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Unfu*k Your Relationships


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Class Introduction

(audience applauding) Okay, alright everyone. Thank you for being here today, and for participating in this course. Like the wall says, my name is Gary John Bishop, and we are gonna be working on something called relationships. Now, we all have relationships. We all have, our lives are absolutely filled with relationships, and one of those, admittedly, is your relationship with yourself. You do have one of those. Most people handle courses like this, or any kind of relationship insight or advice in a particularly strange and, if not a little curious way. Any time you read a book or take a course or, you know, perhaps read any one of a myriad of social media posts on the subject, we mostly think about others, but that's a very human thing to do. We think about the people in our lives, like if I was to post something online about people who are dominating in their relationships, you're not saying to yourself, "Oh yeah, that's me."...

Class Description

Do you have relationships with people that you feel need work?

Do you run into troubles with your loved ones and not know how to make the relationships better? Do you get stuck into negative relationship ruts?

Gary John Bishop will show you how through a combination of vulnerability, willingness, and starting with YOURSELF you can start to transform the important relationships in your life.

Inspired by Gary's book, Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life, Gary will guide you through the process by:

  • Dispelling the myth of contemporary relationship strategies and structures.
  • Uncovering the sea of confusion and story that envelops your relationships.
  • Letting go of the weight and significance surrounding our relationships.
  • Taking apart the fundamental aspect of being in relationships with others.
  • To uncover the hidden judgements and expectations that keep our relationships stuck.
  • Steps to a powerful reinvention of relationships.
  • Giving you a contingency plan for when your plans go “off” and ways to ensure your relationships continue to flourish.
  • Creating a whole new world and help you become someone who can elicit real and lasting change in relationships.

Gary will be providing you with a habit building worksheet and give you the tools to start making real positive change in your most important relationships.

Gary John Bishop will show you how to Unfu*k Your Relationships.