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Pushing Yourself and Changing Lives

But this, I believe, is there's mohr than there's more to like filmmaking and other things in life than just winning films. And I mentioned about changing people's lives I can assure you and quite me on this I want to remember this moment, right? Everyone of you everyone watching has the ability to change people's lives in your work, okay? And I say that from experience um, you know, and therefore your, um I'm just pausing because I I'm speaking from the heart here and I just want to communicate it very clearly by doing so, you know, you pushing forward and you're released it's driving for new levels all the time, like hitting like new new levels like as high as you can. It will make you winning films a lot stronger, okay? Because obviously that's you britain but like that could be a bit of bread and butter and you want to continue to kind of push the envelope and I encourage you and I and I and I I encourage you guys to just continue to to have that drive because it's a lot of hard wo...

rk and it's so important just go out there and just hit it, man just go out there and just give it a smash it well, that's what I say smash it, not literally that's smashing, but just go just go for a man like just pick up your camera and just do it, you know don't think twice and that's how I found how I've develops and being able to take that leap of faith when I when I needed to think maybe I'm just going to do this right there you have voices in your head telling you don't do it don't do it right it's cost too much there's all these like reasons it cost too much it's not gonna work and it's too hard but if you believe in yourself and you truly like, you know it's something that means a lot to you get it, just do it, you know? I mean, we spoke about all the key that you know I recommended and all the staff and if you believe I know as I said it's not about the gear but if you strongly believe that that equipment will help you to execute your ideas, do it because it has for me I'm going to show you very soon and I hope hopefully I can inspire you with what I've done because people have inspired me and it becomes this like thiss infectious this beautiful infectious thing where people are just constantly constantly inspiring others now for me my faith is really important to me and that's what's bean what being given me the drive to move forward and you got everyone watching and you four have got your own dr use it and give it a good light foam good kick, you know, like that had anyone like a football, you know, like, give it a good good here, you know, go get forgot kick kicking goals, you know, that's what we say in a street kicking goals, smashing it, you know, with everything you got, you know, I mean, I got hot man use it, um and you know, this this fear and everything, and it will be people telling you like they'll be negativity around you. All right? Tell morning there will be loss of negativity in the sense that there are people out there that unfortunately jealous and people like they just sometimes there are these energy out there that would not help you and you need to basically nor that and just focus on what is awesome for you. And I'm saying this because it's something that has that I have I've had to deal with because I'm my personality is very much thinking big and should be the same for you guys. Why should you have a limit? Why shouldn't you charge a certain amount of you winning films? Why not it's a working progress it's, not something that happens overnight? But, man, you goto give it your all you got to like again, you gotta smash it right? And therefore your experience is going to be awesome, you know, love it every day you're gonna wake up now I'm so blessed that I wake up and I got men. There are days that I got my hating it. I mean, this is this is a struggle, but it's part of because I will make you stronger that's what I've learned in terms of overtime with my winning films, when the time's tough can with his gear and and then you have some guests that, you know, they may like, I don't know, they may look atyou, like, oh, what's going on and, you know, something might happen that you just move for with that because you spent the time to get to know these couples and that's what's the most important, you know? And one other thing that I don't want to share with you my inspiration again, is that that concept off the world in the lens? Isn't it like a fascinating thing? Like I look att you look at like, you just go out and you look at something, and through the lens you can make it look something different you can, you can create whatever you want imagine that there's not limit a like you could you could do anything think about all that like can I ask each and one that you like each of you guys can tell me one film one documentary that has inspired you that you know forget like in a way that was a really profound I have to think about that I put you on the spot but it is something on your head you can you can share with us that it really left a permanent mark in your life I can't think of a quinton um buffy the vampire slayer in the tv show and I know it sounds like a joke but it's just like phenomenal like the writing and the characters and it's like it inspires me to wanted to wantto engage in my my my video you know like I wantto create you know sometimes late late at night it's like I need I need help falling asleep for like I kind of lonely and I