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Introduction to the Wedding Day

Lesson 26 from: Wedding Photography Bootcamp

Sal Cincotta

Introduction to the Wedding Day

Lesson 26 from: Wedding Photography Bootcamp

Sal Cincotta

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26. Introduction to the Wedding Day


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Introduction to the Wedding Day

well welcome teo day for and we've got another action packed day I think today we're going to cover you know the ceremony the reception some of the creatives and then even building a slide show so we're listening to you guys out there we've been going back every night and fine tuning this educational plan if you will to meet your needs and what we're hearing from you loud and clear is that you don't really need to see us shooting per se right you're looking for to be in our head why we're doing what we're doing where we're putting people why we're putting them there on I think that's the educational value so in the spirit of that that's what we're going to continue to do so today the first thing I want to cover we're gonna talk about the ceremony we're in this great venue and everybody out there knows we're doing a little bit of this for tv partner you know web broadcast purposes so we're not in an ideal situation we don't have you know two hundred guests here but the principles are st...

ill the same so let's talk through this were at the church what is the mindset well we would get here at least thirty minutes early before we start shooting so we get there a half hour early to really assess the lighting situation where we're gonna be shooting we'll get details of all the church to core but then we'll set each other up in the position of the bride and groom and take test shots of each other before we go in there because I know what's gonna happen out on the internet they're going to be like how do you get there early okay what about the time my part of the timeline right keep going back to the time the timeline you should do it you're starting to see how this is part of our framework we own the timeline that's what gives us enough time to get here half hour hour early just a photograph the church I just want to throw that out there because I already know the questions it's all part of the timeline okay so we come in we want it photograph every detail what kind of details are you looking for when you were walking side the church the ribbons on the chairs the greenery around the per gullit the alter anything they spent money on anything they spent money on time on their programs even just details of the church itself so in the midwest we shoot a lot of catholic weddings and the churches and alters our very ornate we don't just shoot a picture of the altar wide shot we also get close ups on all the interesting details of the altar because they obviously picked the church because it's beautiful and they love it so why not capture each of those little things that they might not have even noticed but they really appreciate yeah of course so this comes back to once again if you are looking to add pages to the album you've got to get the details right there no one wants an album designed where it's just pictures of them and I can tell you what's out what is out is the processional recessional pictures of the bridesmaid and groomsmen coming down the aisle let's do it right click yeah nobody wants out that actually don't include those in the book unless the client requests it yeah there's a word it's called cheese we don't want cheesy pictures in the albums sorry but we've got to evolve our business we've gotta innovate do we take the pictures of them walking down of course we do we're not going not photograph him however they will not end up in the album that is typically not what our bride and groom are looking for in there they want details details details off what they spent money on because of all the pictures that we take because of our system they have so many pictures that whatever room they do have in their album they don't want to fill it with traditional church pictures that's how we're able to get them toe ad pages because we overwhelm them with the variety of shots you can't just get a lot of the same thing right so again let's come back to it we're going to photograph every single detail that they have spent money on and then some architecturally photograph the church and of course we're going to shoot here we're gonna let you see some of the pictures that we see in this location but it really is a mindset it really is a system so what I'm looking for you guys to do out there is take our framework and apply your shooting style right I don't want to tell you what's a good photograph what's a bad photograph I think it's art it's very subjective you're going to find your own style so I want you to take your style and plug it into our system for the most official shit way possible of shooting and photographing ah wedding what what else lets you know what I want to do what I think you guys seem to really learn about are the worst case scenarios how do we deal with drama at the church I don't want to just show you hey all my weddings or beautiful all our weddings go perfectly because that's not reality not even for us even at this stage of the game so no matter how much preplanning we do there's always going to be a freaking nightmare at the church and that nightmare comes in the form of church lady church lady is a nightmare you know what I'm talking about out there we all have those church ladies right there just cranky I don't know why it just seems like you just don't like people that tell you you can't do something I definitely don't like to be told I can't do something but we can't lie here they are cranky for some reason they just don't like it because they have to deal with you probably I'll give you that all right but with that being said we have to be able to do this dance with the church lady in order to get the photographs we want and again in the midwest we're dealing with ah lot of catholic ceremonies but we thought we'd go into churches and we'll meet the church lady and the church leader be like I'll do whatever you want and then we'll go to aa majority of catholic churches their historic where we live so they're of course they're trying to preserve the church and all the architecture and everything and I think every church lady has a horror story about a photographer that they'll tell us like