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Turn Clicks into Customers on Facebook


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What To Say In Your Videos

What to say in your videos, right? Leveraging curiosity in the same way. I think we did a couple examples here. So, wedding photographer, hey, follow me, I wanna show you the wedding that I shot where the bride left the groom at the altar. Kind of mean, right, but you wanna see it! (audience laughs) You're like, oh, my God, what? She actually left, hold on, right, you wanna see it. And then you can even go to the landing page once they click and tell 'em, yo, you're kind of a bad person, the fact that you wanted to see that. (audience laughs) I don't really have a bad ending, but I do have happy ones. You know what I mean, you could have fun with it. Only your creativity will stop you from leveraging whatever you want. So again, curiosity though, it's like, I gotta see that. This is why Buzzfeed blows up. This is all they do, but not as much as CreativeLive. I love CreativeLive, everybody buy from CreativeLive. CreativeLive is everything. I didn't know if I was allowed to say that, so.

(laughs) Second thing, a guitar teacher. Hey, let me show you how I taught this five-year-old boy how to play a Santana song in two weeks. It's cute if you target it to mothers. I got a five-year-old too. They can play Santana, it's crazy. Curious, same tactic, third, insurance. Hey, do you wanna see the insurance plan that costs three bucks a month that insures up to three million dollars in damages? Doesn't exist, maybe it does. I don't even know if that makes sense, but you're curious. That's the point, so again, as I said in the beginning, you need to take what I'm teaching you and apply it to your business. As I go on today I'm going to show you multiple examples of how you take all of these formulas and you put 'em into winning advertisements, and we'll hit every single concept, okay? So what I want you guys to understand is this. That advertise, capture, sell formula that I'm giving you we use for everything. We use it when I'm advertising on Facebook, we use it when I'm advertising on billboards, right? If we do billboards and we tell people to what, go to our landing page to watch a webinar. Same thing, we capture. YouTube, I even do it on podcast. Put a message out so that people are gonna care about, capture the leads, get their name, email, phone number. And then sell them something. And on the basic forms it looks like this, an advertisement, this was for like a helicopter pilot tour something, we did like a video for them, something like that, then we brought them to a landing page, that was so basic. Want a San Diego helicopter tour for two for 25% off. They click a button, we get their name, email, and phone number, and then, we just call them and sell them something. That was the whole process this was just a thank you page, it just had text on it, a picture there, and then we even used our own picture, from our own video for their company. They were cool with it, so that's it man, that's the process, advertise, capture, sell. Every single person here can create that. Every single person here can create the videos that I showed you, no one can not do this. But if you do not take action what I'm teaching you, and I do not say this as a scare tactic, genuinely you're toast. But that's the opportunity, most people won't. So when you do, and you actually take action on this, you can actually win, and it's wide open, because there's not that many people participating. So, I got fifteen minutes left, I wanted to open that up to questions, if that's cool. That's totally cool, yeah I just want to touch on, a few that came in on online, first. And then we can maybe have some time for questions here. You touched on this a little bit, but I do want to get some more clarification. Suzanne posted this question, a few other people voted on it so they're curious. They can vote on it too? Right, our tech! People have been enjoying all the videos you're showing but Suzanne said, what I'm understanding is that you need to be a showman so, am I doomed to not succeed if I'm not a showman at heart? I love that question. How do you do that? Suzanne, first off, let me say, let me talk to you. I'm glad you asked that seriously, because it is a big concern that a lot of people have. I wanna point out, it's about capturing genius. So what does that mean? So no one is really that boring, some people are, but most people are not that boring and what I mean by that is, any of you seen the show The Office? If you really look at the premise of The Office, there's a whole bunch of boring people, in an office, but when you catch Jim in his moment of looking at the camera, with that weird Jim look, or you catch Creed doing something weird, or Meredith saying like, all the characters in the show, they all have their thing. That's how humans are, we all have our thing. And it's about capturing it, and what's great about videos, and most of the times I do better is about capturing their genius so, we've done it plenty of times with clients where you take a doctor or something. They're super smart, but they're horrible on camera, crazy. So it's like okay instead, do you have a client that's willing to be on camera? Oh yeah of course I do, she's been with me for da-da-da years. Well do you mind, chiropractor, just showing what you do and us being here on camera? All of the sudden they're great. See when you go from the scripted, like memorize something and just capture people doing what they love and what they're passionate about, that's where they win so whatever you do. Suzanne? Suzanne, yeah. Whatever you do Suzanne, just put the camera there, and just do you, just capture yourself in the moment of doing what you do best. A lot of coaches, life coaches, the opportunity is