watched this show and like I know they're shows and movies like that that help people get to their lives every day and it's just like if you can make someone's life better even in a way that like you know a lot of people don't respect movies like that of shows like that but they have their purpose and they inspire me every day so my heart sweet was that said I heart just weeding he's the writer oh there's a newer version of pride and prejudice with keira knightley k chick flick whatever but the way from the classic literature through the screenplay the characters air drawn out it's complicated and beautiful the things that's going on in their minds, their attitudes, their assumptions, the communication it's an amazing character study and the way they drew that out in the film oh my gosh, it makes you thinks on such a deep level of the writing it's it's beautiful I will my actually it would be baraka and it's a film there's no dialogue it's just visuals and it's completely cinematic kai just journeys takes you through journey's throughout the world I'm still kind of stuck here because I'm in a different situation than maybe some of these guys is my dad wrote and produced a movie and there's a lot of they say about now you don't do that don't do that or don't do this, but in he did it and the feedback was more than enough it was incredible so watching him and a lot of people's and now you don't do that don't do this don't do that in him doing that and all the feedback in the great stuff to come back from that was just kind of sitting back is like wow like this incredible like look at all these people that you've touched their lives and made a difference in their families and their their everyday life and their kids and just made me open eyes and like wow you khun I knew a lot of amazing stuff with some of these movies and just short films you know it's change people like change people's lives really can tell us and especially you being you know dad it's it's powerful now al croft is really powerful I'd like to share another clip which is not a wedding film but something will be different it's basically designed to be on online ad and away for this business to showcase what they do visually just visually because a lot of what they do is very visual based um and you'll see why and I'll put it on quick wait the point of me showing you this is that there's a lot more than just the wedding films not too down talk the wedding film making but you can use your craft to do a lot more and there's another thing I want to share with you in a moment which ties in with, you know using your craft to connect with people so it's important to stay inspired with, you know you know outside work you know, like work that you could do that has other elements so you can constantly be driven to do new things and then you can take that into your wedding films and vice versa because, you know, your your your craft craft is extremely versatile, we can use it in any aspect we could do documentaries we could dio testimonials for, like, government agencies about h care and what they do really inspires people, you know, organizations like chap charitable organizations that want to promote what they do, you know, to like, you know, business films and fashion films to help a designer communicate their passion it's not just about them, you know, tryingto sell their collection, but they put their heart and soul into there. You've seen in on the website is a fashion film that we did and, you know, phoenix skating in australia, and I've had the privilege to, you know, get to know him a bit and what he does and the passion that he has and that inspired me he's, someone who's creating these this collective, you know, thiss really unique collection and I'm by no means have never had had any like on the standing strong understanding for fashion, but then when I met this guy and I did his film, I said, wow, I south look att textures in women's clothing differently, another self would be weird, but like, I've like approached like, this is gonna sound really weird, but I've approached like I would approach like women sometimes and say that's ah, lovely outfit you got there I could notice like the texture is like they do this and I look like I was like thanks, but I don't know you just when you expose yourself to different ways to use your talents and use your filmmaking talent you start to see the world in a different way. Is that amazing? You know, I mean, like I start, I walked by, like in the streets and like I look through like window like shops and noticed like, um, you know, I like different jewelry or it could be jewellery could be like, um you know, places where they make things and you just you just see things differently because your being inspired by different people that's why I'm saying this because you should take your work to greater links you know, the more experiences you have then therefore, you know, things have become what you will have more substance. You know, I took the room but I said t to you guys before that I took a leap of faith and let me tell you, I certainly did take a leap of faith I used to have as I mentioned I seven nine to five job working in sales working I was earning quite a good buck and I took a thirty forty percent pay cut to do this that hurt so much it was so scary because I'm thinking what am I going to do? I thought I'm just gonna do this but at the same time for a wall like I thought odiah like have I made the right choice? What happens if this doesn't