well this one photographer stood upon the pew knocked the pew over in the middle of ceremony like oh my god well we're not gonna do that well and and there was a story we were told once where the photographer went up on the altar er and was directing the clients up on the altar like telling them hey look here look at me can you imagine doing that like I can't even imagine guys we have to be respectful of the church that would seem like common sense and you know if you don't know what respectful is learn about the types of ceremonies you're going to cover if you're covering catholic ceremonies understand a little bit about the catholic religion understand you know if you're doing a jewish wedding you know asian weddings I mean indian weddings whatever you're photographing start understanding the culture and I know for us when we started photographing indian weddings dude we were lost and no idea what way we were lucky enough that our brides loved our work and you'll be surprised if a bride is hiring you as a photographer there going to be willing to explain the process to you and so our first indian wedding the bride was so helpful and pulling me to the side constantly and saying ok here's what's gonna happen next here's what's gonna happen next and I did do my research I went online I did a little reading tto learn about uh that denomination so that I wasn't completely flying blind but I still didn't understand a lot of the subtleties and we need to understand the subtleties eso let's come back to this church lady scenario for a second what do you guys do when you walk into the church and I'm a real big believer of defusing the situation I know a majority of times the church ladies had a bad experience with ah photographer of some some former fashion and so all I try to do when I walk into that church is defused that situation so the second I walk into the church I'm looking for the church lady and I'm looking for the priest and I will actually go up and introduce myself so I walked right after him back higher you are you in charge of the church I don't call the church lady by the way that would be a bad thing to do on I just say hey you know I'm south and kat I'm the photographer are you in charge of the church and she's like yes yes I am I said I just wanted to touch base with you let you know I'm here and this is how I defused the situation I want to let you know I'm here and I also want to let you know I'm a professional photographer so I won't be doing anything disrespectful in the church I'm not going to go on the altar we don't use flash photography that's another rule in the church they don't want flash photography during the ceremony I mean that's just given the's day so you've got to get the right equipment plus I don't particularly care for the way photographs look with flash going on so that's another reason we have to invest and right equipment but I hit her right between the eyes the minute I walked in the door and I don't even wait for her to tell you to start telling me what I can't do because I've already told you what I'm not going to do does that make sense so that becomes really really important and then I looked for the priest and I introduced myself to the priest to let him know the same thing so they I know that most photographers won't do that and so I'm immediately not only separating myself from the pack with my client I'm separating myself from the pack with the the church and the church ladies love us because we are respectful and were responsible during everything and there is a refreshing for them to be able to work with a photographer that is a professional you know business person and can appreciate things and just address it right up front right and they understand that we're in it for the long haul and so it becomes a win win situation but that being said I think we do have to tell our church lady horror story because I love stories and so this becomes important so pay attention to this everyone how you run your team and your team haas to be in complete sync so there is a beautiful church in st louis uh that just photographs wonderfully it's big ornate it's over one hundred years old on this church lady is just in every every photographer has a story with this church right so you know you're at odds I've been photographing there for four years this one day I don't know what happened she lost her freaking mind as the groom was walking down the aisle she started losing her mind so taylor going up to the the altar and so this really this really did happen and you've gotta have your team in sync so here's what we do is a team if somebody starts distracting me it doesn't matter if it's law enforcement doesn't matter if it's a manager doesn't matter who it is taylor or myself will intervene and create a distraction the other photographer will always shoot okay so my second shooter has to shoot at all times they can't stop shooting like what's going on over there it doesn't matter what's going on over there use your camera your photographer so I'm photographing the groom coming down the aisle the church lady comes up and grabs me by the arm and starts yanking me and she's like you can't be there I'm where I've been for every wedding for the last five years she's like you can't be there I'm like well where do you want me to be the groom's coming by me I'm like where do you want me to be and then she gets distracted because she looks up at the altar sees taylor at the altar and she's like she can't be up there pushes me to the side runs up starts grabbing taylor so she comes up here and she's like you can't be doing you can't do that she pulls tower down I step in and like she lets go a taylor she grabs me pulls me to the side taylor goes into each taking pictures dude right you have got to create confusion right when your land for the worst and so we we have this skill because we've been in those situations where we're in the middle of shooting and you know security guard will come up and interrupt us and tell us we can't be here well there's no reason for both of us to talk this security guards so I'm usually the one that intervenes because I'm from texas and I I'm so sorry all I didn't know we couldn't be here we'll be out of here in two shakes so then by that time sells done shooting and we're finished and I leave it I've been with you for almost seven years I have never heard you say two shakes just so y'all know that's from two shakes of a lamb's tail that's how quick will be out wow okay