not doing an image ad, and writing some long post, it's literally, I want to see one of your meetings with one of your clients and I want to see how you impact their life. And if you can capture that in a five to seven minute clip, put it on Facebook, people will beg to work with you. Because while everyone else is talking about it, you are demonstrating it, that make sense to everybody? Yeah that's good lets do another question, this one was from Catherine, and Catherine says it seems so much easier to do videos like this when you're selling a service, of course, something exciting like that, but what about if you're selling a product and for their specific example, You mean like Splotty Potty. Splotty potty, so the specific one that Catherine calls out is dog bedding. So what types of videos would you do if you're selling dog bedding? Well let's have some fun, right? So first thing that came to my mind, is that pet owners, that's like the best thing ever, they're like more obsessed with their pets than their family and themselves so, what I would want to do is, I would show a dog bed, and I would show like a 30 second or 60 second clip of a bunch of humans picking their dogs up and sleeping in the bed instead, because it's that comfortable. And just literally show a funny clip of people taking dogs, and like throwing them, and they land safely, and them sleeping there. And literally just taking over their beds. It like feels so good that humans want to sleep in it, because what you're really gonna do is the psychology there of treating your dogs just as good as yourself if not better, which is all like pet owners want to do. Except for mine, I'm not doing that but, you know what I mean, I got two dogs. But does that make sense, you know what I mean? And watch this, did that cost a bunch of money? No. Could she shoot that with her phone right now? See what I'm saying, the creativity, that's where we always get stuck, but products, products, usually I get that question on the flip, is that I have a service how can I show a video, which is the life coaching example I gave. But the products, that's infomercial one on one. You go to the fair, and you walk out with a set of $2000 steak knives, you laugh because you got some. (laughs) but it's real thing, what? Literally like some part of presentations is that they take out scissors, and they cut a penny, what does that have to do with eating salad? What, right, so demonstrate, it's always the same formula. Product or service you just have to demonstrate how you can help, and show it to the right people which I'll carry on through in some of the other trainings today. Alright we got a few minutes for questions here, I wanted to give you guys a chance. Is there a difference, especially since we're talking about putting these videos to Facebook audiences, is this something where you're gonna be uploading it natively into Facebook? Like does that make a difference? Like, how to upload it? Yeah, or is that gonna make a difference in, how many people see it? Oh okay gotchu, so I believe what you're asking is the difference between going through the ads manager and making a video versus putting it on your page? Um, yeah, yeah. And just kind of boosting it, and something like that. Um, both can work, what happens is, once you post a video on your page, and I'll talk to you too on the camera, the up down thing, then what you can do is go into the ads manager, and modify it within there. That makes sense, so you can kind of post it, and once you post it, you can do it. And honestly, you have to test, so sometimes, we ran ads, and we go to the news feed, and don't put them on our page, they do better. Sometimes we ran ads, and we put them on the page, and they bombed, it was like, we just never know. So everything that we teach today and gone over, just remember that there are no black and whites in advertising, there's only gray, and it frustrates the heck out of us sometimes, because you want answers. Just tell me what to do to make money! Sorry, doesn't exist, it's like telling a doctor, tell me exactly what to do I need to save this life. What? Someones got a broken leg, you can't give them cough syrup, what, it doesn't even make sense. But that's what we want, and I'm just like, one of things you guys will learn about me is, I'm just gonna hit you with the truth. The truth is, sometimes it works better one way, sometimes it works the other, test and find out. So you shared with us various video ads of various lengths, is there a specific like when you're looking, do the various lengths correlate to the offers that you're trying to give, or is there a specific length? That is a good question so, the length of the video and does that matter or not? There are a lot of people, especially actually in this road of creatives, where people think that people just don't pay attention to long stuff. And there's only one truth with this. People just don't pay attention to boring stuff, the end. But we all sat in a three hour movie, didn't we? Jack, Rose, Titanic, like we pay attention, because it was interesting, like why didn't she scoot over, you know what I mean? We ask ourselves these questions, see they got you with curiosity again. (laughs) but you guys see what I'm saying? That matters, so when I re-watch my own stuff, I just go, ah kinda lost me there. I just try to be honest with myself like, ah well I'll show it to the people, and when I show it to other people, I step back and I look for when the first person goes for their phone, you know what I mean? Like when does the first person get distracted? What lost it for them, and you almost always know, you know what I mean like you can tell. So I would just say when it gets boring stop. But then also too, it is worthwhile to advertise on Facebook with a longer video. Try a 15-20 minute one, video there. Because what you