work out? I'm like well at the time you think I'm stuffed you know? I mean I mean sure you khun you, khun if all kind of it doesn't work out in sums in your head you can look for another job but making that commitment you know, it's there's a lot of fear so you know, I encourage people to just just take that leap of faith sometimes you know, because if I can do it you know I'm not I'm no different to anyone like I'm still learning and iran still learning and it's just about being spied by the people and using your craft for different ways you know, I am going back to when I was like, ninety my mom gave me mike my first camera and, you know, I was inspired by capturing these these intimate moments at events and I developed this interest this passion where to create riel moments you know, I've I've actually my passion actually started in front of the camera if I mentioned that and I've done some small tv roles and some brooke presenting for community tv in australia and some life theater and it's something that means a lot to me because it's a way it's one of my passions in terms of expressing my emotions and my my experiences and I just made that decision to try in front the camera and have a look back since but I still have the passion for acting and I see there's an expression so it's important to keep using and keep striving for your doing because like myself you guys are on a journey a um and like like like many others, you know, I've had an emotional and very spiritual journey but I've also have had I took on a I took on a physical and emotional journey last year by making you guys have a large shells going to share something with you that was for me was very special um basically my father has a heart condition and he's very ill and he has parkinson's and he's healthy the tea ready and as a filmmaker I thought will you know I mean in terms of family were battling this for a few years like for ten years it's been really hard and I thought to myself, what could I do? How could I use my gifts right that I have to make a difference to do something even if it's small compared to what the world can offer right? I thought, what little contribution can I make so I decided to basically with my friend zane to carry a best friend way decided to cycle from sydney to move him back and I got some guys to film the event and we did for the heart foundation and we did I did I promise film to help to basically promote the campaign and the campaign was to raise money for the cause little bit off topic but you know, basically, um the um yeah, the campaign was to raise money and awareness for heart disease, which is in case you didn't know it's the biggest killer in the western world, mostly by lifestyle choices and experiencing what my father went through I thought to myself I want to take every opportunity I can to share the awareness to to make people aware of this thiss issue about heart disease so we cycled it's about two thousand kilometres it's about twelve hundred thirteen hundred miles something like that. So I think it's like I'm not sure the comparison like I think my portland to same friend back maybe anyway it's twelve hundred twelve hundred twelve fifty miles and while we were inspiring others in what we were doing and raising money and doing the school thing way I was really inspired by meeting these people along the journey and using my craft going backto I'm not totally going off topic you using my craft craft that we have to make a difference change people's live I remove this this time I was at a caravan park and I met this woman and I was just sitting there and she goes are where you being traveling young men I said we've been stalking from sydney well like halfway two moment it proper within were like country new south wales country cluster country on victoria it was like near the border of victoria and new south wales and we've bean cycling, you know and we're doing it for for the heart foundation explained you know what where we've been and what we're doing come along story short she came out, we started talking and she got all emotional shit to me it's people like you that just just fill my heart with so much joy and I just looked at her and I just waited for it to say something else because of, like, where is this? I felt quite profound feel quite moved by what she said and she said to me I'm on a trip around australia because I have cancer and I'm just basically, you know, you know, I'm just taking I'm just taking this journey because you know, at some point you know and she said meaning people like you that are doing this really inspires me handles like I pretty much always had a team I like well, there was a lot more than this trip than I thought and again, you know, distressing about using your talents and then bring that into the wedding business and everything just makes sense everything just becomes that extra special. So what I want to do is I want to show you the clip um and it's basically the the permit film that I put together in my mom's garage yeah um you'll see it it's another this is also apart from the whole journey and the whole experience and and using aircraft to make a difference in tow inspire people again. It's a concept ofthe concept ofthe minimalism. We did everything there in terms of the interview in the garage time garage was cluttered it's just your standard standard like family garrow just stuff everywhere and we made it work. You can. It all started in two thousand one when my father one night was constantly coughing