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Basic Gear Kit

What does one need to just get started? You know you don't necessarily have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to get started okay, you can quote me on that and we will yes way recording oh well actually no I love that I feel because you know it's nice to see the kid that you have evolved teo and but where you can start that you don't actually need everything in order to get started so we appreciate seeing both of those yeah definitely definitely because you know everyone's at a different level you know and when I started out you know actually I won't get into this later but I actually took out alone you know and I took a leap of faith but we'll get into that later you know? She's um, stories and then again I'm jumping a bit I'm just really excited already do some break dancing but I know I'm not allowed so I'll just do it later, okay? Really? You got the got the the ex nay on the break dancing from the producer you had happened really? Yeah, but wolf good reason you know we'l...

l talk to her at the break. Well yeah she's cool. Okay, so we've got obviously you need a body which body their five day mark too, but they kind of stop making them but they're still around the mark three o this to mark tuesday don't worry about so one of them's supposed to be a mark three on got you seven day, which is you know, as you know crop sense rc then you need to factoring the the cropped factor and sixty day so you know which which camera? It doesn't really matter I think any of those ones you you'll be fine but you just need to think about what they could do some of them like they have certain limitations with white balance on dh then you've got the crop factor you know issue seanie think about okay few shooting with a fifty when it's not really a fifteen year because the fifties filled a filipino fifties I got to the eye but when you put on a seventy that changes so things like that you need to think about you need to go to lengths to go to lens is a fifty the fifty for may is like the lens that I use pretty much like heat and then you're thinking, well, okay, I may not have two thousand eighteen hundred for one point two I've got the one point two and I'll explain why I've got the one point two but I would recommend either the one point two if you can budget that awesome lens but even the one point for a lot of people saying, well, you know there's a big difference between one point for one point two I don't think it's a massive difference main thing is that you know, you like your subject really well or you you shoot you know, in lighting that is going to be an advantage for you so you get awesome images and then you push the storytelling again it's all about the storytelling so it doesn't really matter but what's the difference okay, so you just jumped to the one angle difference like I said, there is a little bit of been getting with the one point for when you shoot I don't have any examples but I just personally think with one point to it is better built it's a stronger build but having said that one point four to start off with if you're on a tight budget really really good lands I'll feel that's again do you have the lenses behind you that you can show us as you're talking about? Yeah, sure so this's the fifty mil it's like really epic compared to like even the plastic fantastic and the one point forwards it's it's solid yeah aziz aziz would say it's very lincoln which means it's it's it's a solid lens what about fair dinkum? Yeah it's it's it's flak right on you know it's fair dinkum so you might want to write that down so when you come down to australia you get a manicure you know and I find that the weather ceiling is really also might have shot with this lens in like point rain, you know? So I have a shot with the one point for point range, so I can't say well, you know, it's a massive advantage but from what I've researched um the you know it's it's a bit of bill you can see it's like the construction compared to one before is better the focus for that's what you need to look at on by some people like kind of like think about the one point eight one point it's like it's a plastic lands so generally don't give anything that's kind of plastic and has a very tiny focus ring you want like a focus ring that is easy tio two men like to manoeuvre once you get those lenses when they like really narrow it's like kind of like always got to focus you know on gets really hard so that's the thing you need to think about between the one point for one point two not a massive difference, but I'll go in more detail why what? Well I chose the one point to cool and then you know you need a wide angle lens so I would recommend a twenty four twenty four one point four is a super sharp lens if you're really on a tight, tight budget, you know the sixteen thirty five is decent lind and there are other brands that you cannot for but I haven't worked with them and I find that I think it's worth just get the like really like get really solid equipment like really good equipment but not all of it so you like just get really good fifty mil in a really good twenty four mil and then I'll talk about the telephoto long lens you should get if you have that then the rest you can kind of maybe rent which I'll get into I think it's important to just bite the bullet is what I did bite the bullet and you don't have to do this but I took out a loan but when you're really passionate about something you just find the way and that this is why I think in terms of the basic kit it's important tio to look at these options because they got lost these lenses they're going to be with you for for years you know it should actually last forever really I mean they're the lenses I mean some people still use lenses that are like those old school lenses you know and they just putting them on these new dear salah is because of the look so lenders will last with long lenses I would proceed recommend the city two hundred mark to mark to massive massive increase in the quality on the sharpness in the market you from the mach one very pricey, very pricey compared to one thirty five and we'll go through the later on all kind of weigh them up, but something like between those two, you've got the hundred mil macro, but that's more towards a specialty lands and I'll go through that later on. There are other brands, but just in terms of the construction off them, you know the cannon the mark too. You know, the seventeen hundreds, really solid, but but with seventy two within his room lands in obviously there's more moving parts, so you need to kind of way that up, but I'm jumping a bit now, but I would recommend those lances set off. Yes. So this is a seventy two hundred mark to which with image stabilizer say it's a solid lead it's an awesome linds, I want gettinto later, but I love this land. Andi also love the one thirty five, but I'm jumping still, but we'll talk about it. We'll talk about what they could do and the pros and cons between the two will go through that. But, you know, it's pretty heavy use guys, you've used this land is your photography. Yeah, yeah, so, um we'll go through, go through, like, in terms of terms of filming our motion picture, how I use it and why and where we'll get through that that's one of my favorites for photography I don't use it as much for video not really sure how to use it for video that are you going to get him to like the percentage of what how much you use each ones and we get into that later yeah definitely so and then you know you need a little like some sort of audio system I would recommend we've got the h six which is the new zoom awesome zoom lens through the zoom recorder but the land it's kind of cool way um this has been around for a while but you know, this is a solid recorder this will get you started and you know, you should have also I don't have it here because on me but we have the same heizer right there these guys I