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Same Day Edit Example

We're going to show you the whole film off sandra and fire us yeah now that was the same day it it so we actually showed that film on the night we edit it on the day yeah, it was really exciting really exciting so we show that on the night and with this clip obviously you will now see the whole story unfold number one so I can relieve you now the suspense number uh number two you can see a lot of these these concepts and that I'm talking about the elements in the film and so I yeah I request that you pay attention to the little subtleties are the little things that are there in terms of like the way things have framed how I've composed how we have come because I didn't shoot on my own but how we've composed gunshots to communicate a particular message right and to tell the story in the most powerful way that we can possibly can so here we go sandra forest theo she's across the world no shine I'm in canada on dh were fortunate because skype as a capability of doing video on audience so ...

we're able to virtually see each other so that was a benefit and you know at times it's it's hard because you just I just wish that garage could be next to me and I know that he wished that I could be next to him but at the same time it's it's like it's still a good thing to be able to like, see one another and communicate everyday and keep in touch and you know when when two people make the effort it lost you know, I have the count dancing in learning theory one that the one that is fifteen days toa whether you know it was difficult to teach dancing, you know, the one that you love right in front of you can, you know, put your arm around her shoulder etcetera so way stayed positive during that time and we look forward to seeing each other and that was he incentive when we did see each other, that there's gonna be a good time on some times those kinds of days like mother said and days when all the way so we met at a conference called a stone bible conference, grove city, pennsylvania in the usa and basically we just sort of met met on the first day someone introduced us to each other and we had met previously but were like we don't really know each other very well. She is very enthusiastic and lots of energy and you know, that caught my attention so way just felt really comfortable around a child off, and we were able teo, just get keep getting to know it tells us that week and as the weeks progressed I spent some time with her way to bible studies and way enjoyed our time together was definitely something there so yeah, it was just beautiful she means my life she's she's everything that she's when I wake up I think about her when I sleep I think about her I just think about spending my whole time with france is such an amazing guy his so kind, so sweet, so generous she's everything I could've asked for and more and he's just his gift to me he's perfect is a blessing I just can't even express how much I love him I really love him, you know she has this energy this enthusiasm draws me closer. Tire and it's nice it's the's so I think I think we've both found our match go for tio making each other happy. Oh, wait. I have purchased a ring and I knew that I had to get a really nice rink way were fortune enough to spend some time together and this would be a really nice way of showing her mind my commitment it was on the twelfth of the twelve for twelve. It was a very nice seen harbour bridge is right across from the operas was right across from us just behind the heartbreak I said close your eyes, I close my eyes on then I heard him rummaging in his bag and then he said open them when I opened them he had the ring right there hey said I'm not gonna ask you to marry me because I know you're going to say yes, but I'm going to ask you, will you spend the rest of your life with me? I said yes and then he said, will you be my wife? And I said I would be honored to be your wife and you put the ring on my finger and I cried I just invest out crying because I was so happy and it was such a beautiful moment I ah ah fortune ah marriage is something serious for me and for centuries we both take it very seriously and is something that is before god it's a lasting forever promise I'm just excited to see him like that moment where I walk into the church and I say him and I know that like this is the man I'm going to spend my life with like the rest of my life I'm not gonna be focusing on anyone else. I'm just going to be focusing on your way farraj take you sent her to be my wife, according to god's holy where according to god's holy word haven't a haul from this guy for having to hold from this day forth for better for worse for better for worse for richer for poorer for richer, for poorer in sickness and in health in sickness and in health to submit to you and cherish you to submit to you and to cherish you as the church does crossed as the church does to cross until death do us part until death do us part to this pledge my way into this I pledge my word may the lord bless the giving of these rings I place this ring on your finger for a symbol of my love and faithfulness there's a symbol of my love and faithfulness in the presence of god in the presence of god way tha the's just parents have been lovely they've been amazing they've accepted me as um as one of them my brother family uh remember her father sending me a message saying welcome to our family and uh you know, except me just like it if I was fired just parents are lovely they're lovely people the whole family is really nice they were so welcoming to may and you know I didn't meet them before we got engaged I met him after we got engaged so I met him as his fiancee which was really beautiful because I already felt welcomed into the family they walk into me into their homes like their own daughter just like my family has accepted like this on it's it's so beautiful yeah yeah, so few things happening there and, you know, different elements that were incorporating you guys, did you see anything stand out in terms of, you know what I spoke about? Bring on spots? How are you everywhere at the same time, you caught the best man winking at somebody? I mean, that's a million dollar shot, you know, but you capture so much, you know, I'm tearing up a little bit, just just amazing. I love the composition, but as I'm watching, I'm not thinking the mechanics of the video because you're evoking so much emotion, just wrapped up in their story, you know, it's it's really absolutely wrapped that your feedback, but I will say that, you know, it is it is a two men that we have one men approachable package, but that's, the two men team classy, aditya was the same day at it and but once we look at the ceremony set up and I'll go through the techniques and what we need to do, teo, be the right spot in the actual process at a ceremony, so I'll go into that, and but, yeah, they're little things that we do what we need to bay, so we're kind of like in a position where we can get lots of