so I don't know where I'm going with that okay so um in two shakes of a lamb's tail we're going to take some pictures right we're gonna move really quickly and but you've got to deal with those situations as best you can because why the number one reason we are here is to document today now I will tell you in that situation that I'm referring to we were not being disrespectful I had already talked to the church lady and I have been photographing at this for a number of years I don't know what got into her at that moment in time but I know I couldn't miss the shot and blame the church with my client that would be unacceptable in my mouth because the client is the one that we take direction from so whether it's an ant or mom or the church lady we're not going to divert from the plan that we've put together with our clients because ultimately we're responsible yeah so that's one scenario what aboutthe scenario where they won't let you into right the sanctuary to photograph of you girls had that kind of situation how do you deal with that there are churches that will tell you you have to stay out of the main ceremony area which makes absolutely no sense because the guests today are sitting in the front row with camera equipment that's as good as ours taking pictures and popping off flash by the way which I don't want to use flash but I just think it's funny that they give us all these rules and restrictions and we're the ones getting paid to where the only ones being paid to be there so I don't get caught up in all that but when I get told that by the church when I come in and they're like just so you know right I go when I introduced myself and they say to me just so you know you can't be in the sanctuary all right we've got two ways to deal with this here's way number one I'm giving you guys again the blueprint so this is uh this is trouble shooting one on one you can't be in there I am not going to be a victim of circumstance I'm not gonna walk away from this event and tell my client I didn't get the pictures I needed because I couldn't stand in that area so I go to my client I go to the church lady and she says you can't be in the sanctuary of michael where can I be well you could be in the back balcony right where you need like a four hundred millimeter zoom lands you've got to be like a sports photographer so I say I say to her I say look I understand the church has rules I don't mean to be disrespectful I said I promise you I'll be quiet but I cannot be outside this room I have to be able to get the first kiss and all these other details that are gonna happen and then I would go tell our bride and be like listen this is what the church says they say I can't be in here but honestly I think you hired me to get the shots right you want these and she'll say yeah okay well I'm gonna be in the sanctuary so I just need you to back me up if the church lady comes to talk to you so we encourage so I will I will say to the church lady if I'm having that conversation I will say to her okay I can't be in here just I'm getting paid for this event I'm sure you'll understand if you wouldn't mind I need you to tell the bride that I'm not gonna have any pictures from inside the sanctuary and usually not always their attitude will change immediately because they do not want to go to the bride and let the bride know that the church is the one not allowing photographs to be taken and I've said that to the church over and over again and then the next response out of that church ladies always well where do you need to be right so and then I'll say look I will sit down I won't jump all over the ceremony I said I promise you I only get up when they're you know when there's a moment for me to get up I will be very respectful of the church so you have to understand the mindset of the church their mindset is they've just had a bad experience somewhere along the lines on its on us it's our fault that they've had a bad experience right it's photographers sometimes were disrespectful well now we have to kind of win them back over so buy me asserting that I'm in control it's still her church I'm not stepping on her toes right I don't want you to be bitching about it but I'm asserting that look this is what I'm getting paid to do I'm a full time photographer if you don't want me in there I totally respect the church but you're gonna have to help come with me to tell the bride that we're not gonna be in here and I'm telling you they don't want to be in that position if they insist what I will do is I will have my second shooter sit down is a guest so that's what the second way to get around this they will sit down right on a chair don't get up but at least they're closer then I am so that's the second way possible to get around them when I thinks to get in the good graces of a lot of churches and venues something that we do is after our clients come into view their pictures I'll actually uh male a disk to the venue of a bunch of pictures we took from there with our logo on it just small in the corner letting him though they use it for their website for marketing material and then after they see the beautiful pictures that we got the next time we come back oh they love us and well that we can do whatever we want now so that's a great way not only of course toe get a lot of marketing for your studio and get your pictures and your name out there but also to get the venues on your side because let's face it we don't get pictures to venues because we get so busy and ah we don't know what they're going to use them for so just let him use your pictures of course get photo credit but it's a great way to get on their side they will love you for it yeah that's good stuff quite I want I want to keep an internet start feeding your questions about dealing with church scenarios I'll take your you know what do you do in this situation I'll try and answer that but ladies questions worst case scenarios you face that maybe this you don't think this will work or do you think this will change the way you're doing business are we good I have a question about um your guests using flash do you say anything regarding that that's that's a great question so my guest using flash I could carol eyes they can do whatever they want they're really not gonna interfere uh with what I'm doing I personally don't photograph with flash in the church on the way I get around that is by what's in my bag right so again if you're a wedding and a wedding photographer or you're trying to