mean should get a body you know? They're on the bull I like these guys I like you and so I would recommend at least once it off the same highs is ready mikes they solid the build off them like try not to, but I have dropped them a couple times it happens but avoided but nothing's happened they've really solid there are the brands, which I won't mention but I've tried and not a soul, but these guys they're cool they're really solid so this is a transmitter and then you have a receiver and they'll go into the into the room so I'll go through that I'll show you later on how how we will do the setup but this is this is what I would recommend to start off with sure so okay so you have all this equipment on dh I'm assuming you have a team to just kind of go and shoot the wedding do you have a designated audio person and do you have multiple cameras set up like can you talk a little bit of a show this well I'll get into that a little bit later but definitely their crew rolls okay s so we where we're constantly communicating even before the wedding we'll make sure we know what we're doing so one person might do one thing during the winning in another person another shooter will do something else so we share the rolls and we kind of make sure that we're not overlapping and it's not like I'll get into a bit later okay yeah crew rolls that's a good question it is a good question because there's so much happening and you need to be very organized in terms of what one guy's doing will go you know when I say that because the great great female shootin a little good but it's very important teo to just have that kind of connection and make sure you know what you're doing when a lot of people, a lot of people have the option when they buy a body to get a zoom lens with the body aunt, I'm wondering if you would recommend buying that like twenty four to one or five with the body or using that money on a prime instead, definitely a prime, which I'll be going through in a moment in terms of what we, what we use, but I would recommend sticking to the primes, and I'll go through the advantages of a prime, and yeah, I would definitely take a leap of faith and and just even if it's to two primes, two problems, even one prime, and then maybe for a few weeks you can rent, but we'll go through that in a moment I find myself and you tell me what you think, but I find myself using my like the roland and just going with my lapel and thrown in the back of their pocket versus going with the wireless just because for the chance of something happening wirelessly already know that I'm on hold. Yeah, yeah, definitely. So the next thing I was going to say is that have, ah, have one of these guys don't have to be this one, it could be an h one, some sort of wide system, so there's no, um there's no transmission risks yeah transmitting risks with the transmission of the signal because it happens sometimes when you get a drop on you like old boy so you have a backup, so definitely you're right, man houston, you definitely white system, so I would recommend you have your wife wireless, a little basic wireless system and then one of these guys well, two of these guys probably set you back about hundred bucks under fifty bucks. I'll have a couple of them and wilson back up. So that's here that's your arm, you're on your basic it gone through that one apart and tripod, so I'll just get the pod this guy here, you need this, akane stress enough how important this thing is. I'll go through how versatile this munna part is. I pretty much use this like a ll the time and I'll demonstrate a few clips where it's pretty much just almonte and I'll show you techniques throughout the course how to use this thing. But you got to get one of these got legs in the bottom, so give you interest ability, but we'll go through in terms of techniques toe make the most out of the monitor and in terms of the tripod should get a light down going to see like that falling like good with a tripod there's so many out there I would probably you want to spend at least five hundred dollars. I just find that with experience that in terms of looking at the different travels over time as a guideline, like just as a general guideline, you want to spend the lace around five hundred dollars and make sure you have a really solid hit. You know, because the legs are important, but the head, you know, the fluid head that you want to have something smooth and when giving any kind of jerkiness and so that's important, the head man photo makes a really good tripods. I personally use the miller, but to get started yeah, always been around five dollars, and just when you shop around, make sure the head's really good and you should you should have a lot. You should have at least one line. I would recommend the data. One fifty what? That's, really versatile. You could use it for a bouncing off for dancing. You can use it for speeches. It's it's a spot light. It can also flood yet and we have them for outset shoots. I'll show you how you can use him in the interview. We can also use it for many applications in the special venue when you're doing like toasts and speeches. So you can use the key light use it in their dancing you can kind of bounce it if there's a war it is a ceiling with a white silly it's perfect just bounce a nice soft light they small compact I'll show you I don't have it right here but when we do the life said I'll show you how this is the data was talking about okay so as I mentioned you know they're they're awesome limitations with the dea salah including you know it's got a full dynamic range and what that means is that the fall that it creates when you're shooting it's a heavily compressed and it's called h h two six four what that generally means is this this like it's just being heavily compressed so there's not a lot information there to kind of leverage when you when you're editing so you know make sure you shooting good light as I said when you're at door you know, maybe subjects optimized the lighting and therefore you will work for you. So while there are limitations with the dea sula there ways that you can make it work I cannot speak way um and then we'll get into later on the picture profile sittings so that will prepare yourself for the editing and make sure that you have a little bit of leverage maybe not as much as when you shooting role with the red cameras shooting like progres, which is another kodak, which has more information. Basically, the h two six for your limited it's, compressed so there's. Certain things that you can do to give yourself more leverage in the editing will go through that.

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What’s the difference between a videographer and a true cinematographer? How can a single shooter successfully capture a complete wedding story? Join filmmaker Alfio Stuto for a three-day introduction to the wedding cinematographer’s mindset and toolbox. Alfio will cover everything you need to know about video storytelling, post-production workflow, attracting clients, and growing a business. You’ll learn how to choose the equipment right for you, from lenses to lighting equipment, and beyond. Alfio will share the one-of-a-kind techniques he’s developed over a decade of success as a cinematographer, including how to capture a live event through moving, evocative imagery that will last forever. By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills you need to tell a compelling, emotional story through video, with results your clients will love.


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This is fantastic! Boatloads of useful information, lightheartedly told, as if by a friend. And this is in regards to the comment earlier that Alfio is not a good teacher. I find his manner of speaking very easy to get into. It's not rigid and you can tell he's speaking from experience and not quoting text-books. I'd much rather have this sort of teacher than any other. Brilliant stuff, I have to repeat myself.