different shots oh, yeah, uh before the actual event takes place do you actually go and scout the venue just so that you have more of a game plan with your partner or do you just go in bind and say okay, this is the schedule let's do it in this example with the church actually have shot at this church a couple times before so I wasn't in a position that I needed to scout that location I have an idea in terms of the space I knew where I needed to put my gear assumes I arrived so however, if I generally I look we don't scout every location that's the honest truth but I will you know, make the necessary I'll do the necessary research I could ask, you know, the the bride all you know, the groom and say, look, you know, can you tell me about the space you know? And I'll just go buy that because look realistically especially if you're feeling winnings every day, every day yeah, every weekend or every fortnight whatever you set up is it's it's not realistic, but things like the your interviews that is realistic because you've got control and it is usually like one person that goes out there and it's a different kind of set up as you notice that you really need to be really super precise was with a live event with a live event you know, there's you with a team you know and there's ways that you can do your research and are certain questions and cover yourself in that way but sometimes I do scout location I do especially it's outdoors and like in the area it's dr passive okay that's where the sun is that like a this time cool all right and in his google if you do use google if yeah especially for location we'll get into that later it's kind of cool anymore we could just jump on I'll feel I'd like I'd like to kind of stick take a step back if you don't mind and sure kind of go through more of the specifics of making that video you know, I noticed that the timeline it wasn't linear and just like all just kind of going through the thoughts of how you made it getting more in detail about if you don't mind different takes some time to do that yes so the central narrative aziz you have noticed was the interview right there talking about this story talking about you know who they are, what they mean to each other how important their faith is how they met eccentric such a ll those details so what we doing is where when motivate that edit is motivated by by the narrative as opposed to the actual serious of events and what that does and we'll get into editing tomorrow is that basically it's more powerful that way yeah, quite quite simply it's a lot more powerful and what it does it allows the film to be timeless right there's kind of like no beginning no end it's not based on this linear siri's where it's like start to finish there's no power in that whereas with when your time shifting and look time shift it could be done really badly because when your time shifting you need to motivate your you edit it to make it work otherwise it's like you're kind of changing all the time and then that becomes a distraction but it's it's focused on the narrative which we we captured during the interview and why is there no power in a linear sorry why is why is there a less power in a linear story? Because it's generally that's not always the case but when you're deliberately time shifting you are focusing on the story very simply a supposed to if you're just doing a linear only as an example doing alinea edit because that's just the way it it unfolded then you're not adding dynamics to the film you know you're not the shots and the way they are put together so the grammar of the shots they're not motivated they're just kind of put together because that's what happened so it what you want to do is you want to keep the audience like like engaged like oh what's next what's next you know whereas if it's predictable that's the k you know you don't want to make it predictable thing that's the hills looking for like what's the wood don't make it predictable and we've time shifting you ad lib it a mystery it's like oh okay, so they're talking about this and then it just makes him more interesting it's less predictable so yeah, speaking of predictability ah lot of these videos, not yours, but just wedding videos in general start out with the bows a za narration kind of unlikely ju in which is not a bad thing it's a pretty cool structure, but I noticed that in this one and didn't have any vows right? It just had our did it and I miss that or do you just have the narration? Oh, maybe I got like them mixed up with the narration they went like written vows yeah, yeah or like a best man speech and stuff like ours and other ones and so I liked how just a comment also question how you use thie interview to kind of direct the movie a little bit and like even though there was time shifting, the interview was kind of the constant thing that kept the structure together and so I'm wondering if all of your films are that dependent on the interview to structure it or if another films used the vows to structure from the beginning more or it varies later on I'll show you another another clip you saw john and julia that was driven by some of the speeches and I'll show you another clip later on and that is groomed by a little bit of vows, a little bit of speeches and the reason like for example, you might want effects on speeches because it's just really powerful you know that that part of the story so it shouldn't be any rule should be any rule in terms of what what part of the narrative you want to use where, whether it's a speech or vowels you just go with whatever it basically allows the film to be more more powerful and follow the story now did I see a couple glide cam or slider shots like a slider shot like in the middle of the road? Or maybe a glide cam shot like ride up in the very front was that that see that of the branch and over the no like at the ceremony where maybe after you're doing like a little glide cam shot like up in the very first row like right there in front of them? Ah, that was like him okay, what do you do? Can I tell them hey, I may sweep in there and get that no, just just just go with it go with I no at the time, especially during sermon is I think the only time I actually communicate with anyone is with the bridal party if I just if I'm in their way onto asking me you know, I just well I didn't know if like before the wedding you're like hey guys, I'm gonna come sweeping in there in the night because yeah unless there's something specific that I'm doing that it's a little bit you know, weed but I wouldn't you know anything we do it's it should be subtle yeah, but because we've developed that connection which way spend lot of time, you know, hanging out especially doing the skype session and the interview so like he's doing his thing most look especially the sermon even if you don't even make that connection which you should when they're in the ceremony and they're like they like the energy's like towards each other and what's happening that they don't worry about it you film unless you're