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Pre-Wedding Planning

Pre wedding and planning you know it's it's so important and there are ways that we can enhance the story by doing pre wedding shoots which will do very soon and one of the first things that you really need to keep in mind is to keep in touch with your couple throughout the journey you know that makes make make make sure that you're comfortable, they feel comfortable when you look up at the shoot it's like, hey, you know, like hey often hold hey, houston, you know, they feel really comfortable and it's something really simple that could be done just with a few e mails, a couple phone calls doesn't take long it's about customer service, you know, making feel like they're special so you and make you feel like you know, that they have the trusting what you're doing, you know? And they're therefore as you do speak to them, they may alert you or keep you update give you update in terms of what what's happening during the day in the schedule and again, you know, you want to you want to be re...

laxed, you know, you want to break the ice and have fun and it's all about having fun and having the experience and executing that shots to tell the story, but how can we do this sufficiently hacking me, you know, do it in a way that it's not going to take up too much of your time it's going to be a burden and it's going to take you away from doing the things that you enjoy or you want to obviously privatized thing so you can maximize your is shooting on doll that simple basically haven't organized calendar you know make sure that everything color coded we have kalakota calendars for like meetings first meetings for final meeting's final meetings like you know, just before four weeks before the wedding is just another catch up just to make sure that we're aware of everything the schedule and further kind of learned this story and you know, some sort of data system like you we we just started using shook you I recommend that you go online and do some research on sheikh you I wouldn't spend too much time like explain to cuba's we just just incorporated that in our system but it's an awesome way teo you know, put all the information of the couple information the wedding schedule it gives you alerts in terms and went to to call them at certain times you know, to give you reminders are going to send this invoice so it's basically like you little admit I think it's really powerful so I would recommend that you go online and have a look att shook you because so far we're we're loving it and build your resource is you think resource is what is this like a film film settle something I don't know what you can do teo enhance the way you tell the story and be better prepared get some speeches s so what we do is we we talked them so hey, can you maybe email me some of the things that you could be saying at the toast slash speeches allow any written vows sometimes people say they write their own vows which reflect their story how they met there could be a little specific clues or aspect ofthe in the vows that kind of reflect how they met or maybe you're talking about how they like having taco tuesdays and now that's special to them and something quirky about them it's personal you know and what that does which I'll show you it allows you to be very specific in how you shoot I had I had a groom that were recently couple recently shot and the groom's mom has pot had passed away previously and he had an empty chair at the front yeah and as he was coming down he was walking down with if he's mothering all today so the bride's mom that's what I did knowing the story and if I didn't know this I would have done this but I actually stood back and I took a shot off I'll show you later took a shot off the started with the empty chair moved up and pull focus to him very simple, but you know that little that little detail he's going appreciate that and that's part of the story telling and you just go through one of the important aspects off the day and their story, their cultural, are there going to be, like some wall great parties and some egyptian arabic dancing? And or they're going to be like some traditional customs that they do that you need to make sure you capture that and I will help, you know, in terms of, you know, delivering the finished product that has it's personal, you know, I'm managing a team as I say, this is so important, you know, because you need to, like, firstly, you need teo, you need to know you shooters, you need to know, what do they have before the wedding yourself like a human head, john or hey, cathy, what? What? And then that can prepare you say, okay, well, maybe we should rent this life or because this is what's happening at the wedding, they're doing all this thing. We need this prepare yourself, it could be just, you know, a couple phone calls and emails just confirm, so you swayed and you're you're sure about it. And you know you don't have to do this I just find you don't have to do this at a very in depth level but kind of like highlight what your weaknesses and your strengths are I personally like I can use a black hand, but I'm not a master at it yeah there's nothing wrong with having weaknesses but it's just kind of focusing on your strength and working as a team, you know? So I have some guys that are a lot better than, um you mentioned like mother team guy isa to maintain for bon, jenna and it's no no bear so I wanted to mention that as well he's a cool guy and solid shooter and very talented so you know, your strengths and weaknesses that way you're you know, you know, basically what you need to focus on what the other guy can focus on and then you got an awesome team going to rock during the shoot it's so important to constantly communicate like for example, during the ceremony, if I'm getting candidates and always like for example, you know, on the main cam or getting