become one you've got to get rid of the junkie glass you're not gonna be able to photograph a wedding without flash and the best lens you have is a five six lines it's not gonna happen guys I mean there's nothing else I can tell you you've got to make the investment in your equipment and so here too to me is your must have list of lenses seventy two hundred two point eight twenty four seventy two point eight sixteen thirty five two point eight and then I'd like to see you have a fifty millimeter one point two I know it's expensive it's my favorite that is our fate one of our favorites but the next best lands would be a fifty millimeter like one four I think from a can in perspective that's like a four hundred dollar lands or somewhere in that range so I need youto have speed in your in your glass because that's what's gonna let you get away without using flash that being said I could care less what the guests are doing good question anything else your comment about having a second shooter sit as a guest because that's priceless there are a lot of times they won't budge so yeah if they don't punch and they don't budge just have your second shooter just go sit there as their guest and once the ceremony starts church ladies won't walk in and grab and all they'll do is sit in this seat don't get don't get out all they have to do is while they're sitting here okay what I do is I'm sitting in this seat I'm just like right I'm just keep leaning in taking some pictures so that I've got what I've got what I needed and of course the other shooters either in the balcony or wherever else they're going to make us stand um what do you do you physically sit in the chair because they obviously know that you're the main person exactly it depends on the conversation if I was the one talking to the church lady then no I won't be there because she's watching me like a hawk if my second shooter was the one having the conversation with the church lady then yes I'll be the one to sneak in and right so you see what we're doing man it's just like a diversionary tactic uh it's just this gate cat mouse game we seem to have to play with the church have you ever been caught afterwards where they were like after they see what is your second shooter and they're like yeah I thought I told you you couldn't do that oh absolutely yeah they'll get on me but I don't what do I care god I did my job I got what I needed so you know and I try to be respectful of that person and what I find is that when I asked them like logical questions because I've asked churchill might look I don't I don't mean to be disrespectful the church catholic you're gonna have to explain to me can you explain to me why the guests can sit in the front row with camera equipment that's on par with mine but because I'm the paid professional I can't be in the room can you explain that to me they cannot explain that they shut down yeah yeah there I started like breaking down they can't explain why we can't do it and I just think it doesn't make sense doesn't make any sense they don't know why anymore they just this's the church rules so what about talking about you know I want to talk a little bit about you know maybe different indian weddings gay marriages things like that yeah can I ask one more question ok eso se you don't have a second shooter or they don't allow you end it all and they see him going to sit down whatever um and you're relegated to the balcony you can't do anything do you recreate afterward or do you just let it go and say I got what I got from the balcony and that's gonna be it I would never recreate it that it's never going to look right it's never going to feel right that's like circa nineteen eighties right you know get out there get the bouquet out with hands over okay I think that situation's fine as long as the bride is okayed it so she said no I don't care what the church lady says I want you in here than you're in there I don't care what the church lady says or does but if she said well if that's what they said we can't do anything then she's obviously okay let her know okay everything's going to be really far away I won't be able to get any close ups because they're so far away and if she says okay to that then it's out of your control and it's not a problem anymore but in a word what taylor's basically telling you guys about communication write what you don't want to do is wait till a month after the wedding because you're to shine too timid so let the bride no and then she comes in to see your pictures now she's gonna be livid so what I will do I understand its her day we don't want to disrupt her day and get her upset I'm not looking to get upset he's going to say hey susie just f y I remember I'm going to bring that church lady I'm gonna make the church lady have this conversation with the bride but in that conversation I would be like look we're off they're pushing us off to the balcony I'm going to my best to get the images I can I'm so far away though you guys gonna be much smaller in the in the imagery are you okay with that so as long as I've gotten clearance from her there's nothing I can do now let's think about it it wouldn't help to pick up one of those extenders for your lenses right one of the magnifier is one of the you know one point five magnifier uh it's a forty dollars fifty dollars add on to your lens or if you're photographing with a crop sensor like a seventy a sixty d that two hundred millimeter lens is going to look like a three hundred millimeter lines and so those are the kind of things you can do to circumvent that s so you've always got to be prepared for what ten possibly happened let's talk about same sex marriage is right I mean that's always hot topic some people might agree with it don't agree with it it doesn't matter honestly what do you do when you're photographing it when we're involved in weddings like that we don't act any differently right way talked to the couple we talked to the couple as they are as they exist and if you don't feel comfortable with those kinds of marriages don't do right I mean that's the simplest thing don't take those meetings don't meet with those people uh you don't have to worry about it for us we could care less people our people we want to photograph it we love all kinds of people in the matter what sex race denomination were involved in all that stuff so beyond that right you got to think about it if it's you've gotta work with him body times I think that's the only thing I want to cover