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Branding and Personalization

We've talked about a lot of things right well looked at getting to know your couple we've looked at, you know, howto handle enquiries, you know had a position yourself when inquires come in, you know, so you make the most of like getting the clients that are suited for you in the process behind that and then once they come to the studio, you know, developing that that connection so they understand what you do because what you do is really, really special it's important that you know that way remember that way communicate that to our prospect couples and then once they once they trust you and they make that commitment to hire you for your services, then it's so as we discussed it's so important, you know, to take them on a journey and two to get to know them and then we, you know, obviously gone through all the different ways that we can incorporate the techniques, the filming techniques that have a purpose to tell the story and to capture meaningful things, meaningful content so your f...

ilms have substance, I have depth, they mean something and therefore not just the viewer it's not it's, not just creating impact for the viewer but also it's creating an experience for you and the couple and everything becomes worthwhile and you have more drive so many forward as because there's a whole big picture with this it's not just about the shooting it's not just getting to know the couple that's not the just the editing there's more to it and and and the next thing I want to share that with you guys is branding and out branding and I want to share with you how we came out with bon jonah and what it means what it means to me because branding in terms of the way I see it is a reflection of your identity it's a personality it's like a living person because a person a human people people connect with other people right? And do people connect with a rock compared to like like like like some sort of like object in life like it like it so far a tv no, but they do connect with people right on a deep level you mean you like you meet people like new people every day, right? You see and you know you're introduced and network with different people all the time and they inspire you because they're people they have feelings. So what we what I what I want my mission was when I was developing and creating thiss brand which I see there's more than a brand I see there's an identity I thought about my my history what meant for me what what was profound in my life that basically shaped who I am and I basically took that into the brand to bond jonah and I also looked at my hair teach my background italian background I mean, I'm not you know it's it's not the focus it's not about because I get people saying ah bon bon giorno you're you're doing telling films well maybe like it could be a telly film down track you know? But but it is part of it because that was part of my life you know of my history and my experiences you know, growing up in italian home no food was very important and that and I have a lot of memories, a lot of experiences right and that that excites me because I take that that experience and I want to recreate that with the couples your client right and therefore people your client in your couples will seymour than just your craft they will see you well that will see the brand as this this deep and thiss thiss form where it's like it's got personality so they can connect with it at another level. So you know, looking at looking at the looking at the compass the compass is to reflect, you know, going on a journey you know, like when you have a compass he used that to travel and I felt that always I've been travelling through time in terms of, you know, the different experiences in my family and you know, obviously that the times when I've had struggles and the times that I've overcome their struggles and that allows me to put substance in the brand therefore you can really you know, showcase something meaningful in you know something deep in your in your brand so in terms of the packaging like everything you do right, it needs to like in terms of the way you communicate with your couples in terms of your craft every aspect throughout the wedding like throughout europe your business needs to carry through right to the end like right teo even after the wedding and your delivery off your arm, your products but they're not just products they should be items where people can control and what that does it creates a failing it creates a sense of something like tangible they can take with them and then when they look at it they like reflect on the experience I've had with you right and that's a form of off marketing so while you've done something meaningful you've done something quite profound and you've you've taken your your business at another level at the same token you're you're you're implementing a very powerful form of mass marketing because they're gonna be talking about what you've done because it's unique that's what it's all about doing something unique that has a point of difference h and every one of you including everyone watching has something unique about them and I am so passionate about people and with it from andi you know, everyone has different beliefs and different backgrounds and you know what? We're all people that's how I see it you know, um and everyone searching you know, like an unkind and getting philosophical here but you know, we're all searching and if we just take that concept and put it and put their energy into our work, you can do anything honest I mean that like you can you can accomplish anything because I'm going to give you a bit of an inside terms of where I've been and how I got to where I am now and and I know that I have a lot more to learn hell of a lot more time alone but that's okay, because this is part of the journey looking at packaging we give it our couples many suitcases, you know and you know, it doesn't break this doesn't kill the budget, you know, like man, that goes a long way when I when I give this this package to the couple and you should see their face especially the bride like like I remember her name to melissa like I gave you the package and she's like because a recent copy we should like way can't this