different angle every soft I'm glad seem like good because there's something wrong with the audio, which shouldn't because you know where we covered, I want to know about it and then I can do something you know and also if I need to move or if he needs to move more important he might be on the sticks right he needs to move for a particular reason sometimes a photographer which will go through because you need to work with your photographer they know your enemy be a friend okay they may want to get a wide shot yeah that's important to photographer right so you need to move so you need two they need to like glance every so often selma where and I glance and he's like I need to move aside you know so I keep it keep it steady because that's part of what we deliver we we want to give them the same running for that's what we do it's like the doctor so there are ways that you can enhance the story so it's not just about the wedding day and it's important teo you know maximize the way you capture the day and this story in terms of the way you shoot but there are other ways you can enhance the story you know it's about getting to the heart of the story and by doing that also you can do interview set up very cash though you know it's not like a super stage thing where you kind of like this interrogation twenty questions okay housing proposal you got any culture thinks okay let me just go through the question now is a chat should be like a nice chat and you know, you kind of prepare them throughout the journey to say, hey, well you obviously when you to the first meeting and you explain that's what you're fun and they go for it obviously have an idea, but then you kind of prompt them you go hey, this is what we're gonna be doing and you send them and the questions that you want to ask them when you sitting up these thes interviews which I'll show you will do a live shoot it's important to choose locations that reflect their story, but also very simply that they're going to be comfortable in you know, some people are super outdoor, e and then super outdoors, you know, like they're very out damar orientated, so it kind of reflects who they are, so they feel more comfortable there in their comfort zone, so keep that in mind when you talk to them and then you think about a location it's important that way, you know, you can get the most out of them telling the building and narrative and then just chatting, and now you're a couple, yeah, like talk to them and ask specific questions and there'll be a pdf that I'll have that give you a guy lining certain questions to ask the questions and then more specific questions just to kind of fish out you know those little there's a little little, many stories and those quickie moments and there's things that they like get into and everything and make it really personal so you know the location he chews and the the way you you accumulate the narrative really get to the heart of the story on basque questions that and as you get to know them and it's all about, you know, paying attention as you talk to them for little things and you make notes and then you can ask questions where you go I'll tell me a little bit about that where you guys said that you want you have this thing about skydiving or something you know, whatever tell me a little about that you know how you met so when you ask the questions you can you can take a little bit further than just saying all how did you mate? You can actually put the actual context in the question say I'll tell me a little bit about that time you said that I was kind of funny so you make it into a conversation then that's that way when they answer the questions like it's not like yes, we met down here and this is what happened but it just becomes a conversation and when that happens when you capture it it's like it flows prepare a questionnaire with questions on ben emailed it to them before you actually do it and then they already there, you know kind of like putting them on the spot because even though some of the questions some of the questions are fairly standard and universal but then some of them are quite specific but it's good for them to just cause they're not actors, you know and everyday people so it's important just email them and yeah and scout your location you know, especially if you're shooting at an outdoor interview it's important just to make the time just get out dance and check like are where the with the lights coming from and where's the night a nice spot I think you just factor that in your pricing you know, it's important people say oh, what should I drive all the way there and like, I just broke up if you broke up you have that risk like it's not gonna work for you, you know? And then you be screwed it's like, oh, man kind of fiddling and you're looking around like, just this one one sec I'll just I'll just go here actually, no no just remember there's like, you know, you just want to go there and you cool and it's all flowing and and obviously prepared yogi accordingly, so with these interviews set up, he don't need to bring everything right just have your tripod and if if it's a two camping when you've got like a touch of which will do one tight short of anyone a wider shot of the speaker just have everything compact and just bring what you need so what we'll do we'll have we'll have a couple of setups we will do a live shoot after the break and we'll have interviewed the bride and she'll talk about his story and will do we should have enough time we'll have one set up where we using natural light I'll show you I'll show you how we can do that very quickly and show you that in one one with like studio lighting seventeen doors and demonstrate that natural light and steer lights but with the studio lights and the idea is you know you don't have to have like three or four different lines and one like one fuel line it's just you could just use a couple of lights and some