when we're talking about same sex marriage is you know when you're photographing the day photo journalistically it is what it is but when you start posing the group and you have two men together two women together you've gotta work within their within their body language right you've got to read them and photograph them for who they are as individuals and I think again that's our job is photographers is getting to know people as individuals um and I think if you research a lot of you know if it's a denomination their religion or their traditions like african american weddings I know a lot of the time they have a jumping the broom jump the broom yeah and so make sure you know about that stuff that happens and you're like what why are you joining the room they're going toe that's gonna be offensive to them because it's obviously important but you would have missed it yeah you would've missed it or maybe didn't get a great shot of it not knowing how important it was so make sure your research traditions and when you're on that timeline call that should come up are you doing anything different or unique that day if it's a different denomination now do you have anything that kind of explains your ceremonies are you could teach me a little bit about it that should come up so she you should be able to prepare yourself and know how important those types of things are right yeah and and like I said a little bit of research on your end will help you plan today but how impressed will they be if you're like if they're saying ok was trying to jump the broom would be like okay I got this great shot I love this part and so it means a lot to them that you invested time and really care about their day you know and again use that word again timeline you came back to the time line and I don't know if you guys remember the phone call taylor had a skype call with our bride the very last part of the call was is there anything else you're doing that we need to know about I can't stress enough that timeline form that we're giving all you guys by the way with the course how important that form is to making the rest of this work recovers your butt so right if she didn't tell you about if she didn't tell you about something big that's happening then it's not your fault but if you didn't ask then it's your fault you have to ask that question yeah let's take a couple of questions from the internet because uh and then we'll keep going yeah and those are the ones I want write I want to help these guys and like the water in the worst case scenario is you're you're coming up with and how would south handle that how a tailor handle it this one is from jules gray what about dealing with the amateur videographer or guessed that doesn't roam and stands up by the minister the whole time jules lovely jewels all right so so here's here's the thing what do you do with the videographer right so the first party is when I get there not only do I introduced myself to the church lady I introduced myself to the video team if I see them there because here's what you got to realize first of all we run a full cinema division so I'm very well aware of what they're trying to do the angles they need the lines they need and so the first thing I will do is introduce myself to the videographer that will immediately blow him away because there's this like that tension between photographers and video people which I don't know why there doesn't need to be so buy me going and introducing myself the videographers already feeling the difference between dealing with me and dealing with somebody else so now that tension right we've bridge that god and I walk up he's got his video equipment right so I'm captain obvious at this moment I'm like hey hey dude you the video guy he's like yeah yeah I'm like I'm salome the photographer today let's talk a little bit about what you need out of today and he or she is typically taken aback that I just asked them what they need out of the day and then his first response typically is well what do you think and I'll work around you like dude you don't have to work around me let's work together on this and so now I'm bridging this guy between photographer and videographer and I will work with them because here's what starts happening we did a wedding we learning the hard way I always tend to be on this side of the aisle well the videographer had a camera set up there and had a camera set up there so they were on the opposite side so guess what every time those cameras turned down the aisle I was in there shot so I'm explaining to them I'm like guys if we're all on the same side of the aisle none of us are in the same line and so it's that kind of thing where I I don't want him taking over the video team but I'm trying to help them uh and that's how we do it it's a good question yeah being pro active way talked about the church ladies but folks some folks are still asking about the priest or the clergy on and how do you deal with clergy this from texas argus that don't allow photography from the moment they begin speaking until after they finished their prayer brings kiss etcetera still to follow they will allow the processional in the recession all but just not when they're speaking and then vail fuji as some priest will actually stop the ceremony if you go there how do you deal yeah you've got to be very very careful in those situations talked to the priest before we will again talk to the priest beforehand and if those are the rules that are laid down to us you're in a situation where that is common knowledge so the bride is aware of what the rules are and she understands there might not be any imagery during that period of time so I'm okay with that personally my bride's okay without we've spoken about that that's okay all that matters is the brightest if she's okay with ethan it's fine the word is communication you've got to communicate with your client so that expectations are properly met and set this is a good one this is from steph um vitals back photography what would you do have some of your guests get up during the ceremony start taking pictures during the ceremony and stand about ten feet away from the couple is there a nice way to tell them to sit down and get out of the shop uh so wow I can't believe it actually happened yeah eso to me I think there's a couple of problems here one is you're not you're not in control on I don't know if that happened like maybe during the ceremony or if that's happening yeah I mean but I will tell you