doing something crazy and you like in the way like you right up close you know which you should avoid you know that's why lynn selections important we'll get into that probably one more question unless no one will question it okay, there was a sequence three or four shots of the white car driving up there was kind of an overhead it was pulling in and then she got out of the car how much of that was planned and how much of that was just like luck. Oh, my gosh, look, the's great shots because in three shots you told this story of arriving how did you plan that? Just went just just went with it. It it comes down to observing, you know, and instead of, like, just jumping on into a shot and saying, I'm going to capture it and just just take a moment this is what I do. I just take a moment to go, ok? Because it's very easy to freak out, freak out, but stress a little bit, all right? They're coming and I am a shot. Hey, man, can you get that? Lance, can you get the things we need to get a show? We need to get you just who you know, just relax and just think about what what's about to happen and have a look around. I know that kind of scene very straightforward, but it's, just a simple as just take a moment to look around and just go with it, you know, and we'll touch on to this, but you need your mentality needs to be sequences, and if you keep telling yourself that if you keep training your mind that it's it's you shooting a sequence, it becomes second nature because you need to, you know, because when I'm shooting, I'm thinking of the from the moment I start to the very end when I leave I'm thinking on the edit I'm thinking how how the hell is this going to look in the edit I need to make sure that there are shots that they communicate together that there's a there's a solid grandma between the shots right so when the cars coming down I think to myself how can I tell that story okay so I need to show bring the viewer create a point in a p o v right so they're kind of moving with the car that creates a lot of energy then there should be some close substance to kind of like accentuate bit of detail then out of the mystery foot right mystery we'll go through some techniques some aspects which one of them is showing up here now and these airways to these elements teo get those killers are calling the killer shot yeah, I'll feel before we move on we have a couple questions, questions I mean I could ask you questions about this couple all day long yeah and always so one come in from the internet is how did the couple react teo the video when you when you show them were you with them when they show them how did they react and what was that like yeah, because it was the same day at it we had yeah same day that we had the privilege off receiving their feedback on the night and obviously, the whole the whole venue, you know, they got their favor because of cheering, clapping for the couple and really excited you did all of that footage in one day because you know what? We did the interview. Okay, you did the interview, we did the interview and the stuff that we're in the casual clothing at the bay on a separate day and the scar position on a separate day, three days total. So two days for the pre wedding. So one one evening was describe that's when fires wasn't around, obviously he was in canada, and then when he came, when he arrived in two weeks, we got together and we did that all in one day, the interview and we had a session at the bay, the wedding. And then we had that foot each, and then that was kind of like a little starting point. A skeleton, if you like. And then I added toe, put it together on the day and have the wedding of the winning on the winning. So they sought after they saw the end of the wedding. Yes, thieving you on. Were they crying? Dear nelson tears. Yeah, there's a lot of emotions going around because with the same day at it, you know, for then they, like, overwhelmed like, wow, you were seeing these images that happened today it's like that's epic and we're like its euphoric it's like everyone's excited we're excited is like whoa, this is epic and so how how do you react to a couple after you spend this time with them? You make this video what do you how do you react and as faras the connection that you make witham and how do you take that experience and improve on the next video that you make for a couple to tell you the truth I'm absolutely moved you know let me think about it spent a ll this time with these couple and I'm genuinely saying this right from the bottom of my heart like always really moved by them you know, because they invited me into the lives you know and I thought wow man this is is pretty cool she opened up and they both opened up in even like outside the interviews well hanging out you know, they're after the interview and then we had some coffee and they brought out some cookies and chatting and they're kind of like giving me some more information about you know, some of the struggles they went through and I thought, well, these glasses like totally inviting me into their lives and then also their family is like, you know, like they're egyptian family you know and they're very, very warm and like overly like, you know, with the hospitality and dancey question yeah extremely moved and like it was always part of this experience and that's what we're endeavouring to do every time with these these wedding films is it's not just capturing the story and capturing these awesome images but it's creating an experience for the couple and also for yourself so then next year you like even more pumped all right let's keep doing this you know and so that's the experience that you take on your next year yeah you just say it's a motivating it's a mode of anything you know it gives you that lift yeah gives it that like that dr because we don't have that drive it's like any job right what's the point in waking up and going back and doing it all over again you know if you have that drive then you go like I'm super psyched for this and I'm I'm gonna keep doing it because it means something to me I'm doing something where it's on a deep level you know that's why in the beginning of the course I mentioned this is not designed to just help you to become better winning cinematographers are filmmakers but it's I would like to help you and I and people help me to become better people that's how we become better people that we share our talents we share our gifts we inspire each other we need to inspire each other and that's how we strive for excellence you know, and man that's what it comes down to.

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This is fantastic! Boatloads of useful information, lightheartedly told, as if by a friend. And this is in regards to the comment earlier that Alfio is not a good teacher. I find his manner of speaking very easy to get into. It's not rigid and you can tell he's speaking from experience and not quoting text-books. I'd much rather have this sort of teacher than any other. Brilliant stuff, I have to repeat myself.