people may say oh like there might be a bit freaked out because you bringing these lot well personally if you spend the time tio talk to them throughout the lead up towards the day or the interview they can feel more comfortable and you kind of slowly just given little bits of information what you're doing so they they're ready you know it's not like it's broke up okay we're doing the interview and then like all the light there and then he freaked up because, yeah, I was like, oh, I don't know about this, so because because because because he spend the time to get to know them, then you kind of establish a connection and a friendship and that's what we that's what I wanna find with mike out our couples, that we have this connection, that and I'll show you a clip, I'll show you a little bit of sandra viroj the same day in it that we did, and we did a spot on the same day that we do like an interview where they talked about how they met that and that is now so enjoy wait she's across the world, no cheyenne, I'm in canada on dh were fortunate because skype as a capability of doing video on audience, so we're able to virtually see each other, so that was a benefit and, you know, at times, it's it's hard because you just I just wish that garage could be next to me, and I know that he wished that I could be next to him, but at the same time it's it's like it's still a good thing to be able to, like, see one another and communicate everyday and keep in touch, and you know when when two people make the effort, it lasts you know I have the countdown singular and theo that one that one this is fifteen days toe with no you chasing you know, the one that you love right in front of you can't you know, put your arm around her shoulder all etcetera so way stayed positive during that time and we look forward to seeing each other and that was the incentive that when we did see each other that there's gonna be a good time sometimes I feel I want to see their wedding video now that's the point I thought I'd do a little teaser and think we could go back and say the whole thing so we'll do that so I hope you enjoyed that I certainly we certainly way enjoyed being part of the journey you know, on and that's a thing with these things like if you spend the time and I don't mean like, you know, just like wakes and because you're you have you have a business right? This is a business that you're doing okay? You here to make some money? But most important thing is you're doing something where it's fulfilling all right there's a reason why we're here because we want to do something that where we can inspire people okay? You know, just making winning films, all right? Let me get that clear you are creating you're creating people's stories like you're capturing this story and you're also taking them on a journey you know and that's huge and for them like they brought people with rule feelings and real emotions so so important that while you're operating your business that you take the care that that is required because that will help the business but it will make your experience a lot better um that's huge and all go through that in terms of the later on in terms of the branding and how you kind of position yourself you know in your business that therefore you get a lot out of it you know I'm not just going to rock up and then you get your film and you give the film and cycle we're searching it that you think I can I'm kind of getting philosophical here but come on they're like well searching we all we want some purpose in our life and I believe I strongly believe you take the time and don't be afraid teo price these films the way they should be priced it's not about ripping them off it's it's about you know making sure that you know you you put you do it justice but it's more than that so it's a van experience oh god I just want to ask you in terms of the elements that I spoke about with preparing for the interview and the elements that you need to look out was anything out of those elements that stood out guys the pink light that was behind her bed was that something you set up that was there and I left it there because it was her personal kind of relaxing like kind of like people haven't not like, you know, like leaving it on and she just felt he has had it on I just left it there because it fit and I wondered if it was there or if it was something because as you're creating a way to capture the story, we don't want some foreign something there like it's so unnatural and that just fits so it was good that you definitely you know as we go through the course you know it's about, you know, observing your space and making use of it you know, not just about the camera something about just what they're doing but it's everything around and you obviously noticed the globe you know, and that's the globe and you know in this story okay, okay, well about traveling and it's about communicating from long distances so it's not an action shot but it's a detail shot we'll get into detail shots later on it's a detail shot that has a connection has a reason which helps the story you know, show their detail shots you can get that I mean doesn't mean anything it's like okay it's a pretty shot what's all that about, you know so you know, you might find the people that you know you could get a really beautiful shot of like this rock where they're sitting insist what does that mean but when you have something specific then it will drive the story one thing I notice is that so here doing this interview of this this couple is there somebody that's talking to them coaching while they're being photographed? Is it just the questionnaire that you've given them so I will as I said I'll email them a series of questions after I've learned about this story so I knew that there was skyping you know that she was telling me about you know, faraj and have a man and she said oh, you know we said, well how did you