she's like wow like her reaction was like she felt like she felt special, you know, and the idea behind this is we're not just giving this this package because I looks cool looks kind of need you before the bride make it cry you know you have have have this suitcase you know it was me not there's meaning behind the you know, like we're not just doing it for just for the hell of it like, you know t make them really emotional right? So they would know if you get you know, your your services but you're taking your brand to another level and out on the brand that I've I've created is based on going on a journey and let that journey is not just then having the experience with you and you're creating off their film but after that as well, so I thought we know what I want you to take the experience and take it with take it with you for a lifetime you know? I don't want you just to have one I'd say this, but I don't want them just to have a dvd case and the thumb drive you know what this is going to like put there and okay, maybe in a month's time we'll watch it again I'll take it out on the dvd probably cry again and what should and they'll enjoy and invite friends over but I want them to treasure something I wanted to take something with them and and it's and it's I don't know what they'll do without away they'll put it, but I'm sure wherever they put it, like wherever they see it again, it will remind them off the experience. Now, that is something that obviously I will make them feel special was he should be doing that because that's part of your boutique style of off service that you do, but it's a very powerful way of marketing what you do, they're gonna talk about this stuff. If you create something that has a point of difference, I can assure you they're going to continue talking about it with their family, their friends, you know, I got the package and I got this mini suitcase and like, oh, my gosh, like it was it's amazing, like, you know that the experience that I went through with these guys, all these girls and it was it was awesome, and they talk and that's that's your your form of marketing and it's a way to make them feel special, and then it gives you, like, a ah very positive feeling to give you that drive to keep going. So the actual actual package comes with obviously, you know, the dvd and there's a thumb drive we are going tio, we're in the process of creating we're getting orders for wouldn't some drives with bon jenna return on a very like kind of vintage style because it's the look we're going for in terms of the brand some chocolates and tissues just you know, just it's a novelty thing just to kind of give that little personal touch and every couple gets a personal hand written note and the handwritten note is personal because it highlights a particular moment that for example I or one of the shooters found that was for us there was quite quite profound we found moving so for example we mike john and julia this is an example just remember we're right that's right um I wrote you know, did john and julia thank you for choosing us you know, to capture your story it has been an absolute pleasure and we were particularly moved when john had shed the story about you know, he's his brother and how he you know, he found that connection with his you know, with with his younger brother when they had the joy of moment you know, on dh then I say, you know all the best and, you know, say travels in your journey ahead so you used the word journey you know, tio obviously continue with the branding but same time more importantly with doing something that's very personal now it doesn't take much, you know, it's just literally a couple of lines hand ridden I personally I really did I wanted to make sure it wasn't like typed up because I just felt that was in personal and yeah, you know, it's just it's a little subtle things that you can do to your packaging into your branding that give you the point of difference yeah, and I also get see if it's on the back you see there there's like a that's actually like a luggage tag that they get it just got their name and the date so again, it's just another way to just emphasize the brand and, you know, create something that's the special again what you do, you know, it's something very you need to take a lot of pride in what you do always, you know, no matter, you know, no matter what scenario, what wedding or if it's a non winning event, you know what you're doing it's a lot more than just, you know, cinematography, you know, it's about creating experiences for other people where it's a winning couple or a client in a business you're connecting with people all the time. This is a type of industry where you're constantly I like hearing about stories about journeys and meeting people and you want to continue to take like, pride in your work, you know, and that will shine and that and people will see that and I can't stress enough how important that is, you know, it's to continue to have that drive and you know, the way to do that again is to keep it personal but it doesn't mean keeping it personal where you're you're kind of like invading their privacy you know, it's just like everything you do is taylor you know, the main like even down to when you're creating films for your your corporate clients of commercial clients that you take the time to personalize your your service so you take the time and you do things in terms of like clearly understanding what they require and, you know, taking the time and doing it with with you know that it's not just about making money I mean that's very important and we here to make money, but if you just put it, you know, that little bit extra care and that and and that attention to detail on keeping a personal then that will help you until you telling this story they're just little settle things. I believe that I found in my work and in my business that you know, this doesn't have to go to a point where you know you're invading their privacy and you're going overboard it's not about that, you know, and it's just doing little subtle things to keeping it personal yeah and alfio, we have a few questions about your packaging specifically how big the suitcase dimensions are can if you have like a vendor lister vendors you like working with for the packaging s o