once again a story and through my own experience I was at a church and the that I had a guest who sat right by me right here on dh she kept stepping into the aisle with iphone with her iphone taking pictures so here I am and she keeps stepping out blocking me so I very nicely this was as the you know the bridesmaids were coming down I said excuse me ma'am I said I'm the photographer today I said every time you step in you're getting into my shot I said I just got to get the shot of the broad coming down if you wouldn't mind can just stay in your seat was very nice about it and she's like huh uh and then just kept doing her thing right so the bride came down and she stepped in again and I stopped my point a finger in a rib cage and pushed her back into her seat and she never stepped in my way again okay so sometimes physical violence is good right you can't say that I can't say that on tv okay so no there's no physical violence is bad but I still did it okay I asked nicely and then it escalated susan you're cracking up like we should've not way should know better by now you are ultimately response double so you have to take responsibility if you missed the shot it's nobody's fault but yours but the truth is just in all fairness look we deal with the same issues you're dealing with out there where guests jump in they're doing you know they're trying to get their shot that maybe they're not conscious of where you are that's where being vocal comes into play now if it's during a ceremony and the first kiss is about to happen and somebody jumps into the aisle I don't know what I would do I would probably find the church lee will be too late the first kiss would well I mean obviously if it's if you have a little bit of time I would send my second chair like do get the church lady this person is like interrupting the entire ceremony and she's obviously on that so she would take care of it but those are good questions because there's other scenarios where that could happen like family pictures at the altar that happens consistently but they won't step in front of me they'll just be behind me over my shoulder on they become very distracting I'm okay with that because I'm being very vocal I'm trying to control the group and command their attention s o that's again we've got to be in control of our own destiny one thing that occurred to me and I think you said this in the last few days was that if you make it not about you between you and the person and you say I have to do this for the bride this is for the couple then they wouldn't take it as a personal kind of battle they were like oh you're doing this it's not it's not me against them that's a good point susan it's not me against them they understand I'm working on behalf of the bride the person you're here to see let me get what I need together you could probably get further with that first physical violence and it's not uncommon for me so just last weekend I had this all the kids I like to take the kids outside after the church and put all the kids outside and get a picture of the bring bearer right the cousins all the little kids and there was this dad off to the side and he's got his little right canon rebel pop up flash and he's off over here on the side and I got my shot right and I looked over to him and I see him keep trying to take these pictures and he's having trouble with his camera my dad what are you doing he's like I'm just trying to get a picture I'm like you're in the wrong spot dad get over here and I brought dad in okay he was still having trouble with his camera I took his camera adjusted his settings and took the family picture for him that is good will and when you're doing stuff like that you will find that they will be less likely to step in front of you because they're gonna have more respect for you who arranges whether you can photograph at the venue or not is that you or is that the bride just leave the bride the bride's gonna uh handle that because there's going to be a list of rules and I'm surprised this question hasn't come up you know typically if it's a saturday wedding there's a friday rehearsal we do not go to the rehearsal okay yeah I was going to say I'm surprised it didn't but so we will not go to the rehearsal I don't need to see a mock per section will come down I get it I know how it works so there's absolutely I don't have time to go to the rehearsal they're not doing anything with those pictures uh I just don't have the time we've never done it lisa you had a question yeah it's kind of just a two part one is um first of all sometimes it's hard to get the shots like when they're getting ready and things now that everyone has their iphone in front of them so you can always get like the mom's expression because now she's holding up her iphone sure those kind of things and then even during the ceremony I work with someone who hasn't there contract they'll be the only photographer that day so hopefully they talked to their family members but what do you say anything to the bride about talking to her guests and not get up or not you know try to keep iphones ipads down or no you're being difficult now right so in our contracts it also states we are the on ly professional photographer at the event but professional photographer so we're the only ones being paid that's never going to stop guest from standing up and doing what they're gonna do you've gotta learn to work around them and that's what we do and if mom's looking down the aisle taking a picture that that is the moment right so that's still the shot yes I know we'd love that emotional shot where mom's looking down the island she's getting all teary eyed and all this other stuff but if it's not happening it's not happening instead I'm just gonna photograph moment hey here's what your mom was doing she was taking a picture of you coming down the aisle so why run from it that's life that's what were their toe document the worst situation we ever had was dad forgot to take out his ear piece so dad had an ear piece you know he had the wire and I was going into his phone into his pocket and he's walking his daughter down on the bride sees her pictures and she's like is my dad wearing his ear piece I'm like sure was you know and what was I going to do I couldn't yell at him as he was coming down the aisle to take it out but that's what we're there to photograph so whether they're using iphones or anything else no it is what it is thank god she didn't ask me to edit that out of a nightmare