like you've been like a part for like all these months you know, after you man because what happened they met overseas in the states then they establish a connection and I kind of feel for each other and she went back and then he came he said I love this girl I'm going to come to australia and he kind of took the next step but then he had to go back for work after he met the parents and kind of jumped in proposed I had to get back and then for weeks and months they skyped me she'll tell me about this like ok, I've never really captured a skype session but this is going to work I'm going to capture them scrapping one night I say listen when was the last time you scott with farage uh you want to hold off doing that for for maybe a few days I'm gonna come over I was going to hang in the back we'll do that interview but is going in the back and that it's a squat thing was actually tell you the truth was just actually like kind of a lot of last minute but I was like an idea where it wasn't originally planned it was more like this is something that is close to them this is something that was part of the journey to capture the look I have to look when we dio before we do the interview was going to come over like friends kind of like a friendly like level is going to come over and they'd just get a few shots really played it down I just want to get a few shots and the moment she gonna inscribe she's just totally forgot it was there I like man I had teo kept going and after I got all the shots and there's like the way like stuff her and I could have felt bad like you know she's like you know I was like really cute and I was talking about the wedding and then the gun let's talk about farrah's story about his family there and what they're doing like I need to wrap this up because I got to like I think nine thirty and but because I went after dinner and but that's great she tell you forgot it was there and I got her twitching her foot and I was able to move around and I kid you not this is the truth she did not once look at me like that all what he doing like, you know how you they talking to that kind of glanced yes so it was none of that happened, you know and that's what you're aiming for because if you're at that level where you got that connection it's like if you have a family member in your house filming you and you're doing your thing, you're not going to like constant look up what you're doing you just totally like oblivious to what they're doing and that's what you need to be at doing these they shoot this may be more the shooting technique, but I've done the interview process on some my films and how do you when I set up the camera always just put the chair right next to the camera and I get them looking at me not at camera answering the questions I just like you said a normal conversation like we were just talking in at starbucks, you know, I's that same same thing definitely okay, definitely um so essentially is he said it becomes a conversation so I had the camera there some people say but what if they move and they're not gonna move then I'm going to show you that and you should get into like settings but you shoot you know, shoot too shallow you want to shoot about six point three so if there is a little bit of like movement there's still gonna be in focus okay? Um I mean, did she move and it's also you need to think about what? Wait position them I position her on the stairs um and it looked cool I started look cool on the steps and I said, hey, you want to take a seat there and I had a look at her and she was kind of like getting comfortable and she just she just looked comfortable are you cool with that? Yeah, we like it here and we just roll with it and then and you don't wanna like, put them on chairs that that kind of swivel? Yeah, things like that or a chair that's kind of like a like amount of wood it's really hard it's like after what they're giving comfortable and any kind of twitch and turn and all that so I got firearms on the couch going on the couch and I was aiming for that kind of like landrum look trips there you know it's like he's on the couch change his children I just wanted to have a really casual I don't want to go for that hollywood look I don't want to just look make it look like it's just he's at home um yeah anything, any other questions? Any things that you be good to get your feedback in terms of like if you saw anything that stood out any any elements I will tell you for me personally watching that I really got a essence of how they feel about each other and also the essence of this space that they that they're living in and so that was something for me it's like when I've seen other wedding videos you don't really I never really got that and it was more of a they seem to be more documenting where there was definitely more of essence of what the meaning of their relationship was in the distance between the skyping and worship so that was that was for me I thought was quite successful cool well thank you I kind of got like the young love feel out of it especially with the calendar of how many days away remind me of this christmas calendars like you know you're so stoked for this thing that happen and it's like there I don't know if that was till the day they got married we said till wedded bliss or whatever but it was like I immediately thought of christmas. And it was like christmas used to be the best day in the world. And it was like that. You know that.

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This is fantastic! Boatloads of useful information, lightheartedly told, as if by a friend. And this is in regards to the comment earlier that Alfio is not a good teacher. I find his manner of speaking very easy to get into. It's not rigid and you can tell he's speaking from experience and not quoting text-books. I'd much rather have this sort of teacher than any other. Brilliant stuff, I have to repeat myself.