow, people are fascinated about that. So when I said okay come with me. We're going to an office which I know is trending and then I bring 'em upstairs into my office and I just educate them, like a short lesson asking them if they want to register for my training, that's the whole video. And the reason why it's my favorite to show is because you realize it's not about all that production crap. See, this is important to note. When you see us do these fancy productions, it's to be remembered. People remember the wolf who paid advertising. I've been in Ubers where literally the driver turns around and goes (chest pounding) (laughter) Seriously. You know our office is like public center. People come by all the time. And they're always referencing some kind of video that they saw. That's how they remember. But it's not our highest performing ads. Our highest performing ads is, I just showed you. The basic thing's just talking to 'em. What I mean by highest performing is the ones that make us the most money. That helps us pay our bills. So I wanna encourage everybody, just our basic. Your cell phone is perfectly fine. So this is just a screen shot of the different characters I've played.

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If you’re talking about social media marketing, you’ve got to talk about Facebook. With more than 2 billion users, Facebook remains the biggest and most popular social site around.

Companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to take advantage of the Facebook platform to promote their business and drive sales need to do more than just establish a presence and accumulate followers. They’ve got to create content that breaks through the noise, attracts attention and compels people to act.

Billy Gene, one of the top online marketing influencers, educators and practitioners in the world, will help you create a video script that turns strangers into customers on Facebook without spending a single penny.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

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  • Gather the tools you need to film your own video.
  • Write a successful video script, including webinars, sales letters and demonstrations.
  • Evoke emotion and anticipation among your viewers.


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Billy lights up the room with his energy and deep expertise. A true practitioner, Billy shares from his past successes and teaches how to capture someone's attention on Facebook (use Video!) and turn it into a customer! I'm super grateful for how hands on Billy is in his course and I learned a lot from his "hot seats" with the audience.

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Are you kidding me!! I had no idea learning could be so much fun! Billy Gene is an instructor like no other. If you want to learn a sh*#ton of information about getting noticed through all the noise on social media, but are afraid you will be bored out of your mind - FEAR NOT! I cannot recommend this class enough. I am so glad I own it because there is so much information here that watching it just once is not enough. I have been doing it ALL WRONG and am so excited to get started on the right path! By the end of the class you will be so pumped you will think you are the "Wolf of Paid Advertising".

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