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How much you know like yeah it's one of those things especially when you starting out it's like oh don't toe charge too much because then I won't get the business but then I do the job and like and I was like ah should trust more to get that feeling yeah dictate guns man stick to your guns then rip them off you know, like I said, I'm going to go home on charging twenty thousand dollars that's it for a two minute film now you gotta be realistic, obviously, but stick to your guns in a sense that be confident in what you what you know, like there's a value what you what we're doing it is a value behind it massive like think about how much we need to think about on it shoot the different, you know, all the different decisions we need to make and the commitment that's required its massive they're paying for your service, you need to remember that they're paying they're not paying for, you know, like just getting the film and watching it it's a whole experience it's your skill that you've de...

veloped for years that I have developed fees and in a way like in one aspect, you can't really put a price on that really but way have to because it's going to be marketable and we're looking at the actual business market so there needs to be some sort of business transactions so they need to be some sort of monetary value there but in terms of a in terms of a non monetary aspect, there is no you can't put a price on it you can't put a price on your personality you can't put a price on you know your commitment so it don't be afraid to you know, I mean developing urine price you know doesn't require a bit of like, you know, just fine tuning and you know, something I need to think about and and look at like, what you do and your films and I would recommend that don't like you could use because I'm about to, like, share like what's included in the packages and a guy line with the pricing while you could obviously I'm sharing that because it could help you it should help you in terms of getting a guideline, but you want to use it as basically something where you khun replicate for you you're going to find something that fits you and that will benefit you. And again, I don't be afraid to like if you come up with an amount of pricing that you know that is justified, stick to your guns when couples asking for discount you know I mean it's important to accommodate and tell your packages as much as you can but you know, giving discounts for example like for no reason it's not doing any favors because it's in valuing your what you're doing if you find this it's worth while tio do something where it's like you create offering something special then you know, like I said before maybe you could offer something at half price or you give them like something a little bit extra and they you don't charge them so you could probably provide them with some sort of extra you know, like doing like a pre wedding package where you required to get three locations maybe one locations you could give that for free maybe because you know a photographer referred referred them to you and you tell them that you say look, way repre appreciate that sounds so has referred up this referred us to you preferred has referred us so we're happy to give you like the extra two three hours of coverage to be there till the farewell that's what I do sometimes you know, to give them give them a reason because then there's a this still value what you do but if you just kind of his hand out stuff just because you want to kind of get the booking honestly would you feel good about that? You know, like I think you feel much better if you were to put a reason behind it and you put in some context behind it yeah then there's some substance because you're appreciating something and you're giving back that's the kids it shouldn't be like giving away things just for no reason and you assess each couple is a because you know it depends what they what they what they need that's why I like I explained it's important to invite into the studio at a cafe and work out what they what they require maybe they only need a small package in terms of ours because everything happened in one location shooting in the u s you know a lot of the wedding's here everything is kind of like compact in the one location so a lot of things are done in six seven hours but everything's covered australia I want everyday like up to ten live in hours traveling we love the place you know but I'm sure it's different from one state to the next you know? So you just need teo just know the couple know the couple and service and for that what they need and then from there you can work out what you can offer them tio make the sale we'll sail but you know, to get the bookings um yet to capture that day how would you see how many on average do you shoot per year? Dis staged that twenty thirty yeah twenty thirty um and the rest of the work is sometimes I might be helping out the company's doing like some corporate work myself but a combination of you know the weddings to britain but of the business and then doing other other things like corporate stuff and commercial stuff so that's the thing which I'll get into very soon like give yourself son some time not to just do the same thing not to devalue wedding films when he filmmaking but you need to give yourself some time to do other other projects really important which are getting too um er in in a moment and talking about pricing it's quite quality of the quantity it's the old saying you know and that comes down to the length of the films you know you are creating something that has got substance so it's about the quality you know and you'll find couples you know like I see that is any way you could just make it extra five minutes you know make it longer you know want to seymour and if there's no reason for them to kind of suggest that then you know it's important that you explain to them look way have a reason that we have a guideline for the length of our films whether it's a highlights or a mini feature and and you know once you educate them they'll understand that you're not there to create something that has quantity but it's off course it has quality and therefore that contract treasure it and appreciate it more so just looking specifically at our package and then hopefully you can find some inspiration and some ideas that you can personalize your packages but as you can see, I've I've dedicated allocated a component in the package where I called the pre journey which is as I've mentioned is that time when we get to know the couple they're paying for that yeah that's part of the price I mean there is time involved there is it's like when you do a commercial shoot right whether it's a feature film or a documentary you need to do a lot of planning like a wedding right? You need to do scout location you need to find out the substance sorry you need to find out the details off thie shoot and find out what concept is and build that concept something here similar you know you need to develop the content you need to understand what's required and get to know them therefore when you film, they're winning it's done with purpose and you know we've got sections where, you know, we make it very clear what we're going to cover, you know? So they're aware of that way have a clear description in terms and what they're going to be receiving in terms of their films you know that it's it's artistically composed like you putting your art your craftsmanship into this work so it's important to you and all this will be part of the extra material and hopefully you could you could see this as a way to get some inspiration too you know be descriptive in terms of in a subtle way be descriptive in your your packaging so then that they can understand if you just put like highlights or just cinema highlights then they're not going to make that connection they need to kind of you need to give him a little bit you know you need to just given a bit of an insight in terms of what involved you know words like on a cinematic it's it's it's one of those words it's used a lot but compelling significant and entertaining moments yeah, these are things and maybe words like