can do is you can target people, who watch 50% of that video, and show them additional ads. So someone watches seven minutes of a 15 minute video, yo that person's hot, show them another ad that says hey, looks like you're really interested in this, how about XYZ? So, does that kind of answer your question? Yes, thank you. And also too, and one thing that's important to take note is, what's your ask? How much resistance are you creating? If there's a ton of resistance that you're creating, meaning you want someone to travel, you want someone to pay, and then you're showing them an image, plus a couple words, that doesn't match the emotion, so you may need 20 minutes to create the type of emotional charge to get them over the resistance of the ask, that's why I went through that chart, to kind of bring it full circle for you guys. You might be talking about this later, is there a way, where do you see how long someone has looked at the video, and who's looked at them, the ads manager? Yup so 100%, so what's cool in the ads manager, it will show you exactly like, this percentage watched 3% or what is it, like 5%, 50%, 75, 95%, they give you like three of four categories, I can't remember off the top of my head but it tells you, and that's the beautiful thing with everybody here, literally like, take some time after this training and like literally type in ads manager, and click around, I promise you won't break anything. And if your credit card is not on file, they can't charge you anyways so, you know what I mean? You're fine, but, So you, have a concept and do a bunch of different edits of that so you could see which one plays out best? 100%, if I can go back, it may take me awhile to get there, if you guys wanna pull it up, but there was a slide in the beginning where I said you can kind of target by interest, or you can target by audience. It's as easy as literally just typing in people who watch "x" percentage of this, and it will show it to them, it's like, the reason why, and this is why, I'm glad you asked this, the reason I don't go into techy when I'm teaching like this is a lot of times it will create overwhelm for people, and then also too, who does a really good job of showing people how to get to something? Facebook, you can literally go there and say how to advertise videos and they'll give you screenshots, and sometimes videos of just walking you right through it so it's pretty straight forward and we can go in deeper if you'd like to, cool. Hey there, thanks for being there. Thank you for being here. I'm gonna buy it (laughs). My question is this, when you showed earlier, the video and then clicked to a landing page, to get their information, does that landing page live in the ads manager? Good question. Facebook? That's a great question. So there's a couple of ways that you can do that, right? So some people just run traffic to their website, and actually let me address that too. If you're just running ads to a website, I highly don't recommend it because what happens is there's a lot of distractions on your website. You have all of your services, you have your about me, that nobody cares about I promise, and you're just bringing people into a big circle, and people get frustrated because they want what you are offering fast, they want it to happen, and then the reason why we use landing pages is because it can be simple, and we can collect their data quickly so, we use a lot of additional services, one is clickfuddles, and it's a really good website builder, landing page builder that allows you to drag and drop and no exaggeration, in three minutes you can have a full landing page, just like that. And that's a separate app, It's a separate app outside of Facebook. Can you say it again, please? Yeah, it's called Clickfuddles, yup yup yup, and I'll give you guys as many resources as you need, and can send out an email, but it helps. What's the biggest trend you're seeing in video marketing, that you see? I think trend wise I'm seeing, that ever since the Dollar Shave Club's video, a lot of you have probably seen that. A lot of people try to emulate it, I see a lot of people trying to go into the humor lane, humor does work really well, but at the same time, if your personality is not really a jokester, emotional, serious, or whatever it is is just as good, right? Because everyone responds to different things. So I would say the biggest trend that I'm seeing is just people trying to like copy like what's working and unfortunately, that's them, you gotta do you, and your customer wants you, like a lot of people hate Billy Gene. You know what I mean when I say hate, I'm not for them, that's okay. Like you guys here, some of you marketers watching this, they rather work with you, that's the game, that's the game.

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Billy lights up the room with his energy and deep expertise. A true practitioner, Billy shares from his past successes and teaches how to capture someone's attention on Facebook (use Video!) and turn it into a customer! I'm super grateful for how hands on Billy is in his course and I learned a lot from his "hot seats" with the audience.

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Are you kidding me!! I had no idea learning could be so much fun! Billy Gene is an instructor like no other. If you want to learn a sh*#ton of information about getting noticed through all the noise on social media, but are afraid you will be bored out of your mind - FEAR NOT! I cannot recommend this class enough. I am so glad I own it because there is so much information here that watching it just once is not enough. I have been doing it ALL WRONG and am so excited to get started on the right path! By the end of the class you will be so pumped you will think you are the "Wolf of Paid Advertising".

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