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Ratings and Reviews

Carlos Rosa

This class is Gold!!! This class is a must, I have purchased around 20 CreativeLive classes, I'm building my own curriculum, but I did purchase this class because of Sal Cincotta's name, little I knew how good it is, it's a mind blowing and it contains so much key information to be a successful photographer. I was still a little "afraid" to start my business, but after this class, I feel confident because it was like put the puzzle together. Yes, Sal really insist in his blue print, how he calls, to implement in your business and you will be successful, and I do believe that. However, I can't do that at moment, because I'll need more money then I have, but I do believe I can implement the idea and slowly works towards implement all his system. Yes, in this class you'll have all, from engagement section, to bride reception, to SEO, everything you need. Sal is a Genius, an amazing mind, I truly admire him as a person, artist/photographer, amazing Educator, but man, as a business man, he is just a mind blowing, I mean, look at him, he had practically built an Empire in only 10 years and that's enough for me to listen to this guy. With all he has, he could just quit photography for good, he totally don't need, but he is still behind the camera, and that shows how much he really love photography. Totally recommend this class, it will change your life, and I mean it. I just wish CreativeLive would do some update, even if is just in pdf, because a lot of recommendation he does in the course does not apply anymore, website does not exist, the iPhone app does not exist, etc... just an update it would be truly appreciated. And that goes for all classes, you guys could just contact the educators and ask them for an update in those areas, that's all.

KR Productions

In 2016, I decided to try and start photographing weddings. I've been a wedding videographer for 16 years now, and have consistently been asked to do this, but never have. Last year, the number of requests was unusually high, and so I decided to explore what all is involved in doing wedding photography. I actually bought Sal's 30 day photo business class here first. Watched it over and over. There were principles in that class I was able to apply to video. Great! I then decided to buy this class to get the actual "day of" mechanics down. I've watched this over and over as well and started wading slowly into the wedding photo waters. I have the benefit that my second shooter, is actually a photographer and has been shooting all his life. So, having him to back me up with his already trained and creative eye is a huge benefit on the day. (We do the one camera has a wide angle, one camera has a telephoto technique like Sal discusses, and it works amazing) So far in 2016, I've shot one wedding for $350, the next one for $1,000, and now I'm up to $2,000 on my third for just basic stuff. Incredible. Working on moving into IPS, but right now I'm focused on making sure we're capturing the right shots and doing great impressive edits for marketing , and that's already paying off. I had 4 requests yesterday! Thanks to Sal and CL for helping jump start me on this amazing journey!

Paul Marcus

Once again.....Sal proves he's the man! Wow. What a great wealth of knowledge. I wish I had seen this a few years ago when it was fresh. It makes me cringe at all the money I have left on the table. Thanks to Sal and Taylor for being so open and sharing their business model with us. I hope to have great report to share with you in 2019 as I put a lot of this class to work in my business.

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