engaging imagery you know that reflect your story so whatever like makes sense to you you need to put that in your pricing in your packaging so then everything makes sense to them then they get it they go oh okay I get this right I see value in this how we pay the deposit you know and you know and we always and I encourage you do the same continued to push the envelope dvds is being something that has been the standard in delivering in terms of the pack in terms of the delivery of the packaging and you know and I'm talking with the guys and I'm saying look let's let's create these wouldn't I don't know like wouldn't found some drives and then obviously last year I was like man, I want to give them like a really special package that's get like maybe a mini suitcase you know constantly pushed the envelope think of new ways that you khun brand and improve your your, um delivery of the package is of your product like your films so what we do is we we provide them with with the previous package that if you like is there like that but the mane the mane package right this this alone will allow us to capture their story and then these are enhancements these airways that want necessarily it's not a case where without them that like your your main pack their main package is going to miss out but their ways to add another dimension that's what I told the couples because I look at this and say all but you got all this stuff here and especially like the thie coverage into farewell in the pre wedding shoot oh, I noticed that that sander and fire raj has some pre wedding stuff like but if we just have you doing the covering the date actually winning days that gonna be enough like and of course, because you've put films on there which have you know I have films that are just waiting yeah so then it sze away too you know educate the couples and they're aware of what you do because you've shown them online and you know clearly communicated that but you'll find your your your method and your style in terms of how you package and how you price but hopefully you can find some inspiration in terms of how you know with, you know, put things together and and how we on what we offer so I almost forgot next slide is a another film that we've we've we've we've put together and the couple's name is david and sarah and we also did a same to edit for this couple yeah and we we took him out on location and we did an interview set up and they both you know spoke about their journey and yeah, so hopefully enjoy it and I put it on now sarah and I met at church with both attend the same church together my cousin susie is actually serious best friends she's introduced us first got us to make together I'm a fanatical soccer fan and I was supporting brazil of the time and I'm a mother first facebook messages I sent david ones do you need some tissues because brazil had been knocked out of the car that you like her a lot actually the fact that she's interested in soccer I think he really appreciated that I took some interest in this spot I didn't realize how interested he was in this school until for valentine's day the following year he bought me a beauty beer way brazilian soccer she just youjust one of the first things I noticed about sarah's well was just that she's just extremely nice to everyone like just before I started until I just noticed that you know, skills just heat it hope everyone like you're just very different everyone else and I don't really attracted me to her the fact that you're a very caring and she you know she loves others and if she loves although I thought you said you know I'm sure she's gonna like me is phil's is shining there for us it's hollow wait I'm looking forward to a lot of things waiting day I get one of the big things probably putting on my my wedding dress and leaving home for the last time just looking forward tina leaving the house you know, for the last time and you know just the whole excitement of everyone just different being excited for us just the whole five party atmosphere of the wedding and the dancing and entertainment is looking forward to the whole way I've waited for you all day waiting for you a long way ah take their toe invention the point and I took it for a walk on the beach and you grabbed a big stick for all run in the sand you know it was it didn't go down too well with sarah having to stick in my hand and walking around and took her for a walk on the beach and then after about fifteen twenty minutes just got turned around in total you know we're gonna play a game and you just read it in the sense on then I turned around and I read it and I turned around again and you'll go on one knee and I gotta turn around you have to say sarah will you marry me and she said yes, you get saying you got to say something but I thought it was a given reactions just just be shocked and didn't really say anything at first I got a bit worried you know? It was interesting to say yes on that wait that way I'm looking forward to living days seeing sarah walking down the aisle and always he seeing her for the first time he has my wife the's better my way my dad will be down that aisle and hands me over that would be really, really official wait you that our forefathers way of christ and we're married we're joined implicit that's money following the world one of they sure so mary for appropriation way and of course the celebration you really want to go dancing and having everyone that way ah yeah so there you go thank you um you know your your work you put all this time and it's so much pride in your work when I spoke to you about you know communicating like what you do the couples and so they understand you know what you do it's it's extremely special when it's very thailand when you put the time let me assure you you put the time in what you do for your work it sells itself you know I've been so I've been humbled to get feedback from people that inquire about that work and saying are been on your website very touched and moved by your films and tell me about your packages and things like that so you put the time and the effort and you know you carry this attitude that I can see here into your films I can assure you it will sell itself because that's what I found in my in our work my work it pays off really does really does and then you know ugo you do same day edits you know and men the the atmosphere it's just euphoric people coming after me on man that was just amazing like you guys were just you know you created this this this story this film that was also men like I could have a business card and you know that's like wow, you know it's awesome but apart from the business side of things which is really important because that's a way of advertising um you know, it sold itself. You know, like you're you're making that connection. And therefore it sells itself so, so critical.

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What’s the difference between a videographer and a true cinematographer? How can a single shooter successfully capture a complete wedding story? Join filmmaker Alfio Stuto for a three-day introduction to the wedding cinematographer’s mindset and toolbox. Alfio will cover everything you need to know about video storytelling, post-production workflow, attracting clients, and growing a business. You’ll learn how to choose the equipment right for you, from lenses to lighting equipment, and beyond. Alfio will share the one-of-a-kind techniques he’s developed over a decade of success as a cinematographer, including how to capture a live event through moving, evocative imagery that will last forever. By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills you need to tell a compelling, emotional story through video, with results your clients will love.


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This is fantastic! Boatloads of useful information, lightheartedly told, as if by a friend. And this is in regards to the comment earlier that Alfio is not a good teacher. I find his manner of speaking very easy to get into. It's not rigid and you can tell he's speaking from experience and not quoting text-books. I'd much rather have this sort of teacher than any other. Brilliant stuff, I have to repeat myself.