and one point he was coughing up blood. Well, frank down I said about you, you need to go to hospital, you need to see a doctor and being this stubborn italian he is he wouldn't listen then eventually I grabbed his arm and said, listen it's not an option, we'll take you to the hospital and in a matter of days he was in surgery having a triple bypass over the years, as my father's health had worsened and had recurring visits to the hospital, I became more aware of heart disease and the fact that he's actually very common so everybody in the community can be impacted on the fact that more people die of heart disease than the other conditions I suppose reflects that and there many ways that can happen can happen from a genetic point of view can happen from a poor lost oil as a result of my father's heart condition, he's had to have a defibrillator inserted because he's poppy is your regular and I've always wanted to do something and I feel quite helpless this's why I've decided to cycle two thousand kilometres with my friend carrie to raise much needed awareness and funds for the heart foundation la foundation's been around for over fifty years and it's basically funded by greed, australians that's every day runs and dead people out there raising money from the community to fund this organization and does it from two perspectives, particularly one of medical research investing in medical research and bright young researchers and universities there institutes the other side of it is in prevention programs getting people to lead he'll feel I stars to reduce smoking rates to increase physical activity, writes to get people on their bikes and a ride to get people to eat healthier foods we've committed ourselves to raise fifty thousand dollars a number of ways that money could be used that it would be a very serious contribution to helping us answer the question you started with that boy is hot disease is biggest killer in australians we're asking everyone to get behind us and don't night teo the heart foundation so yeah, it was really really moving adventure a journey and again you guys you know you've got your talents would go out there and and if there's a passion of yours that you want you know follow and and use your your craft and you go for you because you can use your skills for the things that I have like the bigger picture in life um these were all jersey's um I got these uh basically designed these these jerseys to promote and this is like time back to brandon here you know, obviously this is the focus it was for the heart foundation but you know, this can give you some ideas to brand your your your your company yeah you can take the two birds one stone right? You could do charity events and brand europe your business there's nothing wrong with that because you're still helping people you're still doing something that's worth wall and you're you're brand in your business I mean that was a secondary thing, right let's get that straight but it's really powerful because you're doing like, you know I mean like it's it's a beautiful balance I just want to kind of, uh, let everyone know that the actual campaign for for this keeping the pulse I'm named to keeping the pulse and it's basically the name that I have because this this whole concept, this whole campaign is pretty more another campaign, but this initiative that we've created this no organization but this charity thing that we're doing it's basically continue well, there's no time limit best going to continue doing road trips, but this campaign specifically actually will end finish up on the eleventh of september. I didn't choose that day, by the way, you know, that date is quite sensitive for us, but it just happens to finish up very soon, which is next week so the eleventh of september so everyone watching and you guys, if there's some way you can reach out for this cause, which I perceive very, very passionate about, but I strongly and very passionate a sense that it's something that it's it's very serious and it affects so many people to biggest killer in the western world. You khun go teo, that link at the top there and that's the link where you could donate funds to the the heart foundation and there's also a facebook page, and you can go on the facebook page you obviously like it, but more so you can actually see the journey that we took these photos, they're this comments, the story and the journeys on their facebook page and in the forties, there's so much footage. I've actually had it haven't had time to put it all together, but I will do it on a me to do a second film. Teo, I guess, share the journey, but they're the links, and if anyone can reach out, that would be super awesome. Onda. Actually, I've been given the permission teo share, that kathy's, my producer for this workshop. Her father has a heart condition as well, and we had a little moment there we're talking about, and it was really moving, you know, talking about this cause, and you know that it affects everybody, you know. So I really appreciate any any support.

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This is fantastic! Boatloads of useful information, lightheartedly told, as if by a friend. And this is in regards to the comment earlier that Alfio is not a good teacher. I find his manner of speaking very easy to get into. It's not rigid and you can tell he's speaking from experience and not quoting text-books. I'd much rather have this sort of teacher than any other. Brilliant stuff, I have to repeat myself.