supplies that we get from yeah yeah so they took my head I don't remember the order at last year but it isn't oversees supply and thereabout so just picture like a dvd case put like two of them put together a little bit wider than that so and a very big something like that like a foot and a half maybe okay, yeah, maybe the size of a a matchbook okay, yeah, many ones but the normal size and it's about that thick okay. And what about like for the dvds do you buy those from a specific supplier or I'm tom ahead. Yeah, I don't remember the uh yeah there's there's so many different suppliers but yet they're all most of the online based okay, I could just go local. Okay? Yep. There are some local companies that especially if you do order in batches like you know in bulk that you can get a good price but yeah, I think that answers that and handsome and you know there's a lot more than just as you know, this is a lot more than delivering your films on dvd and I believe that the whole dvd packaging is slowly diminishing and a lot more be digital and and that would give you the opportunity to really look at ways that you can personalize your on your packaging including where we're looking teo I'm looking pretty soon I'm gonna be ordering some wouldn't possibly wouldn't or something similar that's good left that being teach kind of feel that kind of rusty not rustic but you know that the whole suitcases I went for the old school look with, you know similar to it's interesting I came upon general minister case it's got you know the old school um latches to keep a personal here personal and you know your craft it's it's your baby, your domain and motion picture or motion picture the motion picture business or filmmaking is such a powerful industry slashed too? Ah slash art if you think about it I mean, you know you look at some of the documentaries that people have made with people it's changed people's lives you can change lives I want to show you something where I know humbly I I personally have changed people's lives and people have changed my life through my art and I encourage you to do the same. I challenge you do the same because you guys you guys are extremely talented and you have the most important thing that you have and people watching have his attitude and you can't put a price on that and when I looked for new shooters or new editors, I don't care if they've had ten years of flight experience I do, but you know, but if they have really like poor attitude, I don't know about it if they're really like arrogant and they just don't have that that mentality with it's about commitment and respect for others than I just don't see how that's gonna work so look looking at ways that you can personalize your packaging and personalizing your your, um your delivery off your product, which is more than a product more than a product it's it's you're providing them with an experience. This is a way to gain some client referrals because as I said, like, if you create a point of difference and people will talk about it and then people like refer you and then you can continue to grow your business, so you need to think that way. And you know what a mouth you agree would've mouth is huge business massive you know whether it's photographers that are recommending you or wedding plan is or just simply your couples that have have have you shoved a winning already you know you really need thio basically make the most of those opportunities and in doing so you creating a worthwhile experience for you and for them and then looking at social media I mean how massive has and how much has this social media thing grown like? First, it was like facebook and then facebook and then there's a little bit of twitter and now there's like instagram and then this what's the one that starts with p p p p interests so and the list goes on and on, you know, initially, when I first got onto facebook, it was like I didn't really think much about it, you know, I was like, can I just go to facebook and, you know, get some exposure but it's a lot more than that it's taking all of these elements about putting your personal touch and point of difference, but it's it's communicating and using a forum and a medium where you can there's no limit basically in terms of how much of reach you can get, so it's it's so important that you maximize all these things and make the most of it, I'll field you in terms of referrals and worried about you ever goto bridal shows or anything like that? I do a dank duel, a lot of bridal shows, I basically go to the ones where I feel that will be the best fit for what I'm what I'm creating and what I'm top of films I'm creating on top of clients that would suit we'll be the right fit for us and vice versa. So, it's, important for, like when you're considering to do these shows. And these expose that you think about the target audience that will suit you. Because that's part of your strategy. Yeah.

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What’s the difference between a videographer and a true cinematographer? How can a single shooter successfully capture a complete wedding story? Join filmmaker Alfio Stuto for a three-day introduction to the wedding cinematographer’s mindset and toolbox. Alfio will cover everything you need to know about video storytelling, post-production workflow, attracting clients, and growing a business. You’ll learn how to choose the equipment right for you, from lenses to lighting equipment, and beyond. Alfio will share the one-of-a-kind techniques he’s developed over a decade of success as a cinematographer, including how to capture a live event through moving, evocative imagery that will last forever. By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills you need to tell a compelling, emotional story through video, with results your clients will love.


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This is fantastic! Boatloads of useful information, lightheartedly told, as if by a friend. And this is in regards to the comment earlier that Alfio is not a good teacher. I find his manner of speaking very easy to get into. It's not rigid and you can tell he's speaking from experience and not quoting text-books. I'd much rather have this sort of teacher than any other. Brilliant stuff, I have to repeat myself.